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225 Retrea


Meanwhile, as every sides that were involved in the battle of the fallen thirteenth outpost were currently busy, Shin just arrived at the place where the most chaotic battle was currently taking place. The place where, Simba, Lawless, Faker and the others were currently battling the King-Class Corrupted Monster - in the outpost's plaza of the corrupted nest.

And this time, the combine group of S.Tigris' team and the Eternal Hope was also present at that place, and was currently helping the former group at pinning the gigantic disaster monster down in place.

Everyone on this place were experts in their ranks, so this team was quite a strong one. What's more, they have a Godlike Players that reached the peak of the gaming world like Simba. And if you add the other Godlike Players, Maverick Gods, Maverick Rankers and Peak-Titled Rankers in their ranks, this team was quite enough to be called as an expedition team.

But even if that was the case, the entire team was currently struggling at their current predicament. It was because a lot of corrupted monster with the variety of ranks that were lower than Overlord Class monster, were continuously swarming at them.

With that, the others were forced to hold the monsters and prevented them from messing the rhythm of the battle. Simba, Lawless, Faker and the other peak expert players, on the other hand, were left to hold themselves against the King-Class Corrupted Monsters.

As few more moments, the entire team were starting to get more pressure due to the seemed to be endless corrupted monsters that were coming at their way.

And that was also the point when Shin joined the group. And the moment arrived, he immediately asked for the current situation from Black Hand. "How are the things are going?" - He couldn't enter the battle from Simba's side after all.

Then Black Hand immediately replied at him with a solemn tone. "It is not optimistic. It is not good at all. If this continue for a little bit more, the number of the corrupted monsters that were coming on our way will continue to accumulate and keep on increasing as more time passes."

He paused for a moment as if he was too worried about something before voicing it out. "What I am afraid of is when these monster's horde attract some corrupted monsters with Overlord Rank. And when that happens, we will be doom for sure."

And while they were taking about that, a couple of players with thief-related classes get near them and immediately reported to Black Hand. "Vice Commander, we spotted quite a number of Overlord-Class Corrupted Monsters at underground of the outpost when we are investigating. And even though that they are currently in slumber, they are also showing some signs of waking up."

When Black Hand heard that, he couldn't help himself but became even more worried. Then he looked at the other side of the battlefield where the most intense battle was currently taking place. Even if the peak experts at that side were able to hold themselves at the King-Class monster, the health of the disaster monster was still somewhat the same. It didn't even fell under the 90% mark of its total Health.

Then Black Hand suddenly heard Shin's voice saying. "I think it is better for us to retreat for now and regroup."

That was also what Black Hand was currently thinking, so that was why he just nodded his head unconsciously as he agreed at him while checking the situation at the other side of the battlefield. This time, at the guys that were holding up the tide of the swarming monsters.

And to voice out what Black Hand was currently thinking, Shin opened his mouth once again and said. "And even if those guys seem to be fine for now, the fatigue from the previous intense battles will slowly accumulate and affect their battle prowess and concentration. And if this battle goes on, we may get wipe out later when those Overlord Monsters joined the prey."

At this point, Black Hand suddenly knitted his brows and took a quite look at Shin. 'This guy is really sensitive at the situation at the battlefield. What's more, he is quite good at fighting. Looks like another Godlike Strategist will be born in the upcoming times.'

Then he suddenly asked Shin a little pause. "Alright, you have a good plan on how are we going to get out of this place without having much of casualties?"

On their current situation, getting out with less casualties, was kind of a hard thing. Especially, when that they were being siege by corrupted monsters in different directions. Actually, he already drew a plan where they could minimize the casualties that they may get, but he also wanted to hear Shin's suggestion since he was quite curious at how this guy was going to respond at their current predicament.

Then Shin thought of a moment before saying a few things at Black Hand. And when the latter heard what the former had said, he couldn't help but became a little shocked. As always, Shin's plans were quite simple; it was one of the basic strategies in fact. But for some unknown he kept having a feeling that it was even better to what he was planning to arrange.

And after a quick thought, Black Hand immediately informed the other ring leaders about the plan. And without further ado, Simba quickly agree with the plan when he heard that it was suggested by Shin; he didn't even give the others a chance to respond at Black Hand's message.

Given that, everyone started moving according to plan.

Mages, Supports and Long-range players, started to group up together while the Melee Players were surrounding them and make a circle of players to protect the former groups from all sides.

The peak experts like Simba and the others remained at the outside of that circle to continued pinning down the disaster monster.

But this time, Lawless, Hayden, Ringgo, and S.Tigris, get away from the frontline and leaved the tanking of monster at Simba while they moved at the back to protect their supports and range players.

And just like the others, they also made a circle around the backline players. Revier, Ember, Gino, Morgan, and Ara, were also forming another circle inside to cover the all sides on their supports which were Stephanie and Audrey.

Faker and Raven, on the other hand, would support Simba by throwing some CC-skills at the disaster monster from time to time. Even though they couldn't completely cancel or stop the attack of the giant corrupted monster, they still could slow those attacks down so that they couldn't give Simba some breathing time.

And when everyone was in order, the entire group started moving with the bigger circle of players was the ones that started moving first. They move towards the nearest exit of this place. And as they moved, the range and magical players inside the circle, were chaining their skills properly. All they did was to bombard the spot that they were planning to move with their skills and spells.

And when a gap was made in the middle of the corrupted monster ranks on the spot were those skills and spells landed, the group started moving towards that direction to occupy that spot.

The melee players that were forming the circle only have a simple job, and that was to repel all of the monsters that were trying to break through them. They didn't to kill a monster, all they needed to do was to push the monsters backwards while the entire group was moving towards their desired location.

Meanwhile, the axillary and the support groups were the ones that have the easiest job. All they needed to do was to cast some group buffs at every person that they could while also sending some heals from time to time. And since everyone was grouped together, the AOE(Area of Effect) of the skills were currently being maximized due to them being close to each other.

The same skills might not stock with each other, but that case also worked on their favor. They could just need to properly monitor the skills that were the same before doing a cycle of those skills that were needed in time. And since that was the case, they even have a leisure time to throw some magical spells at the other monsters around to help the frontlines. Especially the Human Bishops and Exorcists since they had light elements which were the bane of most of the corrupted monsters.

If there was a group that was have the most work the they needed to do, then they were the players that had thief-related classes. They were busily circling around the previous group to make sure that there were no monsters that had a charge skill to break the main formation.

And if they spotted a corrupted monster casting its charge skill, some of these players were going to rush at that monster to stun it down and prevent it from completing the charge. And if ever the was some monsters that managed to cast that charge, it was either going to get shot down to death by the Archers and Musketeers before it even managed to reach the formation.

Meanwhile, Lawless and the others were also pretty much doing the same. And since they were just following the previous group, the pressure that they were getting from the monsters were quite less.

But at the same time, they also needed to keep an eye at the disaster monster to make sure that there were no accidents that was going to happen. What's more, they also needed to clear some monster that were going to interrupt Simba at boxing out the King-Class Corrupted Monster.

At the same time, Simba was also moving backwards as he battled the disaster monster in front of him. It was to make sure that he was not going to left too far behind the group, and left in the middle of the enemy ranks.

The entire group move a little slow, but they were also moving at the exit of the corrupted nest very slowly. And after few more moments of enduring, they finally reached the exit without having any casualties. But they didn't dare let their guards down and maintain their formation all the way until they were out of the range of the fallen thirteenth outpost.

And when the group was already outside the vicinity of the corrupted nest, the monsters also stopped following them go back to the nest to accumulate more numbers.

Meanwhile, Shin and the others made a full retreat to make some preparations at another upcoming huge event of the Holy City.