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224 Behind the Scenes Part 2


When the hooded man finally arrived at 20-meter mark away from Hoawin, Immortal and his apostles were already gone to who knows where. And the hooded guy didn't bother to look for them as he just raised his head a little to take a look at the guy in front of him before saying. "Looks like you are going to help them this time, Hoawin. I wonder what are you scheming now."

Hoawin suddenly shook his head while smiling bitterly. Then he said a little later. "Why the heck everyone is thinking of me that way? Am I that evil? Even the people on the same side don't trust me."

"Heh! Don't act as if you are innocent. And isn't this what you wanted from the very start? Being hate by everyone." sneered the hooded guy while reaching out for the longswords that were hanging on each side of his waist.

The guard of Hoawin suddenly gone up in a high level when he saw that the hooded guy in front of him was about to make his move. And on the very next instant, raised on of his left hand on his front creating a black-colored barrier around him as if he was planning to block something.


But that barrier was immediately shattered by something that was unseen for ordinary eyes. And he didn't have a time to think about the shattered barrier as he quickly threw a punch on his front with his other hand together with a purple flame that enfolding it. Then an energy wave was sent forward while having a blazing aura with a purple color on it.


Then that energy wave collided with something that seemed to be invisible energy wave. At the same time, a powerful shockwave was created and was sent in all direction while also building up a cloud of dust in the process that.


And it didn't take long for Hoawin to wait for another attack to come after him. And this time, the cloud of dust was cut into halves when the hooded guy swung on his sword in a horizontal manner. Fortunately for Hoawin, he was able dodge in time before that attack was completely executed.

Then the distance between the two was suddenly gotten bigger once again. And at this point, Hoawin was looking at the hooded guy solemnly as he got to know how strong this guy had gotten since the last time that he met him with that simple bout of theirs.

"Looks like I need to go all-out from this point on, huh?" said Hoawin before activating a transformation skill that was unique for Demon Race.

The pair of horns on his forehead suddenly grow a little longer while his arms turned into a pair of monster arms with diamond shape scales with black color that were covering both of his arms. At the same time, his back grown a pair of huge black wings that looked like to the wings that he bats had. His eyes turned crimson while his body was emitting a crimson smoke, making his appearance to become even more evil.

The hooded guy, on the other hand, raised his head a littler more to show his lips that were curving into a huge grin with it. And immediately after that, he suddenly disappeared from his current spot before appearing right in front of Hoawin while swinging the longsword on his right hand.



A metallic sound was created when the longswords was blocked by Hoawin's left hand, together with some metallic sparks that danced in the air.

And that was the prologue of the fight of these two super experts the were standing at the peak of the gaming world.


Meanwhile, at some part of the forest not far from the battle, the six apostles of Immortal were currently gathered together as they tried to formulate a plan for their next move.

"So, what are were going to do next?" said Elliot as he looked at his two superiors.

The first one that replied at him was the man that can turn his undead monsters into a full-body armor made of bones when he was fighting against Simba. "We need to get inside the Holy City first since we need to inform that 'King' that the real one already escaped from us."

The other one, that looked like a support-related class nodded his head and agreed at him. "Derick was right. Let's follow the boss main order first. We can think of the others when are done with that. What's more, we can also get some assistance from that guy if he was not a complete id*t."

"How about you send my alone instead, Senior Nolt! My class is somewhat related to Assassin Class so I can sneak in that place easily. You guys, on the other hand can proceed on the next plan," said Larc almost immediately.

But immediately after that, Demien smacked the back of Larc's head and said. "Are you an idi*t? Do you think that that 'King' will listen to you when we modify our plans a little without him knowing? We might even get into a little fight with him before we can knock some sense from his head."

"Alright, that is enough for that. We need to hurry now and get moving now and take a good position before the special event of the City starts. After that, we can use the chaos as a cover to sneak inside the City," said Derick.

The others nodded their heads before making their preparations.

And they were about to get moving, when a sneering voice suddenly interrupted them. "You guys really know how run fast. What's more, it is really hard to track you down. Good thing, I am quite skilled at this area and manage to find you before it is too late."

When the apostles of Immortal heard that unfamiliar voice, they immediately turned their heads at the direction where that voice was coming from while putting their guards up. Then a group of four hooded players that were walking towards them.

And when Larc saw that group, his attention was immediately attracted to a hooded figure with greatsword that was hanging on his back.

Immediately after that, he quickly reacted and said. "You again! I will rip you into pieces this time," while pointing his draggers at that hooded person.

The others on his side suddenly knitted their brows when they heard that. And when Larc felt that, he quickly explained. "That guy was the one that saved Black Hand *ss when I tried to assassinate him! If it isn't because of this guy's appearance, then the battle in front of the corrupted nest should already be over before those guys from the God Slayer's group make their appearance."

Then Larc paused for a moment to think about something before adding to what he had said. "And this guy seems to know something about us base on how he talks."

When the things reached this point, the leading guy in the opposing group suddenly chuckled and said. "Of course, we know quite a few things about you. How can we not if we have a deep enmity with each other?"

Then the guys in his group started removing the cloaks that they were wearing to reveal their identities.

The old timers on the other side suddenly came into a realization when they saw the appearances of the opposing group.

Then Derick immediately said immediately after. "Oh~! So, we have some old acquaintance here. I don't expect that you guys are still playing a virtual game despite that humiliation of two years ago. Is forcing your team to disband still not enough?"

At the same time, Derick was also drawing his sword from his back while drawing the greatsword that was hanging from his back. Then he added a little later when his greatsword was fully unsheathed. "Since you guys have a lot of guts to show right in front of us, let me remind you about the past events."

The leading guy on the opposing side, which was obviously Kazuki, suddenly smirked at Derick's words and said. "Heh! Don't be too arrogant. We are completely different from the past so you better be careful at your words."

Larc couldn't help himself but sneered at Kazuki when he heard the latter's words and said. "Heh! Those words should be directed to you guys. Forget about the strength, you guys are already outnumbered by us with three more people and that is aside from our summons."

"Well, you actually have a point in that. But-..." Kazuki trailed his words as he took a look at the faces of the others in the opposing side and flash as huge grin at them before continuing. "But that his also why we call up some of our friends for reinforcement."

"D*mn you, Kazuki! You should inform us about this matter a little sooner. If only you did that, then we already caught Immortal somehow. Or ruin his plans at the very least," then another unfamiliar sounded behind the group of Immortal's apostles.

Then when Derick and the others turned their heads at the source of the voice and saw another three players that were walking towards them. And these guys we composed of a Human Shield Warrior, Specter Master Assassin, and FoxKin Master Shaman.

And when the apostles of Immortal saw these new group, their faces couldn't help but become a little more solemn; especially for Derick and Nolt. Because they were somewhat familiar with the of two of the newcomers.

Then the FoxKin Master suddenly grinned when she saw the two looking at her with solemn faces. "Well, well, look at what we have here. Is this two are Personal Apostles of Immortal? Looks like we hit a jackpot this time! It is really hard to find you, b*st*rds!"

"Wait! Sis! Let's take one each, Ok? I also need to increase my reputation at Church," said by the Human Shield Warrior.

At the same time, Derick was currently giving out some orders in whispers. "Guys, you should start summoning your undead monsters now. This one is going to become a bloody mess."

Then the atmosphere of the entire place suddenly became tensed when thing reached its point. It was for the signal of the storm that was about to come.