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6 Death

 I squinted my eyes on the weapon and indeed it was a God Tier weapon. However, unlike other people, I did not jump for joy or get excited like crazy. I just remained calm. Just by looking at the stats, they are just plain. But it was a rare thing to see a weapon with stats that can enhance the stats of the user too in all attributes and not focused on one.

I pondered a bit and remembered all the rank of the items like weapons, armors, and accessories. From what I can remember, they are ranked from Scrap, Normal, Rare, Very Rare, Unique, Legendary, Heroic and God Tier. Most of the common are Normal and Rare weapons. Very Rare and Unique are normally dropped by bosses while Legendary are dropped only whenever certain quests are completed which only occurs once. Heroic weapons are known for the heritage and they can only be obtained if someone managed to pass their trials. God tier is said to be dropped by god level NPCs but those are just rumors. In reality, God Tier weapons are not that kind of easy to get weapon. In my past timeline, only one weapon in God Tier rank appeared and it was forged by the legendary Blacksmith that time following the event of the demon invasion and it was used to ward off the demons.

In my eyes, this weapon might be a God Tier one, it is still a weapon. And from the looks of it, the reason it was considered god tier is due to its two skills.

[Devour] allows the weapon itself to "eat" and make the weapon itself as its own. It was similar to amalgamation but without the risk of failure. Furthermore, this weapon can gain more skills if it devours lots of weapons and artifacts.

The other one is something I have not seen before. I have read one in the novel, The Kings Avatar that the MC's weapon can change form, however, I have not seen any weapon that can change form and is very specific for Versatiles.

Versatiles are known as copycats, in short, they can mimic any battle styles of other classes and they also don't have any weapon restriction. Players who choose Versatile will start with a sword and it is up to the player in which style he will use for the battle after obtaining different weapons. However, it was so troublesome since Versatile Players can't switch out weapons immediately. They had to manually unequip a weapon and equip another. This weapon is exactly the solution for that, however, why did I only see it today? Is it because Tojiro specifically made it? Now that I think about it, Tojiro said that I need to become a Versatile to fully enjoy his gift, its because it's meant for a Versatile class.

This weapon is also bound to me, I can't drop, trade or sell this weapon. But it doesn't matter much.

I closed the stats first and I did not bother to learn any skills or equip any weapon. I plan to do something first and make use of a bug first.

For 5 years, I suffered and were stuck on level 10 for that long in the game. Because before I can even reach the threshold of level 11, I am killed again and again for many times, causing me to return to level 0. Of course, it was not a technique to earn more AP. Once you level up again on a level you dropped after dying, you would not gain AP at all so it is a useless tactic. However, players always resorted to "PKing" or Player Killing here. It was because the player who killed another player will gain the experience lost by the player. It was like easy exp farming without going personally to the hostile areas.

Some players keep on dying due to this and they were called "Fodders". I was one of those "fodders" and I was oppressed a lot. This is the so-called "payment" in exchange for the cost of buying Reality Verse and for playing Alternate World.

Death is painful in the game. It was like you are killed again and again in real life. Sometimes, they will inflict trauma on your body in real life. Many of my old comrades that time became crazy after becoming "Fodders". Of course, I almost went crazy like them but I have a higher mental fortitude than them. Although I experienced death several times in the game, I grew accustomed to it in the end, unlike my other comrades who eventually quit playing the game for good after dying 100 times or less than that.

I survived and managed to discover a secret on death. And it was a very hidden title that no one has earned yet and cannot be earned by the others anymore, making me the official one obtaining it. This very secret is the main thing I want to get it this time around. These things would be really handy to me.

I left Mining Town and quickly made my way to the clearing where the monsters around level 1 are spawning. There are already lots of players killing monsters here and there, they are even fighting for one if they saw one. All of them are wearing the shabby armor and wielding a shabby weapon based on their class. Well, my outfit is much shabbier than theirs. I didn't equip the armor and weapon yet, so you can say I am weaponless right now.

The clearing is not my destination and besides, the monsters here are weak and even if you beat them up barehanded, you can still kill a few amounts of them. Dying here is pretty much rare. Only those who are very reckless or airhead people die in that beginner area.

My destination is the Silent Forest. And I am planning to repeatedly get killed here. In Alternate World, once a player dies, they are immediately sent to the Cathedral where players respawn. The last town or city you are in before you die would be your checkpoint and of course, your armor and weapons' durability plummet, level and exp decreases and money also drop. That is the basic death in this game and if you are overkilled, you might have a chance to drop the items in your inventory.

However, there is one bug that the player killers who killed me several times discovered. Its a place where the body of the player does not disappear and sent to the cathedral. In those circumstances, it only occurs if the dead players died in a dungeon with a party, but it is not possible in a neutral area like this. That is why this one is considered as a bug. No one reported it though. Not so many players stayed in this place after all and only beginners are usually around so it was not looked upon.

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[Player discovered Silent Forest]

After the system announcement, I carefully tread my path. Most monsters here are level 5 and the highest leveled player this time around is still level 2. It is pure suicide for players to head here. And for me, I am doing it on purpose.

The Silent Forest has an area where monsters do not dwell too much, so I used that path. It's easy to track if you have memorized this place. I have been wandering here in the past timeline for 1 year. This place is something I was so familiar that even if I close my eyes, I can still see where I am going.

It didn't take me long before I arrived at the accursed bugged area. I prepared myself and look around. Just my presence caused the appearance of monsters. I counted six of them.

Red Wolf

Level 5

HP: 1000/1000

Attribute: Beast

The Red Wolf attacked and raised its paw, slamming it to my body.


Red digits appeared and one thing registered in my mind.


If this is real life, I would be puking lots of blood but since this is just a game, I did not puke out blood but my vision quickly turned colorless and the Log quickly updated my status.

[You died! Respawning 10 seconds]

Respawn time only appear once your body is transported to the cathedral. However, my body did not disappear like how it does. My body remained and big digits counting down above my dead body.




Just as the cooldown disappeared, another three digits appeared above my head.

-600 critical!

Before I knew it, I fell once again and the respawn time appeared again.