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11 Lily

 I headed to the residential area of the town. The old and worn out tavern is the place where I first found the NPC I am looking for.

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Entering the tavern, I saw a woman around the age of 30, in the plump side but not that fat, just chubby. This is Lily. I still remember that time when the poll popularity of kindest NPCs in the game, Lily is ranked second, much lower than the Priestess of Kamikaze Continent. Its not an exaggeration that she is a kind woman. In fact, she really is considered as mother figure in the game. If you get into her good side, it was like having a best friend/mother in one.

During my darkest times of my life, Lily became the light that helped me find the way to my darkest world. She became my friend and became one of her patrons in the past who always cries after telling the tale.

I want to trigger the escort quest of Lily. The tavern in Mining Town is in shambles and business is slow for her here so she decided to move to the capital. This was the first hidden quest in the game. If you escort her, it would be a Hard Level Quest since you had to deal with the Gate Guardian that every player need to deal every level 10, its considered as a bit hard if you don't know what you are doing. Fortunately, I am aware of the danger and the difficulty of he test. I won't be trying to accept a quest like this if it is beyond my ability.

The tavern is not so well known and I only see a few players eating so I guess, business is indeed slow here. I approached the counter and sit on one of the chairs available.

"One Cheese Fondue and Lemon Cola Ma'am," I said to her.

She looked around and smiled.

"Oh, a new face. Are you new here? have he player tag, so I guess you are an adventurer and you just started today right?" Lily asked.

"Yes, I am indeed an adventurer and I just started today. I was hungry and I was told by some people that this place has a good food and they even gave me a list of good food," I said as an alibi. Lily is the first NPC I have interacted this time so the knowledge of the food came directly from my past experience.

"Aha! You won't be disappointed! My food and drinks are all delicious and even nobles eat here so you can be sure that the quality of the food I serve is in high quality in a cheap price. My name is Lily, I am the tavern owner of this place. Just wait a minute, I will be preparing your food in a jiffy," Lily smiled and headed to the kitchen.

I nodded and smiled at her. Lily did not change at all and I am glad that she is not affected by the changes. Since I know that it would take a few more minutes before I can eat the food, I opened my stats panel and decided to go to the skill trees.

I have earned 31 SP for the Swordsman class. Whenever an exquisite movement is done, SP are usually given out immediately so I must have done a very good amount of movements to gain this much. Of course, the [Death's Favorite] title also gave a good amount of help. I checked for the Skill tree of Swordsman and saw that only Five Tiers are still accessible. Well, that is understandable since unlocking the sixth to tenth tiers needed you to be around level 50 while beyond that would need you to be a level 100 player and has undergone the Job Class Up.

The skill tree is being listed by tier and the price of them to unlock.

But I only looked for the 1st Tier and 2nd Tier. The 3rd tier is very expensive and I might need a few grinding session before I can earn a few.

Swordsman SP: 31 Free SP: 70

1st Tier

1.Triple Slash(Active) - 5 SP

2. Shockwave Thrust(Active)-10 SP

3. Berserk (Active)- 10 SP

4. Reversal Swing(Active) -17 SP

5. Crescent Slash (Active) -20 SP

2nd Tier

1. Sixfold Slash (Active) - learned [Triple Slash] and 10 SP

2.Vibration Thrust (Active) - learned [Shockwave Slash] and 20 SP

3. Sword Concentration (Active)-21 SP

4.Sharpness I (Passive) - 20 SP

5. Boomerang Slash (Active) -30 SP

I clicked to the Triple Slash. Although I have seen this skill several times, I am not an expert on Swordsman skills so I have to check its function.

[Triple Slash]

1st Tier

Cool down: 1 minute

Mana Cost: 20 MP

Info: Slash three tines into the enemy with great power. Has 5% chance of releasing a fourth slash.

Note: Basic of the basic swordsmanship. All swordsman should be able to use this skill.

Well, its just 5 SP. Besides, [Sixfold Slash] is quite good. I have seen it before. So before I can get the [Sixfold slash], I had to learn [Triple Slash] first.

The second skill I was targeting the most in the Swordsman Class is the skill [Berserk]. Although Berserker Class has a Berserk skill too, but its different and its called [Rampage] and unlike [Berserk] the player using the skill can't be controlled during the duration and will attack friend or foe. It was strong but its pretty dangerous so I don't have to learn it. [Berserk] is much different though.


1st Tier

Cool down: 5 minutes

Mana Cost: 50 MP

Info: Raises the attack and critical ratio for 100% percent. However, defense is reduced to 50%

Note: Most angry women fuming in anger usually enters that state.

Well, this is the skill I am looking for. After purchasing the skill, I closed the panel of the swordsman class and opened the Magician Class Skill Tree. Since I have not used any things that involve magicians, I did not earn any magician SP yet. Therefore, the only thing I can spend is the Free SP themselves. Just like the Swordsman Class, the Magician Class Tree is also limited to the first three tiers. Since I have limited SP at the moment, I decided to just use this chance to earn only 1st Tier Magic.

2nd Tier magic is a bit on the expensive side and I will just go on buying one if I have the Magician SP already.

Magician SP: 0. Free SP: 70

1st Tier

1. Basic Fireball (Active) - 5 SP

2. Ice Prison (Active) - 5 SP

3. Shocking Lightning (Active) - 7 SP

4. Muddy Water (Active) - 7 SP

5. Frigid Wind (Active) - 10 SP

Hmm, from the looks of it, the magic skills are a bit more on the cheap side. Well, they are not that strong compared to their 2nd tier counterpart but they can be considered as good spells for beginners. I can't be choosers you know.

Since I have other spells I want to buy, I only decided to buy the three skills above, [Basic Fireball], [Ice Prison], and [Shocking Lightning].

[Basic Fireball]

1st Tier

Cool down: 30 seconds

Mana Cost: 10 MP

Info: Releases a palm size fireball towards an enemy. Can be used in short ranges or long ranges depending on play style.

Note: Very Basic Magic that Magicians needed to learn to light up campfires easily.

[Ice Prison]

1st Tier

Cool down: 30 Seconds

Mana Cost: 20 MP

Info: Releases an Ice Attack to encase enemies. Has a 30% chance to immobilize enemies for 30 seconds.

Note: Basic Magic that Magicians needed to learn to Ice up fishes and juices easily.

[Shocking Lightning]

1st Tier

Cool down: 30 Seconds

Mana Cost: 20 MP

Info: Releases a small arc of lightning that can damage foes. Has 10% chance of inflicting Paralysis to enemies.

Note: Basic Magic that magicians needed to learn to recharge their gadgets and gizmos aplenty.

Uh... these notes makes me want to face palm myself. This skills are pretty awesome but when it comes to notes, it turns out very inferior. Anyways, before I can even move to the next skill tree, Lily once again returned while carrying a plate a mug to me. Just from the smell, I can tell that its the Cheese Fondue that I ordered.

"Here you go boy! Cheese Fondue and Lemon Cola! I will take the payment later, enjoy your meal!"

Although its a game, you can smell in the game and it is much better than those food seen in real life. Not that I am discriminating the real food but the food in the game are just top class. What is more, they can really fill your stomach in real life. The Reality Verse did not divulge how they did it especially through the tattoo version as they said that its some kind of trade secret and can be considered as a black technology added for the convenience. Eating in the game is equivalent to snack time in real world.

Many tried to guess and replicate the food system that the Reality Verse did but no one succeeded until the time I returned back on time, so I can't explain how they did it. Well, I also stopped wondering. It would just make my head ache if I think about it too much. Its not that I care about it anyway.

I look around the tavern of Lily. Unlike her tavern in the Capital, this tavern is truly dilapidated and the ceilings are peeling out. Its not a good looking place at all right now.

"Looks like business is slow," I said to Lily.

"Yeah, its getting slower this past few days and even though you players started appearing, the business is still slow so I am thinking of closing this place down," Lily sighed.

"You are going to move? Where?"I asked.

"In the capital. I am looking for an escort to go with my family to move out into the capital to hire. But unluckily, I still have yet to find one," Lily said.

My eyes lit up. This is a sign.

"Then, since you are looking for an escort, I will volunteer myself to go then," I said to Lily.

"You will go? Well, I can hire you but I want proof that you can really protect us from enemies on the road. Fetch me 10 whole bodies of Gray Wolf then. If you managed to do so and bring it to me around two hours, then that would be settled, the escort role would be yours," Lily said.

[Bladeheart activated the hidden chain Quest Moving Out. Would you like to accept the quest?]