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215 Valiant Efforts


Simba was currently looking at the two undead players standing on the roof of an establishment not far from the battlefield, when the powerful undead monsters rushed towards him.

"Looks like Spiritual Possession will be not enough anymore. But the main problem now is Immortal. I'm afraid that I can't hold him now since he will be having the help of these guys," muttered Simba to himself before stomping on the ground once again. But this time it didn't cause any kind of earthquake nor created a shockwave.

'Barbarian Skill: Earth Tide

But what came after that stomp was something a little different yet somewhat similar to what happened earlier. On the next moment after he stomped his foot, A bunch of spiderweb-cracks spread on the ground of the entire place before making it to collapse so suddenly, and it made the ground to move like a bunch of waves on the seaside. Then the undead monsters around Simba suddenly lost some of their balance but that didn't affect them much as they managed to regain themselves almost immediately.

The undead monsters were about to start pouncing at Simba when a huge crimson lion suddenly appeared behind him while glaring fiercely at the monsters around them. Then on the very next moment, Simba suddenly opened his mouth and shouted with a deafening sound. And on the same time that he did that, the huge Lion also opened its mouth and released a loud and majestic roar.


'Elemental Beast Skill (Crimson Sovereign): Beast King's Roar'


A powerful energy wave was sent in all direction and forced all of the undead monsters to come into a sudden halt with their movements. The monsters didn't know what was it, but they felt a sudden feeling that they shouldn't be having right now.

Fear! They were not sure if it was really fear, but one thing was certain, their bodies refused to move forward after that energy wave was sent out together with that roar.

Simba took advantage of that moment to do his next move. He quickly released the lion-like element spirit from his body before swiftly releasing the half-human half-mammoth elemental spirit together with the bearkin-like elemental one.

And without further ado, those three elemental beast spirits fused together and created a new being. Then this hybrid elemental beast spirit fused with Simba and gave him a newly found strength.

'Elemental Beast Fusion: Triple Fusion'

'Elemental Beast Possession: Supreme Heavenly Behemoth'


A very strong and powerful pressure was suddenly released from Simba's body when the fusion was complete.


Simba released another deafening roar before jumping high up in the air immediately after that. Then quickly reached his apex in almost an instant with that jump of him. After that, he adjusted his center of gravity before forcing himself to fall towards the ground once again together with a great speed and unstoppable force.

'Destroyer Skill (Tier 2):Descent of the Beast King'



A very load explosion sound was created when Simba landed on the ground once again. At the same time, a very powerful shockwave together with a strong gale-like energy wave was sent in all directions devouring everything that stood on its path.

Given that, it didn't matter if it was an undead monster or an ordinary establishment, everything that stood on the path of that shockwave turned into dusts when it passed through them.

At the same time, Immortal quickly waved his staff and created a sphere barrier around him with a bunch of compressed dark energies. Of course, he wanted to retrieve some of his undead monsters so that he could save them at the very least. Unfortunately, everything happened a little too fast for him to react in time; Simba only took a couple of seconds to complete the process and did not give him enough time to respond.

It was the same for the two that just arrived at the scene. They could help themselves but to click their tongues when they saw that. They just arrived at the place yet the 'War God: Simba' immediately gave them a such 'heartwarming' greetings.

And with that, the two of them quickly set up their defense while combining their powers to protect themselves at the incoming shockwaves.

What that strike, a huge cloud with the combination of smoke and dust was created. And when that cloud of smoke and dust started to settle down, the devastated place was immediately revealed.

There were now no establishments nor undead monsters present on that place. And what was left behind was a huge crater in an inverse dome shape. It was created by Simba's descend while the War God himself was in the very center of this crater

And when Immortal and his two personal apostles felt that the shockwave finally ended, they immediately removed their barriers and quickly blinked away from their current spots without even thinking twice. And after materializing few distances away from their previous spots, the first thing that they did was to turned their attention at the center of the crater while looking at the man kneeling at that spot.

Simba stood slowly at this point before taking a deep breath immediately after. Then he looked at the direction where his opponents stood before muttering to himself. "I guess that is enough to reset things up. Now, let see how can I hold myself with these guys."

And as if responding at what he was thinking, Immortal and his apostles immediately made their moves.

Immortal made his move by tapping the bottom of his staff at the ground a couple of times. And the very next thing that happened was another summoning of undead. But this time, he only summoned a single undead monster instead of summoning a number of them. What's more, this single undead monster that he summoned didn't even have a bulky size of his usual summons; it was just a skeleton undead of a human.

Then Immortal made a simple gesture of waving his hand on the next moment. And immediately after that, three specks of black light get away from his body and fused with the skeleton. And with that, something quite unusual happened; muscles suddenly grew from the skeleton bones, then skins grew over that muscles and covered it together with some black smokes. And on the next moment, the black smoke attached its self on the body of the summoned undead monster before turning into a full-body armor together with a greatsword in hand.

From this, Simba could read what Immortal was currently planning. The latter wanted to control the undead summon manually which was quite a bad news for him.

At the same time, one of the apostles summoned a bunch of high-ranking skeleton warriors. But instead of ordering them to attack Simba, this guy spread his arms on each of his side while chanting out some necromantic words. Then the skeleton warriors suddenly became dismantled and gathered together at the man before turning him into a two-meter monster with bone armor.

The other apostle, on the other hand, raised his staff in the air while also muttering some necromantic words. Then a bunch of special specters appeared a little late. And immediately after that, the specters fused with the skeleton guy and reinforce their powers.

After taking those buffs, the skeleton guy quickly rushed towards Simba in a fearless manner at the same time when Immortal controlled his Special Death Knight to attack the War God.

In the meantime, Simba stretched his neck left and right and created some cracking sounds before licking his lips and charging at the two incoming enemies.


Then a very intense melee battle was immediately started when the two sides collided. Each time that their blows collided with each other, some explosion sounds and a little shockwaves were being created.

And on this clash, Simba was showing his fearless battle prowess in a melee combat. Despite being outnumbered, he was still able to hold himself on an almost equal ground against the three. But that only lasted for a few moments.

Well, it was also quite obvious that Immortal was still not battling seriously, or rather he still didn't want to end the battle for now. It was for him to gather as much data as he could. And the more his personal undead monster battled, the stronger and more skillful it could become. And if it could battle someone as strong as Simba, this undead summon of his will become even more stronger than he could imagine.

And as more time passed, Simba started to feel some pressure. Due to the other side having a support type player, it was obvious for him to be in a great disadvantage over a period of time. Well, he couldn't end this battle in a fast manner since he was the one in the repelling side. So, he had no other choice but to hold his ground for as long as he could while waiting for a good opportunity to strike with am all-out counterattack.

Naturally, Immortal was quite aware of what Simba was thinking. So, he was planning to end this battle before that happened. What's more, it seemed that he already collected enough data that he could use for his researches; and he thought that his Special Death Knight already been trained enough. And to add more on that, he was also quite curious about how strong the undead monster that he could create after killing this troublesome guy.

But before he even managed to give the order for the 'end game', another 'end game' occurred on the other side. A very unexpected event happened on his clone. And after reading ahead on the other side, he clearly knew that he lost that battle. But that didn't mean he could afford to lose this war.

So, without having any other thoughts, Immortal immediately abandoned the idea of killing Simba personally just for a specially undead summon; he needed to get on the other side for as fast as he could after all, or else, he was going to lose everything that he had invested on this operation.

Immortal gave some quick instructions to his apostles before summoning a void gate that was connected on the chamber where the core of the corrupted nest was located.

Naturally, Simba wanted to prevent that from happening the moment he saw that void gate. But unfortunately for him, the skeleton-armored guy hastened his assaults and worked together with the Special Death Knight of Immortal to prevent him from intervening.

'D*mn it!' Simba gritted his teeth when he saw Immortal entering the gate. He didn't expect for the latter to abandon the idea of killing him personally to create a powerful undead monster. Or rather, he didn't expect that Shin would force Immortal to take care of him personally.

And since he knew for himself that it was already too late for him to prevent Immortal at entering the void gate, Simba quickly decided to shake-off these two guys in front of him before rushing towards the previous outpost's head's residence.

With that idea in mind, Simba forced the skeleton-armored guy and the Special Death Knight to take a couple of steps backward, before swiftly turning away at them without having any kind of second thoughts.

Of course, the two apostles would be going to chase after him. But since they were fully aware that they couldn't pin Simba on a single place if he was focusing on the run, they only needed to slow him down for as long as the could so that they could delay his arrival on the other side.

Well, how could Simba would miss about that? Naturally, he would go all-out with his running speed to shake-off these two and leaving them in the dust if possible. And with that, he could lessen the pressure that he would get since he was only going to face a single opponent this time. the Special Death Knight that Immortal left cunningly.

'D*mn! At least survive until I get there, Shin Bro.' thought Simba to himself while running towards the core of the nest.