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 I consider myself lucky since I got the Nexus version of Reality Verse. In reality, to use this, you need to pay 3 million yen. Although for rich people its a small amount, poor people like me are not that rich to be able to fork out that money.

If I indeed have money, I might have gotten the capsule cabin version instead of the Nexus version. The tattoo in my wrist is ready to use. We are instructed how to use this black technology but I who have returned 25 years in the future are already quite aware of this item itself.

I lay down into the bed and closed my eyes before I focused myself to enter the Alternate World. A mechanized voice rang in my mind after I successfully entered the game.

"Initializing Data..."

Initializing Complete.

Scanning the body...

Scanning Complete.

Extracting the Package...

Extracting complete. The package will be available to the user once he enters the game.

The host will be sent to the avatar creation room in three seconds. Please stand by..."

A package? I was bewildered at first but I decided to disregard it for now. I still can't look at what it was since I still need to create my avatar.




I opened my eyes and I was transported to the avatar creation room. I am facing the familiar throne room. Its been a while since I have returned here. It was a very long time indeed.

Before me is a woman with a goddess-like face. Her golden locks of hair is waving as the wind blows. Her ears are pointed and she is wearing a green gown that is seen as the usual dress for royalties. What is more, are the majestic wings she had that looks like they are emitting rainbow colors once radiated with sunlight.

Queen Titania

The queen of fairies and the wife of Oberon, the king of fairies and pixies. As usual, she is responsible for handing out the info to create your character. However, you can still see her in the game in the latter parts. She is a level 500 NPC that resides in the legendary land of fairies. If you want to meet her again, you just need to become a level, 500 players.

"Welcome brave warrior, welcome to the world of Alternate world. Please state your name," Titania said and a panel appeared in front of me in the qwerty keyboard.

I quickly typed "Bladeheart" in the name. In the past timeline, I chose Relinquished Knight but I felt its not a good name for me so I decided to change it. It's not a good name anyway.

"Bladeheart, is that correct?"


"Your gender is male. You can't change it unless you want to be a woman," Titania glared at me.

"Don't glare at me, I am a straight guy, I don't have a habit of crossdressing," I quickly said.

In Alternate World, you can't freely choose your gender. If you answered in that earlier sentence that "I want to be a girl", Titania will cast a magic skill that you are still a guy and can only wear girl's equipment. In short, you are stuck in a crossdressing look. The women are a bit fine and they looked good instead if they choose to wear guy clothes. The men demanded gender equality but Titania emerged and give them a middle finger. I think she will appear again later to scold those guys.

"Good. Then please select the race you want to use. Remember that once you choose your race, you can't reset your race again until you get the chance of a free reset coupon. If you want to choose another race, you need to start from scratch and pay 100 thousand yen. Your bank account is already connected so it will be automatically deducted once you choose to do so," Titania explained.

The policy did not change I see. This policy is meant to restrict players from keeping on making and resetting the characters they are playing.

I scanned the race and found out that you only have two choices. Human and Elf. From what I can remember, the other races will be unlocked once the expansion is underway which will be a month later. The races only affect your appearance, not the stats, so even if you choose the elf race, you can't hope to have your HP become so big.

I quickly choose Human and my body quickly got enveloped in white light.

"Human Race, is that correct?"


"Please select the class you want to use. Just like the race, you can't choose again once you confirmed the class you selected. The same rules applied and the only way to reset your class is to reset your entire progress. Please choose carefully," Titania said.

I scanned the classes available this time around and look at them one by one.

Swordsman - uses brute strength to fight against enemies. It can be considered as the easiest class in the game.

Weapon: Shortswords and Long Swords

Samurai - similar to swordsman but has a more lethal arsenal and players who prefer agility-strength class, this class is for you.

Weapon: Katana

Alchemist: A class that specializes in making potions and can control matter in their own will. Known for support and can change from support-offensive depending on the playstyle.

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Weapon: Hook Chain

Ninja - specializes in agility and ambush. They are master in blending in the night. It has a high critical hit but low in strength, however, the agility is top notch and has an arsenal of different skills to escape or kill.

Weapon: Kunai

Assassin - unlike Ninjas, they prefer to stealth and attack in frontal. Their strikes are decisive and they can deal with high damages.

Weapon: Dagger

Hunter - The archers in the game. They have high agility and can blend into nature if they will.

Weapon: Bow/Crossbow

Cleric - the priests in the game. They are purely Support types and they have weak attack power. Women players usually use this class but men are also free to choose. Their primary use is to heal and give buffs to the whole party.

Weapon: Ceremonial Staff

Paladin - the main tanker in the game. Players who love to deal with attacks and facing head-on or just mere masochists, this class is for you. Class will have to use both hands and mastery will need to be very high as the party's safety hangs in this class. They can self-buff.

Weapon: Spear and Shield

Holy Knight - a class similar to Cleric. They can heal but they are not so great like how a cleric does. Draws the combat power of the holy light and vanquishes evil forces using the sword.

Weapon: Greatswords

Magic Knight - a class that can control magic and blends the magic attacks on their sword strikes. Balanced in terms of attacks and intelligence.

Weapon: Magic Sword

Magician - the magic users of the game. They had low health but is compensated with their high magic attacks and multiple magic. Excels in long-range combat.

Weapon: Staff

Fighter - the class that specializes in martial arts. They use their fists and legs to attack enemies. They follow the rules of nature and temper their bodies by striking their enemies with their bare hands.

Weapon: Knuckles

Gunslinger - gun users in the game. They are not a good sniper like the Hunters but they excel in fighting semi range and close range. They have high agility and high critical hits but they somehow had a downfall in strength.

Weapon: Gun

Druid - commands the animals to do their bidding. Has a high affinity of taming monsters easily. It can transform from human form to animal form whenever necessary.

Weapon: Bo staffs

Berserkers - the strongest warriors in the game. They purely rely on brute force and brute force only. They have high attacks and sometimes sacrifices their defenses to raise their attacks. They are slow but they have high health and almost rivals the paladin, but they have pretty low defense.

Weapon: Ax or Hammer

Versatile: the jack of all trades, master of none. A class that specialized in all classes mentioned above and can learn their skills. They can equip any items that only the other classes can equip. Their stats are balanced and they don't excel in anything. Players who claim as master of all the classes are welcome to try this class out. The only downside to this class is that it consumes twice the amount of experience that other players gained, making them the slowest players to gain a level. Players who hated grinding are meant to avoid this class.

Weapon: All weapons

I scratched my head. I am an expert in all classes but I am a master in Magic Knight class. However, Tojiro clearly stated that I need to play the game in a Versatile class to fully use my potential. I am not afraid of the exp penalty that the versatile faces because I have my means to cover up with it. But I am afraid of the future that holds. If I choose this class, the future will be changed entirely and I might have a new viewpoint due to this choice.

After hesitating a bit, I decided to choose the Versatile Class. I choose to believe what Tojiro said to me.

"Versatile, are you certain?"


"Do you want to keep your face similar to the face in the real world?"

I hesitated a bit but then I decided that there is no point on slight alteration.

"Keep it!"

"Thank you for all your response," Titania raises her hands and I was enveloped in a white light once again, but this time, I was covered wholly in white light.

"Your body will be automatically generated in the starting town. Please enjoy your stay in the Alternate World."

And with that, my vision is engulfed in white and I can't see anything. In the past timeline, I still remembered that I panicked when that happened that is why I was so embarrassed at that time because Titania laughed at me due to that. I did not panic this time and let things go.

After a few seconds, my body materialized and my vision slowly gets adjusted until it stabilized. I raised my hands and clenched my fist. Indeed, I returned to the Alternate World. The beginning of my journey once again.