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212 Going all in Part 2


When Shin was battling the bone serpent, he discovered that it was not that strong at first; in fact, its attacking power was too weak for a summon that came from a Godlike player.

But what was the troublesome thing in that was this bone snake was quite fast for its huge size. Its defense was quite average, but Shin felt that it was unkillable. It was because of its insane regeneration speed; every time he managed to land an attack, the damage that he dealt with that attack would be neglected because its was going to get regenerated immediately a little later.

What's more, this undead monster was similar to those evolving monsters that he battled with Rhaba before; it could also improve in battle.

Given with all of those, Shin decided that he couldn't be too caught up with this bone serpent. Especially that he saw that Immortal was planning to focus on killing his Phantom Clone after ditching him out.

With that, Shin made another bold decision, he was going all in this time. First, he released nine copies of himself with his main buddy before rushing forward and planning to get passed from the bone serpent's blockade.

'Phantom Swordsman Skill: Phantom Dance'

At the same time, he also controlled the Phantom Clone to throw the twelve flying daggers on its arsenal and manually controlling them to fly towards Immortal.

'Elemental Skill (Shadow/Psychic): Telekinesis'

Shin didn't dare to release the Phantoms of the Phantom Clone since this was his current limit. If he wanted to manually control everything to move them perfectly and set a stage that he wanted, then he needed to put everything be on this limit.

But this was already enough to catch Immortal off-guard once again.

The flying daggers flew in a tricky manner towards Immortal forcing him to put some attention on them while sending a bunch of black spheres at them. And he also needed to do a double effort at monitoring them since those daggers were quite tricky to deal with. At the same time, he also needed to focus at the Phantom Clone who was getting nearer and nearer as it tried to find a good range to do its attack.

But the troublesome manner didn't just end there. It was because Shin's main body was able to get passed his summoned bone serpent, and was now charging towards him. The bone serpent tried to case after Shin and his Phantoms yet failed to catch him no matter what. It was because every time the bone serpent tried to attack any of the Phantoms, that attack was going to be useless since they were just some illusions that couldn't be destroyed. And if ever it managed to attack the real body, Shin was just going to swap places with any of his Phantoms in the distance.

And with that, the bone serpent became a little bit useless in this battle. And because of that, Immortal was forced to keep an eye at Shin too. But that didn't just end in there. It was because the duo of Shin and his Phantom Clone was getting nearer and nearer at Immortal as the went by, which made him to blink away from time to time so that he could put more distance between him and the incoming duo.

But as more time passed, Immortal noticed another thing. Shin and the Phantom Clone was forcing in a corner bit by bit. The positioning of the former two were actually quite tricky which lead him to some places that they were leading him. And was already too late when he realized it since Shin seemed to tailored the plan quite perfectly to make his intension somewhat unclear.

And that was not the only problem of Immortal, there were also some things the become a little trouble some for him. And the very first on the list was the limits of this current clone of his. Even if he could control this clone perfectly and send some of his thoughts on it, the stats of this clone were still a little lower than his actually body. What's more, this clone could only perform a limited number of skills.

And with that, the Mana Pool of this clone was also starting to drain really fast. Aside from the Mana per second that the bone serpent was draining, he was also sending a cycle of black spheres, shadow arrows, and dark spears. And together with that was the blinking and teleportation skills in his arsenal.

Even if he was only using the cycle of those skills, for they only had a very low cooldown, his Mana consumption was still quite high due to the repeated usage of those skills. And if you add the fact the he couldn't fully focus on this battle since his situation on the other side was quite problematic too.

And if he let this chasing game to last a bit more, then he was going to run out of Mana first before Shin got exhausted.

Given that, Immortal made a rushed decision at this point of time. He chose to swap targets with his bone serpent. He would focus his attention at attacking Shin while his summon was going to deal with the Phantom Clone.

But unknown to him, this seemed to be rushed decision of Immortal was actually a bait. And he realized it a little bit too late. It was because Shin suddenly speed up his charge when the bone serpent changed target.

Immortal tried to shake of Shin with his continuous teleporting, but the latter seemed to be too stubborn to let go. And even if the Lich God tried to ward off Shin's advance with his rapid casting of spells, it was still too hard for him to slow down his opponent. It was because Shin was currently risking everything on this last attempt; he was simultaneously using two kinds of Epic Combat Techniques.

During his charge, Shin was swinging his scythe to use the 'Infinity Edge'. And while dashing forward, Shin was also moving with his strange footwork, the 'Mysterious Movements'.

With these two combat techniques, Shin was able to advance forward and slowly getting near Immortal. What's more, the latter was starting to feel that the pressuring that he was getting from Shin was stating to rise bit by bit through the passage of time.

Aside from getting used at blocking the barrage of attacks sent by Immortal, the speed and power of each swing from Shin was getting higher and higher every time he swung his scythe. At the same time, his moment speed was also getting faster as time went by; each of his step seemed to be even faster than the previous one as he continued at charging forward.

Of course, this kind of technique usage was putting a great toll at Shin's mind and concentration. And even if he had a monstrous level of willpower, he still couldn't hold this kind burden for a very long time.

Naturally, Immortal was also aware of that. And that was why he was planning to take this last clash in a battle of attrition.

Given that, Immortal planned to control the pace of the battle and tried to slow it down a little. But what happened on the next moment was something that gotten him completely off-guard.

Shin used that slight and very small window that Immortal took when the Lich God was trying to draw up a plan to slow things down. And on the very moment that the latter tried to lessen the number of his attacks, the former suddenly made his move.

After deflecting some black spheres and dark spears, Shin suddenly swung the scythe in a two consecutive diagonal manner as if he was drawing an 'X' letter on the air in front of him. And at the same time, Shin also released the powers of the Black Sun and Silver Moon, creating a gray rotating X-shaped sword wave that was sent flying towards Immortal a little later.

'Self-Created Skill (Combined): Eclipse Cross'


That sword wave devoured all of the black spheres, shadow arrows and dark spears on its path. It was as if nothing could stop it from advancing forward.

And since this attack was too perfectly timed, Immortal failed to adjust his attacks. What's more, he just sent another batch of black spheres forward, which were immediately devoured by the 'Eclipse Cross' a little later.

And given that the sword wave was almost in front of him, Immortal didn't have enough time to cast a somewhat powerful spell to counter it or at least defend from it; which also left him with a single choice, and that was to dodge this attack. But there was a single question that he needed to answered first before doing that; where was he going to dodge?

Immortal belonged to the group of players that were standing at the peak of the game, and already uncovered some of the mystery connection of the in-game world and the world outside of it. Given these, he was fully aware at his current predicament and was able to see through the hidden intensions of Shin by blocking his line of sight with this attack.

Obviously, he couldn't dodge backwards since this incoming sword wave quite have the range. And if he chose to go left or right, he was sure that he was going to be a sitting duck on that spot and Shin would choose to grab that opportunity to get the final blow.

Immortal was sure of it since he already observed Shin enough on this battle. And during that time, he learned that this guy that was going against him was possessing an abnormally fast body reactions, which he suspected that this guy either had a 'body reaction peak-class talent' like 'Immediate Response' or 'Extreme Senses'.

If any other player looked at this kind of situation, that person would probably think that there was no way for that person escape this kind of predicament. But someone like Immortal was different, he could still see a flaw at this perfectly set attack; he could still see that there was still a way for him to dodge; and that was to dodge forward!

Yes, to dodge forward. He was planning to dodge at the back of the incoming sword wave. It seemed to be a hard feat to achieve since the user needed to time his/her teleportation skill do such feat. What's more, it was going to be a too risky. If that player blinked a little too late, that person would surely get hit by the sword wave before casting that spell. But if it was too early, then that person might blink on the spot on either the in front of the incoming sword wave or on the sword wave itself. But we were talking about a very experienced player here so this was just an easy feat for Immortal.

The time inside our minds was much faster than what was happening outside, so those long train of thoughts only lasted for a brief moment inside Immortal's head. And when already draw up a plan how to dodge, he couldn't help but wear a grin with his lips for he couldn't hold this feeling; a feeling to toy with your enemies with their own strategy.

And when the sword wave was almost upon him, Immortal quickly used an inta-cast teleportation skill and appeared right behind it. It was exactly what he had expected. And he was planning to do a counter-attack to turn the tables.

But he missed out a single thing, and that was something that surprised him vert greatly. Since Shin drew up a plan, it was impossible for him to miss out this kind of flaw since he was the one that tailored it. He rarely drew some plans but when he did, he would make sure that everything was planned out.

He knew that his opponent was someone that stood at the peak of the gaming world. What's more, this guy was also a famous cunning guy that was good at doing strategies in battle.

Given these reasons, Shin drew this plan that Immortal could surely read before leading him at the outcome that he wanted to achieved.

Being confident that his opponent would take the high risk, high reward kind of play, Shin quickly charge forward and chase after his sword wave after throwing it. And that was why the moment Immortal teleported at the back of the 'Eclipse Cross', he was immediately greeted by a sword blade that was coming after his neck.