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1 Beginning

 After deciphering an ancient manuscript that leads to the development of a Black Technology that was currently hidden in the past, the scientists and the governments of the whole world joint forces to remake the technology. All experts are all involved in its development which leads to opening up a world that only exists mostly in games, movies, and novels.

Virtual Reality

The technology that many people thought to be an inaccessible thing, became a real deal. Many people were reluctant to try it first so before the usage of Virtual Reality is fully tested to be implemented, it was first used as a trial run in the form of an online game.

Alternate World

The game is first introduced to be played by people. However, to play it, people had to pay lots of money that is why it's only exclusive to people who has the money to burn at first. You can say that it was a beta test. But it was not exactly a beta test either since the release attracted millions of players already making it as official launch of the game. After a month, the tests were produced and the Alternate World is technically safe to play it was even known as beneficial to the human body, that is why it became a wide topic.

The game in the trial run is first to run in a capsule cabin called Reality Verse by the scientists and those people who have no money can't use them. However, after a month, the Reality Verse is upgraded and became a tattoo that can be marked in your left wrist, making it so that you can access the game conveniently everywhere you are. After this event, the game became the top game played by the people. Furthermore, people can exchange the money you earned in the game in real money and vice versa causing the whole world to enter the game in hopes to earn money.

What the government liked is the fact that magic is now accessible just by playing the game. It can build up your body like you just used the gym. It's a very good game that is also considered as a place for people to use. Wars are also done in the game, causing the world to be much more peaceful. Crime plummeted to 3% due to this. Disputes between countries are resolved in battles in the game, which made the real wars disappear in the face of the world, instead, replaced by Virtual Wars. After 15 years almost every people in the world has access to the game.

After 25 years, the game continued to expand that almost all people consider living in that world than in this real world, however, due to the limited access of the game with only a month-long of access without logging out as the limit. Therefore, it was still not possible, however, it made the world benefit a lot. Instead of people holding properties in the real world, they prefer to use it in the game instead.

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The people who first played the game are one of the luckiest to become the pillars of the game. Of course, I am one of them. Although I am not an expert, I was considered as one of the top players. However, to become one, I have to endure years of humiliation that I made to temper myself to create my future.

I am already 42 years old this year. My name is Manato Tsukasa. Although I am old at that age, due to me. being one of the players, I am younger in my body than when you look at my age. People mistaken me as a 20-year-old guy, well, most people are. They say that old age is already achievable like how people in wuxia novels did. I heard that a 90-year-old guy looks like a 24 years old guy. There was even a rumor that one of the beautiful actresses is already age 80 this year but they looked like the same as they did in their prime.

Anyway, back to me. Today is the last day of my single life. Tomorrow, I will say goodbye to my single status and will become officially married. I was so happy that I hoped to celebrate it with my parents but they died early due to depression. I was all alone in my life, not a single friend after they all died for complicated reasons. I experienced every single hardship in my life.

When I was in the real world, I was bullied and humiliated. But I did not back down. In the game, I was killed and killed relentlessly, but I made it as my motivation and I raise from the ashes and start a new life. I regarded real humans as nothing while I regarded NPCs as my family. Indeed, the NPCs are much more human to me.

I lived a solitary life, all alone, only the NPCs accompanying me. But due to this, I managed to make myself rich without wasting any money on others. I don't need anybody else and thought that I will continue becoming one but I was mistaken

Last year, I met my fiancee, Akari Takazuchi. Also known as Scarlet Snow in the game, a level 219 and an Elementalist with a leveled up class named Pyromancer, a class that focused on Flame skills and weakens the other elements. Our fate intertwined when she became one of my teammates in an Insane Level Boss Raid. I was a level 500 at that time and a Magic Knight with a leveled up class Elemental Master. After that, we became friends and party with each other wherever we go until the day that I asked her to become my girlfriend. When she accepts, I was the happiest guy at that time. After 10 months of relationship, I finally proposed to her in the game in which she also accepted becoming my fiancee.

It took several months to prepare my marriage with her because I wanted to make it the grandest marriage that will happen. And tomorrow will be the day of our marriage. I can't wait for the day of my marriage to arrive.

I logged out of the game and opened my eyes. I am inside my room in the mansion I designed myself. This mansion will become my love nest with Akari after our marriage.

I took out my tuxedo and checked it for any inconsistencies. I am much excited than usual. Just as I was going to return my tuxedo to my cabinet, sounds suddenly clanged outside. I quickly became cautious. I revolved my power and reinforced my hands. In case of trouble, I can quickly apprehend this person.

I checked the front door and noticed that it was forced open. I am sure of it since every single detail is already burned in my mind. I have an eidetic memory and that would be impossible for me to get mistaken. Someone has indeed sneaked in, but I am sure that it's not theft.

I was ready to strike out anytime for any person but I did not anticipate it.


I coughed out blood. I regulated my mana and I quickly noticed that I was paralyzed and poisoned. I quickly fell into the floor. Struggled to more. I made all of my effort to turn around and block the incoming dagger.


The dagger pierced my hand. However, I did not cry out in pain. Instead, I frowned. Pain is nothing as I experienced it countless of times. I focused my all and tightened my muscles to grip the dagger still in my left hand that I used to block her attack.

However, what made me surprised is the person who is currently stabbing me right now. It's not a burglar or an ordinary assassin. It was my fiancee...

Akari Takazuchi...

"Akari? Why... are you... doing this?!" I struggled.

Instead of being forced, she grinned sinisterly and continued to yank out the dagger out of my hand.

"Hi, are you surprised?" Akari smiled, but a smile that I don't like to see. A sadistic smile. Not a sense of guilt and pity registered in her face.

I tried struggling but the poison is slowly becoming active. Akari still did not stop and continue to yank out the dagger on my hand.

"Did you think that I was serious about our relationship? Of course not! It was all an act! Who would want to marry someone like you who has no family nor friends? You are just a solitary and lonely guy. Do you think I would waste my time spending it with you? No way!" Akari yanked the dagger successfully.

I clenched my teeth and cast [Sudden Strength]. Before Akari can even strike, I backflipped twice, away from her. Although I am paralyzed, I can move if I cast [Sudden Strength] and temporarily suppress it. I used [Cheetah Dash] to close the gap between Akari and me before casting another skill called [Feint]. Akari did not get to retaliate immediately and before she can even react, my [Feint] successfully taken effect and I strike her nape. She fell, but she quickly backed away and disappeared in the shadows. I just did not expect to have her consciousness intact even though I strike her nape.

However, I know she is injured but I can't stay in my mansion with her around. She must be injured so she won't be able to strike. I need to expel the poison in my body and to that safely is to take it out outside. At least, the public can still find me and help me.

I tore out a piece of my shirt and use it to suppress the bleeding in my hand before I dash outside the mansion. I need to expel my poison out. Although I was pained a lot by the sudden betrayal, I can't just abandon everything. And I am not a person who easily forgets grudges. I clenched my teeth and cast [Silent Dash] to go away from the place. I can't let myself die here just yet...