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206 The Helpless Hanzo


Meanwhile, as everyone were too busy on the things on their side, there was a guy that managed to sneak inside the previous residence of the last leader of the Thirteenth outpost. And this guy was naturally Shin.

Earlier, when they were 'cleaning up' the scouts scattered around the fallen outpost, Shin presented this idea. Faker and Simba would attract the attention of the remaining high-ranking players on their enemies' side while he was going to sneak inside when he had gotten the chance before looking for the Sacred Relic that they needed to take and retrieve it if possible.

Well now, he was also kind of expecting that their opponents were not that dumb either, especially since that Simba had warned him about Immortal being a cunning individual. What's more, this guy with the title of Lich God also belonged to the list of the best strategist in the game, in the Godlike Strategist list.

Given that, he was also expecting that there might be someone guarding this place to protect the core of the corrupted nest.

Shin was currently roaming inside the residence to look for the place were the core was located. Base on his experiences on the first discovered corrupted nest around the Holy City, the core of this nest was most likely placed inside a special hidden room. And the thing that was acting as the core was obviously the Sacred Relic that they were looking for.

And now, he was already looking for the secret room for a few minutes already yet he was still not be able to find where was the place exactly. And after a few more moments, Shin became suspicious of something. He might be running in circles all this time!

He didn't notice it at first because everything was different as he took a look from room to room. But as time went by, Shin noticed that he had checked a lot of rooms already; and for this kind of residence, the number of rooms were too many for its size. What's more, he didn't even find a single thing that was the same on each room which was added to his suspicions.

But the strange thing on this was even Hanzo who was and expert in terms of space and void elements, couldn't discover what was wrong in that place. The same goes for Grimrace and Vladimir who were quite sensitive at life energies of different creatures.

With all of these, Shin was caught in a difficult situation. "D*mn! How can we get out of this predicament now? Tsk! To think that I will fall on this kind of trap maze? This kind of trick is really annoying. I am going to waste a lot of time if I keep being trap on this place."

While Shin didn't know what to do yet, he suddenly heard Hanzo's muttering words. "If only we have someone or something that can help us break this Illusion Formation."

Then Grimrace voice immediately followed after it and said. "What a useless Antique. You should be the one that is helping us to get out of this place."

And almost instantly, Vladimir's voice came after it and agreed with what the Shadow Spirit had said. "Yeah, what a useless old spirit."

The corner of Hanzo's mouth seemed to twitch a little when he heard what the two had said. And given that, he couldn't help himself but defend himself a little. "What are you two saying? Have you already forgot that our opponents are aware that there is a Void Elemental Spirit our side? So, given that, they may already have made some preparations that counters some of my abilities."

But the two younger spirits were not convinced at what he had said.

"Tsk! Quite defensive, just admit that you are useless, Antique Spirit," said Grimrace with a bored tone.

And as if slightly agreeing with that, Vladimir said to the Old Void Spirit. "Yeah, just accept that you are inferior to this awesome and amazing Elemental Spirit such as me!"

And that point, Shin suddenly halted his steps when he heard what the Old Spirit had said. And while the three elemental spirits were bickering with each other, a suddenly thought entered his mind. "Illusion formation!? Is it possible? It was close to impossible for me to break this formation if it was in the Real World. But since almost anyone can create a formation there, then it may be possible for a real-world Mentalist to break it."

While having those thoughts, Shin find a safe corner as he tried to recall some things written on the 'Four Symbol Scripture' in his mind. And after a few moments, he remembered the thing that he was looking for.

Based on the 'Four Symbol Scripture', it was originally divided in four major parts. And one of it was specialized for Defense, Counters and Illusions, the Black Turtle Techniques.

And since it was possible for him to use his Martial-Art breathing technique for the Mana flow inside his body so that he could properly execute his skills and create more skills that was similar to Martial-Art skills, then with his Mentalism control that he could use to make the surrounding Mana at obeying his orders, could also be possibly used to execute some of his real-life Mentalism techniques.

Given all of that, Shin tried to find the technique that was meant for breaking some Illusion Formation. And after some time of thinking, he finally found the skill that he was looking for; and without further ado, he immediately tried studying it for quite little time before finally understanding its purpose.

And after that, Shin slightly knitted his brows. It was not because he did not understand what was the skill was for, but because he understood that technique very clearly a little too fast which was a little strange for him. "Since when am I able to learn Mentalism techniques this fast? Wait! Now that I think about it, I can learn Mentalism Techniques much faster than Martial-Art Skills."

But given his current situation, Shin immediately put those thoughts at the back of his head and focused at solving his current problem.

Then he closed his eyes and focused all of his senses at feeling his surroundings and enhancing the activation of the 'Sensing Circle' skill that he had. And at the same time, Shin was able to sense the different varieties of elemental Mana floating on his surroundings.

Immediately after that, he started controlling the water/ice elemental Mana to come towards his body and let them float in front of him. And when he thought that he already had accumulated enough, he started controlling them to make a very thin rope of Mana by aligning those water/ice elemental Mana one after another.

And after few more moments, Shin now had a bunch of thread-like formation of elemental Mana. On the next moment, he spread those elemental Mana threads outwards and extended them little by little.

Some of those Mana threads bumped into something while the others were continuing at moving forward. And since the range of this technique was quite limited, Shin started following the threads of elemental Mana that were still extending and moving forward.

Shin didn't even open his eyes during that process as he wanted not to break his current state and not to get fooled by the illusions around him.

The bickering voices of the three Elemental Spirits were came into a sudden halt when they saw what Shin was currently doing. And after a few more moments of silence, the voices of the three sounded once again.

"Hmm... How did this kid manage to do that? This technique is quite exclusive for Water Elemental Spirits and Elven Elementalists," muttered Hanzo as he calmly watched Shin's used of elemental Mana.

"Is it possible that this kid an Elemental Spirit in disguise?" said Grimrace in a nonchalant manner.

"Tsk! Whatever the case, I am still the most amazing and awesome spirit!" commented Vladimir as if what Shin had done was nothing special.

Well, the man in question was currently ignoring the comments of the three as he continued at moving forward. And while he was doing all of those, Shin suddenly felt something usual on his surroundings. There was a certain direction that had a huge gathering of Mana.

And it didn't need for an idiot to realized where that direction was going to. So, Shin didn't even think twice to go on that direction; he even accelerated his steps at that time.

After few more moments, Shin arrived in front of a huge door. And at this time, his eyes were already opened as he stared at the black metal door in front of him. It was because his naked eye could see the surging of elemental Mana that were coming from all directions and gusting towards the other side of the door.

And after few more minutes of staring on the door, Shin finally summoned his entire gang one by one.

First, he summoned the Sun and Moon Clones using the 'Spirit Release' skill attached to his [Nephilim's Gemini Mask]. And immediately after that, he called out Whitie who immediately released an excited roar after being summoned. And after the white tiger were the three Elemental Spirits.

"Ah~! Freedom at last!" said Grimrace after being summoned as he stretched his arms in the air while also stretching his waist side to side.

"Tsk! Looks like we have another troublesome chore that we needed to do," said Vladimir with some complaint.

"Tsk! I don't like being on this place, it somehow reminds me of some unpleasant memories and experiences," said Hanzo with dissatisfied tone.

Shin didn't bother listening to them and said. "Alright, Alright. We are already running out time, so we need to move in a little hurry now."

"Tsk! So, who is going to open the door?" said Hanzo with slight annoyance.

And the moment those words left his mouth, the others on the group simultaneously turned their heads at him, which also made the expression on his face to become a little weird.

And when he saw that they have no intention of shifting their gazes away from him, Hanzo couldn't help himself but raised a little complaint. "Come on~ guys! Why is the most troublesome job is being always assign to me? How about you use those clones to do it for us? They are lifeless creatures after all."

Then Shin's reply immediately came after that. "Because you are Old and the most experienced one among us, so you can deal with the anything that may come unexpected later. What's more, I need those clones later."

And that was followed by Vladimir. "Why would this awesome and amazing spirit do such a trivial thing?"

"Prove to us that you are powerful," said Grimrace with a tone that have some little respect this time.

With those replies, Hanzo knew that he couldn't do anything about it and became helpless. And so, it was decided that he would be the one that was going to open the door.