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209 Battle Against Immortal


After hearing what Immortal had said, Shin couldn't help but to become a little suspicious at the former's intentions. But even if that was the case, he still couldn't refuse such an amazing offer, especially at his current situation.

And so, without having any more additional thoughts, Shin started making all of his preparation for this incoming battle that might become one of his current most intense battles that he will experience since joining the game.

The first thing that Shin had did was to activate the berserk skill that was attached on his katana. He tightened his grip at his sword and made it to release a bunch of golden runes that fused with his body and gave him some additional strength, power, attack speed and movement speed.

'Equipment Skill (Weapon: Yamato): Nephilim's Ascent'

After that, he quickly activated a domain skill without having much thought in it. The invisible tiger helm of Shin suddenly released a brilliant glow that enfolded Shin's body a little moment later. After that, Shin strength was strengthened once again before a very powerful pressure was released from his body that had a power to suppress any opposing entity inside it. And this suppressive aura was able to extend up to 20-meters radius while having Shin as the center.

'Equipment Skill (Headgear: Ruler's Dignity): Ruler's Authority'

The range of this domain skill seemed to be a little small compared to the others. What's more, Immortal main range was a father than it, so Shin couldn't suppress the former with it this domain skill, unless he was able to get near the Lich God of course; but that was not going to be easy based on what had happened on the brief exchange earlier.

But even if that was the case, Shin was already satisfied with it since what he really need for now was to lessen that gap of stats between him and Immortal even for a little bit.

But Shin was not done yet. It was because if he wanted to stand against this 'God among players', then he needed to forget about hiding his dual identity right now and went all-out.

Given that, he activated the other domain skill that he currently had. He swung his sword to the side before releasing a field aura that enfolded all of the things inside the 50-meter radius away from Shin. At the same time, everything that was enfolded with that domain turned into a monochrome world.

'Grim Reaper Skill (Tier 2): Monochrome Field'

And since the range of this skill is much larger than the one that Shin had set up before, this domain skill was able to cover Immortal's main range of attack. And give that, the latter was supposedly got a large decrease on his strength. But once the Lich God realized that this opponent of his used a very strong suppressive domain skill, he also released a domain skill of his own.

With a single thought in his mind, a very powerful aura was released from his body as he tried to fight back the effects of Shin's Monochrome Field while strengthening himself at the same time.

'Occultist Skill (Tier 2): Darkness Descends'

With that domain skill of Immortal, the black and white word inside the 'Monochrome Field become even more darker.

But Immortal discovered that something strange happened, even if he was able to negate the effects of the 'Monochrome Field', he only was able to lessened its effects by halve since his could feel that his strength was still lessened by 30% at most while his movement speed was slowed by 50% at the very least.

And when Immortal felt that, he couldn't help but raised his eyebrows a little and muttered to himself. "Oh~! This domain skill is quite special, huh? I guess this is going to become a little more interesting."

After that, Immortal waited for Shin to something more. But it seemed that the latter had already done with his things so he suddenly started to prove his opponent.

First, he summoned another bunch of cursed arrows once again before sending it at Shin's direction with a single thought in mind.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

And since was planning not to hide his other identity now, Shin quickly released the 'Conviction Form' of the 'Mondi's style and swiftly sheathed the [Yamato] in it with one smooth motion before tossing the sheathed forward in the air as he chased after it.

Immortal suddenly knitted his brow when he witnessed that; it seemed that this guy was messing with him! Given that, he controlled the cursed arrows in a tricky way and aligned them one after another while moving forward with some spiral movements.

Shin was able to feel the threat that were coming from the incoming arrows, but he seemed to kind of expecting that, and that was why he was still continuing his charge. And during that time, he was also transferring the [Belt of Tomi] on this current set slot of his.

After that, he flipped this cloak backwards with both of his hands while running and revealed his armors and items underneath. Then Shin lowered both of his hands and placed them at the equipment. On the next instant, his hands and arms turned into a blur for a very brief moment. Then a bunch of silhouettes left Shin's hands and were sent flying forward before colliding with the incoming cursed arrows.

Cling! Cling! Cling!

Metallic sounds resounded on the air when those two projectiles collided with each other. And together with that, the cursed arrows were quickly shattered and dissipated in the air. And obviously, the things that Shin had thrown were one of his hidden weapons, the flying daggers, the [Spiritual Executioners].

And after destroying the cursed arrows, Shin controlled the flying daggers to rush towards Immortal. Currently, he could control the daggers freely as long as they were within the 50-meter radius range away from him.

'Elemental Skill (Shadow/Psychic): Telekinesis'

The range of Shin's control was already be a nightmare for other players, but his current opponent was someone that was standing on a different level than the ordinary folks. And when Immortal saw what had happened, all that he could think about that was being a little interesting and nothing more. "Oh~! A telekinetic skill? Quite an interesting one indeed. But unfortunately, it is still not enough."

This time, Immortal did some noticeable movements since that start of the battle. He made a snap sound with his right-hand thumb and index finger. And on the very next moment, a large number of black spheres appeared behind him together with some shadow arrows. The number of shadow arrow alone already outnumbered Shin's flying daggers by much, what's more if you added the black spheres with it.

And when Shin saw that, he quickly recalled the [Spiritual Executioners] and put them back on the slots of [Belt of Tomi] before leaping forward. Then he suddenly leaped high up forward while also catching the sheathed [Yamato] midair at the same time.

After that, Shin immediately gathered some fire elemental Mana from the surroundings before turning it into the Power of the Black Sun and focusing them at the sheathed sword. Then he kicked the air behind him before forcing his body to descend diagonally towards the direction where Immortal was currently standing.


'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Jump'


Shin movements were swift and sudden; it was too fast for ordinary players to catch what he was doing. But in Immortal's perspective, the former's movements were as slow as a moving snail. And that was why Shin was immediately greeted by a bunch of black spheres and shadow arrows the moment he started descending from the air; Immortal immediately all of those on the same moment Shin leaped in the air.

But what happened after that was something that even Immortal was gotten a little off-guard!

Shin did some skillful maneuvers dodging all of the first batch of attacks. With his current AGI stats, he could simply do some flips in the air by taking advantage of the bonus jumps in the air given by the 'Mondi's Jump Legacy Skill' and barely avoiding the black spheres and shadow arrows with a very close margin.

And after dodging that barrage of attacks, Shin used his eight and final bonus jump to charge down once again and planning to descend towards Immortal for another time.

But Immortal was able to regain his composure very quickly after getting slightly off-guard earlier. And with that, he just calmly looked at his descending opponent while controlling the remaining black spheres and shadow arrows behind him to rush towards Shin.

He did the same attack as before. But this time, he was controlling the black spheres and shadow arrows in a little formation. It was as if he was sending an enclosed net at his opponent, and not giving Shin any kind of openings that he could use to dodge. What's more, the first batch of attacks that he had dodged earlier suddenly made a turn in the air and curved back at him once again.

And that was the time when Shin suddenly pulled the [Yamato] out of its sheath before swinging it leftwards while also releasing the accumulated Power of the Black Sun at the same time. And Immediately after that, a crescent sword wave was sent forward while blazing with black flames.


'Class Fighting Style: Solar Flare'



A curtain of chaotic power was created in front of Shin when the black sword wave that he had sent devoured the black spheres and shadow arrows that came from Immortal. But that the same time, the field of view of Immortal was also been blocked by that chaotic powers.

And Immortal couldn't help but squinted his eyes a little when that happened. And before he even managed to use an ocular skill so that he could see though that 'curtain', he suddenly felt some threats that came out of nowhere. Given that, Immortal quickly casted a teleportation skill without further ado and blinked away from his current location.

Ting! Ting! Ting!

And that was when Immortal heard a bunch of small metallic sounds that rang on his previous location. And he took a closer looked at it, what he saw was a bunch of thin and long needles bouncing of the floor.

Shin used the curtain of chaotic powers as a cover to throw the paralysis needles called [Silent Killers] from his arsenal. That was a great surprise attack, but unfortunately, it was not enough to complete catch the Lich God: Immortal.

And as if he was expecting that, Shin suddenly above Immortal. He was descending while swinging the [Yamato] downwards.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'


With that sudden attack, Immortal was still able to respond at the very quick moment by raising his left hand in the air while facing his palm at Shin.

The Shin was a little confused at that sudden move from Immortal. He was thinking if this guy was planning to catch the blade of his sword, similar to what Simba had done with the fist of the Corrupted Overlord in the plaza of the fallen outpost earlier. And when he thought about that, Shin braced himself at what about to come since it was already too late to stop his descend at this time.

And sure enough, at the time before the sharp edge of the [Yamato] landed at Immortal, a very powerful and strong shockwave was sent outwards from the latter's body.


'Extra Skill: Repelling Force'

Shin was sent back flying up in the air for another time. But he already anticipated that, and that was why he did a sudden flip in the air when he was sent flying while also doing something unexpected once again. He summoned a clone midair and let it appeared right at the path where he was going to be sent.

'Phantom Assassin Skill: Phantom Apparition'

And during that process, Shin and the Phantom Clone's feet touch each other, making for the former not to be sent flying completely.

Then, at that brief moment, the Phantom Clone kicked its feet downwards to send Shin downwards. At the same time, Shin used the momentum of that push to jump down and descend at Immortal once again while also swinging his sword for another time.

'Extra Skill: Falling Lightblade'


The process looked a little long to read at, but that only occurred at a very brief amount of time. And this time, Immortal was really gotten off-guard at what Shin had done. But that didn't prevent the Lich God to react in time.

Immortal finally summoned a bone scepter in front of him and quickly held it with both of his hands before reinforcing in with a bunch of dark elemental Mana and using that very staff to block Shin's incoming sword.

'Occultist Skill (Tier 2): Dark Soul Reinforcement'


And after successfully blocking Shin's slash, Immortal used that very brief moment to cast three consecutive blinks to get away from Shin and put a little more distance.

And since Immortal timed it very perfectly, Shin failed to chased after him even if he was quite prepared that it would happen.

Given that, Shin couldn't help but clicked his tongue and muttered to himself. "Tsk! What a slippery b*st*rd."

And while Shin was having those thoughts, Immortal was currently observing him from afar. Base on what he had seen and experienced, he could tell that Shin was genius Martial-Artist in the Real World. What's more, he even suspected that this guy might be a Mighty One or a Chosen One at the very least. He might even a Mighty Chosen One based on how Shin had move.

"So that was it. Now, I understand why the War God put a full trust on this guy. Looks like I need to give him a little proper fight, huh?" muttered Immortal to himself before tapping the bottom of his bone scepter on the ground twice.

And on the next moment, a large amount of dark elemental Mana rush towards Immortal's body; obviously he had activated a berserk skill to strengthen himself. And with that, he finally negated all of the suppressing effect from Shin's 'Monochrome Field' and returned all of his stats back to normal, making the gap between Shin and his stats to widen once again.

And when Shin was that, he couldn't help but became dejected a little. "Ugh! Looks like he is going to take me a little seriously now. Tsk! With this, getting near him is my only way of winning."

Then he started getting ready for the next round of battle.