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13 Wolf

 The damage is so pitiful! The level gap is too huge for me to handle. But I guess I had to make do and do it one step at a time. First is to exhaust my mana against the enemy I hit with [Basic Fireball].

I stood in the ground and aimed my staff to the wolf I hit earlier. Unlike its other brethren, the one I hit with skill earlier had a burnt fur, making it different and easy to spot.

"[Shocking Lightning!]"



The Gray Wolf staggered from its momentum and fell. I looked into the log and found out the reason.

-Inflicted Paralysis!

The damage might be small but I managed to deal with the Gray Wolf to endure paralysis! Paralysis lasts for 10 minutes or lower depending on the enemy. When the other wolves rushed forward, I did not hesitate and slam my palms to the ground.

"[Ice Prison!]"

A huge chunk of ice encased the area in front of me. Two wolves were impaled by the [Ice Prison]'s sharp tip, causing two red damages on its HP appear.


-400 Critical!

The others were hesitant to approach so before they can react, I changed my weapon back to a sword and run forward. I have two skills earlier from the Ninja class.

[Silent Sprint]

1st Tier

Cool down: 5 minutes

Mana Cost: 30 MP

Info: Allows the user to run with sprint without decreasing its stamina for 2 minutes. Also, footsteps that alert enemies will be temporarily muted during the duration of the skill.

Note: A secret art by Ninja to run without giving any sound. Try running while your hands in the back and feel the Ninja run.

[Breathless Breathing]

1st Tier

Cool down: 7 minutes

Mana Cost: 70 MP

Info: You can continue running without running out of breath. Also works when swimming, making the stamina infinite for 5 minutes.

Note: Used by Ninjas to breathe underwater and to run away for escaping. Usually used for spying enemies, but sometimes used to peek at girls in a hot spring or pool and to run away from the scene as soon as possible.

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Disregarding the note, I don't really need to care what is going to happen and I quickly rush towards the paralyzed wolf while they are still occupied from the ice, I arrived next to the Gray Wolf and activated a skill above its head.

"Triple Slash!"

The triple slash is strong since the attack was done in the head that is very vulnerable for them, however, the damage is still a bit pitiable to see.




The HP of the wolf fell to 4,118 but its still a huge amount and the other wolves started to recover one by one which is a bad news for me.

My MP fell to critical levels. I have been using skills causing it to fall. However, I never did any recovery things for it to return to full bar.

I only discovered this trick in the past timeline after dying again and again in the past timeline. Due to me being so poor, I had to save my money always to the Online Bank in the game. Therefore, I had no money to spare just to buy any Potions to recover my MP. For the HP, I had to rely on Healing Fountains found on neutral areas to heal. I thought that it was a burden but I discovered that due to my repeated exhaustion of mana and HP, my recovery seems getting faster. My MP turned out to recover in a fast pace, recovering at first with 20 MP per second to 50 MP per second. I experimented on it and discovered hat repeated exhaustion of mana increases the recovery probability of my character.

No one mentioned this in the game and most of them relies on Mana Potions a lot to recover. Therefore, I decided to just stay quiet about it. I am not a person who loved to share it to the world.

I just left my MP in critical levels. I will train again my MP to recover as fast as how my MP recovers in the past timeline. Right now it only recovers for 1 MP per second which is pretty slow. If I keep on exhausting my MP, sooner or later, it will recover fast enough to fill my MP bar back to its full glory.


The paralyzed wolf recovered before I was able to give a proper blow after the [Triple Slash]. The others also managed to recover and quickly surrounded me. I counted seven of them and bared their fangs to me. I did not falter and maintained extreme vigilance towards my enemies. Just like the real wolves in the real world, the wolves in Alternate World works in packs and also attack in pack. In short, they can coordinate themselves properly if you suck at combat. Newbie players will have trouble fighting against a group of enemies like this.

One of the smaller wolves attacked me on my blind spot. However, I already know where it will attack, unlike a human, these beasts are predictable.

I counterattacked which the wolf did not expect me to do. Since all of its guard were down and the wolf is in attack mode, death only awaits the small wolf.


The sword did not just scratch the wolf that attacked, I managed to lop off the head of the wolf and kill it in one go!

Instant Kill!

My eyes lit up. I did not fight Gray Wolves before because I was assigned to fight the Red Wolves. But I never expected that the way to kill Gray Wolves is just similar to how you kill a Red Wolf. Red Wolves are bigger but slower. However, they have high defense and dangerous attacks. Meanwhile, Gray Wolves are more on Agility. I don't know whether they have high attack. I did not dare to get hit to avoid myself getting one hit kill. My HP is just pitiful so its not a good thing to get hit by these guys but who would have thought that their instant kill method is just within my grasp?

-Gray Wolf successfully killed.

-Gray Fur Acquired

-Wolf Fang Acquired

-Wolf Fang Dagger Acquired

-Got 1000 EXP (Additional 500 EXP for performing Instant Kill)(Additional 300 EXP for killing a higher leveled enemy)(Title Effects activated, 1800 bonus EXP acquired.)

-Got 10 Magician SP, 10 Swordsman SP

Yes! Just a single Gray Wolf and my EXP bar already reached 4000! I already need 6000 EXP to level up to level 3 and I still have a few wolves to kill. This is a good opportunity to catch up in level.

I continue to stay in position waiting for the attack. Despite one comrade is fallen, the enemy did not back off. Instead, their eyes are on Berserk State. Red eyes are the main thing you need to look out for to see if they are in berserk state. However, they shouldn't be in berserk state yet, unless...


An ear piercing howl reverberated in the surroundings. The howl's pressure is huge, causing me to involuntarily shook. This is not a normal howl coming from a normal enemy, it came from an Elite monster no doubt!

The wolves attacked me simultaneously. Even though the pressure of an Elite is big, I already encountered much heavier pressures from enemies in the past. This is nothing. Every wolf that tried to attack me did not managed to evade my counter attack which is lopping off their heads.

-Congratulations! You leveled up from 2 to 3.

-Got 10 AP(Title effect activated, 3 Bonus AP acquired.

-Got 10 SP


Several notifications appeared one by one on my interface. However, I have no time to consider looking for it, there are still a few enemies trying to attack me. Swing here, swing there, kill here, kill there. Every attack is meaningful and not a single one is wasted. My mana also managed to get full once more but I did not dare waste it for now. I have an enemy that is Elite Grade, I think I have to keep unleashing my skills against it to conquer it.


As the last Gray Wolf is killed, I saw another four wolves accompanied by a white-furred Wolf. I check its name and grinned.

[Pure White Wolf]

Level 5

Elite Monster


Attribute: Beast

The Elite Monster has finally appeared!