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9 Hunting

 Well, what do you know, all of my stats jumped up to two digits. These kind of stats only appears around level 5 above players. Who would have thought that a level 0 player like me can get a lot of boost?

However, I knew that its temporary stats. If I unequip most of my equipment, I am still a weak guy. If I want to change the future, I had to level up to level 5 at the end of the day.

But first, I had to try out another function of the Versatile Weapon. That is the Change

Form. I am really curious on the function and I want to see it for myself how it works.

I made sure that no one is around. I even tried sensing anyone and after learning that no one is around, I decided to try it out.

"Change Form!"

[Player cannot access the skill because you shouted the skill. Please use it via mental command]

Wow, that was strange. Most skills needs to be shouted to use. Only a few skills are good to be used via mental command and most of them are higher tiered skills. So this skill is one of the higher tiered magic huh?

I mentally conjured the skill and all of a sudden, my surroundings seems to be in slow mode, however, even me is in slow mode. Also, a slide show panel appeared on my eyes. There was a statement above it that these panels are not visible to other players and only I can see it whenever I access the skill. Well, that is good to know.

The panels are all containing a weapon form. My mind noticed the Magic Sword and before I can change my mind, everything returned to normal speed and my weapon formed into the blink of an eye. The normal sword turned into a magic sword!

Normal Swords and Magic Swords has a different look and players can immediately notice it. Magic Swords has a big green orb embedded on the blade near the point of the sword while swords that Swordsmen classes don't have them. Therefore, anyone can notice the very differences in one look.

The Versatile Weapon's look changed. It turned into a Magic Sword. Just like the usual, it looks like the beginner magic sword. I check my mana if there is a loss on mana and sighed in relief after seeing none was consumed. This skill is not mana consumer skill. I also noticed that it has no cool down. This is a good thing!

I tried to check the other weapons and this time, I tried thinking of Guns. The panel quickly flipped to the twin guns and before I knew it, the weapon changed too. I never expected to see that the weapon is divided into two. I thought I would only get one gun. I tried checking out the other weapons and they also turned out great. I trained on them and found out that they are easy to use. Only the bow is a bit hard to use. I am nor too accurate in it.

There are a few panels that the weapon has with but they are marked with question marks. I don't know how many question marks are there because I can't access the remaining panels after trying to bypass the first question marked panel. From my guess, this marks were only going to appear once a new class appear which would be happening in the future. Looks like Versatile Weapon will be really handy in the future.

I looked into my level and nodded. I have been staying in level 0 for too long, I need to start doing the job of leveling.

First I have to go to the clearing. While on the way, the rain started pouring down. Weather systems are random in this place but it really affects the behaviors of various NPCs. For example, there are less NPCs outside the town once a rain started pouring down. Even the time is also different. Morning, Afternoon and Evening are all different times and they also affect NPC behavior. There are some secret NPCs that only appear on various time of the day.

I remembered most of them and in fact, I have met most of them, however, most secret NPCs in Mining Town are just for the sake of the players getting stronger for the crossing. Before players can access the main gate, they had to become level 10 players and gain the token to allow access to the gate where it leads to the Resurgia Capital, where the adventure truly begins.

There is no rush leveling up, I am not vying for the top spot. What I want is to get stronger. Take quests that offers SP or AP would do good. Also obtain different amount of armors and weapons for my weapon to eat. If I want to get stronger, I would have to rely on this weapon. Looks like I won't be selling my armor once I get a better one.

I did not go to level 1 monsters. Although they are weak, they yield to little Exp and I needed lots of it. Besides, those monsters are being killed left and right for beginner quests. Its a waste of time to take them since most of the quests in Mining Town only revolves in newbies explaining things and stuff therefore I don't need to take them.

I headed into the farther clearing. There are a few players challenging the area and most of them are solo players so I decided to look for monsters. The monsters here are level 3. Although the players of level 0 will surely hoe trouble killing one monster here, with my stats that are equal to level 5 players, I don't need to get nervous.

I pulled out my sword and ready myself. My plan for today is to kill a few monsters. Once they drop a few equipment, I will immediately have the chance to equip weapons without letting other players suspect that I have a weird weapon.

I stayed in Swordsman sword. At least, I will have to get the SP grow for the swordsman class. I am vying for a passive and a single active skill but its not worth to use the Free SP so I want to earn a few. And by killing the monsters, I will also gain exp. Killing two birds with one stone.

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Since there are only a few players in this area, the monsters here are a bit numerous. I saw a Lizard with long tongue aiming to attack me so I didn't waste my time and check it out.

[Grass Lizard]

Level 3

HP: 140/140

Attributes: Beast


I slashed the sword into the Grass Lizard.


Well, it was indeed big damage for a player around level 0. Players who are level zero usually have attack values around 5-7 damage depending on the stat they have. Of course if the stat of their STR almost reached the star similar to mine, this value is nothing, however, focusing on one stat is not good. A goof balance stat would help.

Before the Grass Lizard can react, I slashed another one to the Green Lizard.


Two strikes and I chipped off 41 HP on this monster. Killing it is just a few matter of time. The Grass Lizard snarled and attack. Of course I did not stayed on my ground and dogged. Unlike the old MMORPG in computers, you have the control in your body. Your body's agility is in fact useful here. The DEX stat help a lot on getting a fast movement in your footwork, allowing you to dodge efficiently without falling down. It also raised the small percentage of inflicting critical hits so the higher the stat, the higher the chance of escape maneuver and the higher chance to inflict criticals. Of course, to fully use the potential of the DEX stat, one has to expend on the AGI stat that would help a lot on your swift movements and swift attacks too. Swift attacks with high chances of dealing Critical, isn't that scary? That is why, Ninjas and Assassins has a high DEX and AGI stats.

But, in the end, this is not really has the same principles. I squinted my eyes when the Green Lizard opens its mouth and throws out its long, sticky tongue out. I quickly dodged it on the side but I did not really go to far from the tongue. As soon as the tongue landed into the ground where I stood earlier, I quickly moved my sword to the tongue and give a hard slice. It all happened in just a few seconds and before the green Lizard can close its stinky mouth, I managed to get close and lunge my sword into the mouth of the lizard.


Blood spluttered out of the Green Lizard as the sword pierced through its body. I twisted the sword and pulled it out, putting the lizard down, lifeless. After that attack, the red numbers appeared above the dead body of the lizard.


-Grass Lizard was killed successfully.

-Got Sticky Tongue

-Got 3 copper(Additional 3 copper for performing Instant Kill)

-Got 100 EXP(Additional +100 EXP for performing Instant Kill)(Title Effects activated, 200 Bonus EXP earned)

-Got 5 Swordsman Class SP(Title Effects activated, 5 Bonus Swordsman Class SP earned)

Instant Kill is a unique thing in the game. Monsters here in the game has a certain realism and that is the certain weak spots. Monsters here have weak spots and if exposed and attacked properly and brutally, Instant Kills are invoked. Grass Lizards are not weak, but it requires a lot of time to properly grasp the thing I have done. Even if someone tried it, they might fail to do it properly like I did. They can't blame me, I was stuck in level 10 back to level 0 for a year. Of course, this monsters would my only prey to kill. For killing those monsters everyday, I get a lot of tricks to level up faster. Instant kills reward players extra experience if performed. Although it is pretty hard to do so, performing Instant Kills on Grass Lizards would easily make me level up to 2.

As usual, the effects of Memento Mori kicked in. Since I got a total of 200 EXP, I also got an additional 200 EXP which is what the title do. Doubles the EXP earned. If I got 200, it will become 400 instead. Making me 600 EXP more to rise up to level 1.

Since that is the case, I will be performing instant Kills. Leveling would be easier like that then.