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220 End of the Battle


At the exact moment when Vladimir was separated with his body, Uno quickly took the [Belt of Tomi] from his other equipment set slot before putting it on the current slot that he was using.

Then, quickly after that, he used the 'Telekinesis' skill and sent some paralysis needles at the direction where Immortal was going to materialized as he planned to immobilize the latter's movements.

And since Immortal just teleported away from Uno, he failed to see what the latter had done. What's more, the latter also did something that was quite cunning on the next moment. Uno immediately sent a shadow illusion that traveled on the ground to confuse the Lich God.

Given that, Immortal was gotten tricked by that misdirection and failed to avoid getting hit by the paralysis needles that were coming on his way since he was too focused at Uno.

Uno took a series of actions to complete the entire process, but he was quick enough to complete the execution of the entire process while being unnoticed. And with those series of movements, he was able fool Immortal's senses and tricked the latter's battle instincts at the same time.

And with that, Immortal failed respond in time and got hit by the paralysis needles, making his movements to become immobilized. And the moment he raised his head to take a look at Uno, what greeted him was the thrusting arm of his opponent that was coming straight to his chest.


And before he was able to do anything, the right hand of his opponent pierced through his chest together with the long fingers and sharp nails of the werewolf hand of Uno.

"You! -..." Immortal opened his mouth and wanted to say something but unfortunately he wasn't able to do so. It was because his chest was immediately ripped by Uno before he was able to say anything more after the first word.

"I don't have any more time to talk to you for now," was what Uno wanted to say, but he immediately rejected the idea and frowned his eyebrows when he saw that the body of Immortal was suddenly exploded with a bunch of black smoke.


Then he turned his head at the whole place as he swept his gaze the entire hall to look for Immortal's presence. But when he couldn't feel any other presence inside the hall, and couldn't find his opponent, the frown on his eyebrows raised even higher as he muttered to himself. "He still managed to escape? What a slippery target to take."

After that, he couldn't help himself but added. "Heh! Looks like this so-called game is going to be an interesting one. To think that there is a target that managed to slipped through my hands? Heh! This is the very first time for as long as I remember."

Uno released his 'Yasha Transformation' by separating Grimrace from his body. And when he made sure that there were no more threats present inside the hall, he took a deep breath before muttering. "I guess that is it for now."

And before he was able to say anything more, the voice of Hanzo suddenly interrupted his thoughts. "So, how about you explain what is happening now, Young Lad?"

Uno suddenly clicked his tongue after hearing that and immediately said. "Tsk! That was a very long and quite complicated story to tell, Old Man. We don't have much time for that. What's more, I am too lazy to narrate the entire process to you so no thanks."

Then Grimrace suddenly chimed in the conversation. "I am more curious about how you are able to do the previous feats that you just did earlier, than your complicated story. How about you tell us he did you managed to do those instead."

"Oh~!" Uno seemed to gotten interested into this topic too and thought for a moment before replying. "Hmm... I am not sure about that either. All I do is to copy what that pale guy does on the energies that was around him."

"You mean the Mana?" said Hanzo as he cut in.

Uno just shrugged his shoulders and said. "Yeah, whatever it is. Anyway, that is the main logic behind it. All I do earlier is to imitate him and do my own version of control and manipulation when I failed to copy everything of what he had did."

"What we are asking is how? How did you create that Sun ability, those elemental summons too, and especially the Elemental Possession! Those are the things that you can't do out of the whim." said by Vladimir in an impatient tone.

Uno couldn't help himself but smirked and started chuckling when he heard that. "Hehe! Then you can count me as an exception if that was the case. In this world, I am someone that can create a so-called skill out of the whim."

"A 'Son of God'!?" said the three elemental spirits simultaneously.

(Note Reminder: the in-game term for the Chosen Ones of the Real World is Sons of Gods)

Then an idea suddenly sunk inside the head of the three a little later. And as if the three of them turned their heads at Uno at the same time, the latter suddenly something unusual.

And before he managed to say something, Hanzo immediately beat him at talking first. "We are quite aware that this body of our host is a 'Son of God'. But isn't his talent to evolve during battle? How come that yours is completely different? Didn't you said that the two of you are same?"

Uno started laughing after hearing that and said. "Hahaha... Yeah, you are right. I did say that, but that is not actually what I mean. There is no point at having two kinds of personalities if the two if us the same after all. We might be really living in the same body but our talents is still somewhat different at the same time."

Then he paused for a moment before adding." As for what exactly is it-... I think it is better to keep it on myself for now. I can't risk telling it to you for you guys may get a slip of a tongue."

And while talking about that, He suddenly felt something inside him and immediately added in deep voice. "Looks like my time is already running out. Oi~! Listen guys, don't mention what really happened here to that idi*t, if you guys don't want him to be dead. Not on this world, but on ours. And when that happens, he will never be able to come back to this world ever again, of course."

Hanzo seemed to look at Uno as the purple speck of light stopped in front of the latter before saying. "What do you mean by that?"

Uno released a helpless sigh and said. "Like what I have said earlier, it is quite a long story and complicated to explain. So, it is better for us to leave it like that. What's more, my time is running out, so I can't finish telling you about it even if I wanted to."

Then he felt that something, or someone rather, was starting to wake up. So, he quickly added. "Enough with that, just make sure not to tell him about what happen here, or else, that is going to become a really troublesome matter."

"Heh! You talk as if it is too easy. If we do what you want, then how are we going to explain what happened here?" sneered by Vladimir.

Uno just shrugged his shoulders and said. "I am not sure about that too. Maybe you can just give the credit to someone else."

"Heh~! And to whom? We are the only ones that are present on this place," said by Grimrace in a sarcastic manner.

At this point, Uno seemed to suddenly felt something and turned his head at the direction where the entrance of the hall was located. Then he smirked and said. "Heh~! Looks like we have a good candidate here."

That was when the trio of elemental spirits suddenly stopped what they were going to say and looked at the direction where Uno was looking.

And before the three even managed to voice out who was it, Uno immediately said. "I know that you heard what we are talking about. I don't expect that I will see a fellow assassin on this place. What's more, you felt like someone that gone through a similar training as mine. Mind if you show yourself? The rules will not apply now since we are obviously on the same side."

Then a man with a sleeveless-hooded coat walked out of the dark side of the entrance and showed himself. Naturally, this guy was Faker who was ordered to rescue Shin if possible. But form the looked of the things inside the hall, it was not necessary.

And when he appeared, Faker immediately said. "Looks like there is quite a history on Brother Sickarius side for him to have a DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). These past years, it was quite a rare case to encounter someone that have this kind of personality disorder since we have a quite advance Martial-Art practice that could prevent and suppress these kinds of things. It seems like what he had gone through is something not ordinary, huh?"

*( DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) previously known as MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), a personality disorder of having at least two distinct and relatively enduring personality states also known as split personality. )

Uno suddenly started chuckling and said. "Heh! It was nothing special actually, especially if you look at it with a real assassin's perspective. It is just he was too weak back then to carry that so-called burden. Anyway, I don't have much time for any lectures so let's get on the point. Are you going to cooperate or not?"

Fake shrugged his shoulders and said. "Do I have any other choice? From the way that you said it, I can tell that it is something that is very serious, and my even affect his everyday life in the real world. But I can't promise that I can keep it a secret until the end, that guy Immortal is really been beaten by you, so it is quite impossible to hide the truth."

Then Uno nodded his head and said. "Well, all I need is to hide the truth of this incident for now. As for the future-..."

He trailed his words at this point before forming a grin with his lips while saying. "I will handle it myself when the time comes since I find another interesting thing when I take a look at this idi*t's memory."

Faker suddenly started to frown his brows his brow when he heard that. But he before managed to voiced out his doubts, Uno immediately added a question. "Oh~! Another thing. Do you know how can I get rid of the skills and abilities that I have created?"

The corner of Faker's mouth suddenly twitched when he heard that. It was as if he heard something ridiculous; well, it was really the case. Why were you going to delete a skill that helped you beat a very powerful opponent? Well, he also understood why it was the case.

And the was...

"Hey! Since we are already on this, at least help me to clean up everything. I am getting rid all of the evidences here, alright? Rule no. 5 of assassination code: A real assassin will never leave any kind of evidences behind after every mission. So, how about you tell it to me immediately? My time is quickly running out." said Uno impatiently.

"Tch!" Faker clicked his tongue and thought to himself. 'At least they are somewhat the same on this aspect.'

Then he taught Uno how to delete all of the new skills, special abilities, and combat techniques. He also help the latter to clear all of the system logs that were registered when Shin lose control of his body.

And when Uno was sure that he already taken care of all of the possible evidences, he looked at Faker once again and said "Alright, that is for now, I guess. But I will not thank you this time for I am sure that we are still going to meet again in the future; I will repay you at that time. And until then, I hope that you are going keep your words as an assassin's creed."

After that, Uno was about to tap Faker's shoulder when he suddenly lost control of his body and fell backwards while slowly closing his eyes in the process.


Faker stared at Uno/Shin's unconscious body for a moment before muttering to himself. "What a scary guy. Even his second personality has a fearsome talent. I wonder who is really stronger between the two, or which one is the true self. Heh! And how strong will he become when he finds his real self."

After that, he started walking towards the center of the hall. Immortal was already not present on this place so it was time to deactivate this core chamber and stop the production of the undead monsters on this place.

And with that, there would be a single problem left that they needed to deal with to clear this very troublesome quest.