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17 Necklaces

 Unlike the imps that attack in groups, the slimes do not cluster together and they are a bit more on the disgusting side. They don't look like a jelly but they looked like some puddle of mid that is moving around. You might even think that you have seen a walking sh*t around. I scanned the stats of the slime to make sure that none of them are Elite. Sometimes, some normal enemy looks like a normal monster. If I know there will be one, I would immediately hunt it out.

[Blob Slime]

Level 7

HP: 1000/1000

Attribute: Slime

Well, I was disappointed seeing not a single Elite. Well, that is not necessary. I am here to hunt equipment anyway.

"[Basic Fireball!]"

"[Shocking Lightning!]"

"[Ice Prison!]"

The three skills were simultaneously released on three slimes. Since its magic and my INT is much higher than normal, the slimes died immediately showing four digits damage with red color on it.




A one hit kill huh? I am not surprised but I liked what came from the logs.

-Blob Slime successfully killed.

-Got 1000 Exp(Title Effects activated, 1000 Exp Acquired

-1 copper coin gained.

-Got Copper Necklace x1

-Got Copper Necklace x1

-Got Slime Residue x2

-Blob Slime...

The log repeated the notification three times after killing the three slimes. All of the three dropped [Copper Necklace] in which two are normal and one is rare tier. I checked the Rare Tier necklace and compared it to the Normal Tier.

[Copper Necklace]

Type: Necklace Equipment

Tier: Normal


Equippable at level 6

Equippable by: All



INT: 11

Note: A necklace so shabby looking that jewelers never gave it a second glance. Only a few people dares to wear it.

Durability: 200/200

[Copper Necklace]

Type: Necklace Equipment

Tier: Rare Tier

Equippable at level: 6

Equippable by : All Classes


AGI: 3

INT: 16

Special Effect: Light Feet - Swiftly increase the movement speed twice the amount of your speed.

Note: A necklace so shabby looking that jewelers never gave it a second glance. Only a few people dares to wear it.

Durability: 200/200

An extra effect huh. Well, that was nice. This necklace will suffice for now by myself. However, I did not equip it yet. I am not in a hasty mood to do it so I store it on my inventory. I can sell it to a blacksmith later for a few amount of copper coins.

I repeated the hunt on either the Imps or the Blob Slimes. The EXP they gave are too pitiful so I did not really think much on how much I earned. I stare at the counter of my Copper Coins as it increase slowly every kill. I also check my bag a few times and saw that I was already housing at least 40 Copper Necklaces. Only the rare tier earlier were the different one since most of them are all Normal Tier. I did not bother too much on it and decided to hunt a few more slimes to kill to raise the amount of Copper Necklace to 51 pieces.

It didn't take me too long before I got 51 of them. And during that time, I managed to get the second Rare Tier necklace with the same stat and extra skill on it. That was lucky enough. I stopped hunting and returned to the Mining Town and go to the Blacksmith. There are two blacksmiths on shift and an apprentice attending the store. They are different depending on the times of the day. Opening the door, I saw that the blacksmith is on the counter and busy at counting a few of those equipment being sold by one of the player who has a class of a Samurai based from his katana and the kimono garb on his body. From the looks of it, he is selling a Normal Tier Crude Bastard Sword that is normally dropped by level 5 Rat Pests.

"Hmmm, the quality is not bad, but not good either. I can sell it for a few price but I doubt someone will buy this. At most, I will just use this for smelting or amalgamation. This won't sell that much. At least 200 copper each," the blacksmith said.

"200 copper? Can't this get raised for a few copper?" the samurai asked.

"Unfortunately, this weapon is not a good quality so its price would be low. I can't just give you a bigger price easily. I would go lose a lot if I sold you with a high price," the blacksmith said.

The samurai hesitated a bit and he decided to give up and just let the blacksmith do the transaction. He only have 4 of those bastard sword so he got 800 copper. The samurai sighed and dejectedly left the blacksmith while the blacksmith looked at me.

"What is your business here kid?" the blacksmith asked.

I approached and looked around a bit before I stated what I want.

"I want to sell 49 copper Necklaces in full condition and Normal Tier."

The blacksmith were surprised but he quickly composed himself.

"Show me your wares!" He said to me.

With a wave in my hands, the 49 Copper Necklaces appeared in the counter and I made sure that only the Normal Tier necklaces are on the table. The Rare Tier [Copper Necklace] is still in my inventory.

The blacksmith is surprised again and checks the items one by one with curious eyes. After doing a few inspections, he finally looked at me with bewildered expression.

"How the heck did you get this many necklace?!" the blacksmith was very shocked.

"I hunt a few [Blob Slimes] earlier and they dropped these. I had no use for them so I am selling these," I said to him.

"Honestly speaking kid, these necklaces are cheap and don't sell much. Furthermore, they are easily dropped by slimes so its another downside. I hope you can understand me. I have a hard time smelting these items since they aren't weapons that can be easily amalgamated to the other weapons. Therefore, I can only offer 50 copper coins per necklace," the blacksmith raised his palm up.

"Unfortunately sir, that is just a small amount. They are not items that lost durability. Furthermore, this item isn't necessarily needed to be smelted for the weapons like sword. They can be used to make arrowheads and bullets for Hunters and Gunslingers so its not a waste. You didn't try smelting it to make it like that, no?" I said while raising my eyebrows to him.

"Arrowheads and Bullets? Hey! Why I didn't try that? There are lots of other customers looking for a good amount of bullets and arrows at this time. Maybe that would work. Boy, let me try it. I will buy one and try making an arrowhead. If I liked the quality, I would buy everything!" the blacksmith proposed.

"Alright," I nodded and hands out one of the necklace and he quickly rush towards the forge and started the smelting process.

I was aware that blacksmiths has not used this method before. In the very future, these necklaces would fork high amount of money due to the fact that it would become a necessary ingredient to make items for bullets and arrowheads. Since they didn't try it yet, then that would be a bit of time.

It didn't take too long before the blacksmith emerge again from the forge with a smile on his face.

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"Kid, you really helped me solve my problem in arrowheads and bullets! Since you solved it, I would be willing to buy this bulk in 3 silver per necklace!"

"Deal!" I nodded in satisfaction. 3 silver is quite good enough for me. Since I have sold the 49 necklaces for 147 silver, I was very satisfied.

I walked out the blacksmith shop and decided to head out to the bazaar. I can now find something to buy. For the necklace in rare tier, I had something else in mind.