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198 Time to Ac




The battle in front of the fallen Thirteenth Outpost was starting to intensify as the time goes by. And after a whole hour of battle, the combined team of S.Tigris' group and Eternal Hope adventurer team, was starting to feel the pressure from the corrupted monsters.

"D*mn! Is it just me, or these monsters are really getting stronger and stronger as the time goes by?" said by one of the members of S.Tigris Group. This guy was a Human Guardian and was placed on the very front of the team.

"I am not sure if they are really getting stronger or just because of we are getting tired of this prolonged battle. How much time had passed?" said by the Human Swordsmaster beside him as he swing his greatsword to hacked the monster in front of the former guy.

"An hour maybe? I don't know what is Black Hand thinking, but all we are doing is just to remain on our spots and hold these monsters; we are not even moving forward. I know that defending is much easier than attacking, but if we keep doing this way, forget clearing the quest, we may not even able to get pass that wall in the distance," said by the other guy that was together with the previous two, and have a WolfKin and Master Berserker as his race and class.


At the same moment, the guys in that belonged to Eternal Hope Adventurer Team were also thinking the same thing.

"What the heck is the Commander thinking? Letting us follow that guy's orders? I admit that he has some good reputation under his belt, but what he is doing now is obviously useless. We can't do anything this way. We might even die on this," said by a Human Shield Warrior on the frontlines.

"Heh! What we can do? We are already on this mess, actually we shouldn't have accepted this offer in the first place. See? We are obviously in the disadvantage so continuing this is quite pointless," said by a Human Dual-Blader as he threw a twin slash at the monster in front the Shield Warrior.

Then a LionKin Master Berserker suddenly chimed in on their conversation and said. "How about you guys put a double effort on these monsters instead of chatting with each other? If you have some extra energy to talk, then at least kill as many monsters as you can. That way, we might even lessen the numbers of these guys," while killing off the monster in front of the previous two guys.


Meanwhile, the man that was being questioned by those guys, was fully aware at their current situation.

'Tsk! Strengthening these monsters bit by bit is going to put more and more pressure on us as the time goes by. What's more, they are going to weaken us slowly if this continue on happening; the concentration of the guys is also going to slowly deteriorate as more time passes,' thought by Black Hand to himself as he observed the whole battlefield.

"Should we pick up the pace or should we not?" muttered Black Hand as he started to ponder. 'We are already picking up the phase with the 'Three Way Tactics'; by putting a Knight, Swordsman and Berserker on the same team, we are able to lessen the effort needed to take down a monster, while also lessening the risk of battling the enemies. At the same time, we are able to take down a monster as soon as we can this way. The only problem here is the corrupted monsters are keep coming at us with no sign of weakening their numbers.'

'If we pick up the pace a little then we may be able to see if we can lessen their numbers. We may also be able to force the necromancers of the Undying Guild to show themselves. That way, the thief-related classes will be able to join the battle and lessen the mental pressure of the team by not getting wary of the hidden threats.'

And after some careful thinking, Black Hand decided to hasten their progress. 'If that was the case, then let us use the basic 'Five-Class Tactics' then.'

Then Black Hand raise his staff and said, "Support group, do a team dedicated support! Range players, do a focus targeting."

And since these guys were some expert players, they were able to understand that simple command in an instant and respond on it almost immediately.

But to make things a little faster, the head-players assigned to lead those groups, started to give out the chained orders.

'So, he still chose to hasten the progress in the end,' thought Audrey to herself as she gave out her commands. "Team A, go take the right side. Team B, you guys will be taking the left side. Team C and D, remain on standby and wait to take over them at any given time!"

Then the support groups started making their moves. The Priest and Oracle related Classes started to separate with each other and took a team from the frontlines that they were going to give their supports. The first group of Shamans, on the other hand, divided themselves into two smaller groups and proceed to the frontlines before setting up some totems on the left and right side respectively.

At the same time, Gino was also giving out his instructions. "Squad 1, you guys start with right. Squad 2, you will be dealing with the left side. Squad 3 and 4, the two of you will be following after their lead!"

Clack! Clack! Clack!

Engk! Engk! Engk!

Then the reloading of guns and pulling of bowstrings could be heard after Gino had given out those orders.

And on the next moment, the next command came after it almost instantly. "Take aim! Ready! Fire!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Thwang! Thwang! Thwang!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

And on the next instant, the sound of a bullet being released from the barrel of the guns, resounded on the battlefield together with the sounds of the vibrating bowstrings after releasing an arrow from the bows.

After that, a bunch of whistling sounds of the air could also be heard when the bullets and the arrows were traveling in the air, toward the corrupted monsters in the distance.

And since those shots were a focus firing, the incoming monsters that were hit by those bullets and arrows fell on the ground one by one.

But all of it didn't just end there as the Squad 3 and 4 immediately took over the positions of the previous squads and immediately took aim at their next targets. Then Gino's voice resounded once again, giving out the next command. "Fire!"

And immediately after his voice resounded, another batch of bullets and arrows were released from the barrels of the guns and by the strings of the bows respectively; and killing another batch of corrupted monsters.

And because of the new attacking setup, the burden that the frontline players were carrying, was suddenly lifted by a great margin. The same for the pressure and the tensed feeling that everyone felt was suddenly lessen with quite a good degree.

Then the battle continued for another full 30-minutes and Black Hand's expectation were also been met. The numbers of the corrupted monsters that were coming after them was starting to slow down bit by bit.

At the same time, the entire team was able finally started moving forward in a slowly but surely manner.


The trio of Elliot, Larc, and Demien, who were currently watching what was happening, were naturally be able to see the current situation outside the Corrupted Nest.

Larc was even frowning his eyebrows at that sight as he watched the progress of the group. He didn't expect that these guys that he treated as some ordinary folks, were able to lessen the numbers of the monsters in the nest to this extent. And more especially within one and a half hour only.

Elliot suddenly sneered at the former when he saw the expression on Larc's face. "Heh! What's with that face? I told you that that guy is not simple. Look, he is able to lessen the numbers of the corrupted monsters with this degree. What's more, he is also able to regain the morale of his team with just a few orders. That is why they are now slowly moving forward."

Larc stared at the virtual screen for a few more moments before directing his attention at Elliot and said. "Heh! What so amazing with that? They are still on the outside of the walls meaning they are still not enough to force our hands. What's more, our main force is still on standby. So, there are still nothing to worry about."

Then Demien suddenly chimed in to stop the two at starting another argument. "What we should be worrying for now was those guys with the God Slayer and Death God. Their group still hasn't made their appearance so we need to be wary of them."

"The other three walls are still flooded by the corrupted monsters so we shouldn't have to worry that much since we are still able to notice them before they able to make their moves," said Larc in a nonchalant manner.

Elliot couldn't help but clicked his tongue when he heard that. "Tsk! Larc, you keep underestimating those guys."

Larc smirked at Elliot and said. "Why are you so afraid of those guys, Elliot? They are nothing but some remnants of the past. Didn't they supposedly be on the same level as boss? But look at them now, they couldn't even touch a single hair of our boss even with the help of the Elemental Goddess."

All Elliot could do was to release a helpless sigh when he heard that. What this guy had said was quite within the reason after all. The problem is, based on his experiences, he still couldn't underestimate Lawless' group even if he wanted to. That was because those guys couldn't be underestimated; especially when those guys regained their fangs. And to regain it, all they needed to do was to engage in an intense battle after another.

Then Demien suddenly opened his mouth once again. "But I heard that one of those guys can use a mass teleportation."

Then Elliot replied at him. "Don't worry, the boss already set up a formation to counter it. If they tried to break in using that method, they are just going to be send at the center of the Nest where the Corrupted Overlords was located."

"And if they somehow managed to survived it, all we have to do is to face them on our own. No big deal, they are just some wish-was legends after all," added by Larc.


Going back on the battlefield, the team was currently moving forward slowly but surely. At the same time, they were also getting nearer and nearer towards the fallen outpost walls bit by bit.

But the corrupted monsters that they were encountering were also becoming stronger and stronger as they get nearer on that wall. But the good thing on it was the numbers of the monsters were not that high compared to the previous ones.

And after few more moments of battle, silhouettes after silhouettes were starting to appear on top of the fallen outpost's walls. At the same time of their appearance, some undead monsters were starting to appear at the battlefield by crawling out of the ground.

"So, they have finally appeared, huh?" muttered Black Hand as he squinted his eyes and looked at the silhouettes on top of the wall.

At the same time, Gino suddenly appeared beside Black Hand and said. "The walls are quite high so it is possible for others to hit them from here."

"How about you? Can you target them?" asked Black Hand while turning his attention back at the battlefield.

"I can," Gino replied with simple two words without having any kind of hesitation. But he still added after a brief pause. "But I still need someone to take over my position.

Black Hand nodded his head and said. "You can leave that to Ara."

Then Gino nodded his head and find a good spot for his snipping. At the same time, Black hand gave out some orders from his team chat. "They have appeared, Raven. It is time for you to act."


At the same time, below the walls of the outpost, Raven was currently crouching on the ground while reading the message that Black Hand had sent. And he couldn't help but to clicked his tongue at it and started mumbling. "D*mn! It is really scary for this guy to be always in right. To think that he even expected that enemies at these perfect spots."

Then he turned his head at his back and saw a bunch of blurry figures crouching below the walls before saying. "Alright, boys. It is our time to shine. Let's move out!"

After that, he entered a stealth mode and climb on the wall as if he was spiderman. The others followed after him and use their own way of climbing the wall.