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 With the help of [Silent Sprint] and [Breathless Running], I managed to arrive into the tavern barely. I pant hard due to the no rest running and sprinting that I did just now. Even though its a game, its still freaking hard for me to do it. And if I did run in real life, it is practically a torture. However, I did not mind any hardships I experienced in the game right now. Running for a few kilometers without stopping can be considered as a training in real world. Just as the scientists and doctors says, a single day workout here in the game is equivalent to a week of exercise for a whole day without rest. So its not a mystery if I managed to run a few kilometers without breaking a sweat in the future.

I opened the door and panted a lot in the counter. Luckily, the tavern is empty and only Lily is currently there. If there are someone else in there, I would be totally embarassed and I would be willing to run into a hole to hide.

"Hey there, you came back early! Let me guess, you are that person who managed to kill an Elite Monster right?" Lily grinned.

I nodded but I have no time to answer via voice. With my breathing making me so tired to speak, I can't do it at all and only managed to nod.

"Let me see the carcasses of those Gray Wolves I ordered you to bring then, follow me," Lily said to me and beckons me to follow her behind.

I tried calming myself down before I followed Lily. There was an empty warehouse on the far end so I was free to show out the carcasses. With a click, all of the carcasses from the Gray Wolves and the Pure White Wolf came out.

"Waah! Its really the Pure White Wolf! You managed to kill it!? And from the looks of it, you didn't have any people helping you kill this monster down. Does that mean you killed it alone?" Lily looked at me with surprise.

"Yes...However, can you give me some water... I feel like I was about to collapse..." I said with a pale look in my face.

"Ah! Sorry! I forgot to give ypu water! I was just too excited on your achievement! You are really something! And since you exceed my expectation, my quest for you is complete. You will be a good choice as my guard into the city. If possible, are you capable of escorting me and my family to the Capital?" Lily asked.

"Of course. That is why I have undertaken this quest is due to the fact that I want to escort you and your family to the Capital," I said to her. Of course, I can't let this up, this is a good chance to get to the capital with a reward of a quest.

"Alright then, since you are so tired from your adventure, I shall let you sleep into the inn and rest there. Don't worry, its free of charge. Of course, the reward is also a different matter, here you go then!" Lily smiled and handed out a small sack to me.

-[Moving Out] Quest 1 out of 3 is successfully completed!

-Got 10,000 EXP (Overachievement achieved. Rewarding 10,000 EXP for finishing the quest with perfect performance!)(Title Effects Activated, 20,000 EXP acquired)

-Got 20 Gold

- Congratulations for leveling up from 6 to 7.

-Got 10 AP (Title Effects Activated, 3 Bonus AP acquired.)

-Got 10 SP.

I was surprised. I leveled up again? I managed to level up in 7 whole new levels in just a half day? Well, if not for the [Memento Mori] I won't have be able to level up fast enough. I am not surprised. Although my class is the slowest and hardest to level class, I am not someone who challenge same level mobs and challenges monsters higher leveled than me. Its understandable. If not for the tiredness I felt, I would be totally celebrating a lot in this achievement of mine.

Lily led me to the inn next to her tavern and paid for my fee for a day. Lily runs a tavern here in Mining Town but she will run a Tavern and Inn in the capital so its not going to be a wonder to me if she opens an inn. She just didn't opened one here since there is already an inn here in the Mining Town. After I managed to obtain the key to my room in the inn, I rushed towards the room, opened it, and hop towards the bed.

Ahhh~ The bed in the game is still as soft and comfortable as a real bed too. But I don't want to keep on staying in the game for too long. After securing the room, I aloowed my avatar to enter [Rest Mode] so that it can recover and logged out of the game. My consciousness felt like it was sucked by force before I manage to feel the familiar room again.


I opened my eyes and saw the familiar ceiling.

"I am back..." I stretched my arm in the air and sighed.

I tried standing up but I felt my legs trembling. It is fatigued. Although I did not really run in the real world, due to the mysterious effect of the game, whatever things you do in the game can be also considered as your own experience in the real world too. I sighed in disappointment. This body is still not well trained enough to handle such pain in the body but I don't really have a choice. I don't want to start very late in meditation and building up my body's foundation. I need to properly do it on my own.

Since my legs are still sore, I didn't force to get up. Instead, I decided to awaken my mana. I learned this in the past via meditation process after the discovery that a human has a latent mana hidden in their body and by playing the game, the mana in their body will awaken which would be enough catalyst to use magic in the real world. According to the study, as long as a normal human entered the Alternate World, their mana that remains dormant will suddenly stir out causing the phenomenon of "Overleak" in which the mana in the body that humans never used and remained dormant to awaken, causing its phenomenon. To control it, humans have to "meditate" to control the mana.

Since I had already the advantage of being the first person to know this method, I don't have to wait for the discovery of the mana usage to practice. I don't want to study late like in the past. Now that I have the knowledge, I will practice it up and before the research appear, my mastery in usage of mana already exceeded from the others.

Meditation can be done in every position, you can remain standing, laying down on your back or on your face, sitting cross-legged, or sitting normally, it doesn't really matter as long as you are comfortable with your position. Since my legs still feel a bit sore, I decided to just remain laying in the bed and closed my eyes. I tried sensing my mana in my body. When I first started, it took me a few days to master the way to sense the mana properly in your body. Since I don't need to practice anymore, I can just do it immediately. In a few minutes of trying to sense it, I finally sense a weak link of mana circulating in my body. I didn't bother letting it go and started controling it. Since I just awaken my mana, the mana pool in my body is considered to be "shallow" in this stages and if I wanted to make it deeper, I need to play the game and practice after. That is the only way to make the mana increase.

I revolved the mana circulation on my hands, eyes, legs and ears. These four areas are the most basic places to allow the mana to flow freely. If these places are already fine with the mana, certain magic and skills can now be used in the real world using these areas. After doing a minor practice, I stopped doing so. Because of the "shallow" mana pool of mine, I will just exhaust it if I continue to practice. I need to wait for a few days to do it again.

With my meditation done, I felt more tired than the usual. Since it made me more tired than usual, I decided to rest and sleep. I have to earn gold fast enough tomorrow and earn real money immediately. I can't just wait myself to die in this place and get stagnant.


The next day, I felt energized and full of vigor. I don't feel bad at all and the soreness of my feet are no longer causing trouble to me. With everything on it good, I started doing work outs for a while and after feeling hungry, I decided to eat breakfast. Since my only breakfast is instant ramen, I only eat ramen...but this won't last long.

I contacted my parents in Kyoto to ask their situation over there and after making sure that they are still fine, I hang up on the call. I made my choirs first before going back to my room and closed my eyes. Its time to play and dive back to Alternate World.


With me logging in to my account, when I wake up, I am still lying in the bed of the inn and my body is already the body of my avatar, Bladeheart. I waved my hands a bit and after getting familarized on the feeling again, I sit up on my bed and open the stats panel. Since the time that I leveled into 3 until I reached level 7, I did not managed to open my stat panel at all due to the several things coming forth around that made me busy.

Name: Bladeheart

Level 7

EXP: 1000/30000

HP: 440/440

MP: 260/260


STR: Very Poor

[ap bar: 27/100]

AGI: Very Poor

[ap bar: 41/100]

DEX: Very Poor

[ap bar: 36/100]

END: Very Poor

[ap bar: 31/100]

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INT: Very Poor

[ap bar: 38/100]

AP left to spend: 75

Title: Memento Mori

Skills: Click to Open the Skill Trees

SP left to spend: 58


Head: Beginner Hood

Face: White Fur Wolf Mask

Upper Body: Beginner Shirt

Lower Body: Beginner Pants

Shoes: Beginner Boots

Gloves: Beginner Gloves

Necklace: None

Left Arm: None

Right Arm: None

Ring: None

Weapon: Versatile Weapon

There are many things I did not managed to do when I rushed out. Due to my panic, I did not managed to equip the [Green Armor] that I got from the last time. However, its still a good thing I did not equip it yet in the battle against the wolves. The [Beginner Shirt] is running out of durability due to the skirmishes that we have done last time. I opened my inventory and decided to equip the [Green Armor] for now. Since I have no proper armor at the moment, this would do for now.

Then, I opened the new title that I acquired, [Elite Killer]. Unlike Memento Mori and Death's Favorite, this title won't take effect unless equipped.

[Elite Killer]

Type: Rare Title

Method to Achieve: Kill an Elite

Info: +500 attack power against Elite Monsters

Note: You achieved the achievement most adventurers only dream. One step to become a strong and legendary figure in the history.

As usual, nothing changed. This title can be obtained by anyone who managed to kill an Elite monster so there is no point to hide it at all. However, it was somehow disappointing. I don't usually have the chance to meet an Elite Monster and if I managed to see one, it would be in a very rare occasions. This title's effect is a bit useless for me, I wanted it to change into +500 STR or something similar to that. My hopes are crushed. I look at my AP. Just looking at it made me awe. This amount is very good to see. Spending it would really help me a lot to raise my strength. However, I had to plan it out. I scratched my head on which stat is the best to spend these AP.