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230 Childhood Friend?


"You may even get a huge surprise when you see her. You know her after all," said Simba to Shin with wearing a huge grin with his lips.

Shin was taken aback at Simba's reply so he looked at him with confused expression on his face before saying. "I know her? You mean I know her in real world? Who?"

Simba was still grinning from ear to ear while saying to Shin. He didn't answer Shin's question, but Lawless suddenly butted in their conversation. "Brother Sickarius, if he tells you who is it, then the element of surprise will be gone just like that."

Simba suddenly started chuckling after hearing that and said. "Hehe... Yeah, he was right about that, Shin Bro. But if I call her over, then your dual-identity will be at risk. She is currying favor from your Big Sis after all. So, she might spill the beans when they meet up. But that is unless you ask her not to do so."

Shin was caught in a dilemma when he heard that. He hesitated whether invite whoever was this girl or not. Of course, he wanted to clear this quest since it was quite an important quest that would surely give him a generous reward. But he also didn't want to get beaten up by his Big Sis when she learned.

But given their current situation, he seemed to have no other choice but to take the gamble. So, Shin nodded and said. "Alright, call her over. We have no other alternatives after all. But don't tell her about me for the time being. Let's try hiding it from her for now."

Then Simba nodded his head before tapping the air in front of him; he was going to contract the mysterious girl. But at the same time, he was also muttering inside. 'But I doubt that you are able to hide your identity from her.'

Meanwhile, the group turned quiet while waiting for her. And after some time of waiting, the girl finally arrived. So, Simba stood up from his seat to fetch the girl from entrance of the residence. Then Shin ordered the guards to let her in.

Few moments later, the door of the conference too opened once again followed by Simba's entrance together with a hooded girl that was following right behind him. She was wearing a while hooded-mantle with some golden embroidery on its surface.

The eyes of everyone inside the room were attracted to her as they tried to observe her to gauge her strength. At the same time, the hooded girl was also sweeping her eyes at them as she also tried to measure their strengths.

And after a few more moments, she nodded her head at them before walking towards one of the free seats around the roundtable. But before she managed to sit on that seat that she wanted, Simba quickly said. "That is my spot, Sis-in-law. You should take the other one. Beside that guy," while pointing at the seat beside Shin.

The hooded girl turned her head at Simba and looked at him for moment before proceeding on the seat the Simba had indicated.

Meanwhile, Shin was gotten confused at Simba's words. 'Sis-in-law? Since when did he got a sis-in-law?'

And that was the time when that hooded girl arrived beside Shin. Then she took off her hood to show her face to the others as a sign of respect to the others that were currently sitting around the roundtable while also not hiding their identities. Well, aside from Shin of course. He was currently trying to hide his identity after all. So, even if also not wearing the hood of his cloak, he was still wearing the [Nephilim's Gemini Mask] on.

The others were surprise at her when they saw her face. It was not only because that she was a beauty, but also so because they were quite familiar with her face. That was not because she was a celebrity or something in the real world, but because this girl was someone that his quite famous in the gaming world.

She flipped her luscious long pink locks, fixing them a little. She had a rosy complexion with small but pouty lips. Her irises were amber-gold in colour and thin eyebrows that curved slightly, matching her eyes perfectly, while her dainty chin held high

She was one of the top players on the Beauty List of the gaming industry. In fact, she would not be lower than top 4 at the very least. Not only that, aside from being in the Beauty List, she was also in the Best Godlike Player list. Even if she only had a support-related class, she still managed to reach top 11 on that list.

What's more, she was also the top 1 player in terms of supporting. There was even a quote for her saying. - "Whoever she heals, that person will not die. And whoever she supports in battle, that person will be able to battle against a god." -

"Arielle? The Gentle Goddess: Arielle? Is she really the one?..." - These were that thoughts that were running inside the minds of the others when she saw her. They were currently looking at her with dumbstruck expression on their faces.

Well, aside from Shin.

"Cloe?" as he suddenly blurted out her name unconsciously as he was really gotten off-guard by her identity.

Then it was the girl's turn to be surprise now. Hearing her name, the girl who seem to have a name Cloe, couldn't help but knitted her brows for a moment. Then she flashed a charming smile at Shin while asking. "Who know me? Do we perhaps know each other in the real world?"

Well, Shin really knew this girl in the real world. In fact, he and this girl were very close with each other since they could be considered as childhood friends. He got to know her since her family and the Springfield Family were quite close with each other.

Her family was an Aristocratic Family that was focusing on business. And their main products were military tools; they were an arms dealer in other words. And since the Springfield Family was a Military Family then I was natural for them to have some close relations with an Aristocratic Families like hers.

Given that, both of the Families were visiting with each other quite often. And due to that reason, and them being on the same age, Shin and Cloe became quite close with each other together with Arthur of course. They even went to the same school together during their elementary days.

'What the heck? She is playing the game too? And base on what Leo had said earlier, she is also a very strong player at that. Am I really that outdated to be left behind by them?' thought by Shin to himself.

Cloe, on the other hand, was still waiting for Shin's reply. And when she saw that Shin was not replying to her, her knitted brows suddenly turned into a frown with her eyebrows.

Then she turned her head at Simba and said. "I think he suddenly become mute after seeing me. Is he a common friend of ours?" while pointing her right-hand index finger at Shin.

This time, Simba finally failed to contain the laugher that he was currently hold with all of his strength. He started laughing out loud while the others were still looking at the sight with confused look at their faces.

Cloe pouted her lips a little when she saw that Simba was not replying at her either. So, she just turned her head at Shin once again and said. "I know that I am a beauty. But sorry brother, I already have someone in my heart so I can't receive your infatuation. But don't worry, you can still find another girl someday and somewhere."

Then she patted Shin's left shoulder with her right hand before taking a seat. And she said immediately after that. "Alright! That was enough for the drama. Let's finalize this plan of yours guys. I have a flight tomorrow so I am quite in a rush. After all, I also need to finish my quest as soon as possible. So, what do you guys need from me?"

Shin took a deep breath after hearing that. It also took him quite some time to regain his composure so the conference room became quiet for a moment at that point. It was because Simba and the others were waiting for him to say something. Which also gave Cloe, or known as Arielle inside the game, an idea that this guy was the heart of the team or the strategist at the very least. So, she also waited for him to speak.

Shin also understood it. So, he didn't let them wait for long either and immediately started talking a little later. "Alright, we heard from Le-... I mean Brother Simba that you make be able to help us sneak inside Church of Light of the Holy City. Can you tell us how exactly are you going to do it?"

While saying that, Shin was turning his head at Arielle in the process. And when he finally looked at her, he saw that she was looking at him with a word 'shocked' written all over her face.

Shin was confused at first, but he immediately realized that he f*cked up when he saw that Simba was doing his best to constrain his laugher from his peripheral vision. 'Oh~! Sh*t!'

Especially when he heard Arielle's voice saying. "Can you say something again?"