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14 Elite

 I have faced countless of Elite Monsters before and this should be the first time I would be facing one since I returned to the past. Elite Monsters are highly sought to be killed. Not only due to their rare drops, gold drop and Exp gain, but due to their value in terms of quests requirement.

For example, since Lily has given me a quest that involves Gray Wolves, I should be handling Gray Wolves. However, since the Pure White Wolf is a hybrid version of Gray Wolf, it can be counted as a Gray Wolf if brought. What is more, once you give it in a quest, your reward from the quest is going to rise up a lot.

I killed 7 Gray Wolves already and only needed 3 of them. There are four Gray Wolves in them with the Pure White Wolf as the pack leader. Killing the pack leader will cause the remaining wolves to flee. I can't afford to let them flee though.

I changed my weapon into a magic sword. The style of the magic sword is just different from normal sword but its a sword that I have familiarized for many years. My mastery of Magic Swords cannot be duplicated in this timeline.

The Pure White Wolf is more cautious and commanded the other Gray Wolves to attack. I did not mind them attacking me. In fact, I want them to attack first.

The Gray Wolves started to pounce me simultaneously. This might be the trick that the Pure White Wolf can do to bring me down. Unfortunately, that was a huge mistake on the Pure White Wolf's behalf. Underestimating me is a huge mistake.

I crouch low before stabbing the Magic Sword into the air before swinging my it in a circular way. The Gray Wolves, still in the air, cannot hope to dodge the attack, and before they knew it, they died after their heads are lopped off. My system notification lit up once more, saying that I leveled up from level 3 to level 4. Leveling up from level 3 to level 4 is already a blessing.

The Pure White Wolf's eyes glow red. After its lackeys died, it enters berserk state. This time, unlike Gray Wolves in which I can perform Instant Kill easily, Pure White Wolf is a bit difficult to do. Not only because its an Elite Monster but its size is quite different in terms of the Gray Wolf size.

I prepared myself while observing its methods so that I can properly prepare my sword. Without warning, it darted off towards me, And I can only guard in time.


Ouch. Even though I guarded, damage still managed to penetrate my defense. That means the Pure White Wolf has pure strength accompanied by its speed.

I did not falter and back flipped away from the Pure White Wolf before I raised my hand, aiming at the wolf.

"[Basic Fireball]!"



The damage is pitiful despite the berserk state of the monster where they increase their attack but their defense plummet. If this wolf did not even go berserk, perhaps my damage would count around 40-50. However, damage is damage. Luckily, Beast Monsters do not have a healing property skill, which means it won't heal its damage. Killing it via small attacks can still be done.

The Pure White Wolf just brushed off the fire on its fur and once again charged towards me while brandishing its sharp fangs.

"Just go down will you?!" I gritted my teeth and perform a counterattack. I tried lopping its neck off but it only managed to graze its neck. However the damage is quite good.


I managed to land a critical attack just by performing a counterattack. Its already looking good for me.

"[Shocking Lightning]!" An arc of electricity shot out of my hands and hits the Pure White Wolf. However, it was clear that the damage is pretty minimal and it just brushed off the attack.

I sprinted away, though I did not use the power of the [Silent Sprint]. I just sprinted while trying to get ahead of the Pure White Wolf attacking me. With its strong legs, just by running won't do. I stopped and ready the sword in which, also the exact time the Pure White Wolf attacked and tried to pounce me.

With a quick movement, I swing the sword with pure force before I managed to slash the Pure White Wolf with deep severity. Blood spurt our from the wound of the wolf and it howled in pain.


-Inflicted with Bleeding(Minor). Target will lose 20 HP per second for 3 minutes.

I successfully inflicted the wolf with Bleeding. That would help me chip off the HP of the wolf for a while. I glance at the cool down of the [Basic Fireball] and [Shocking Lightning]. Seeing that they are now available to use, I quickly move to take distance of the wolf.

"[Basic Fireball]!"

This time, I shot it to its face and before it can even take a look on what is happening, I already closed the gap of my distance to the wolf. Also, I already changed my weapon to a normal sword. Time to unleash my skill.

"[Triple Slash!]"

Of course, the [Triple Slash] is accompanied with normal attacks. With it trying to recover from the magic attack earlier, I already grasp its attack pattern. The Pure White Wolf raised its paw, but I am faster than the wolf. I swing the sword and in a split second, I managed to severe its paw.


The wolf roared out in pain and fell into the ground. However, I have no time to give sympathy to it. Before the wolf can escape from my grasp, I changed my weapon into an ax and used all my strength to give it to the swing.

"Die for me!" I swung the ax down to it's neck like an executioner giving a death sentence to the target.


The attack was intense that the head of the Pure White a wolf toppled down in the distance.

-Pure White Wolf successfully killed!

-You have killed an Elite Monster, awarding 10 AP.

-Got White Fur x2

-Got White Claw x5

-Got White Fur Wolf Mask

-Got 10,000 EXP( Got 10,000 EXP for performing Instant Kill)(Got 1000 Exp for killing a higher leveled Monster!)(Title Effects Activated, 21,000 Bonus EXP)

-Got 30 Swordsman SP, 30 Magician SP, 30 Magic Knight SP, 30 Berserker SP.

-Congratulations , You leveled up from 4 to 5.

-Got 10 AP(Title Effects Activated, 3 Bonus AP acquired.)

-Got 10 SP

-Congratulations, You leveled up from 5 to 6.

-Got 10 AP(Title Effects Activated, 3 Bonus AP acquired.)

-Got 10 SP

-Got the Title: Elite Slayer

The series of notification rang one by one in the log. I never expected that I would level up twice with just that amount of battle. The battle. Well, its also due to the effects of Memento Mori. If not for it, I would not level up this fast.

A notification appeared in my view after all those logs appeared.

[You are the first player to kill an Elite Monster in the whole world! This will be recorded in Hall Of Fame. Do you want to announce the whole world your name? The whole world will know your name and NPCs will think a bit highly of you. You can cancel it but the announcement will still rang out.]

Announce/Do not Announce

Ah, its a world wide announcement. This thing is famous. or death seeking players. Those who dares to announce themselves are always targeted by other players unless you are a strong player. Of course, I have no intention showing my name in public even in game. I don't want to be famous for these announcements.

I selected the "Do not Announce" option. I plan to stick in the shadows and not attract other's attention. Although this announcement will be attracting many factions of players, it would take a while for players to find out who it was.

[Worldwide Announcement: Congratulations to Unknown Player for being the first player to kill an Elite Monster in the Whole World! Awarding 100 Fame Points]

Well, that went quite well. I also got 100 Fame Points easily. If I raise my Fame, it would help me a lot befriending NPCs easily. I opened my Inventory and activated its Spatial Skill. For me to bring these bodies of Gray Wolves whole, I had to use this ability of my inventory. I swiftly gathered them all without leaving a single piece behind. Even the decapitated heads are not spared.

Another panel appeared in front of me.

[Pure White Wolf will respawn in 1 week duration. Please wait for this duration before facing it again.]

I nodded, every Elite Monsters needs a long time before they respawn. Its not my problem now though, and I won't be challenging this monster again. I will be giving it to other people next week. I swiped the panel away from my face and resumed to my choir. After doing so, I noticed one item in my bag which made me rather curious.

[White Fur Wolf Mask]

Tier: Very Rare Tier

Type: Mask Equipment

AGI: 10

DEX: 10

INT: 10

Info: A mask that covers the whole face with a wolf with white fur. If you wear this, your appearance will be hidden and your hair will turn to white as long as this item is equipped. This mask can also hides your scent to any kind of wolves and won't attack on sight.

Note: This mask makes you look awesome and at the same time makes you look like a werewolf too.

Oh! I saw this in the past timeline. From what I can remember, it was sold in an auction as a mask type equipment. Many thought it was useless but this would be useful entering the hostile territory of Werewolves and befriend them instead. I managed to get know its power when someone I know managed to own it. Although its stats are a bit low, its effect to mask your scent from wolves can be considered as a good effect already.

Although there is no Mask Equipment slot available in your avatar panel, it would appear once you equip a mask type equipment. I really need one right now though since I didn't use the slight alteration option when creating my avatar. At least I can hide my real identity in real life. I equip it and felt my face appear rather comfortable and nice to wear. Its like your face is covered with soft fur.

I didn't have time to check with my stat panel this time because the time is running out from the hidden quest. If I keep on dillydallying here, I would really fail the quest. I quickly returned, sprinting away from the forest.


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The whole gaming community of Alternate World were shaken from the sudden announcement. Someone managed to find and kill the First Elite Monster that some players did not managed to find.

"F*ck! Did someone already managed to meet and kill an Elite?! I can't believe it! Its just the first day!"

"Its not a bug in the announcements right? Somebody really did managed to kill an Elite? Did one of the experts on other games claimed this achievement?"

"No. Even if they did, they still need to prove that they really killed the Elite. It would be a total embarrassment if they failed to do it!"

Many discussions erupted as players tried to guess whoever managed to kill the elite, however most of their guesses are off as the real person who managed to get the reward is already running in haste to reach the tavern immediately before his quest time limit runs out.