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219 Uno shows his Migh


"Alright! Let us see what you guys can do," muttered Uno to himself before ordering both the Silver Frost Dragon and Black Flame Phoenix.

Roar! Shriek!

The two elemental beasts sudden charged forward when Uno ordered the attack. The Silver Frost Dragon was the first to rush forward and just like before, it breathed out a bunch of white fog that spread forward. And compared to the black fog earlier, this one was carrying a very cold air in it; it was as if it could freeze anything that it passed through.

The Black Flame Phoenix, on the other hand, fly a little higher than the dragon as it charged forward right behind the latter. And it didn't immediately attack unlike the Silver Frost Dragon. It just hovered above and waited for the perfect time to strike.

At the same time, the incoming Flesh Golem also release a bunch of black smoke from its body that fought with the white fog that came from the Silver Frost Dragon's mouth. And when the two opposing sides came in contact with each other, the undead monster and the ice elemental dragon were immediately engaged in battle.

The Flesh Golem quickly snatched the dragon's neck to prevent it from biting before smashing it on the ground powerfully. And immediately after that, the golem raised its other hand while clenching it into a fist before planning to smash it towards the ice dragon's head.

But before the fist of the Flesh Golem fell on the head of Silver Frost Dragon, opened its mouth and pointed it at the face of the undead monster. And on the very next instant, a beam of silver light was released from its mouth that devoured the head of the monster.

But when the beam of silver light subdued, the head of the Flesh Golem was immediately revealed and it seemed that it was not much affected by it. But there was some cold frost on the surface of its body that made the movements of the undead monster to slow down greatly.

And before Flesh Golem managed to smash its fist, a bunch of feathers that were made of black flame suddenly rained down from the Black Flame Phoenix that were hovering above the two.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Shoosh!

With that, the Flesh Golem was forced to abandon the idea of attacking the Silver Frost Dragon and used its other arm to block the falling blazing feathers instead since it was already been raised in the air.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

And while the Flesh Golem was busy at blocking the rain of blazing feathers, the Silver Frost Dragon suddenly whipped its tail at the waist of the undead monster and made it to stumble a little and released its grip at the ice dragon.

Immediately after that, the Silver Frost Dragon quickly followed the previous attack to throw another whipped tail attack while targeting the Flesh Golem's legs this time. But the latter was able to notice it in time and avoided it by jumping in that air.

And together with that jump, the Flesh Golem raised both of its arms in the air before smashing them at the Silver Frost Dragon while descending on the ground. But the ice dragon able to dodge it quickly. And when the undead monster was intending to chase after the dragon, the Black Flame Phoenix in the air, sent another rain of blazing feathers at the Flesh Golem to force it to dodge the attack.

Then battle started to escalate to a higher level.

Uno was currently watching the battle in a distance. And when he became sure that the battle was in a deadlock, he started talking to himself. "So~ how about you guys? What can you do?"

Or rather, the talked to the specks of light that was circling around his body; the Elemental Spirits.

And the reply immediately came, and it was Hanzo naturally. "So~ I was right. You are not the kid. Who are you?"

Uno smirked after hearing that and said. "I am him and he is me. But you can also say that he is in the upper side, so there is nothing to worry, Old Man."

Hanzo was quiet for a moment before talking once again. "So, you are saying that this body have two personalities? Heh! Now that is interesting."

"But I prefer this guy than our previous host. He seemed to be a little smarter than him in terms of exploring himself," said Grimrace in nonchalant manner. Vladimir, on the other hand, remained silent.

"How about we cut of the talks for now and answer my question first. We are running out of time after all," said Uno as he controlled the Silver Frost Dragon to dodge another tricky attack from the Flesh Golem.

"And is more a strategic guy unlike our instinctive host earlier," added Grimrace after hearing that.

"Are you talking about how to use our other powers aside from our original combat body?" asked Hanzo back.

"What else, Old Man? I am asking if I can do something similar with what that guy did just earlier. That ability that he used to fuse those 'black fireflies' around him at hulk monster," said Uno.

"That was a variation of 'Elemental Possession'. Every Elemental Spirit Contractor can have that ability, but about how you are going to use it varies from a person to person. It was also being affected by the contractor's class and skills," said Hanzo.

"Isn't that quite obvious already. What I am asking is what are your abilities that I could use? So, that I can make some plans on how to use them," said Uno with a slight annoyed tone.

Then Vladimir suddenly smirked after hearing that. "Heh! Is that so? You talk as if you can do it easily. Do you even know how hard to do it?"

This time, it was Uno's turn to smirk at him and said. "Heh! That idi*t also have idi*t servants, I see. How many times do I have to tell you that we are running out of time? If we keep talking like this then my Mana Pool will be exhaust before we even manage to defeat that guy."

"Tsk! You dare to call this awesome and amazing spirit as an idi*t? Are you looking for a way to die?" said Vladimir threateningly.

"I have a lot of that. Do you want to try some?" said Grimrace; and from his tone you could picture that he was licking his lips while saying those words.

At the same time, Hanzo released a helpless sigh before saying. "Alright, that is enough, I guess. Young Lad, listen carefully. The three of us have different kinds of skill traits. What's more, our elements are flexible for any styles of fighting so you don't have to worry much about that. You could do whatever you want."

Uno clicked his tongue as if he was not satisfied at what he had heard. "Tsk! You didn't completely answer what I am asking, Old Man. But what you said is still quite useful I guess."

Then he suddenly started walking forward where Immortal's undead monster and his elemental beast were currently having an intense battle.

And that sight made the three elemental spirits to respond with a slight panic reaction.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" said by Hanzo.

"Are you out of your mind? Do you think that you can handle that monster with that puny strength of yours?" said by Grimrace.

"Heh! Don't try to copy this awesome and amazing spirit such as me?" sneered by Vladimir.

But Uno ignored what they were saying and continue walking forward while saying at them. "Just shut up your mouths and lend me your strengths unconditionally. If things go smoothly, we can end this battle with this last and final bout. So, just focus at lending your strengths to me and I will handle the rest."

The three where skill confused and had some doubts, but they had no other choice but to obey his orders; he was still their current host after all.

And the same time, Immortal suddenly frowned his eyebrows when he saw Uno started walking forward. 'Is this guy have a death wish?'

Then he suddenly smirked at that sight before wearing an evil grin with his lips. "Heh! If that was what you want, then let me send you there."

At the same time, he controlled his Flesh Golem to attack Uno without thinking about anything. He disregarded the two elemental beast that battling his undead monster and immediately charge at Uno when he reached the ideal range to attack.

And when Uno saw that, he couldn't help himself but chuckled at that sight and muttered to himself. "I really like battling with smart people. They are too easy to lead with some simple bait."

He raised his head at the incoming fist of the Flesh Golem with a calm look at his face. And immediately after that, he took a step forward with his left foot while squatting his hips a little. Then he twisted his waste backwards while holding the scythe with both of his hands as he pulled them with the same direction of his waist.

At the same time, he muttered a single word. "Void."

The purple speck of light suddenly fused with his body almost instantly. Then a pair of rings of purple runes appeared behind him as they rotated in opposite direction while having one of them inside the other.

'Elemental Spirit Possession (Void): (Uno's version) Dimensional Traveler'

And when the fist was about to reach the five-meter mark away from him, he suddenly turned his waist on the other direction while swinging the scythe at the same time.


There seemed to be nothing happened after Uno was done with those movements. But the fist of the Flesh Golem was suddenly came into an immediately halt when that happened. Then, on the very next instant, the entire arm of the undead monster that it used to attack Uno was completely severed from its body.

And before the Flesh Golem managed to react, the Silver Frost Dragon was already coiling its body at the undead monster and freezing it in the process. At the same time, the Black Flame Phoenix that was hovering in the air suddenly dived downwards almost immediately.



And with that, the Flesh Golem was immediately engulfed by the black flames of that explosion and started crying in agony due to that condensed power of the Black Sun, which was somewhat its nemesis.

At the same time, the sight of Immortal was being blocked by that black flame. That was why he didn't saw that Uno was already doing his next move. Hanzo just got out from the possessing the body when Uno suddenly opened his mouth once again and muttered another word. "Blood."

And immediately after that, a pair of crimson blood bat wings were suddenly materialized on his back. Then he quickly flapped those wings without having any kind of second thoughts and swiftly charged forward while passing through the blazing black flame.

'Elemental Spirit Possession (Blood): (Uno's version) Blood Sovereign'


Jumping through those black flames didn't affect Uno even in a slightest bit of damaged; that was his powers after all. He just used it as a cover to hide from Immortal line of sight.

And with those pair of bat wings, his speed suddenly gone up on to another level. He immediately arrived in front of Immortal for almost an instant. And he was also in the process of swinging the death scythe with both of his hands.

Immortal was gotten off-guard with the sudden turn of events but he was still able to blink away in time before Uno even managed to swing the scythe in his hands.

But at the same time, Uno was strangely grinning behind the [Nephilim's Gemini Mask]. Then he sent out Vladimir out of his body, removing the pair of bat wings on his back. At the same time, he suddenly disarmed that scythe and turned them back to the saber forms, which also removed his Reaper's State

But before the after-effects of the multiple berserk skill kicked in, Uno suddenly activated another one in that spit seconds of process.

His figure suddenly transformed into a being that looked like a wolf yet have some features of a human; he transformed into a werewolf. And his current height was 2-meters tall with a lean but muscular body. At the same time, it was quite obvious that his stats were almost on par with his previous Reaper's state.

'Equipment Skill (Foot Armor: Shadow Dusk): Lycanthropy'

And he was not done yet. Because at the same moment that transformation was done, he immediately muttered the word. "Shadow."

it was Grimrace time to shine. He fused with the werewolf body of Uno which also coincidentally a perfect match for Shadow elemental Mana. Then the pair of eyes of the 'Werewolf Uno' suddenly turned into deep crimson color while its body was releasing some black smokes in the process.

'Elemental Spirit Possession (Shadow): (Uno's version) Yasha Transformation'

Then he quickly turned his head at the direction where Immortal blinked away. And before that latter managed to do anything, the former suddenly transformed into a shadowy silhouette and charge at Immortal's directions.

Immortal wanted to use another teleportation skill, but he suddenly realized that it was already too late since his body was being bind by the shadow below him. And when he raised his head to looked at the incoming opponent, he saw that his opponent was already thrusting his right hand forward and straight at Immortal's chest!


And this moment was the signal for the end of this long and intense battle.