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123 Racial Battle Physique, New Ratial Traits and New Combined Skill


The time seems stopped moving as Shin stand at his spot silently.Even the audience watching the battle suddenly turned silent.

A moment later, an eye-catching system notification appeared above the Battle Royale Arena.


System: Congratulations to player 'Sickarius' for being that last man standing and being the rank one at the Battle Royale Arena no.423!

System: He will receive a Battle Physique according to his final score.


Then the players watching on the audience stand suddenly burst with an uproar!

The player watching in spectator mode also don't what to do. Then they started posting the Battle Video online while having an eye-catching titles.

'A Battle Freak Emerges', 'Titled Rankers vs The Rising Star', 'Famous ones defeated by Infamous one', 'Slaughtering Three Titled Rankers Alone', Etc..

A lot of battle videos are being spread online, but all of their contents are pretty much similar to each other. And that is Shin defeating three famous individuals all at once.

And unknown to him, Shin become an online sensation once again! But this time, it is his other identity.


But Shin don't care about them even if he is aware of that. He is already teleported outside the Battle Royale Arena and is currently looking at the series of System Notifications in front of his eyes.


System: Congratulations! You ranked first on the leaderboard at the end of the Battle Royale. And you will be awarded an additional 2000 Divine Energy points.

System: Calculating your final score.System: You killed a total of 545 players and accumulated a total of 18 347 Divine Energies.


System: You got a total of 20 347 Divine Energies.


System: Congratulations! Your Divine Energy reached the 20000 threshold! The Random Battle Physique that your are going to get will have an Epic Rank!


System: Transcendent Race detected!Note: Transcendent Races have their own Battle Physiques.


System: Do you want to give up on getting your Random Epic Battle Physique in exchange for unlocking the Battle Physique of your Transcendent Race or the other way around?

Warning: You will not be able to retrieve the Battle Physique that your are going to give up once you decide.


"Then what will be my reward for being ranked first if I choose to unblock the Battle Physique of my Race?" Is what Shin wants to say the moment he read the last system notification. And that was immediately answered by the next system notification.


System: Due to special circumstances, you will receive a random special reward to compensate your previous reward if you choose to unlock your Racial Battle Physique.


Shin release a sigh of relief after reading that. Even if he don't know what is the rank of his Racial Battle Physique, it shouldn't be a weak one right? Given that he have a Transcendent Race.

After that, Shin choose to unlock the Battle Physique of his Transcendent Race.

Then a pillar of golden light suddenly descend from the sky and fall on Shin's body. And a moment after that, Shin felt an unbearable pain on his entire being.

He felt like his whole body is being forcefully rip apart by something before being reconstructed once again. After that, it is going to be destroy for the second time and is going to rebuild again.


That process was repeated for quite some time. And it almost make Shin to lost his mind. Good that his willpower is not to be trifle with.

After few more minutes, the pillar of light was retracted towards the sky, leaving Shin laying on the ground. A moment later, Shin slowly stood up before tapping his smoking body.

"D*mn! That was insane! I wonder how the other players with Transcendent Race managed to hold this kind of 'Baptism'." muttered Shin to himself as he try to recall the feeling that he had experience. And he can't help but to shiver uncontrollably when he do.

After that, he look at the system notifications that he just received. "F*ck you! If you didn't give me something good, then I'm going to sue the game developers for doing this."


System: You choose to unlock your Racial Battle Physique. The system will give you a random special item as a compensation reward.


System: Congratulations! You received a 'Pandora's Box'!


System: You are entering a Racial Baptism to unlock your Battle Physique.System: A special bloodline was detected! Your original Battle Physique will undergo some mutation.

System: Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked your Racial Battle Physique, improving all of your Racial Traits and unlocking some additional abilities.


Shin immediately look at the details of his Battle Physique to see what kind of powers did it have.


Battle Physique

Name: Heavenly Fighting Physique (Mutated)

Rank: Epic (Inferior Legendary)

Type: ???

Details: Nephilim's body are from a God and a Human, giving you some powers of a God while possessing some special traits of a Human.

And due to some foreign entity, your special body become mutated as it receives some powers of a Demon King.


•Basic+30% Physical Defense

+40% Magic Resistance

+50% to All of Stats


+2 Attack Speed

+50% Movement Speed

+10% Skill Reduction Damage


+25% Reaction Speed

+10% Mana and Magic Affinity

+5% Completion Rate


+10 Divine Powers

+5 Demonic Powers

Extra Ability:

1. Human Trait: Get 5 additional undistributed stats every level.

2. Mutated Powers: (Unlock when you reach the Tier 3 of your Class)

•Godly Ability: [Locked]

•Demonic Ability: [Locked]


"That is what I am talking about!" said Shin with a loud voice when he saw the details of his Battle Physique.

Then he look at the details of his updated Racial Traits.


Race: Nephilim (Transcendent)

- They are the offspring of a Fallen God and a Human being. They have the Body of Evil but have a Sacred Heart.

Racial Trait(Mutated):

- Body of Evil: You have a body of Evil as you received the powers of a Fallen God and a Demon King.

•It gives you a superior strength and powerful defense. It also supplies you an unlimited amount of Stamina.

Note: But you will received more damage from Holy skills(Reduce to minimum because you have some divine powers).

- Sacred Heart: You have a sacred heart as you receive some blessings from Sacred Gods.•Your Magic Powers are now doubled.

•Sacred Heart gives you some immunity against Fear Effects or any kind of mind control skills.

- Mark of Eclipse:

1. Power of the Black Sun and the Silver Moon:

•All of your Physical Skill Damages can now deal an additional burning damage that will last for 5 seconds.

=Burning Damage: 10% of your Total Physical Damage.

=Ignition and Detonate: When the burning effect reach 5 stacks, you can detonate the overlapping burning effects to cause an explosion that deals 200% of your Total Physical Damage.

Note: The target will become immune on this effect for 2 minutes after the detonation.

•Your Magical Damage can now deal a Freezing damage and slow effect that will ast for 5 seconds.

=Freezing Damage: 5% of your total Magical Power.

=Slow Effect: -20% Movement speed.

=Frozen and Shatter: When the Slow effects overlap at 5 stacks, the affected enemy will become frozen for 3 seconds.

You will deal an additional 150% of your Total Magical Damage if you attack a frozen enemy with any kind attacks.

Note: The target will become immune on this effect for 2 minutes after the Shattering Effect.

2. Cycle of Day and Night:

•During Day:

+50% STR and VIT

+30% Physical Defense and Magic Resist

•During Night:

+50% INT and AGI

+100% Movement Speed

3. Metamorphosis(Berserk Skill):

•Decent of the Fallen God: [Locked]

•Demonic Transformation: [Locked]

4. ???? : (Locked)


Shin become speechless as he stared blankly at his new Racial Trait details. And it took him quite some to recover himself. But he still can't take his eyes off the information window in front of his eyes.

"I don't if my Racial Traits are a 'little' OP because of the so-called mutation or all of the Racial Traits of Transcendent Beings are always been this strong when they unlocked their Battle Physique." muttered Shin to himself while releasing a helpless sigh.

After that, he look at the details of the so-called special compensation reward. It is a strange purple-black iron box that have some bricks design on its surface.


Item Name: Pandora's Box

Item Type: Etc.

Rank: Special

Details: A special box of Pandora that have different kind of variety of items inside. It can either be a Sacred Equipment, a Demonic Artifact or a Trash item.

Number of uses: 3

Note 1: It is a blessing for lucky people and a curse for unlucky ones.

Note 2: You can sacrifice an item to raise your chances on getting special items. The increase on chances will depend on the rarity and number of the items that have been sacrificed.

Note 3: You can also get some special game coupons from this box.


"Oh~♪ a quite interesting item. Should I give it a try since I felt that I'm quite lucky for today? Nah~! It is better if I use it later, I might run out Luck now since I already used it earlier." muttered Shin as he read the details of the item.

Then he suddenly remembered something! He remembered the thing that already collected a lot of dust inside his inventory bag. It is a simple piece of rectangular paper that looks like a discount coupon on the Real World.


Item Name: Skill Combination Coupon

Item Type: Etc.

Item Rank: Special

Details: Use this coupon to combined any kind of skills that is below Tier 3 Rank.

Note 1: You can combine three kind of Skills at most.

Note 2: Skills should be compatible for each other.

Note 3: You can't combine a Class Fighting Style Skill with another Class Fighting Style Skill.


"I almost forget about this thing." said Shin to himself as he think what skill to combine. "Hmm... Now, what skill should I combine?"

"The skills for my Real Identity is pretty much enough for me. What I really lack on this identity are some more melee skills for close-combat fighting, but I can patch it up by buying some Extra Skill Books since I don't lack any money now."

"So I should create a skill for my 'Nameless Swordsman' identity then? But what will it be? It is going to be a waste if I use this coupon for ordinary skills."

"Eh!? Wait! It is also stated that I can only combined skills that are compatible with each other, so I can't just randomly pick some skills."

"What I want is another OP skill that can compliment my Class Fighting Style, so what should be it?"

After that long train of thoughts Shin finally chose what skills did he want combine.


System: You chose to combine the skills 'Quick Draw', 'Purgatory Slash' and 'Blood Rampage'. System is checking the compatibility.


System: Skills can be combine together with 80% Compatibility and 20% Success Rate. Are you sure you want to continue?

= YES or NO


"There is a Success Rate? And isn't it a little bit low? What is this? A scam?" said Shin as he hesitate for a moment, but he still hit the YES button either way.


System: Skill Combination Starting.

System: You can choose to reduce the skill proportion to increase the Success Rate. Do you want to adjust the proportion?

= YES or No


"Do you even need to ask?" said Shin as if he is stating the obvious. Then he hit the YES button once again.

After that, he manually adjust the proportion of the skills to:

45% of Class Fighting Style Skill

30% of Tier 2 Class Specific Skill

25% of Elemental Skill


System: Skill Combination Successfull!

System: Congratulations! You have created another Class Fighting Style Skill!

System: You will not be rewarded of any Fame points since you used a Skill Combination Coupon.

System: Please name your New Skill to be registered.


After some quick thought Shin give it another random name that he can think of. "Purgatory Stance"


System: Congratulations! Your Skill have successfully been registered.


Skill Name: Purgatory Stance

Skill Rank: Special (Class Fighting Style)

Skill Level: Tier 2

Details: Sheath your sword before accumulating enough Energy for 10 seconds.

After the accumulation, pulled your sword out and swing it forward, sending a powerful crescent Energy Wave towards your target and damaging all the enemies on its path. It can reach a maximum range of 20 meters.

Then sheath your sword once again before quick pulling it out for the second time, and send another crescent Energy Wave that is more powerful than the previous one. And repeat the process until the sword drawing powers are exhaust.

Damage of the first Energy Wave:

={0.1% (Physical Damage + Magical Damage)] • (AGI/2)

Damage of Preceding Energy Waves:

= (Previous Damage)•2

Maximum No. of sword draw:

=(Attack Speed/2)

Cooldown: 5 minutes


Shin's head went blank after seeing the details of the skill. It took time for him to recover himself.

Then he smiled bitterly before evaluating the skill. "It might be a very strong skill, but it also have a fatal weakness. The accumulation time is quite long, so it is not an easy skill to cast. Especially since I need to sheath and unsheathe my sword."

Then a sudden thought enters his mind. "Well, since I'm already at it, I might as well upgrade some of my other skills."

After that, Shin open his skill window to see what skills are needed to be upgraded this time.