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210 Battle against Immortal Part 2 : What is this?


When Shin saw that Immortal had used one of his berserk skill, he knew for himself that he could only stood a change if he increased his speed to the limit. And with that thought in mind, he was suddenly caught in a dilemma. He was put in a situation of whether to use the current best moment speed enhancing skill or not, the 'Mond's Movement Legacy Skill'.

Actually, he could use the other moment speed boost of his other set, but that also mean he was going to give up the berserk skills and domain skills that he currently had. It was because switching out the equipments and weapons that he currently wearing would result to the deactivation of whatever buff skill that he was currently using that was attached on that item. He could only add on the current equipment set that he was currently wearing.

Subtracting an item on that set was currently impossible. Much less, swapping it with another set. Well, there will always be an exception on everything, and the one for this situation was if Shin had a skill that could let him swapped his equipments freely without affecting the activated effects on the items that were going to be swapped.

And given with all of those things, Shin was put in a difficult decision. And that was whether to gamble to use that boosting skill now or to gamble on it later. Well, he was going to gamble with his life either way. If he used the skill now, he needed to end this battle as soon as possible which was pretty much close to impossible. Or if he gambled on it latter, he needed to survive for as long as he can to wait for the last minute of the battle, which was also going to be really difficult.

"D*mn! This is really going to be hard. Looks like I have no better choice but to hold myself for as long as I can before activating the 'Mondi's Movements Legacy Skill'," muttered Shin to himself while taking a quick look at his skill arsenal. And after that, he then transformed the sheath of his sword into a semitransparent longsword.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Meteor Form'

And immediately after transforming the sheath, Shin gathered a pair of opposing Mana from his surroundings, the fire and water/ice elemental Mana. And while doing that, he was also focusing the elemental Mana on each of his swords at the same time. The [Yamato] was suddenly set ablaze with dancing black flame while the [Snowstorm Edge] was releasing a very cold chilling glow.

'Epic Combat Technique: Eclipse Wielding'

Then Shin took a deep breath to regulate his breathing and entered a very focused state. And with that, entered the state when he was fighting against Rhaba. After that, he released his Aura Manifestation at the very next moment; and there was a pair of them at that. One was a Majestic White Tiger while the other was a Vicious Black Panther.

"Oh~!" Immortal raised one of his eyebrows when he witnessed that. It was as if the current expression on his face was saying that found something very interesting. "A twin Aura Manifestation? It looks like this battle was going to be a very entertaining one."

Then he waited for opponent to attack this time. And the latter didn't disappoint him with that. It was because on the next moment, Shin immediately started attacking Immortal. He sprinted forward with a great speed as he tried to get near his opponent as soon as possible.

Naturally, Immortal would not let him to get near just like that, and that was why he tapped the bottom of his bone scepter on the ground twice summoning a bunch of black spheres in the air. And without waiting for anything, he ordered those spheres to rush towards Shin with a single thought in his mind.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

And when Shin saw the incoming black spheres, he quickly waved his swords left and right as if he was getting ready for them. And when they were about to reach him, he quickly swung both of his swords in an alternate manner to either deflect them and collide with each other or destroyed them completely with a single strike of his sword.

'Epic Combat Technique: Infinity Edge'

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Even if Shin was still able to move forward, his advance was greatly slowed down by the barrage of black spheres that were sent by Immortal. What's more, the latter was also increasing the pressure that gave to the former bit by bit all the way until Shin was forced to halt his charge completely and focus only at defending himself.

Naturally, it was quite favorable for Shin to just hold himself against Immortal for as long as he could and until he found a good change to use the movement speed boost that he got. But there also another reason why did Shin attack Immortal directly. And that was to attract the latter's attention and let his Phantom Clone to do an ambush.

But the was easier to said than done, especially when his was up against someone at Immortal level. That was why the Lich God was able to see through such an obvious scheme. And that was why Immortal would always sent a bunch of black spheres on the Phantom Clone's direction before it could even get near him.

And when the battle reached this point, Shin was starting to see the real gap between him and Immortal in regards of battle prowess.

Given that, Shin came up with a decision. He decided to use the movement speed boosting skill on his arsenal.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Movements'


On the very moment that Shin had activated this skill, he immediately broke away from the blockade of the black spheres that was attacking him.

And before Immortal was able to adjust with this new speed of Shin. The latter immediately sprinted forward once again while also doing a zigzag turn this time. And at the very moment he charged forward, Shin was also leaving a bunch of overlapping shadow afterimages behind.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Movements: Illusion Steps'

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Immortal became a little surprise at the sudden turned of events. And he quickly tried to put more distance between him and Shin when he saw that the latter was coming after him with that kind of speed. But before he was able to cast a teleportation skill to escape, he saw from the corner on his eyes that the Phantom clone was also doing the same thing as Shin, and was coming from the other direction.

With the two incoming attacking opponents on each of his side, the places where Immortal could teleport into became a little limited.

Immortal paused for a moment when he saw that, he didn't know why but he kept having a feeling that it was going to become a little messier if he teleported backwards, and the same went for forward.

Given that, Immortal made his move based on his experiences in battles. He didn't move even for an inch from his current spot and just raised his bone scepter in the air while chanting out a few necromantic words.

And immediately after that, a bunch of bone spikes shot up from the ground and formed a circle around Immortal with a radius of ten meters while he became its center.

Then Immortal slammed the bone spikes on the ground in a powerful manner that created a spiderweb cracks on the floor beneath him while extending towards the bottom of the bone spikes around him.

After that, the bone spikes suddenly close all of the gaps and turned into a circular wall that hid Immortal behind it.

'Grand Necromancer Skill: (Modified) Wall of Bones'

Shin was considering whether he was going to use the 'Moonlight Steps' to get through this wall or to destroy it directly using one of his powerful offensive skill. But before he was able to come in a decision, a very strong sense of threat suddenly assaulted his nerves when his was about to get the five-meter range away from the bone walls.

And without further ado, Shin immediately controlled his main body and the Phantom Clone at the same time. Both of them activated the 'Moonlight Steps' and quick move away from wall of bones as soon as possible.


And on the next instant, the wall suddenly exploded and shattered into pieces while also sending those bone fragments in all direction at the same time. And together with that, a black miasma was slowly spreading outwards from behind of that shattered wall of bones.

With the threat that he was getting, Shin was forced to stay away from that miasma and observed it from a far. And after few more moments of waiting, that black miasma was suddenly sucked back once again in a very fast manner.

And it didn't take look long for Shin to see the figure of Immortal once again since the black miasma was starting to settle down once again. But this time, he still could feel the immense threat coming from the latter's body even if he was currently standing from a far.

And when the miasma was completely gone, Shin was able to see the new form of his opponent. Immortal didn't look like an undead now. His current look was somewhat similar to a demon. His skill was still as pale as the skin of a human corpse had, but his eyes were crimson red. The was also a pair of horns on his forehead that were curving upwards.

And when Immortal directed his sight at Shin, all of the nerves on the latter's body were screaming with danger. It was as if his instincts were telling him that he didn't stood a chance against this guy that was currently looking at him from a few distance away.

"It looks like we can't continue to prolong this any longer. So, I need to end this hear and now," said Immortal to Shin. The playful attitude that he had before was no longer present now, what he currently had was being full of arrogance.

He didn't put Shin in his eyes in the first place, he just got a little curious why the War God was too optimistic about this guy. And he now had gotten an idea why; this guy was somewhat talented, but that was all of it. He was still too far from being a threat to someone like him or even for his first five apostles.

And now that he gotten what he wanted, he felt like he didn't need to continue getting caught up with him here, and this battle as soon as possible. He was also battling Simba with his other body after all, so he couldn't let something unexpected to happen. But even if he was in this form, Immortal became surprise at what he saw he got a closer look at Shin.

It was because instead of getting scared at him, he could see that Shin was getting an opposite feeling from it.

It was as if Shin was getting excited instead. It was as if there was something that was getting awakened inside him. And it was screaming a whole excitement and bloodlust.

And even if he was somewhat unaware of it, Shin could still feel that his body was acting a little abnormal. 'What is this? What is this thing that I am feeling? Is it because, it's been a while since I was put this kind of situation? Or is it because I haven't felt this kind of danger for a long time already? Either way, I feel like I am getting reverted to what I am used to be.'

And with all of these strings of thoughts running in Shin's mind, he felt that he got an unknown strength that was coming from somewhere that he didn't know.