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189 Gathering of Experts


Meanwhile, on the Heavenly-Resto Bar VIP Room no.1, while Shin was currently busy with the things on his side, Lawless and Faker were currently having a meeting with a S.Tigris and Black Hand.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, God Slayer: Tora, Death God: Yami," said by S.Tigris as he consecutively shook the hands of the two legendary figures in front of him.

Lawless clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! Why is everyone keep calling me on that name. That title and name is already been a part of the past. I am no longer a Commander of any Adventurer Team and just an ordinary casual player now, that goes with the name Lawless."

S.Tigris chuckles at his words and said. "Yeah, you are right. A casual gamer that have some guts to provoke some Powerhouses of the game. What's more, it includes the publicly known no.1 Guild of the game."

Faker and Black Hand who were on the side lines couldn't help themselves but also release some chuckles after hearing that.

Lawless glared at Faker to shut him up before saying to S.Tigris. "They are the ones that keep bothering me. I am minding my own business at that time, yet they tried to bother me. It is called self-defense."

Then Lawless shrugged his shoulders and invited S.Tigris and Black Hand to sit down. And without waiting for the other two take there seats, the former immediately said to them. "Alright, that was enough for greetings. Let's directly get down to business."

S.Tigris shrugged his shoulders and said. "So, what was you plan guys?"

"I am sure that you guys are already aware of the current situation, with guy in your side." said Lawless while pointing at Black Hand before adding with a serious manner. "This matter at hand, is a little bit troublesome so we need some decent groups with some reliable guys since it is quite impossible for us to end this quest with just us alone. That is why we are currently looking for some team or groups that we can help us on this,"

Then Black Hand suddenly chimed in. "So, did you guys really encounter Immortal in battle?"

The one that answered him was Faker. "We didn't just encounter him, we even exchange blows with him. And there is only one thing that you need to know, that guy is really a bad news; for he is too strong on this game."

Black Hand thought for a moment before asking once again. "Did he bring some of his apostles with him?"

Then Lawless answered. "That is what we are unsure of, we didn't encounter any of his apostles. But I highly doubt that he will bring any of them. That guy is too prideful, if he is here personally, then he will think that he himself is more than enough for this. And if he has some apostles on his side, then those guys will not let Immortal to make his move personally unless necessary."

He paused for a moment to think about something before adding to what he had said. "What's more, I heard that the Undying Guild had encountered some problems on their home turf. The Central Order people are trying invade some of their backyards, so it is pretty much unrealistic for them to leave their home open just to take down a single City of a Kingdom."

Then Black Hand fell on a deep thought while the other three turned silent for a moment to let him processed all of the new data that he acquired; from the looks of it, the three of them were confident on this guy's ability to think.

And after some careful thinking, Black Hand finally opened his mouth once again. "Based on the informations that we got and the things that we got on our side; I still suggest that we look for another team or two to collaborate with us."

The other three didn't open their mouths and letting him to continue. "Even if the Undying Guild is quite busy holding up the Central Order, we still can't rule out the possibility that Immortal might have some apostle with him, each member of their guild can already be considered as a group of their own. So, He may at least have a single apostle on his side."

"What's more, we are going to attack a huge corrupted nest this time. And aside from some members of the Undying Guild, we are also going to deal with a number of Corrupted Monsters. We have already scouted the area, and what we can tell you is that there are at least a few numbers of High-Leveled Corrupted Lords on that place; and there are also two Corrupted Overlords at the very least."

'Now, this is really a problem.' Thought Lawless to himself as he raised one of his eyebrows. Then after few moments, he said to the latter. "What about your Guild? Can't we ask some assistance from them?"

Black Hand paused for a moment and took a look at S.Tigris as if he was asking for some permission. And when he saw that the latter nodded his head, he turned his head at Lawless once again and said. "I am sorry to disappoint you, but we can't current ask some assistance from the Guild. We have some circumstances."

Lawless raised the frown of his brows even higher as he heard what Black Hand what had said. 'Looks like the Wing's Alliance is having some internal conflicts, Huh? Tsk! Looks like we are going to get involve at this rate.'

And now that he got some answers, Lawless couldn't help himself but release a helplessly sigh as the things that supposedly their solution on their current problem suddenly became some unexpected troubles. 'Sigh~... D*mn! Why the heck troubles are keep coming on our way these days?' (Maybe you can ask Shin about that. Kekeke....)

After some thinking, Lawless looked at the two in front of him and asked. "So, what are your current plans? Don't tell me you are just going to rely on us on this quest?"

S.Tigris released a chuckle after hearing that. "Hehe... Well, to tell you honestly, that was our original plan. But since we suspected that Immortal was involve in this, we also tried to look for some Teams that we can collaborate with us, earlier."

"Oh~! So~, did you find any?" asked Lawless with an interested expression on his face.

S.Tigris shrugged his shoulders and said. "Well, we didn't manage to find a 'strong group', but since you said that you are only looking for a decent one, then I guess their strengths should be more than enough."

Lawless clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! Stop being mysterious here. Just tell me already who they are, and I will decide if they are good enough or not."

"Well, we managed to invite the Eternal Hope," said by S.Tigris without beating around the bush this time.

"Oh~h, those guys? Well, they are really more than decent. Is their Commander still that 'Clueless Monster'?" asked Lawless while having a grin with his mouth.

"That guy is still in their group, but he refused to become their Commander this time and letting his previous Vice Commander to take that spot. But at the same time, he still have a huge influence on their decision making," answered by S.Tigris while stroking his chin with his right hand.

Then it was the other side's turn to ask some questions. "How about your side? Who are the reinforcements that you call this time?"

Lawless crossed his arms in front of his chest before replying. "Hmm... I didn't manage to pull some decent groups as most of them are quite busy these days, but I do manage to invite some capable individuals..."

Lawless trailed his words as he tried to make the other side to become curious at who were his reinforcements. He was planning act mysterious so that the other side would ask at who they were. But fortunately for him, S.Tigris and Black Hand refused to say a single word and just wait for him to name them out.

And at that moment, Faker failed to fully contain his laughter and released some slight chuckles. The corner of Lawless' mouth suddenly twitched and glared at him before continuing what he was saying. "Tsk! What a boring person. At least, ask me a question in order to make things a little more interesting... Anyway, the guys that I invited are quite few, only four to be exact. And they only agreed with me because they have some old beef with Immortal."

And as if riding what Lawless had said, S.Tigris suddenly chimed in while containing his laugher. "And they are?"

"There you go!" said by Lawless as he snapped with his right-hand thumb and index finger before continuing. "Well, they are not that much, just a few Monsters of the \u003cTrue Era\u003e online; and they are Sunny, Xychz, Kazuki and Shizio."

Cough! Cough!

S.Tigris coughed so hard as there were some air that were stuck at his throat. That was because of what Lawless had said. 'D*mn! Just a few Monsters? Those 4 were part of the famous Butcher Team of \u003cTrue Era\u003e! What's more, he said it as if it was no big deal.'

Black Hand, on the other hand laughed so hard what had happened. Then he immediately said after a few moments. "As expected of you, God-... I mean Captain Lawless. Inviting those three must be hard."

Lawless shrugged his shoulders and said. "Like what I said earlier, they only accepted it because they have some old beef with Immortal. What's more, we also offered them a little bit of reward. Given that, they have no reason to refuse as they will get a chance to have their revenge on Immortal while getting some extras from us at the same time. So, it can already be considered as a win-win situation for them."

After that, Faker suddenly chimed in. "So, what do you think about our chances of winning now, 'War Maestro'? Do you we have a good chance now?"

"I am no suitable for that title. I just got lucky at that time," said Black Hand almost instantly when he heard the title that Faker had given him. Then he immediately added after it. "Anyway, with the cards that we currently have, I can confidently say that we have at least a 40% chance of winning. We are still on the lower odds since we are still not clear about the cards of our opponents. But If we manage to find at least one more decent group then our odds will reach 50-60%."

Lawless knitted his brows once again and said with a slight confusion. "Isn't still a little bit too low?"

Black Hand smiled bitterly and said. "Well, we can't do anything about that. I deduct some points because there might be some unexpected events that may happened in the process caused by some external factors."

The corner of Lawless mouth suddenly twitched after hearing that. 'The heck? Is the conflict on their Guild on high time to the point that they are bothering each other's quest?'

And after a little moment, Lawless said with a little seriousness this time. "So... Shall we call the other guys now? We need to make plans fast as we can, or else, we might get in trouble later. I'm pretty sure that those guys on the other side are not in idle either."

Then S.Tigris nodded his head and started making a call and tried to contact the current Commander of the Eternal Hope Adventurer Team. At the same time, Lawless also starting to contact his own invites.


Meanwhile, on the Battle Arena of the Calderock Town, Celine who had a 'friendly match' with Shin, was currently having a discussion with a Female Specter Master Assassin.

This new girl was quite a beauty, and together with her perfect curves, you could tell that she was a hottie. And this hottie was one of the four Captains of the Secret Society Adventurer Team, and a Peak-Titled Ranker at that, the 'Raging Tempest: Misty Wind'.

But even that was the case, this hottie was currently in bad mood. It was because she failed to make some contact with the people that she wanted to meet; and those people concerns their main reason at coming on Saint Heaven Kingdom. And they were Shin and Shiella obviously.

And what made her even more frustrated, this girl that came with her just said that she met a VIP member of the Battle Arena. What's more, that guy was one of the new rising stars of this Kingdom.

"Celine, you are not tricking me, aren't you? You are not kidding me, right?" said Misty Wind while squinting her eyes.

Celine nodded her head repeatedly and said. "Of course, it is true, Captain Misty. I even have a footage of our entire battle and conversion as my evidence!"

"OK, call him it is true!" ordered Misty Wind with intimidating tone.

"Right on it!" said Celine before quickly starting to contact Shin. But after a few moments, she started sweating with cold bullets. It was because the person on the other side of the call was not answering at all.

Then she started to panic when she felt that the temperature of the room was staring to drop down with a great margin. And so, she started cursing Shin. "ANSWER THE F*CKING CALL! YOU GOD D*MN B*ST*RD SON OF A B*TCH!!!"


At the same time, on one of the best rooms of the Battle Arena, the b*st*rd... Eh!? I mean Shin, was currently too immerse at his own training, and not caring about any other things.