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227 Making Connections once again


The faces of Gino and Audrey suddenly turned weird when they felt that pressure that Simba was giving. They know that this guy hated some guys that were taking advantage at him or someone he knew.

There was even an incident where a friend of his was gotten tricked by an elder of a powerful guild. That person was questing with that elder when she was gotten backstab by that elder. But little did that guy know, that person was a friend of the War God.

And when Simba got a wind of that news, he hunted that elder down together with his accomplices all the way until their guilds kick them out and forced them to delete their characters.

Then Audrey immediately explained their side. "Please don't misunderstand, Sir Simba. We just really need to find a place that we can settle in. There is a newly arisen Powerhouse in our current Kingdom, and since it is a relatively small Kingdom, they are able to took control on most of the resources there."

"We are quite powerless on this matter since this Powerhouse appear with a huge surprise. Most of the powerful guilds and adventurer teams residing on that Kingdom are gotten off-guard since they come out so suddenly together with a great force. They almost devour all of the powerful guilds and strong adventurer teams the moment they show themselves."

Audrey wanted to say more but she immediately stopped herself from talking when she saw that Shin and others were doing their hardest to suppress their chuckles. And she couldn't help herself but felt embarrassed at that scene.

Simba, on the other hand, was still standing in front of her while still releasing his suppressive aura. But what he said a little later was quite a contrary. "Why are you so tense? I am just asking why you choose a simple player-owned town over an NPC Major City that was about to be promoted into a Capital City. You don't have to tell use the whole story why are you guys going to do your migration."

At this point, Shin and the others failed to contain their laughter and started laughing out loud. And with that, Audrey became even more embarrassed while the expression on Gino's face suddenly turned weird.

And since the two overthink what Simba had done, Shin couldn't help Shin couldn't help but smiled bitterly when he saw that and also asked himself what kind of scary feat did Simba had did for these two to become too scared at making such a simple request.

When Shin saw this quite awkward situation for the duo of Audrey and Gino, he decided to cut in the conversation. He couldn't let this kind of opportunity after all; to pull another good adventurer team towards his side, and included them for his next plans on his upcoming City.

First, he tapped Simba's shoulder before saying to the latter. "Alright, alright. That was enough for scaring them down, Leo. Remove that suppressive aura of yours first them let's hear them out."

Hearing what Shin had said, Simba just nodded his head and complied without further ado. And with that, the tensed pressure in the air was immediately gone and gave Audrey and Gino some breathing time.

That was for them to recover themselves. But rather than being relaxed, they became shocked at the sight instead. Shin just ordered one of the greats players of all time just like that; it was as if he was talking to some average thug on the street. What's more, Simba, the War God, complied at him without asking any questions.

Well, it was the same for the others. Even if they knew that Shin and Simba were close friends in real world, they still couldn't get used at Shin's behavior in front of a peerless god like the latter.

And to break that awkward atmosphere ones again, Shin immediately said at the two. "Alright, we can forget about your reason for choosing the Calderock Village. We can also arrange you a meeting that you want, but I we have some conditions at hand."

The eyes of Audrey and Gino suddenly turned bright after hearing that. Then they immediately nodded their heads without further ado. It was as if they would agree on whatever Shin was going to say.

Naturally, Shin was able to notice that since was quite used at dealing with his frequent interaction with his Big Sis on these kinds of dealings. 'Oh~! Looks like they are really desperate to get out of their current Kingdom.'

Then the lips under Shin's mask suddenly curved into an evil grin as if he found another victim for his next plan 'against' his Big Sis.

After that, he said to them. "Well, the thing when need from you is more like a request than a condition. We need you to wait for a little before we can can arrange the meeting that you want. Both of the Town's Mayor of the Calderock Town and the Guild Master of the Hand of Midas Trading Firm are quite busy with the things on their sides."

"But during this time of waiting, I suggest you to prepare some things before you meet either one of them. And it is better if those things are Master-Rank Blueprints of the town establishments. What's more, it is better if you talk with the town's mayor first since I heard that he also making some arrangement to have a meeting with another Adventurer Team. From what I know, they are also going to prepare the same things just to secure the spot on to garrisoning rights."

The eyebrows of the pair of Audrey and Gino suddenly gone up high when they heard the first part of what Shin had said. Then it went even higher when they heard that they needed to prepare some things for the meeting. If it was some decent items then it was understandable. But a Master-Rank Blueprints for establishments? Those things were a little too high for just an agreement for garrisoning the Town.

But when they heard the latter part of Shin's words, that was another story. If an adventurer team was going to accept such demands, unless the vice and commander of that adventurer team was a complete idi*t, then there must be more things behind it.

And when they reached this point, the two took a quick glance with each other as if they were asking for each other's opinion. After having a brief eye contact with each other, and seeing Gino nodded his head, Audrey directed her eyes at Shin once again and asked. "Do you have any idea which Adventurer team is it?"

They needed to confirm if that adventurer team was quite a decent team that could make a rational decision so that they could be sure that they were going to waste their efforts to such a crazy deal.

Shin 'thought' for a moment as if he was 'trying' to recall the name of the adventurer team. And after a few seconds of 'thinking', he said. "From what I know they are called Secret Society."

Then the atmosphere of the place suddenly turned weird once again when Shin spat out those words. It was not only the pair Audrey and Gino that were gotten off-guard of the name, even the guys in Lawless' group were also surprise at the name of the adventurer team.

That team was quite famous and was comparable to the Eternal Hope Adventurer Team in most of aspects. So, they were not going to gamble to such a crazy risk of garrisoning in a small player-owned town. Meaning, there must be more into it than what they could see on the surface.

Then Audrey and Gino looked at each other once again before nodding their heads. This time, Gino was the one that answered Shin. "Alright, we are going to do our best to meet your request."

Then Shin's eyes suddenly turned bright after hearing that and said immediately added. "Let's form a contract then!"

Audrey and Gino were taken aback from that and was gotten confused. And when Shin saw that he immediately explained his side. "Come on~! You don't expect me to give him some word promises, right? At least I need some reassurance that you are really going to do it. Or else that guy will not agree with meeting you if he is not sure that he can gain something in return."

Then he paused for a moment to take a look at the expressions of the tow before adding to it. "What's more, you also have a reassurance that you are going to

- "Now, it makes some sense." - thought by the duo before agreeing with Shin. Then they form a contract with the latter before immediately bidding their farewell at them, so that they could start making their preparations.

Meanwhile, Shin was grinning from ear to ear as he watched the two walked away from them. Then he turned his body around when he saw that they were going to use their teleportation scrolls together with their team members.

And the moment he turned his body around he saw that the others were currently throwing him a weird look on their faces.

The corner of his mouth suddenly twitched the moment he saw those faces. "What's with those looks? Did I do something wrong?"