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5 Arrival

 I run around the square for testing. And after getting familiarized with the body, I looked around the place. It is the same place in the past. The starting point, Mining Town. There are already thousands of players around the town which is quite normal. Today is the beginning of the game-opening anyway so this amount is still small. I think they are stuck in Sooner or later, it will get crowded immediately. Before I get stuck from the crowd, I decided to keep away and go to the entrance of the town first, in case that the volume of people gets too harsh.

I wanted to record the spectacle of the guys protesting for gender equality later but first, I need to gather the necessary items. I opened my stats and look at my stats panel.

Name: Bladeheart

Level 0

EXP: 0/1000

HP: 200/200

MP: 100/100


STR: Very Poor

AGI: Very Poor

DEX: Very Poor

END: Very Poor

INT: Very Poor

AP left to spend: 10

Title: None

Skills: None

SP left to spend: 50


Head: None

Upper Body: Normal Shirt

Lower Body: Normal Pants

Shoes: Normal Boots

Gloves: None

Necklace: None

Left Arm: None

Right Arm: None

Ring: None

Weapon: None

As expected, I need 1000 experience to raise my level to level 1. Normal players will only need 500 exp to level up, while mine needed a double amount. I sighed and decided to look at my attributes.

My attributes are all labeled as very poor. To raise all of my stats, I need to use Ability Points or AP to level up every attribute. Very Poor attribute has an AP bar that needs to be filled with AP. There are 9 levels of attributes.

1.Very Poor

2. Poor

3. Fair

4. Good

5. Very Good

6. Excellent

7. Expert

8. Master

9. Perfect Mastery

In this case, to level up Very Poor Stat to Poor, you need to spend 100 AP to it to raise it to Poor stat. It might be a bit bad looking but its normal for all. I checked every stats, AP bar and I have seen that all of them have 5 AP expended to them, making me good to go with 95 AP to spend.

You can earn 10 AP every level up which is pretty small. There is a level 1000 level cap from what I can remember in this game so the stats can be raised easily to Good around to Very Good in level 200 or more.

It's already a very strong start if you managed to have a single stat in Very Good. However, if you want to raise it to Perfect Mastery, then you need to work hard, find quests that reward AP and spend it. Anyway, as stats raised from one level to another, the AP bar limit will also increase.

These attributes are just an additional thing. Once you level up, your attack power will raise depending on your weapon. Same with the armor. Add the amount of stats in your weapon and armor in your stat and you will end up getting strong, of course, those stats will revert to normal once you remove those equipments. That is why players prefer to gain weapons and armor than to farm for AP. It is much more practical to be overgeared, but for real experts, gaining AP is much better. Even if you don't have any weapon as long as your stats are high, you can beat up enemies barehanded.

I also checked my skills. This time, the skill trees from different classes are divided. I am aware of how to raise your skills. Players have a Skill Point or SP. Gaining them are rather easy, just keep on using skills again and again on that class to gain SP. Of course, the amount of SP gained is random that is why players tend to keep on using skills or attack monsters to gain SP. Furthermore, players can earn 10 free sp to use every level up.

In my case, every class SP is divided into their respective skill trees and can only be spent in that specific skill tree. Only the Free SP gained from level up can be freely spent on every class.

I nodded and checked my inventory. Inventory is divided into pockets. Equipment pocket, scrolls pocket, consumable pocket, miscellaneous pocket, and key items pocket. Every pocket has 300 slots. Equipment pockets houses the weapons and armor, scrolls pocket houses scrolls and contracts. It also stores blank paper and map fragments. Consumable Pocket is housing the potions, food, magic items and any kind of consumable items. Miscellaneous pocket houses the ingredients, monster parts and any kind of items that are neither consumable or can be equipped. The last is the Key Items pocket. This is the place where important items are stored and cannot be dropped whatever you do, except if there is a statement that it will drop in death.

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300 slots are not enough. Most players tend to say that 300 slots are so many, but in later parts of the game, 300 slots are very small. Of course, you can expand your inventory with special items. I checked my Equipment pockets. There, I saw all of the default armor and default weapons. They all have weak attributes so I disregarded them for now. The scroll pocket is empty, while the consumable pocket has two items. 9 small Hp potions and also 9 small MP potions.

[Small Hp potion]

Duration: Instant

Type: Consumable

Effect: Heals 100 amount of HP upon consumption.

Note: This potion tastes sweet but it's just a small amount.

[Small MP potion]

Duration: Instant

Type: Consumable

Effect: Heals 50 amount of MP upon consumption.

Note: This potion tasted like sh*t, but what can you do, you needed it.

I shrugged on these items, they are the same potions, nothing changed. I checked the others but they are all empty, except the key items pocket. I saw a chest on the slot. I was curious about it so I checked it out.

[Tojiro's Last Will]

Type: Treasure Chest

Note: Contain's Tojiro Akisame's last item.

It was so vague so I decided to open the chest up.


"You obtained a God Tier weapon, Versatile Weapon!"

Huh? Did I just obtained something interesting? I quickly moved to the Equipment Pocket and checked what weapon it was. There is a slot in with a question mark image on it. Is this a versatile weapon? I clicked the weapon to check its stats.

"Versatile Weapon"

Weapon Level: 0

Type: Weapon Equipment

Rarity: God Tier

Equippable at Level 0

Equippable by: Versatile

STR: +10

AGI: +10

DEX: +10

END: +10

INT: +10

Special skills

1. Devour - can devour weapons and armor to level up the weapon. It can change its appearance depending on what weapon is previously devoured. Some items and soul artifacts can be also devoured. Devouring the weapon counts as Amalgamating.

2. Change Form - can change to different forms of weapons currently available.

[Further special skills are not yet discovered, please let the weapon devour a few weapons with abilities]

Note: A weapon forged by an unknown material from an unknown civilization. Can devour and change form depending on the wielder's will. Said to be a weapon made for the gods that hold tremendous power but it ends up in the hands of the mortal.

Restriction: Cannot be dropped, cannot be sold, cannot be traded. Bound to the Owner

Bound: Bladeheart

Durability: None