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222 A King-Class Corrupted Monster


Shin couldn't help but formed a grin with his lips when he walked out of the core chamber of the corrupted nest. At the same time, another man in rag clothes was following closely behind him as Faker walked behind that man.

Shin looked behind him one again to look at the man that was pretty much looked like a beggar before wearing a huge grin with his lips. Then he took another look at the system notification that he got earlier.


System: Quest Update!

System: You have discovered the location of the real King Cassius of the Holy City.


Quest Name: The Fake King

Quest Type: Hidden Main Quest

Quest Difficulty: Hell-Master (V-)

Quest Details: You had discovered from Hanzo that the 'King' of Holy City is an impostor and a member of a Corrupted Cult. And as the Envoy of the Sun and the Moon you are responsible to expose and capture here.

Quest Conditions:

•Expose the true colors of the impostor secretly, so that the Churches eyeing the Corrupted Cults will make their move.

•Find the real King Cassius secretly, before the impostor King succeed on his plans.

•Escort the real King Cassius on any Righteous Church and make sure that he is in a safe place.

Quest Process (70%):

•Expose the secret deed of the impostor King without being discovered. (Done)

•Rescue the Real King Cassius. (Partially Done)

•Escorting the King Cassius in to a Righteous Church while securing his safety. (In Progress)

Quest Rewards:

+5 Levels

+25 Legacy Points (LP)

+1000 Fame

+50 000 Reputation Points

A Special Skill Book that was related your Class

Increase the Affinity to King Cassius in a great margin


Quest Penalties:

• -10 Levels

• -1000 Fame

• -20 000 Reputation Points

• Destruction of the Holy City

• A large decease on your Authority on the Church of the Sun and the Moon

• Death of the King Cassius

• ???


"D*mn! The Difficulty already exceeds SSS+. Just by looking at it alone, I can tell that this is going to be a high-risk, high-reward type of quest. It was despite having a so simple description and condition," muttered Shin after reading the quest information for a second time.

After that, Shin directed his attention to Faker and ask. "So, what is our next plan, brother Faker? We can't go in the battle with this King as it will risk his safety."

Faker nodded his head and said. "Yeah, we can't bring him on there. But base on the things on the side of your Church, we also can't bring him on that place. It is better if we ask some opinions from Lawless and War God: Simba about this matter first before we make our decision. After all, can't ask the other churches on the Holy City about this matter since we are also not sure if those churches also have some traitors on their ranks."

Shin thought of a moment before giving his suggestion. "How about I shelter him on my Town first while we are waiting to clearly this quest? We can also avoid worrying about him being spotted by the Scouts that the Fake King if I use the mass teleportation of my elemental spirit."

Faker considered the suggestion that Shin had gave for a moment before agreeing with him after. "Yeah, that is a good idea. We should go with that for now. This next battle is not that simple either. The Disaster Monster that Immortal summons earlier is in King rank Corrupted Monster, so it is really a troublesome matter."

Shin was gotten off-guard at was Faker had said. He knew that Immortal summoned a power monster using pentagram on the core chamber, but he still didn't expect that it was a monster that was in King Rank. This monster was higher than an Overlord Rank monster by 2 ranks, so its strength didn't have to be questioned. Not only that, any monster on this rank could also attract some monster that would turn into an army of monsters later before becoming into a monster horde a little later.

"How are the things on their side then? That kind of monster is at rank where an expedition team is needed," asked Shin.

"Well, everything is quite within control for now. Defeating that disaster monster might be difficult even with the help of the War God: Simba, but we can still do it as long as we are patient and careful during our battle," said Faker.

After a few more moments, the 3 of them finally walked out of the previous outpost's head's residence. And immediately greeted by a huge mess in front of them. If this place was just a ruined outpost earlier, where most of the structures were destroyed. Now, everything was already razed into the ground. There were not partially destroyed structures present in their front anymore, what was left behind were pile after pile of rubbles.

When Shin saw that, he couldn't help himself but took a look at Faker as if he was asking.

- "Brother Faker, aren't you the one that fight with that necromancer guy on this place earlier? What the heck happened here?" -

Naturally, Faker was able to feel the gaze that Shin was sending so he immediately said to the latter. "I really did have a bout with that cockroach guy earlier, but our battle is not at the point where we can make this kind of mess."

Then Shin's face suddenly turned weird when he saw that and couldn't help but muttered to himself. "Then who the heck did it?"


And the answer for that question was immediately given to him.

Faker turned his head at the direction where the sound was coming from before saying to Shin. "I guess you can ask them about that, Brother Sickarius."

Shin unconsciously turned his head at the direction where those rumbling sounds were coming from and saw a cloud of smoke was coming at them from a distance. He couldn't clearly see what was it at first, so he squinted his eyes for a moment to take a clearer look at it using his 'True Sight' skill. And that was when he saw a bunch of corrupted monsters with different variety and rank were coming on their way.

And when he saw that number of corrupted monsters, Shin couldn't help but cursed. "D*mn! That was a one hell of a number of monsters."

Then Faker suddenly said to him. "You should take the King on safe place now. The monsters are already starting to gather to form a monster horde. I'll go give the others some assistance, on the other hand. Just meet up with us later if you can."

Shin nodded his head when he heard that and quickly summoned Hanzo to create a teleportation gate that was directly connected on his room at the Town Mayor's Residence at Calderock Town.


On the Town's Mayor Residence of the Calerock Town.

A spacial crack appeared on one of the rooms of the residence. Then Shin and a man in rag clothes who was the real King Cassius, walked out of that void gate. And immediately after that, Shin brought the real king on the mayor's office without further ado.

And as usual, Ribbit was already busying himself with that pile of papers on the table in front of him. This time, Shin didn't wait for Ribbit to finish on what he was doing. He immediately interrupted the former and said. "Ribbit, call the others. I need you all for something."

Ribbit suddenly shot up from his seat when he heard Shin's voice, and he quickly gave the latter a bow for the greeting when he did. And when he saw the beggar-like man standing behind Shin, he couldn't help but frowned his eyebrows as he became curious at the identity of the man. But he needed to comply with the orders first before that.

And it didn't take long for all of the head of the Calderock Town to arrive at the Mayor's office. It was quite rare for Shin to make some commands so all 4 of them immediately comply when they were summoned.

Captain Jack, Chief Guard Felix, Chief Blacksmith Jude and Deputy Mayor Ribbit, were all standing in front of Shin with respectful looks at their face. If the regular players of Calderock two saw this sight, they might get a heart attack. These NPCs were quite notorious on the players for being too stick, cold and scary. But now, they were being respectful on another player.

Shin swept his gazed at the four before nodding his head and went straight on the main topic. "I will cut on the chase since I still have some things that I need to do. I need you guys to protect this guy while hiding him in this residence. And make sure that there are no others that can spot him here."

Then Shin step to the side so that the four can have a clear look the man behind him. And when the four saw who was it, their eyes turned wide as they saw a dignified man despite being in ragged clothes. They couldn't recognize him earlier due to his appearance, but now that he got a clear look at him, they were able to guess who was this guy.

And after a few more moments of being stunned, the four finally regained themselves and immediately greeted the guy simultaneously while also giving him a bow at the same time.

"Greetings, your Majesty!"

"Oh~ King, this humble servant greets you!"

"My Liege!"

"I pay my respect to the ruler of the Holy Land!"

The man, who was obviously King Cassius, waved his right hand at them and said. "At ease, there is need for the formality for now. As you can see, I am no King for a moment."

The four still wanted to say something but before they managed to do so, Shin quickly chimed in at them and said. "This is all I can do for now, your Majesty. Sorry if you feel any inconvenience."

King Cassius, on the other hand, quickly waved his hand and said. "No, you don't feel sorry for that. You are my benefactor so I should be thanking you for getting me out of that filthy place instead of feeling uncomfortable. What's more, this place is already a lot better compared to that dark prison," while shaking his head and having a bitter smile on his face.

Then Shin received a system notification that was telling him that his affinity with King Cassius suddenly increase. He was happy for that of course, but he still didn't have enough time to enjoy it. He needed to get back at the corrupted nest as soon as possible. Even if he might not be able to help them much in the battle, he could still at least make himself useful with his Elemental Companions and utility skills.

Given that, he gives the King a salute that was unique for Sun-Moon Church before saying. "If that was the case, let this humble one to return to that place to help my friends, your Majesty."

And when King Cassius heard that, he kept nodding his head and said to Shin. "Of course! You can go back there and help your friends; they are my benefactors too after all. Go! And protect our beloved land against those spawns of corruptions!"

Then Shin gave him another salute and immediately walked of the room before summoning Hanzo once again to create another void gate so that he could gave the others a little helping hand of his.