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 I do not know how long have I been reviving and dying again and again without halting at all. If I have a very weak mind foundation, I would surely be crazy about this insane thing I am doing. Dying a hundred times is too taxing in the mind. It was like your head is being pounded by thousands of hammers and pricked with thousands of needles. It was a very unpleasant and horrible experience. This thing that I am doing is much more horrible than in the past. I am destined to get PKed every 3 days while I have done so many deaths in just a day.

I can feel my soul separating from my avatar as the pain continues to linger. My death stockpiled and it's not like I was proud of my death counter. It's one of the most horrible deaths...

When I was almost on the verge of snapping out, a system announcement rang in my head.

[Requirements for the Title: Death's Favorite has been achieved. Awarding the Title to Player: Bladeheart]

My senses once again returned. This title is the very first title I received after continuously dying. The respawn time once again moves while I checked the title.

[Death's Favorite]

Type: Unique Title

How to achieve: Die 500 times

Info: Doubles the SP gained. Every level up, the owner of the title will have an additional 3 AP. In battle, it has a 0.01% chance of inflicting instant death to the enemy engaging in a fight. Effect continues even if not equipped.

Note: Death is not someone that you can easily meet. Although she is a beauty, she is also akin to disaster. After your "fantastic" achievement, Death herself has taken a liking to you... Are you sure that you want to court death? Or are you just enjoying the feeling of dying?

The note makes me want to puke blood. Are you serious? I am not courting death! I am here for the benefits! Not for a woman! Seriously guys, don't be a horny bunch of bastards! Just because I returned in time I can get any girl I want? There is no forever! Also, I am not a pervert masochistic person! I don't enjoy this one bit!

I decided to calm down. I never expected that I have achieved that many deaths without realizing it. When my timer once again finished ticking, before my body can move, I was killed once again. I groaned after another wave of pain and suffering engulfs my own body. I swear that I am not doing this again. Only one last title and I am done with this sh*t...

I focused myself a lot so that the pain in my body won't last that long but in the end... it's still f*cking painful!

I don't like the feeling of dying again and again. It was like I was being tormented without end. How come I don't remember having this kind of experience... I think dying and dying without rest will kill me this time.

A few more hours slowly passed and I slowly get to feel bad as time passes by. I feel sh*t... Ooooh please... let it end... I have regeretted everything... I will never want to experience it again...

Just like when I was about to give up hope, another system announcement rang in my ears and a panel of notification appeared.

[Requirements for the Title: Memento Mori has been achieved. Awarding the title to player: Bladeheart]

All of the energy that escaped earlier from my body from the relentless death returned like a drain sucking in all of the power in the air that escaped.

Memento Mori!

As soon as I recovered, the countdown of my respawn timer hits zero and the Red Wolves nearby quickly gave an attack to me. Earlier, I was just letting them kill me. Now, I need to escape!


I quickly made a quick backflip and made a run for it. Although Red Wolves are fast, they don't chase too much and they will stop chasing once the enemy is 10 meters away from their area.

And as usual, the wolves didn't bother with me after crossing the 10-meter boundary. It was weird behavior for a wolf but maybe it was designed to be like that, I guess.

I didn't bother wasting my time in the Silent Forest and sprinted away, tracing back the area where I passed by earlier.


After reaching the entrance of the forest, I checked the newly acquired title.

[Memento Mori]

Type: Unique Title

Method to Achieve: Die 1000 times without anyone casting revive

Info: Doubles the Experience you received. Includes Exp rewards and monster kills. Also doubles the exp the user gained every time an ex job managed to gain exp. It can be used and stacked with other effects even if not equipped.

Note: "Remember that we are mortal and we must accept death since it's our inevitable destination. You died again and again without being revived by magic but revived by your own.

I rubbed my eyes a bit. Did I got crossed-eyed earlier? But I think it's very different from what I remember in my past timeline. When I checked again, it was indeed not the same info in my past timeline.

Although the effect did not decrease or increase in this version, something else is added. In my past timeline, when I gained this title, I can get double exp gain by killing monsters only, but in this timeline, there is an additional method and that is trough requests too.

For example, you completed a quest which rewards you with 5,000 exp upon completion, with the effect of Memento Mori title, it will turn 10,000 exp. If that is the case, it was like gaining a double exp cheat in every event. What is more, ex jobs also level faster too once you have the Memento Mori skill.

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I still can't see the connection to how it changed. This is not my doing. There might be a problem with how I obtained the titles so it was so different than I remembered.

I nodded and sighed, there are just a few changes in the system. It is not following the normal script. anymore...