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10 Stats

 [Congratulations! Your Level has risen from 0 to 1!]

-Got 10 AP( Additional 3 AP due to the title's effect)

-Got 10 SP

After killing the third Grass Lizard, I finally managed to hit level 1. The efficiency of my leveling speed makes me a bit not used to it. With my previous class, this slow leveling is just too hard to deal with. However, more benefits comes from the slow, therefore, I need to take it slow, fretting and rushing on it won't do me good.

With the Instant kills being activated, I only need to kill three of them. However, since I have risen a level, I would need to acquire a lot of EXP the higher my level goes.

I checked my stat and decided to spend my newly earned AP. The SP will have to wait once I get into the inn. This time around, I spent 3 AP on STR, and 3 AP on AGI. 2 AP for the DEX and also 5 AP for the INT. I didn't put any on the END though since most equipment raises END stat. I won't be needing any additional health and defense for now. I want to focus on my speed and strength alongside with my magic skills. If possible, I want to be a magician swordsman, a playstyle combination of Magician and Magic Knight. That is why, I want to focus on raising my mana first so that I can sustain my power to keep on using magic skills. I stare into my stat and felt that its still a bit weak at the moment.

Name: Bladeheart

Level 1

EXP: 200/5000

HP: 420/420

MP: 180/180


STR: Very Poor

[ap bar: 22/100]

AGI: Very Poor

[ap bar: 31/100]

DEX: Very Poor

[ap bar: 26/100]

END: Very Poor

[ap bar: 28/100]

INT: Very Poor

[ap bar: 23/100]

AP left to spend: 0

Title: Memento Mori

Skills: None

SP left to spend: 60


Head: Beginner Hood

Upper Body: Beginner Shirt

Lower Body: Beginner Pants

Shoes: Beginner Boots

Gloves: Beginner Gloves

Necklace: None

Left Arm: None

Right Arm: None

Ring: None

Weapon: Versatile Weapon

As expected, Versatile class has a very high exp intake. After getting to level 1, I already need to get 5000 amount of exp just to level to level 2. Its quite a big amount of penalty. In Normal players, once reaching the level 1 threshold, would only need 1000 experience. This penalty is indeed troublesome to my development and grinding would be a troublesome thing. If I want to earn bigger amount of exp, I had to challenge enemies several levels higher than me or else I would be lagging behind. Well I can still keep on killing these Grass Lizard for a while until I reach level 2 in which I need to attack enemies with around level 5 so that I can level up faster.

The players around are getting more and more around here. Looks like they hit level 3 already and are ready to deal with this lizards. I had to quickly kill these guys and level up. Sooner or later, there will be quarrels about players kill-stealing. I don't want to be involve on that.

I spotted three grass lizards in a distance. I didn't just stand in place and quickly darted towards the beasts and directly appeared in front of the monsters. With my high AGI combining with DEX stat and my own ability to dash forward properly, doing that feat is normal. I quickly swing my sword to the three simultaneously.





Oh, a critical! Looks like the DEX stat is already giving a slight chances of triggering criticals. I quickly squinted my eyes and focused my eyesight on the three lizard simultaneously. These monsters are dumb and as long as an attack is issued, they would immediately attack too. They quickly spat out their slimy tongues out which is the signal I am waiting for.

With a light step on the ground, I quickly spun my sword accompanied by spinning my feet on the ground to counter block the incoming tongue. With the force that on my feet, I used it to propel forward to the three grass lizards and slice them in a horizontal sweep. This ability is not a skill, its a swordsmanship stance I used frequently in my past timeline to slice multiple enemies in a single swing.

Slicing their open mouths to their main bodies, the three grass lizards' bodies were each sliced cleanly in half, instant killing them.

-Grass Lizard successfully killed.

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-Got Sticky Tongue

-Got Green Armor

-Got 3 copper (Additional 3 copper for performing Instant Kill)

-Got 100 EXP (Additional 100 EXP for performing Instant Kill)(Title effects activated, 200 Bonus EXP earned)

-Got 5 Swordsman Class SP(Title Effects activated, 5 Bonus Swordsman Class SP earned)

-Grass Lizard successfully killed.

-Got Sticky Tongue

-Got 3 copper (Additional 3 copper for performing Instant Kill)

-Got 100 EXP (Additional 100 EXP for performing Instant Kill)(Title effects activated, 200 Bonus EXP earned)

-Got 5 Swordsman Class SP(Title Effects activated, 5 Bonus Swordsman Class SP earned)

- Got...


Messages appeared one by one and my exp bar quickly rose to 1400 fast enough which made me happy. Still, I need to find a few enemies and I can't just show off my abilities to slice enemies like that. If other players find me odd, I might get targeted by strong players and I can't fight them off yet with my level this small. I had to look for a single Grass Lizard to kill rather than a cluster of them. This would be troublesome.

I was surprised when I check the log that I managed to obtain an armor. I checked it immediately if this is useful.

[Green Armor]

Type: Armor Equipment

Rarity: Normal Tier

Equippable at level 2

Equippable by: All Classes


END: 7

AGI: 2

Note: Used by adventurers who preferred crawling in the grass to catch monsters off guard.

Well, it has a good


Around thirty minutes of hunting the Grass Lizards, I managed to reach level 2 at long last. I didn't spend the AP for now and decided to just go to another place to level up. However, my character is quite tired already. I always disregard this problem in the past since I have a higher level but since I was still level 2, disregarding this feeling is just too painful.

My avatar is hungry!

To make the game a bit more realistic, players had to look for the bar of the hunger and thirst. Disregarding it would lead to [Weakened] state in your character and your damages inflicted to enemies are going to end up halve. Well, this system is usually being ignored if you have high levels anyway. Eating a few food can alleviate hunger and thirst already, but if you are still this low leveled, you will need to go to the inn to eat.

Looking at the amount of copper coins at the moment, I guess I really have too or I would be having a hard time. I would also like to waste my SP and learn a few skills. The next monsters I had to kill are no longer easy to kill like the Grass Lizards anymore.

Of course, I had a trusty inn to get along with, and this inn has been my very own companion for many years especially during the many downfall in my life that I have experienced and even though they are just an NPC, they have been a very good friend to me like a real person.

This NPC I am talking about is not an ordinary NPC. The existence of this NPC is also connected to a quest that involves early access to the capital. If that is the case, I will be triggering it since it will be the very first hidden quest in the game. And I want to be the first person to trigger that.