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179 Being on the Same Page


"Aright, we need to plan our next move now."

The atmosphere inside the room suddenly turned quiet after they heard what Lawless had said. They couldn't help it. It was majority because of their next quest.


Quest Name: The Corrupted Nest - Part VII

Quest Type: Main Monster Extermination Quest

Quest Difficulty: Hell(SSS+)


The Sun-Moon Church had discovered some movements of from Corrupted Cults in the vicinity of the Holy City. And after some investigation, the Church learned that the Corrupted Cults built a massive number of Corrupted Nests around the Holy City territory.

The Archbishops of the Sun-Moon Church become restless because of this news. And with the numbers of those Nests, they pretty much lacked in terms of manpower. But they still needed to preserve the peaceful life of the residents of this world. So given with no other choice, they asked some help from the adventurers of the other world as they needed to exterminate these Nests for as soon as possible before everything was too late.

And since you and your team have a great contribution on this operation, the Church had recommended your team to exterminate the biggest Nest on the Holy City's territory.

Quest Condition (Might change according to Investigation):

-Investigate the place and get some information on that place for as much as you can

-Exterminate all of the monsters on Corrupted Nest.

-Retrieve the Sacred Relic from that place.

-Destroy the Nest thoroughly.

Quest Progress (0%):

-Place Exploration (0%)

-Monster Extermination (0%)

-Sacred Relic (0/1)

-Destruction of the Nest (0%)

Quest Reward:

+5 Levels

+200 Fame Points

+20 000 Reputation Points

+15 LP (Legacy Points)


Quest Penalties:

-10 Levels

-40 000 Reputation Points

All of the monsters produced by the Nest will siege the Holy City.


The group became silent not because the difficulty of the quest. But due to it being related to corrupted beings, because they might encounter Immortal and the Undying Guild people once again on this quest. And facing those guys were quite troublesome to deal with, especially the former as their strengths were still not enough to face that crazy lunatic.

What's more, Morgan was currently in the weakened state because he used a forbidden skill. And even if they were currently with Ravier and Ember now, Charlotte was not going with them this time for she have some things that she needed to do in the Real World.

Shin was not clear about Immortal's battle prowess much less experienced it personally, so he was the first one recovered from the atmosphere and broke the silence. "I guess it was better if we collaborate with the others."

Then the group turned their heads at him as if saying - "What do you mean?" -

Seeing that, Shin immediately continued. "From what the details of the quest, you guys are recommended by the Church's Elders on this quest."

Then all of them looked at Shin with weird gazes and as if saying. - "We know. Do you take us as some idi*t beginners?" -

Shin smiled meekly at them after feeling the meaning of their gazes. Then he added. "I'm just saying it to lighten up the mood because you guys are too tense. So you guys don't have to look at me like that."

Lawless release a helpless sigh and said. "Well, we already discuss about it earlier but the problem is how are we going to know who are the others that also got the recommendation. What's more, we also don't know if they are our friends or foes."

And as if he remembered something, Lawless immediately added. "Aren't you the Envoy of the Sun-Moon Church? Is it possible for you to ask who are the other guys that got the recommendation?"

Shin touched he chin with his right hand and said. "Hmm... I can try. But I still need to visit the Church first. And maybe I should update the 'Traitor of the Church' quest."

Lawless nodded his head and said. "Yeah, it is better that way. You should check if you can see who they are and tell us. Then we are going to negotiate to them if we can collaborate with them. If that did not work, then we will find some reliable guys to team up with us instead. The quest didn't have a limit for the number of participants after all."

Then Ravier suddenly chimed in once again and said. "Yeah, so what are you waiting for? Go to the Church now so that we can move on our next quest."

The corner of Shin's mouth suddenly twitched after hearing that. "Brother Ravier, why the heck did your blood boil every time you see me? Did I do something to upset you?"

The expression on Ravier suddenly turned stiff after hearing that. Meanwhile, Ember giggled when she saw Ravier's expression before saying to Shin. "Don't mind him brother Sickarius. He is always like that every time he sees someone that is more talented than him; he always felt insecure."

Then the others burst out laughing while Ravier bowed his head feeling ashamed. Shin shook his head and sighed helplessly before saying. "Alright, I'll go visit the church for now to see if I can get some information regarding the other recommended guys," while standing up from his seat.

Lawless wave his right hand at Shin and said. "Yeah, good luck, we will wait for you here."

And when Shin walked out of the room, the atmosphere inside the room suddenly returned to its dampened mood. A moment later, Faker turned his head at Lawless and asked. "What do you think? Is this quest still clearable? I'm pretty sure that Immortal and his followers will be ready to welcome us on that so-called Nest. What's more, they have the home ground advantage."

Lawless shrugged his shoulders and said. "That is why we needed to see if those guys that got the other quest, are quite decent first. If they are good, then we can still try."

Faker thought for a moment before suggesting. "How about we also ask some help from the Hand of Midas? Those guys are more than decent. I heard the rumors about them before but I still didn't expect that their battle prowess are that strong."

Then Lawless stroke his chin with his right and think about it. "Hmm... Now that I think about it, we should also try asking them about it if possible. But the problem is how are we going to let them accept out offer?"

Faker shrugged his shoulders and said. "I don't know. That was not my problem anymore, it is yours, you are the team captain after all."

Then he ignored Lawless and bowed his head while closing his eyes with crossed arms in front of his chest before returning to his 'nap'.

The corner of Lawless' mouth twitched after hearing what Faker had said. He wanted to say something but he only managed to open and close his mouth as no words come out from it. All he could do was the curse on himself. 'D*mn! This is one of the reasons why I don't want to build another Adventurer Team, being a leader is very troublesome. You always needed to think about how to solve the problems.'

Then he turned his attention to Stephanie and Ember who were busy whispering and giggling with each other, and Ravier, Morgan and Hayden who were laughing with whatever they were talking about. (Hayden decided to join Lawless team after their shared life and death experience)

Lawless released a helpless sigh and muttered to himself. "It is really good to be a carefree and normal member. I wish I am the same. Tsk! I'm starting to miss the life of a casual player."

Then a sudden thought enter his mind. "Hmm... I should hurry and convince Brother Sickarius to join this team, and let him do these troublesome jobs."

Then he heard Faker chuckled at him while saying. "Then good luck about that. I feel that that guy is pretty much similar to you so I doubt he will comply at it."

Lawless couldn't help but released another helpless sigh after hearing that and said. "Then about you share some burdens with me?"

Then Faker ignored him and refused to reply. Lawless clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! What a good cousin you are."


In one of the famous inns inside the Holy City, a group of twelve players were currently having a meeting in one of the biggest rooms of the inn. All of these players were wearing a six-wing emblem on the right side of their chest. At the same time, the auras that they were currently releasing were quite strong.

A TigerKin Master Berserker was currently sitting on a chair with a dangerous presence while looking at his team members and said threateningly. "I don't know who is it and I don't plan to look at it further, but remember, the moment I discovered who is it, I'll make sure to make him/her regret playing this game."

The members of the group were currently bowing their heads and didn't dare to provoke this captain of theirs.

And after some time of silence, the TigerKin opened his mouth once again and said. "Alright, let's forget about that for now. We should proceed at the discussing the current matter on our hands."

Then he turned his head at the Human Bishop standing a little back on his right side. "What do you thing about this quest, Black Hand?"

It turns out that this group was S.Tigris and his team. Black Hand nodded his head a little, acknowledging that he had been called and said. "Well, base on the things that we have investigated and the events that happened so far, clearing this quest with our strengths alone was pretty much close to impossible."

The others in the group frowned after hearing that, because it was the same as questioning their strengths. But they didn't raised any kind of objection because they were aware of this guy's intelligence and judgement; if he said that it was impossible with them alone, then that means they really couldn't do it. Good thing that he just said it was only 'close' to impossible so there must still be a way for them to clear this problematic quest of theirs.

Then Black Hand continued. "So let me discuss the main points of this quest first for us to get a clear picture what kind of opponents are we going to encounter."

"The first point is the quest difficulty, we all already know that a quest that exceeds the S-Grade difficulty will be going to be troublesome for they are mostly if not always connected to the quest of some other guys. Meaning, this quest quite related to some big quest later."

"And that is where the second point comes in. From the 'special event' that recently occurred, which is obviously connected to Sun-Moon Church, we are safe to assume that that party of God Slayer and Death God are currently doing a quest that is pretty much connected to the one that we are currently doing. And if I'm not mistaken, they should be the ones that took the other SSS-Rank quest on the Church's bulletinboard before."

"And that is where our chance to clear this quest kicks in. If we managed to ask some help from them, then our chances on this quest are going to be high. But that is also where another problem rises. Since their quest triggered a special event that pretty much involved the opposing function, we might encounter the Undying Guild later, and probably Immortal too."

Then the party members felt a sudden chill on their spines after hearing Immortal's name. But Black Hand just ignored them and said. "We all know that Undying Guild is currently treating the Dark Abyss Empire as their home turf and the base area of their operations. And sure! It is quite far from here. But after what happened on the final moments of the war, we can also say that those guys are currently planning to do something here."

"And since this quest is also connected to the Corrupted Beings, then these guys might also have some part on it. And if I am not wrong, the place that we need to attack is currently their base on this Kingdom."

Then S.Tigris finally chimed in and asked. "What is the probably that Immortal was here?"

"More than 80%," replied by Black Hand almost immediately.

Then S.Tigris asked again. "How did you say so?"

And Black Hand answered instantaneously. "Base on the explosion that happened at the end of the event."

S.Tigris paused for a moment before nodding his head as he picked up some clues on it, and letting the Human Bishop to continue. But Black Hand just asked his captain instead. "So what is the plan? Should we look for the other side to see if they are willing to collaborate with us? For me, that was the best action that we can take."

S.Tigris strokes his chin with his right hand while thinking for a moment. After some time, he said to Black Hand. "Let's wait for a moment. I have a feeling that those guys are going to look for us first so let's just wait for them."