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229 Quest Deliberation


Atlas Word, Saint Heaven Kingdom, Calderock Town.

Shin and the others were now currently having a meeting at the Mayor's Residence. They were inside the conference room while sitting around a roundtable. Naturally, Shin used the teleportation gate of Hanzo to sneak inside this place so that thy can avoid being spotted by other players and some NPCs that were sent by the fake King.

"So, which church is our going to choose?" asked Shin. This was the main point that they needed to discuss.

"There is no branch of Temple of the War God on the Holy City so it is pretty much impossible to go in there," said Simba with crossed arms in front of his chest.

"How many Righteous Churches do we have on the Holy City again?" asked by Hayden.

The one that answered this question was Stephanie. "There 5 in total. And they are the Sun-Moon Church, Church of Light, Beastmen Temple, Pagoda of the Shadows, and Temple of Five Elements."

Then Shin immediately said after this. "We can't go the Sun-Moon Church. There were pretty a number of traitors there and I still can't identify them yet. What's more, Archbishop Ronald is currently present due to that incident."

Then Shin swept his gaze at them while asking. "Now that I think about it, from which church are you guys in?"

"Church of Light," said by Stephanie and Morgan at the same time.

Then Hayden said a little later. "The same for me."

"If am from 'Sea God Temple' obviously," said Revier

The Ember followed. "I am from 'Temple of the Five Elements'."

"I don't belong to any Church because of my Special Race," said Lawless.

"I am from the Pagoda of Shadows. And I suggest not to go on that place. If ever there are some traitors on that Church too, then it is going to become a little troublesome since that is filled with a lot of assassins. And that is going to be really troublesome," said Faker.

"Mine is pretty much obvious, right? I already stated it after all," said by Simba.

With those replies, Shin thought for a moment before saying to them. "The Sun-Moon Church and Pagoda of Shadows are already out, so we are going to choose between Church of Light and Temple of Five Elements. Which one are we going to choose then?"

Then Ember replied after some thought. "How about we go with the Church of Light then? That is a best place that we could choose. The Temple of the Five Elements is not that stable since that church is pretty much in a mess. The Elders from other elemental division are always in the necks of each other and always want to show which element is the strongest."

After hearing that, the other others nodded their heads except from Shin. But since that was the best choice that they currently had - he didn't have any other choice but to comply. "Ugh~! I guess that is it. But I have a bad feeling about this church though."

Then the others, except Simba, directed their sights at Shin as if they were asking him - "What is your problem this time? " -

When felt that their gazes, Shin smiled bitterly and said. "Sorry, about that. Don't mind me, it's just my instincts are telling me that it is also going to become a troublesome matter if we chose to go on that Church."

He paused for a moment before immediately adding to what he had said. "Hmm... How should I put it? It is like this, since our enemies are aware that the Light Element is certainly their bane, I am pretty sure that they are going to plant some moles on the Church of Light to see how are they going to move."

"But choosing that Church is still better than the Sun-Moon Church since the head archbishop of the latter one is pretty much absent for the time being. So, I think there is nothing much we can do about it aside from going to be even more careful."

Then the other nodded their heads with that. Then Shin continued with his talk. "Since this is a quest that his a very high difficulty. We can already tell that we are going to get attack by those traitors without a doubt."

"And base on the difficulty alone, we are sure that the strengths of these guys will surely be on a whole other level. With that, their position on the Church of Light will surely be in the higher position."

After that, Shin directed his gaze at the three that came from the Church of Light before asking. "How many Archbishops do your Church have? And who are they?"

The three thought for a moment before Stephanie replied at him. "Well, base on your deductions, I am afraid that we really are in trouble this time. There is only a single Archbishop present on the Church; and it is Archbishop Hervil. The others are currently on the other branches of the church to deal with some things."

Then Hayden suddenly chimed in. "From what I know he is the strongest archbishop on this branch of Church of Light. And base on what the head Guardian of our church, he should be as strong as the King in terms of magic."

Then he suddenly paused for moment those words left his mouth; the same for the others. They simultaneously turned their heads at Shin with questioning looks. It was as if they were saying. - "The real King is on our side, right?" -

Shin would naturally feel their gazes too. That was why he smiled bitterly since he was more aware of their current situation. "Well, that was another one from our main problems. The King is super weak right now. The powers of the King are robbed by the fake one when they fight before. So, he is pretty much a useless guy for now. A dead weight in other word."

Then the others released a helpless when they heard that. Their supposedly ray of hope was immediately shattered by the reality, and quickly sent them at the bottom of the mountain.

"Well, that was understandable too. This is a quest with a very high difficulty after all. It is going to be an easy one if the King on our side is pretty much powerful," said Lawless with a little disappointed tone.

"So, what are we going to do now? We can't just blindly go then and let the King stay on that place. We will fail the quest for sure," asked Morgan.

"The main point here is how are we going to defeat Archbishop Hervil. That is going to be really hard if it is just us alone," said by Revier.

But that was immediately countered by Faker. "Nope. The real problem here is how are we going to sneak inside the church. If that Archbishop knew that we are going to go there for the King, and if he is really a traitor, then it is surely a tough one for us."

Lawless nodded his head in agreement and said. "Yeah. That guy will surely send us a batch of guards to wear us out. And if ever we manage to reach him at that point, we are still going to become too mentally exhaust on our battle with him."

Now, everyone was too troubled for this matter. The only thing that they could think off for now was to have more manpower; which was also pretty much impossible on the current moment. There was a huge upcoming event that might attract most of the players on the Holy City so almost all of the players that they could invite might focus at that event.

And while everyone was trouble, Simba suddenly opened his mouth and said. "I think, I have a solution for the problem about sneaking inside."

Then all of their attention was attracted to him when those words left his mouth. Simba nodded his head and said. "A friend of mine just contacted me. She said that she is also currently in the Holy City for a quest of hers. We can ask some help from her for that problem to be solve."

- 'If it is a friend of a Peak-Godlike Player like Simba, then that person is going to be a strong and reliable one. Especially that he suggested it on this point of time.' - These were the thoughts that were running inside the head of others.

"Oh~! She can help us at sneaking inside? That is good then. How is her strength? I sure that she is good since you suggest her." Or except for one rather; which is obviously Shin.

Then the others simultaneously turned their heads with a look that were saying. - "Are you an idi*t? You are still the one that have the weakest link here if you somehow forgotten." -

But Simba didn't actually mind it since he was already used to Shin's planning behavior. From what he knew, Shin was a guy that was rarely plan his work. But the moment he did, he wanted everything to be in a foolproof plan.

Then Simba nodded his head and said. "You don't have to worry about that, Shin bro. She may be not the strongest one that I know, but I can't find anyone that is greater than her in terms of supporting. She is the best support that you can look for."

Simba paused for a moment before looking straight to Shin's eyes while wearing a huge grin with his lips. "And you are going to get a huge surprise when you saw her."