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19 Tamers Stall

 I wandered about on the small bazaar in Mining Town. Unlike the capital with big place to held the Bazaar every night, the bazaar in this place is very small. I sighed inwardly. If I didn't accept Lily's quest, I would be stuck in this place for a few days before I could activate the platform. Since this quest involves of passing through the passageway, I had to find a good item or something to ready up.

I have already checked most stalls but I end up disappointed. These place is or worth to buy items with. I would rather hunt than waste my money on this items.

I was about to walk away when I noticed a tent different from the bazaar stalls. And from the looks of it, no one has noticed this tent being held up yet.

I grew curious due to their symbol above their tent. A violet colored Magic Circle and a chain that looks the same as those taming chains used to tame monsters. I suddenly grew curious about it. How cone I didn't noticed this one before? I had always been in the Mining Village vicinity for quite a while due to my dropped level every death. And of course, I have already memorized the stalls here but I never saw this stall here before. Perhaps it appeared when I was nor shopping that time?

Since my curiosity grows stronger on it, I decided to enter the strange stall.

As I entered, the familiar smell of beasts appeared and filled my nostrils. What is more, the sounds of the pets shrieking is very strong inside. I think they have casted a silence magic or this stall's materials are very magical to contain magic power to conceal the sounds it gave when you are inside.

As I wondered a bit, a teenager and a bulky built man with black beard and moustache appeared in the direction of the cries of the monsters.

"Oh? A customer!" I thought no one would gain interest to my wares!" the bulky guy said as he smiled and happily approached me. The teenager guy nodded and just stood on the side. From the looks of it, he is waiting for orders from the bulky guy.

"What do you sell here?" I asked, even though I knew what they are selling here.

"We are currently selling Pet Supplies, Pet food, Chain Of Taming and of course, pets!" he proudly said.

"I see, however, I have no idea what are they for. Its the first time I have heard of those terms," I said. Though that was an obvious lie. I don't want to be someone to look suspicious all of a sudden for my knowledge.

"In that case, I will be explaining the purpose of pets. Unlike Companions that act as slaves that divides your exp so that they will also level up, Pets has their own exp bar and even if they didn't fight, as long as they are on your possession, they would be automatically gaining exp whenever their master battles.

"There are two things to do to gain pets. One is to tame an existing monster. Monsters that are available to be tamed are those Beast Types and Insect Types. Humanoid Types like undead and goblins are not falling in the category of tameable.

"To tame a monster, you need an item to do that. [Chain of Taming] would be that item I am talking about. Of course you can purchase that item to any shop specializing in pets. In that case, it would be this stall. However, its a pretty dangerous process and to tame a monster 100%, you need to lower its health in 5%. Of course, [Chain of Taming] can only be used three times to a single monster and if the three times chance failed, then the monster cannot be tamed."

"The second thing to do is buy an egg or find an egg in the wild. Of course, if you buy it here, it would be a mystery pet unlike if you found an egg on a nest of a monster. It would be like a Gacha game for you. It would take a few days before it will hatch once a player like you can get an egg. Out of the two options, egg raising is more tedious since you still have to take care of the baby monster after birth, however, it would be easier and safer to do. Taming a monster takes time to gain its recognition while pet monsters hatched from eggs can immediately establish loyalty immediately. And that is all there is. The Pet supplies are like their equipment and of course, pet food which is already very obvious," the bulky guy explained.

"Hmmm, I get the gist of it, however, how many pets does an individual can keep?" I asked.

"Ah, normally, you players can only have a maximum 7 pets but since you are my very first visitor in this stall, then I will tell you a secret. You can increase the maximum 7 slots for pets indifinitely."

Hearing this, my ears perked up. This method is not available in my past timeline and this is a new info on me.

"A secret?"

"Yes, actually, pet selling is a slow business. Most of us vendors only rely on the [Chain of Taming] to be sold since most of the players tend to just catch their own pets than buy them. And that business would also go to a halt once most customers managed to own 7 pets. Therefore, this method was born. For us tamers, taming is life, and we also want to get lots of pets to increase our manpower. But that limit made us have a hard time dealing with. Therefore this was invented by the Master of Tamers."

He pulled out a chain similar to the [Chain of Taming] and place it on the counter. However, unlike the former that has a golden luster of color, this chain is colored silver. I checked it out to know its uses.

[Pet Slot Relinquish Chain]

Type: Consumable

Info: An item used to increase a pet slot limit. Once used, 2 empty pet slots would immediately be unlocked. Can be used until the individual's pet slot reached 100 slots. Consumed immediately once used.

Note: This thing is pretty expensive. So if you want it, you need to work your *ss off.

Price: 1,000,000 gold

My eyes grew wide! 100 slots! Thinking about 100 slots makes it hard for me to process everything. Think about it, a player who has 100 pet monsters to help you side by side in a battle, playing solo wouldn't be a problem! What is more, 100 slots are very many already and having 7 should be enough for a player. Raising 100 slots to tame monsters is quite hard! The only thing that made me sunk is the price. For a game breaking item to exist, a game breaking price is also necessary. This item is a freaking 1,000,000 gold coins! Not copper or silver but gold! That is already a big money in the real world! But still, I am impressed! This item is very good indeed! The only thing is that its very expensive and you can only buy a bulk on this item in the late game where gold will be very common.

"...This is pretty expensive," I frowned.

"Of course its expensive! Just like the [Bag Expansion Coupons], this item also increases limit. And to limit people who can have 100 slots, it was made like this!" the bulky guy said.

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I agree to that though. If this item is cheap, then in no time, the 100 limit pet slot is already widespread to all. It would be very chaotic.

"I know you can't afford the [Pet Slot Relinquish Chain], I am sure you can afford buying a [Chain of Taming]! We sell it for 10 silver," he said.

I pondered a bit on the situation. I am aware of the danger posed in taming. And in taming, your very chances is too low and those three chances is pretty hard to save up. This isn't pokemon that as long as you have enough pokeballs in your arsenal, you can use them all to catch a monster. Therefore, I wanted an easy method. I am not in a hurry to earn a pet but having an early one would be good.

"Do you have the Gacha thing you said earlier?" I asked.

The bulky man was surprised but he immediately composed himself.

"We have and one chance cost 100 silver. Do you want to try it?" he asked.

Well, nothing will go wrong. Its not like there are weak pets, just weak masters.

"Then let me have a single try then."

The bulky man was immediately moved to tears. Looks like this is their very first transaction ever.

"Thank you very much! Guy! Bring the eggs here!"

The teenager he called Guy nodded and returned to where they came from. After a while, he returned carrying a table with wheels carrying a tray full of eggs. Each of them are similar to a chicken egg but slightly bigger. Honestly, I am not a person who is very lucky. But I will be happy despite the bad luck I will get in choosing an egg. I paid the transaction and proceeded on choosing an egg.

"Anyway boss, what monster will hatch on these eggs? " I asked.

"I don't really know. Actually, the supplier of eggs never told us what eggs are delivered but commonly, they would be normal beasts like Rabbits, Cats or Dogs depending on the beast."

I nodded. Honestly, I was surprised in the past timeline to know cats, rabbits and dogs can hatch in an egg. But then I remembered that this place do not follow the commonsense so I decided to drop it. Now I looked into the eggs. It would be good to hatch a bird type or any kind of flying type monster for me to use to scout in the skies easily. But then, I noticed the very center egg to shook. I thought I was just imagining things but the egg in the center was indeed shaking a bit. However, the owner seems not to notice this so I decided to choose the center since it is making a move. In that case, that would be very easy to hatch an egg that would hatch anytime now.

"I will choose this," I pointed into the center egg.

"Alright then!" the bulky guy said and Guy quickly did his job.

After that, the egg was brought to me and this time, it was contained in a portable incubator. Below it has the days that it needs to hatch. There is 15 days on it displayed so that means it would hatch during the 15th day. I also bought three packets of pet food for 3 silver. I left the place and stored the egg into my inventory. I would be waiting for 15 days this time. And of course, I was excited. This would be really good if I managed to hatch something good for 100 silver.