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217 My Name is Uno


At this point, Immortal was really taking this situation a little seriously. It was not only due to him being in a double weakened state, but also because of this guy in front of him was being too odd for some unknown reason.

Given that, he tried to test the water first and summoned a bunch of black spheres around him; the amount of these spheres was much higher than the number of the spheres that he had summoned previously when he was battling Shin with his clone.

And a little later after Immortal summoned those black spheres, Shin's eyes seemed to shine brightly and became somewhat excited. "Hoh~! That was an interesting way for energy utilization. It is somewhat similar at Mentalism Control with quite a little touch of Qi Manipulation. Let me try it then."

After muttering those words, Shin control the fire elemental Mana on his surroundings before gathering them around him. And immediately after that, he manipulated them just like what he saw and tried to create a group of fire balls with it.

Unfortunately, he failed to create them. He still couldn't fuse those fire elemental Mana together, no matter how hard he tried to combine them. This confused him a little, but he immediately discovered the answer for that question on himself a moment later. "So~ I can't do it unless it was a skill. Tsk! This is not fun at all. I prefer being in the Real World if that was the case. At least there, I can learn any skill that I saw."

Immortal was suddenly taken aback when he saw what Shin had did. That skillful manipulation of Mana was something that only a player with magical class could do. But he unconsciously released a sigh of relief when he saw that Shin failed at casting the skill.

After that, Immortal sent all of the black sphere at Shi's direction.

Shin clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! If I can't use it without turning it into a skill, then let's create one instead."

Since all of elemental Mana were already gathered together, making a skill out of it would be a little easier. But instead of creating a multiple number of fire balls, he created just a single one but with a huge size at that. It looked like a mini blazing sun but with a black color flames.

Then a system notification sounded at Shin's ears, but he ignored it completely. It was because the black spheres were already coming at him.

Shin focused his mind at controlling the black sun behind him and made a snap with his left-hand thumb and index finger. And on the next moment, a whip-like flame was suddenly released from the black sun before devouring all of the incoming black spheres; it looked like a solar flare of the sun.

Immortal was really became surprise at what had happened this time. "This guy really is odd."

Given that, Immortal started summoning a bunch of undead monsters. These undead summons had a rank that was a little lower than the ones the he normally summoned; it was due to him being in a double weakened state. He couldn't control the higher undeads properly on this state. But even if that was the case, that didn't mean that these undeads could be ignored.

And the on the next moment, the undead monsters immediately started charging at Shin the moment that they were summoned.

At the same time, Shin controlled the black sun behind him to send a bunch of solar flares at the incoming undead monsters.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The battle seemed to be in a deadlock as the undead monsters failed to get near at Shin, but their numbers seemed not to lessen for bit even if he already killed some of them. And Shin knew why it was the case.

Immortal was only sending a few of his undead monsters from time to time. It was as if he was planning for Shin to become exhausted. "Tsk! Trying to wear me out? Or going to wait for my berserk skill to end?"

Then he licked his lips and said. "Well, if that was the case, then let me create another one to speed things up."

After saying those words, the black sun behind him was suddenly divided into two identical ones. There sizes were a little smaller than the previous one, and the power of the solar flares were a little lower than before. But at the very least, the firing rate of the solar flare increases with a higher level. And with that, most of the undead monsters that were coming on his way were immediately slaughtered without putting up any kind of resistance.

"Oh~! Trying to overwhelm numbers with speed? But numbers is not the thing that I only have," sneered Immortal when he saw what was happening.

Then he sent another bunch of undead monsters forward; and this time, it was much greater in numbers than before. They looked like a bunch of aggressive zombies from some certain movies.

At the same time that those undead monsters charged at him, Shin hasten the firing rate of the solar flares and killed quite a number of them in the process. But even if that was the case, he was still frowning his brows at this point of time. It was because most of the monsters that were coming at him almost reached the 5-meter mark away from where he was standing. It was due to them being able to dodge most of his attacks now.

But he started grinning a little later when he discovered why. "A weaker version of that id*t? This is quite interesting too. Heh! Let's see how will it last then."

After muttering those words, Shin separated a few elemental Mana from the two mini black suns before turning it into another sun. And immediately after that, he started bombarding the incoming undead monsters with another bunch of solar flares. And since there were three black suns now, the firing rate of Shin's attack became even more faster.

And this battle continued for a few more minutes. This battle became even more intense as more time passed and the two of them were doing it in a back and forth manner. And even if the battle was still in the deadlock, the one with the upper hand was surprisingly Shin. It was because he was the one that was always responding at Immortal's move.

During their battle, Immortal continued at sending his undead monsters to Shin while also increasing their numbers from time to time. But at the same time, the latter was also increasing the number of his black suns in response, which forced the battle into deadlock.

On this battle, Immortal realized his mistake a little later. He knew that Shin would be really dead if his berserker skill came into an end, but that that battle against time could be also apply to him. He also needed to end this battle as soon as possible, before Simba arrived on this place. Shin was clearly aware of this, that was why he was gambling with what he was doing.

And with that, Immortal was forced spend more effort at the battle by sending a bunch of magical skills. That was why the familiar black spheres, shadow arrows, and dark spears, started flying towards Shin once again. So, together with the undead monsters that were coming at the latter, these incoming magical attacks would force Shin to choose which one was he going to block.

Shin currently had nine suns rotating behind him while sending solar flares from time to time. And together with that, he calmly responded at Immortal's assault in a direct manner.

He charged forward together with those black suns behind him and engaged with a melee battle with undead monsters while sending some solar flares at the incoming magical attacks. And with that, the battle resumed at being in a deadlocked once again.

When things reached this point, Immortal knew that he couldn't beat Shin with just these alone. He needed some advance undead summons to end the battle fast, or use some powerful spell at the very least. But that also would lead to exhausting himself.

His double weakened state put a heavy toll on him, and if he summoned a special undead now, he would lose even more of his strength which would lead him to exhaust all of his reserves. And when that happened, he was still going to lose the battle against Simba when that guy arrived, even if he won this current battle. And that was when he realized the state he was in; whatever he did, he would lose the battle either way.

And with that, Immortal squinted his eyes and glared at Shin. He thought for a moment. 'Where did it go wrong?'

He recalled what had happened since the start and organized them one by one. Everything was perfectly going according to his plan since earlier, so why he was in this kind of situation now? Why it was him, being in the losing side?

With those main points in his mind, the answer was immediately given to him. He did two miscalculations during this battle. First was the appearance of the War God, Simba. If this guy was not present, then he didn't have to leave his post on this chamber. And there was also no need for him to summon his special clone.

The second was this guy that was currently engaged in battle with him. It was a huge turn of event for this guy to kill his clone; which was also forced him to use the force teleportation, so that he could come back at this place before the pentagram collapsed. What's more, he also didn't expect for this guy to hold his ground this well up to this point.

Now, that he had gotten the whole picture, Immortal knew that already lost the battle since he left this place. No, not only he lost the battle, but also the war that was currently going on. And with all of that, he came up with a decision.

"Since I already lost his war, then I am going to make sure that all of you will go down together with my plans!" said Immortal as he looked at the man battling his undead summons while repelling his magical attacks.

Then he immediately started to chant out a bunch of necromantic words while holding his bone staff vertically on his front of him with both of his hands. And on the next instant, a huge amount of Mana surged towards this core chamber while gathering at Immortal.

And that commotion immediately attracted Shin's attention. "*Whistle~* Looks like that guy is force into the corner. Is he planning to do a self-destruction move?"

Naturally, he planned to stop whatever Immortal was planning to do. Unfortunately, the undead monsters were suddenly put in a berserk state and started throwing their lives at him without regarding about anything.

The speed on the undead monsters suddenly increase with a great margin while their aggressiveness had gone up to another level. And that swarming undeads put a great pressure at Shin; he was even forced to retreat repeatedly due to that pressure that they were giving. And before he could even think of a plan to get out of that predicament, Immortal was already done at chanting out his spell.

But before Immortal cast the spell, he first looked at Shin and said. "It looks like that you are not a simple opponent. Tell me your name, and I will remember it for this lost."

Shin stopped in a few distance away from Immortal when his saw that the undead monsters halted their chase at him. Then he scratched the left cheek of his mask with his left-hand index finger while saying. "Are you asking me that so that you can send your subordinates to hunt me down? Thanks, but no thanks."

Immortal smirked at what he heard and replied. "Do you think that I need to know who you are to hunt you down? Let's me tell you, I don't need that. Because the moment you killed my clone, a death mark was already put in your body. So, I will always find you no matter where you go. What's more, there is no Church that can remove that mark unless I kill you."

Shin observe his body and discovered that there a foreign Mana that was mixed with his own Mana. Then he suddenly frowned his eyebrows and thought to himself. 'Tsk! That idi*t is really careless, now this is going to be a great trouble. Fortunately, I am not the one that is going to deal with that.'

After that, he looked at Immortal and said. "Fine then. Remember my name, as I am the one that is always be second to nothing. My name is 'Uno'."