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16 Nigh

 Although these stats are just numbers in this game, this helps too if you want to increase your strength in reality. Since your body in the game copes up on the stats of your body, the real body will also try to catch up due to the brain keeping an active role to help your main body. I think it has something to do with the tattoo. Since this tattoo of mine can have a 100% synchronization to my avatar, I can feel what can be feel what can be felt by my avatar.

Now then, what stats should I increase? My STR is the lowest at the moment while the AGI is the highest. The DEX, END and INT are all on the average side.

My first goal is to be strong in reality so that the troubles I experienced in the past and the trouble that would happen in this new future can be solved. If that is the case, STR would be the best. If you want to excel in stealth, DEX would be the stat you need and if you want your decision making faster than usual, INT would be the best. If you want to be strong in bodily defense, END would suffice and if you want to be fast in your feet, the AGI stat would be the best bet.

In the end, most of the stats are all necessary for my improvement. Since my AGI is the highest at the moment, my speed in real world also doubles. However, I don't want to be necessarily fast in the meantime. Therefore, I have decided to spend 20 AP on STR, 10 on DEX, 20 on END, 20 on INT and 5 on AGI, revealing my new stats once again.

Name: Bladeheart

Level 7

EXP: 1000/30000

HP: 640/640

MP: 350/350


STR: Very Poor

[ap bar: 47/100]

AGI: Very Poor

[ap bar: 47/100]

DEX: Very Poor

[ap bar: 46/100]

END: Very Poor

[ap bar: 53/100]

INT: Very Poor

[ap bar: 58/100]

AP left to spend: 0

Title: Memento Mori

Skills: Click to Open the Skill Trees

SP left to spend: 58


Head: Beginner Hood

Face: White Fur Wolf Mask

Upper Body: Green Armor

Lower Body: Beginner Pants

Shoes: Beginner Boots

Gloves: Beginner Gloves

Necklace: None

Left Arm: None

Right Arm: None

Ring: None

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Weapon: Versatile Weapon

My STR and AGI are now equal but it became the lower stats left along with my DEX due to the rise of numbers in my END and INT. It was a bit overwhelming in terms of INT since it became my highest stat which is seconded by my END, however, I don't mind this at all. In fact I was happy. This amount of stats are not something that a level 7 player possess right now. Most of their stats should have a single high stat around 50 or more while their other stat falls in around 30 or less, which is unlike to my stats, almost all stats are equal to each other.

I closed my stat panel and rose up from the bed. I stretched my arms and turned to look at my weapon, the Versatile Weapon. I got two items to feed on this weapon which is a dagger and the old [Beginner Armor] I just unequipped earlier. However, I decided to withhold them at the moment. My overall stats are getting higher than usual and it might attract unnecessary attention to other players. I don't want to garner more people interested in my skills and equipment by this.

This can be used to selling for extra gold later but it would be useful for devour. Anyway, I would decide that later. I stare outside the window and noticed that the sky is dark. Ah... that is right, whenever its morning in the real world, its evening in the game world and vice versa. The streets below are still lively with a few players wandering around and many NPC villagers doing their own business. NPCs works like real humans. They sleep in the evening and works during morning. Of course, there are a few NPCs that are only interactable at night. Therefore, it was something that players think as very realistic but a problem in their real life day to day work which is a pretty bad situation for players who don't have time in the morning but pretty active at night. There are many stalls of food too and a few stalls selling equipment but I think it looks like a night bazaar in the game from what I can remember. I tilted my head before immediately finding my goal for the day.

During morning, bazaars are not available and they are only interactable at night. Players who usually plays at night always miss the bazaar that is why they miss the good stuffs.

Bazaars are available every city and towns in the game. They hold very many things limited only at the Night Bazaar. Also, with the bazaar, you can sometimes purchase discounts and the like everywhere. Every kind of thing sold in the game, equipment, food, pets and even companions are available in the game. When I say companions, they are more similar to "slaves" if it was about a world of fantasy. The only thing different about them is that they are more like "free slaves". They are not bound in contract and deals with different kind of works. The only problem on this one is that they are totally costly, not to mention that they also siphon a bit of your exp when fighting enemies. Imagine playing Pokemon with one of your backup Pokemon holding EXP share.

I don't usually recommend to get one for the moment. They are good once you reach level 100 but this early? Forget it at the moment. I don't have much money at the moment and with only the 20 gold from the quest of Lily and a few copper coins amounting a few hundred, I sighed in dissatisfaction, I can't buy anything at the bazaar for now and farming for money would be helpful.

I exited the inn and started moving towards the mines. Mining town is indeed a mining town since its near of caves. Its only deserted with players though since the enemies here at most are level 7 above. The enemies here has decent EXP drop but has an excellent money and equipment drop rate for players around level 7 to level 10.

The monsters here are Imps who drops lots of copper coins and slime who drops equipment. There are lots of them at the moment due to the lack of players at Night time and the amount of players who actually reach the level of 7. Moreover, with monsters more active at night, money drop is doubled usually, so this is a good time to farm money and buy something good in the bazaar.

[Player has discovered Mining Tunnel Cave]

I pull out the Versatile Weapon and changed it to Ceremonial Staff. Although this weapon usually have a low damage output, we are talking about the game changer weapon, Versatile Weapon. It didn't follow the normal type version of the weapon and still follows the same damage. This is a good time to earn enough SP for the Cleric class.

The imps working just outside the cave tunnel noticed me immediately. They looked at me with weird looks and growled. After doing so, their eyes reddened and frantically rush towards me one by one, while brandishing their dingy and rusty pickaxe that sooner or later, will crumble to pieces.

[Mining Imps]

Level 7

HP: 1000/1000

Type: Humanoid

With swift thwack on the abdomen of the incoming imp, I inflicted damage to the incoming imp. The nearby imp were also near but I can't unleash another attack in a short time so I made a kick.



The kick managed to deal 100 damage. My STR really have grown. I didn't stop my movement and dodged the incoming pickaxe being thrown at me. Of course, I am not just all dodge, I also do a quick swing on the imps. Even though its not a blade weapon, the damage still deals like a blade weapon. With my successful thwacks being hit but the very first imp that I rained with swings and thwacks, it didn't managed to stand up again and strings of logs appeared on my vision.

-Mining Imp successfully killed.

-Got 1000 EXP(Title Effect Activated 1000 EXP acquired)

-Got 105 copper

-Got 10 Cleric SP

Hmm, not bad, 105 copper already. Although this monster gave out copper drop, a few monsters do not drop money at all since their drops are much expensive, for example, the Gray Wolves that I have killed. They didn't drop a single copper at all when I killed them. There are some monsters who drops coppers but they don't keep on dropping one, like the Grass Lizards.

These imps though are much better in money making. Since no other player is farming at all, I continue to farm around here. If there are other players here already, they will instantly monopolize this place like its theirs and obtain the loot. Before that happens, I have to finish my farming session.

I continue bearing up most of the imps and with severe beating, they died with bodies being covered with bruises and pumps of injuries. The ceremonial staff sure is dangerous if you got beaten by it.

After a few minutes of intense farming in this area by beating up these guys one by one, I managed to earn around 2,000 copper and if converted to silver, it would be 20 silver all in all. Copper coins need to reach 100 coins to become 1 silver, 100 silver is also required to get 1 gold coin. Of course, it can be converted to real money. The only thing that is accepted as money to be converted as real money is gold only of course, silver and copper are useless.

1 gold coin is equivalent to 100 yen. Very small amount if you ask me, but if players are very good at money making in the game, then earning a single gold is easy and the other gold will fall to your hands and you can exchange it to money.

I have 20 gold coins here and a few coppers that if converted to silver, will immediately be a good amount of money to use to buy in Bazaar. However, I am not yet done. After clearing the imps on the very entrance, I entered the tunnel and just not too far on the center, is a slime. Magic is pretty effective to them so why would you use your weapon to kill slimes? The magic will do. Time to hunt for equipments!