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23 Earth Fissure

 Due to the agrro that Lina build up from shooting the Gate Guardian, it turned as a real trouble for me. This game really throws you off in an unexpected way since I did not even expect that Lina would try to help me on the assault. This is another unplanned "Leeroy Jenkins" situation but I don't want to end up killed this time like how Leeroy messed it up. I don't want to show up in the town's cathedral after all the trouble I went through to activate this hidden quest. I also don't want to lose a few stat points on my stats due to my death. I waved my weapon in the air and moved into the Present Arms(1) stance.


To build agrro easily, I had to activate [Berserk] which cuts off my defense badly to raise my attack temporarily. I have yet to fill in the downside of the effects of [Berserk] so I have to risk myself on this. That is why I said earlier that this is a very tricky and dangerous plan since the Gate Guardian can also one hit kill me if I am not defending, what will happen to me if if I got hit with this low defense state? Maybe I will get squashed to death instead?

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The Gate Guardian chases the cart as it is fixated to destroy the cart without fail. Now that the cart can't go too far, it would be very hard for the cart to keep on avoiding the attacks of this rock. Lina was quick though and used her own ability to get the cart to run faster.

"[Haste]! [Minor Acceleration]! [Speed Up]!"

Lina cast the skill simultaneously and swiftly controlled and steered the horses. With the speed pushing forward, the distance of the Gate Guardian and the cart allowed Lina to maneuver easily. The buff might have increased the speed of the cart but I fear that the passengers in the cart is already getting dizzy. If I want to stop this madness, beating the Gate Guardian is the only method to do so.

Since Lina is working her best to get out of the pursuer's sight, I also need to do my job.

"[Breathless Running]! [Silent Sprint]!"

With simultaneous activation, I can run indefinitely during the duration of [Breathless Running] since [Silent Sprint] is a very compatible skill combination in the Ninja class to continue running without losing a single breath.

[Silent Sprint]

1st Tier

Cooldown: 3 minutes

Duration: Stamina Depletion

Mana Cost: 50 MP

Info: Allows the user to run in any terrain without making any kind of sound that can attract enemies. Recommended to use for closing in unsuspecting targets.

Note: Try using this skill with a "Naruto Run" pose on this!

[Breathless Running]

1st Tier

Cooldown: 20 minutes

Duration: 2 minutes

Mana Cost: 200 MP

Info: Allows the user to sprint without consuming stamina bar.

Note: Just like swimming, you breathe via mouth.

I changed my Versatile Weapon into a normal sword and sprinted forward, chasing the running Gate Guardian before the duration of the [Breathless Running] disappears. When I was around 5 meters from the Gate Guardian, I aimed my free hand into the ground I am running into.

"[Ice Prison]!'

Ice Prison can be used as a normal ice projectile attack like the [Basic Fireball] that can freeze the ground. Ice covered the ground I am running into, making it turn slippery. With that, I can slide towards the Gate Guardian like I was skating. The [Ice Prison] formed a ramp at the very end of the ice covered ground, which seems to be pointing to the running Gate Guardian. I slide faster and faster until I reached the very end. With the momentum on the run getting built up, I made use of it to let me slide and send me to the air.


I dashed forward while on the ice, causing me to propel towards the ramp. Like a person on skateboard, I was hurled up in the air as I passed into the ramp. With the momentum of my dash, I was sent into the sky, above the Gate Guardian. While in the air, I made a battle stance and sent an attack on my sword.

"[Triple Slash]!"

The force caused by the [Triple Slash] send me further towards the Gate Guardian in the air, allowing me to close the gap. In a quick motion, I changed my weapon into a Magic Sword and quickly waved it up as I strike towards the head of the Gate Guardian.

"[Ice Sword]!"

-217 Critical!

After doing a damage, I clung into its head. I quickly stabilized the agrro back to me as the Gate Guardian's attention returned to me and abandoned its attention from the cart. But I have no time to play around and drag the battle any longer. Before anyone can see my method on defeating the Gate Guardian, I will be doing it without showing it to others.

I strike one of the cracks on the Gate Guardian's head and grip the Magic Sword tightly.

"[Earth Fissure]!"

As soon as I cast the skill, the sword vibrated hard, causing my hands go numb. I was about to get my grip loosen a bit but I didn't let go whatever happens. The Gate Guardian berserked and wildly swings its arms around. I did not lose my grip and just cling into the sword. It didn't take too long before a series of cracks appeared on the surface of the Gate Guardian. It didn't take long before the Gate Guardian breaks off and exploded, causing the rocks to fly all around the place.



1. Present Arms - a stance similar to a salute using the gun or sword in military. With the sword (usually carried by officers and, in some cases, warrant officers), the present arms is identical to that of the salute at the halt. The sword is first moved up to a position called the recover (the blade is vertical, turned to the left, with the tip uppermost, and the hilt in front of the face before the mouth), before being lowered smoothly to the front, in line with the right shoulder, with the hilt resting behind the thigh, blade edge to the left, and the tip approximately 30 cm from the ground. When the command for rifles to be shouldered is given (shoulder - ARMS), this process is reversed.