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21 Moving Ou

 I entered with Lina inside the tavern. Just like the usual tavern last time I visited, its still so empty that I think this place is just so lonely.

Lily and her two little kids are already packing their items on their bags. There were lots of items that were quite packed in every bag so I guess they won't be leaving anything in this place. So they won't be taking control of this place? What a waste but I can't just say it to them. Its their decision to abandon this place.

Lina also helped in the packing but she can barely lift up a single baggage in which I had to help her so that she won't fall over.

Lily appreciated the help despite the fact that its not part of my job. There was a cart outside with two horses pulling it where all her belongings were packed. It was a beat up cart showing how poor they were after the slow business of the tavern. After everything is packed on the cart, Lily nodded and positioned herself as the coachman.

"Are you going to ride with us?" Lily asked.

I shook my head," No, I can't properly defend this cart if I ride inside, that is why I will be walking to defend."

"I see. Then please help us on this escorting job then."


[Moving Out Part 2] Quest 2 out of 3

Type: Hidden Quest

Info: Now that you have proven your strength, escort the cart out to the capital. Prevent the damage of the cart until you reach the gate.

Cart's Durability: 1,000/1,000

Difficulty: Hard

Recommended Levels: 8-9

Rewards: ???

So the part two quest has arrived. I sheathed my weapon and walked alongside the cart. Lina is inside the cart therefore, I was the only one walking that seemed to guard the moving cart. Players are staring at me with confusion but I did not really care about it. Why do I need to care about their reactions?

After walking with the cart, we arrived at the Neutral Ground that connects the Mining Town and the capital. This place didn't change at all, it is filled with monsters. However, since the place is neutral, monsters are not going to attack unless they are provoked. But not all of them are same as the Neutral Monsters.

"Monsters!" Lily shouted.

I already noticed it and have seen this monster before. Its the usual easy monster to kill around level 6 above.


Level 9

HP: 5000/5000

Attribute: Plant

These monsters are always hostile to NPCs and players. Therefore it was totally dangerous to pass this area without anyone escorting you. Of course, players who are strong or NPCs that are strong enough won't be having a problem. I don't have problems either so I immediately move to the battle stance and pulled out my weapon. Lily also moved out to the cart and pulled out her whip. I can see in her whip that its battered enough. I don't really know why she still uses that whip although its durability is getting lower. No wonder when I met her in the past timeline, she only has a battered kitchen knife as a weapon. It was clear that she has no money at the moment to buy a replacement.

"Lina, can you please look out into the cart? I will be the one to deal with this TangleWeeds."

Lina looked at me with surprise but she nodded. I smiled and pulled out my Versatile Weapon in Magic Sword form.

"Flaming Sword!'

The Magic Sword immediately glows red and flames licked the surface. I dashed forward and aimed my palm to the TangleWeed.

"Basic Fireball!"


With my INT high enough, magic damage gets stronger too. The TangleWeed flinched but it used its roots to dig on the ground and in just that small moment, another group of TangleWeed appeared on each side of the first TangleWeed.

"Multiplying matter, you all are just a bunch of EXP bags for me!"

With a quick dash, I stopped momentarily into the front of the three TangleWeed and waved the blazing magic sword twice horizontally before making a backflip to move away.




The three TangleWeeds burned and almost shriveled. The first one almost died but it tried to counterattack. Of course it missed after I backflipped. Before the TangleWeed can once again summon another TangleWeed, I dashed forward again. Since I was near, the dash is just too short, allowing me to give a forced horizontal swing to the three figures.

-TangleWeed successfully killed.

-Got Dried Vine x5

-Got Dried Leaves x3

-Got 4000 EXP(Title Effects Activated, 4000 bonus acquired)

-Got 5 Magician SP, 5 Magic Knight



The notifications appeared one by one and gave me a good amount of Exp. The cart continued to move forward after the killing the TangleWeeds. This time, Lina did not returned to the cart and instead, move alongside the cart.

The monsters seems wary about me and the cart, therefore, when the cart reached around the place where the monsters are hiding, some would immediately hide away. Some just stayed and stares at us with curious eyes. Of course, if those monsters don't attack, there is no reason to attack them. I don't seek death and the quest did not say to kill monsters, it merely states to defend the cart. If I did try to attack the monsters only watching, I am just courting trouble.

"Umm, Bladeheart isn't it?" Lina moved on my side.

"Yeah, what is it?" I looked at her but still have the alertness heightened in case of attacks.

"Why you didn't kill those monsters on the side of the road? Aren't you a player?" Lina asked.

"Huh? Why would I kill them? They are not attacking the cart, why would I do that?" I looked at Lina with confusion.

"Ah? Aren't players greedy on killing monsters? You all goes to length to challenge monsters to earn money and EXP."

I scratched my head in confusion. So that is what NPCs view us huh?

"Nope, I am not one of those guys. If those monsters are not hostile, I won't be killing any of them. But if they tried attacking like those TangleWeeds earlier, I won't hesitate to attack."

Lina showed a surprised expression but her gaze diverted to the front.


I looked and frowned seeing human enemies. In exact way, these are bandits. They are common NPCs that are hostile to players and NPCs. Killing them do not impose with penalty in killing NPCs. But unlike monsters, bandits can be reasoned out and they can be befriended. But in this case, I don't like the look of these guys, if I want to befriend a bandit, I would befriend someone who are much less thug looking. I didn't bother looking at their levels. Just by looking at these lanky bandits, they are around level 9 to 10 but they are weak.

"Hand over your goods and the women!" the lanky bandit in the middle demanded.

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I squinted my eyes but still remained unmoved. Lina was ready to attack but she was anxiously looking at me on why I did not attack.

"Really? You think I will obediently hand them over to you all lot?" I grinned at them.

"You sure are cocky brat. You think I am afraid of you newbie? We had ransacked caravans and different carts passing so why would be afraid of a mere adventurer and a sexy maid?" the other thief licked his lips.

"Bah, why waste my breath with you lot, just go scram," I said and stab the ground with my Versatile Weapon in Magic Sword form.

"Earth Fissure!"

As soon as I activated the skill, the ground rumbled like there were an earthquake and the bandits stumbled. They did not notice my approach with my blazing sword on my hand.