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214 Things are turning dire


Few moments before Shin managed to defeat the clone of Immortal. Somewhere inside the Fallen Thirteenth Outpost, and on the place where the most intense battle was going on, two legendary figures where currently having a contest of their battle prowess.


Simba sent an undead monster flying after a powerful swing of his battle-axe. But after sending that giant monster flying, another one with the same size suddenly jumped at him and swing its fist at him very powerfully.

And it didn't just end there, it was because another monster with similar strength suddenly pounced at him from his other side. Not only that, there were also some more monster that were pouncing at him at other directions.

What's more, most of these monsters seemed to be as strong as the Corrupted Overlord that they encountered earlier, and if you add the number of these undead monsters which was quite high and too many for a single person to handle, any other guy that was placed in this situation would be dead for sure. But we were talking about the 'War God: Simba' here. The one that always turning the odds on his own and a man that was capable of destroying an entire army of experts all by himself.

Given that, Simba suddenly stomped his right foot on the ground before those monsters even managed to reach him. His entire foot sunk on the ground after doing that stomp. And on the very next moment, the floor of the place trembled violently as if an earthquake suddenly assaulted the entire place.

'Destroyer Skill (Tier 2): Stomp of the Primal Beast'

And because of the trembling land, aside from the monsters that were pouncing at Simba, all of the other monsters at that were still running towards him suddenly lost their balance and collided with each other before stumbling one after another.

What's more, everything didn't just end in there. On the very next moment after that stomp, a very powerful shockwave was sent in all directions and warded off the monsters that pounced towards him before pushing those monsters away from him.

'Destroyer Skill (Tier 2): Aftershock'

But even if Simba managed to ward off almost every undead monster, there were still some monsters that managed to get passed that powerful shockwave and continue charging at the War God.

These remaining monsters seemed to be the strongest in the group of undead monsters; a Flesh Golem Chief, a True Undead Knight, and a High-Ranking Death Knight. These monsters were obviously stronger than the once that Immortal were summoned at the very start of the battle.

"Oh~! Sending the reinforced Undeads? Looks like he is really getting serious not, huh?" Simba suddenly raised one of his brows when he saw these monsters that were charging at him. Then he immediately added after a brief moment of pause. "I guess I need to use that style for now."

Immediately after that, Simba didn't wait for the monsters to come at him. Instead, he suddenly charged forward and rushed towards the Flesh Golem Chief first. And during his dash, a silhouette of a golden Mammoth Beastman suddenly appeared behind him before fusing with him a little later. Then his charge suddenly accelerated with a great speed as he left a trail of golden light behind.

'Elemental Beast Companion (Possession): Golden Ancient Mammoth'


When the Flesh Golem Chief saw that, it immediately swung its huge fist forward to greet the incoming enemy, and the strength that was hidden on this punch seemed to be strong and powerful, but even if that was the case, Simba was not even afraid. He continued at charging forward and rushed towards the undead monster.

And when he was about to collide at the monster's fist, Simba immediately positioned his left shoulder on his front as he planned to ram at the incoming fist. It was as if he wanted to have a direct contest of strength.


A deafening explosive sound was created when the opposing sides came in contact with each other. And on that simple and direct clash of powers, the one that was in advantageous side was immediately revealed. The Flesh Golem Chief took a few steps backwards almost immediately after the collision, to relieve some force from the impact. Simba, on the other hand, didn't even took a single step backward.

And before anything else, Simba started another attack. First, the golden light left his body and swapped with a brow-colored light that have a silhouette of a BearKin Beastman. And on the very next moment, he swung the battle-axe with his right hand in a horizontal right to left direction.

'Elemental Beast Companion (Possession): Primal Earthen Bear'


A powerful sonic boom was created after Simba swung his battle-axe. And on the next moment, the body of the Flesh Golem Chief was severed into two; the upper part of its body was separated with its other half. But even if that was the case, the cells on the body of the severed undead monster were trying to fix and re-attach its separated self.

Simba was about the followed it with another attack when the True Undead Knight and High-Ranking Death Knight arrived at him. And without further ado, the two monsters swung their swords at each side of Simba.

"Tsk! What an annoying bunch of pests." Simba clicked his tongue when he saw that and did his next move. But that didn't mean that he was going to abandon the idea of finishing the Flesh Golem Chief.

The next thing that he did was to swap the elemental spirit that was fused with his body with another elemental spirit.

After removing the 'Primal Earthen Bear' spirit, another silhouette appeared behind Simba. It was an Elemental Spirit with an appearance of another Beastman, and this time it looked like a hybrid of a human and a tortoise. And after appearing for a moment, this green-colored elemental spirit fused with him almost instantly.

'Elemental Beast Companion (Possession): Abyssal Tortoise'

And on the next moment, a bunch of glass-like hexagonal things appeared around him before combining with each other and forming a barrier on each of his sides, covering them for the incoming strikes.

Clang! Clang!

The swords of the two undead monsters landed at the barrier around Simba and created a pair of metallic sounds before being deflected.

Then Simba used that spit second of time to swapped with another elemental spirit once again. The 'Abyssal Tortoise' left his body and an elemental spirit with an appearance of LionKin Beastman took over. And this LionKin had furs that were in crimson color.

'Elemental Beast Companion (Possession): Crimson Sovereign'

Simba was already holding the handle of his battle-axe with both of his hands at this point of time. And that was why he quickly swung the battle-axe forward the moment that the next elemental spirit fully fused with his body. His swing seemed to be the same as a baseball player standing on a batter's box.


Then, on the next moment, another explosive sound was created and sent a powerful shockwave towards the Flesh Golem Chief in front of him. And immediately after that, the undead monster in front of him suddenly shattered into pieces before dissipating completely.

Simba didn't even care if he really killed the Flesh Golem Chief or not as he quick turned his body around and face the True Undead Knight in on his right. And without further ado, he swung the battle-axe for another way around. But this time, this swing seemed to be even more stronger that the previous one.


And the same result happened. The True Undead Knight turned into nothing after getting hit by the shockwave that was created by that swing. But he was not done yet, because he still continued his assault and attack the High-Ranking Death Knight this time.

And this undead monster seemed to be a little more smarter and stronger than the other two that just died earlier. It was because this Death Knight suddenly did a rapid backward-hopping to get away from Simba without regarding about anything.

Unfortunately for it, this War God would never let his prey to get away once he started hunting it; he was going to make sure that it would go down. And that was why Simba immediately kicked the ground below him and sent himself to fly towards the fleeing monster.

And that was the time, when the other monsters resumed swarming at him from every direction. Simba squinted his eyes when he saw. He was aware that this Death Knight was just baiting him so he couldn't go deeper. But that didn't mean he couldn't kill from a distance.

He forcefully halted his charge before pulling back his battle-axe. And immediately after that, he quickly threw it powerfully at the running Death Knight in a manner as if he was throwing a boomerang.

'Extra Skill: (Modified)(Enhanced) Death Throw'


The battle-axe flew like a rotating flying disc and severed all of the undead monsters on its path. The Death Knight wanted to block the incoming axe but the force behind it was too strong for the undead monster. And with that, the sword of the Death Knight was broken together with its body that was severed in half. And on its way back, the battle-axe also killed another bunch of undead monsters along the way.

It seemed that Simba was currently had the upper hand on this battle since he kept killing the undead monsters in the vicinity. But in actual fact, he was currently in a slight disadvantage. And that was why he was still frowning his eyebrows after catching the battle-axe.

"Tsk! These cockroaches are too many and seem to be endless. What's more, they keep getting stronger as the time goes by. It is as if I am having a battle with a bunch of idi*t versions of Shin Bro. What a cunning b*st*rd, he really is not going to make his move unless I made mine," muttered by Simba to himself as he saw that the monsters around him were starting to fuse with each other once again and creating a brand-new undead that was obviously stronger than the previous ones.

Simba couldn't go all-out for now since he was aware that Immortal was only testing the waters. If he exposed all of his cards now, then he would be in trouble a little later after that moment. What's more, he also needed to keep an eye on Immortal when battling with the undead monsters because he couldn't let his guard down even for a moment.

The only good news on Simba for now was the expression that Immortal currently wearing. The latter was currently having a solemn look at his face. And that expression could only mean a single thing; Shin was doing a great performance on the other side.

But on the very next moment, Simba suddenly got a very bad premonition. It was because Immortal suddenly formed an evil grin with his lips for some unknown reason.

He didn't know why, but Simba knew that he needed to rush things up due to the extreme unease that he was currently feeling. But it was already too late. A pair of strong threat suddenly arrived at the scene.

These pair of threats were something that Simba could brushed off if it was discussed alone. But together, these threats were something that he couldn't ignore lightly.

Simba turned his head at the two and saw pair of undead players standing above an establishment not far from the battlefield. He squinted his eyes and took a good look at them before muttering to himself. "The Fourth and Fifth Apostles. Looks like this mission is really important to Immortal for him to call 2 of his personal apostles."

At this point, Simba knew that things had already gotten out of their hands. Their current situation suddenly became dire this time for the things seemed to be turning south for them.