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218 The Strange Uno


"My name is Uno," said Shin, no... he was Uno now. He said that while looking at Immortal who was currently looking at him arrogantly.

Immortal smirked at him and said. "Heh~! Quite a self-proclaimed, Huh? But still, I will remember-..."

But he was in the middle of talking when he was suddenly interrupted by Uno. "But I pretty much don't like the way that you are talking to me. It was as if you were saying that I will lose this battle no matter what."

Immortal was gotten a little off-guard at the sudden interruption and cold tone. But he recovered himself almost immediately and said. "Heh! Don't tell me that you are still expecting that you guys are going to win? Let me tell you, you may be able to ruin my plans, but that doesn't mean I couldn't get what I want."

After saying that, he suddenly smashed the bottom of his bone staff at the ground and made it stabbed at the floor of the core chamber. And he was currently standing in the middle of the pentagram so that was why the entire place was suddenly illuminated with a blinding light; the pentagram was releasing strange light, indicating that something troublesome was about to happened.

But Uno seemed not to be much effected by it. And Immortal he couldn't help but frowned his eyebrows the moment he saw that this guy was looking at him fearlessly. The he smirked a little before sneering at Shin. "Heh! Still acting strong? Don't expect that Simba will come save you now for what I am about release is something that even him can't handle alone."

After saying that, Immortal pulled out his bone staff from the ground before raising it in the air while saying. "Come fort, Devourer from the Shadows."


Then the whole place suddenly started trembling violently as if there was an earthquake happening. It was also felt by all of the players outside. Not only that, at the direction where was the outpost plaza was located, everyone in the vicinity inside and outside of the outpost were able to see a silhouette of a huge being started to stand up from at that place.

And naturally, Simba was able to see that. And since he was one of the two that were most experienced player in the place, he knew right away what was happening. He couldn't even help himself but clicked his tongue that moment he understood what was with that strange creature.

And the trickiest thing on this situation was the direction of the disaster beast and the place where the core of the corrupted nest was located. So, he couldn't do both.

Simba became so annoyed at this current situation and cursed Immortal. "Tsk! What cunning b*st*rd! So that was why he was too protective on this place. D*mn! Now, I need to choose between dealing with this disaster beast or to save a comrade. Should I face this monster, I need to sacrifice Shin Bro."

"And if I save Shin Bro first, then this monster will surely slaughter its way towards the Holy City. What's more, this the presence of this disaster beast will surely create a monster horde which is going to become a very troublesome matter."

And while Simba was having that in mind, the two apostles that were chasing after him was suddenly gone. Well, that was understandable, the summoning of that disaster monster only mean two things after all. First, their preparations were already complete and ready to initiate that final phase of their plan. The second was their plans being ruined and they needed to hasten the last part of the plan so that they would not waste all of the efforts and investments that put on this operation.

While having that train of thoughts, Simba suddenly gritted his teeth and came with a decision. First, he contacted Lawless and the others, through the party voice channel. "Hey, do you hear me? We got a very troublesome situation here."

And the reply immediately came; and naturally, Lawless was the one that answered. "We are already inside the corrupted nest the rushing towards the coordinates the Faker had given to us. The apostle that we are dealing earlier suddenly run off to somewhere."

Then Simba quickly answered. "Forget about going that place and immediately head at outpost plaza."

Lawless knitted his brow and asked. "What about Brother Sickarius?"

"Forget about him for now. Immortal managed to get away from me with the help of his personal apostle, so Shin Bro will mostly likely encounter that guy inside the core chamber. And with the fact that that disaster monster already appears, it was already too late for us to save him now," said my Simba almost instantly.

"We are also not sure about what is happening inside the chamber so we can't gamble on something that we are unsure off. At least we need to hold this disaster monster in this place, or else, a huge monster horde will slaughter their way towards the Holy City."

He paused for a moment before asking. "How are the things on your side, Death God?"

When Faker heard that, he immediately understood what Simba intended to do. "The guy that I am dealing earlier is gone to who knows where. I'll go take a look inside and find the core chamber, and see if Brother Sicakrius is still alright."

Then Simba said to them. "Go! We need to move as soon as possible before it is too late."

After that, he quickly changed the direction of his charge and rush towards the place where the outpost's plaza was located. His pet was also on that place and fighting for its life, so he needed to hasten his speed to get in there a little bit faster.


Going back on the side of the core chamber.

Immortal was currently looking at Uno and sneered. "No matter how much you tried to by some time, no one is going to come for your rescue. Those guys will be pretty busy with the present that I give them. As for you-..."

He paused for a moment before waving his bone staff while sending a bunch dark elemental Mana towards his undead monsters. Then on the next moment the undeads started fusing with each other before turning into a huge bulky undead monster; it was a Flesh Golem!

The Immortal continued what he was saying. "As for you, you are going to die here now."

Uno stared at the Flesh Golem for a moment before turning his attention back to Immortal and started chuckling heartedly. And that sight made the latter to frown his brows.

Immortal was about to say something when Uno suddenly beat him up in it and said. "Who said that is am buying some time to wait for anyone? I don't need any help from others for I can manage my problems myself."

The frown on Immortal's eyebrows was getting higher the moment he heard that. And that was also the same time when Uno suddenly did something strange once again.

"Alright, looks like I need to get to work now since I am already done my warm up to get use to this world and its energy," said Uno while stretching his waist left and right.

After that, he controlled the nine rotating black suns around him and fuse them together, turning them in to a single mini black sun once again. And before Immortal managed to ridicule him, Uno suddenly snapped with his left-hand thumb and index finger and said. "Fly towards the Blazing Sky!"

Then the black sun suddenly transformed into a creature that only appeared in the legends; it became a phoenix with blazing black flames. And the surrounding on the left side of Uno turned into a blazing place.

Immortal was gotten off-guard at first but he suddenly smirked when he saw the strength of the phoenix. "Heh, I thought you are going to do something amazing but it turns out a false bravado instead. That bird maybe strong against others but not it is still too weak in from of my summon."

After that he didn't waste anymore time and immediately sent the Flesh Golem to attack Uno. But latter was just calmly looking at the incoming monster. Then he suddenly smirked when that monster reached the 5-meter mark away from him and said. "Who said that this guy is the only one I have?"

Then he tapped his right foot on the ground two times while saying. "Soar upon the Frozen Heavens!"


Then the floor on the right side of Uno suddenly turned into a frozen ground before a bunch of water/ice elemental Mana gathered at that spot before turning into a figure of a serpent dragon in silver color and with the same size as the Black Flame Phoenix on his left side.

And after being summoned, the Silver Frost Dragon immediately charged forward to greet the incoming Flesh Golem without further ado. And before it collided with the fist of the undead monster, the frost dragon suddenly opened its mouth and release a bunch of white fog. And when the fist of the monster clashed it. The fog suddenly condensed and started to turn into a solid ice and planning to entrap the entire arm of the Flesh Golem.

Immortal immediately sensed that and quickly controlled his Flesh Golem to pulled its right arm backwards before swiftly ordering it to retreat.

And when that happened, the Silver Frost Dragon quickly rushed back at the right side of Uno and started the Flesh Golem fiercely. The Black Flame Phoenix was also doing the same. Then Uno looked at Immortal smugly while muttering to himself. 'This game is really interesting. Hehe...'

Immortal, on the other hand, was currently looking at 'Shin' with confused look at his face. 'This guy is really odd. He is not even like this earlier. What happened? I was as if I am fighting an entirely new person. What's more, that elemental control and summoning can only be execute by some experts with magical classes. But this guy is a swordsman, and he did it as if it is nothing special'

'Hmm... But his berserk will surely come into an end sooner or later, so the pressure will devour him little by little as the time goes by. Especially now that I don't need to be concerned about exhausting my reserves.'

After having those thought, Immortal quickly resumed at attacking. But this time, he fused three of the specks of black lights circling around him, at the Flesh Golem to make it a little more stronger before ordering it to attack almost immediately after the fusion.

And when Uno saw what Immortal had did, he suddenly licked his lips before muttering himself. 'That seems to be interesting too. Let's see what is it this time.'