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118 Battling a High Ranker and Entering the Battle Royale Arena


\"Then let's see what you are made off.\" Said by the captain guy as he put the two-handed battle axe over his right shoulder while holding its handle with his right hand.

Shin release a helpless sigh before saying to the captain guy. \"So shall we? I'm quite in a hurry you know?\"

The captain guy raise his left hand with its palm facing upwards. After that, he fold his thumb before moving the remaining four fingers back and fort, gesturing for Shin to come over.

\"Heh!\" Shin sneered at the captain guy's actions before sprinting forward with a great speed.


The captain guy hold his battle Axe with both of his hands before swinging it powerfully and throwing it at Shin like a spinning boomerang.

'Master Berserker Skill (Tier 2): Death Throw'

Shin swiftly pulled his swords out before swinging the [Dusk Blade] rightwards as he gently use its surface to deflect the incoming flying axe.

'Epic Combat Technique: Infinity Edge'


After that, Shin suddenly accelerated forward leaving an afterimage behind. And before the captain guy realize that it is an afterimage, Shin is already at that guy's back swinging the [Dusk Blade] down.

'Phantom Swordsman Skill: Phantom Steps'

When the captain guy felt that there is something amiss, the [Dusk Blade] is already upon him. But he didn't get panicked, he calmly lean his body forward, and let the retuning flying axe to pass through above his head.


Sword and Axe collides, Shin's sword is obviously on the losing end, since the axe have gain a lot of momentum from spinning and flying.

But Shin use the momentum of his downward slash to do spin-vault in the air, dodging the spinning axe.

The captain guy on the other hand do a quick double clockwise spin while moving backwards and stretching his right arm to catch his battle axe.

After that, he quickly use the momentum of his spin to swing his battle axe at Shin who just landed on the ground.

'Berserker Skill: Horizontal Swipe'

Shin quickly cross his arms and swords at his right side to block the in axe swing.


(-15 688)

The swing is quite strong, but Shin is still able to lessen the damage to its minimum by successfully blocking the axe.

Then he absorb the force from the impact before dividing them equally on both of his arms as he swing his swords at his opponent.

'Advance Combat Technique: Yin-Yang Twist'

The captain guy immediately pulled his axe and move backwards before swinging it powerfully to exchange some basic attacks with Shin.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The captain guy is not that weak either since he relay with his superior strength alone to counter each of Shin's basic attacks, and that is even if Shin have a very high attack speed.

But after few more melee exchange, the captain guy realized his mistake. Because each of Shin's strike is becoming more faster and more stronger as he throw more basic attacks.

'Epic Combat Technique: Infinity Edge'

Then the [Dawn Blade] suddenly glows with a brilliant white light while the [Dusk Blade] become ablaze with pitch-black flame. Then Shin suddenly felt a sudden boost on his attack speed and movement speed.

'Weapon Skill: Blade of the Dawn'

Then each of Shin's arms suddenly turned into a blur as he swing his swords at his opponent.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

-16 467

Clang! Clang!

-24 678

-49 456(Critical)

The captain guy failed to perfectly block Shin's assault this time, and was force to move backwards repeatedly to lessen the burden from the sword strikes. But something suddenly exploded on his waist, ripping off some of his HP and messing up his rhythm.

'Elemental Skills (Void): Mark of the Void'


-69 622

The captain guy gritted his teeth as he ignore the damage that he have taken and continue blocking Shin's incoming strikes.

A moment later, he gotten a chance to take a huge step backwards to execute a skill. He hold his battle axe with both of his hands before pulling it backwards while twisting his waist in clockwise direction.

After that, he swing both of his arms leftwards together with his battle axe, before using the momentum of that swing to spin his body like a tornado.

'Master Berserker Skill (Tier 2): Whirlwind Slash'


Shin hop backwards before doing a two consecutive back-flips to distance himself from his opponent. And when he reach a safe distance, he channels some dark mana on the [Dusk Blade] while waiting for the right timing to release it.

And when the captain guy stops spinning, Shin immediately step at the void gate that appeared in front of him, and teleport at the back of the Master Berserker.

'Elemental Skill (Void): Void Steps'

After that, Shin immediately swing the [Dusk Blade] downwards targeting his opponent's back.

The captain guy immediately turn his body around while powerfully swing the the axe at Shin. But something unexpected happened, a black crescent sword Qi was released from Shin's sword, leaving him no choice but to take it head-on.

'Weapon Skill: Dusk Cutter'


-150 794

Then a large chunk was ripped off from the captain guy's HP, and reducing it to 50%. But he didn't get panicked yet. Because a bloody aura was suddenly release from his body when he received that damage.

Then his stats suddenly received some bonus increase as his attack speed and movement speed also received some extra boost. At the same time, his HP regen suddenly skyrocket.

'Master Berserker (Passive): Berserker State'

This time, the captain guy took the initiative to invite Shin with another melee exchange.

Shin's mouth suddenly curve upwards when he saw the captain guy's actions. 'Heh! Do you think that I'm afraid? Melee fights is something that I like the most. And you are not the only one that can have a boost.'

'Equipment Skill: Minotaur's Strength'

Then Shin's strength suddenly received a 100% of increase in strenght. After that he immediately throw a bunch of sword slash at his opponent.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

-16 673

(-16 261)

-35 789

-67 789(Critical)

(-25 287)

(-10 882)


-69 892(Mark of the Void Damage)

-87 683(Critical)

(-38 782)

(-16 789)

'Master Berserker Skill (Tier 2): Berserker Heal'

+200 000

Clang! Clang!

-20 892

(-20 879)

Clang! Clang!

-87 980(Critical)

(-24 679)

(-26 789)

The captain guy might have a continues increase on his power because of his 'Berserker State' passive, but Shin was not left behind either.

With his 'Infinity Edge' Combat Technique and the 'Yin-Yang Twist' attached on it, his attacks are also continuously rising. And if you add the bonus special and passive effects attached on his swords, then it is not surprising that he can deal more damage than his opponent.

Then the captain guy suddenly received another bonus of strength as he gathers a lot of berserk power on his battle axe before swinging it at Shin.

'Master Berserker Skill (Tier 2): Berserk Execution'


Shin suddenly transformed into a shadowy figure as his body was cut into half by that heavy strike and exploded like a bunch of smoke.


'Phantom Swordsman Skill: Phantom Assassination'

The captain guy tried to find Shin, but the swordsman seems to disappeared completely. A moment later, he felt dangerous feeling coming from his back. He immediately swing his battle axe at the source of that threat, but he hit nothing but air.

Then the captain guy suddenly heard a familiar voice behind him. \"Assassination Rule #2, use your killing intent to fool your targets' senses so that you can land a fatal strike even if they are in high alert.\"

The captain guy wants to throw another strike, but Shin didn't let him to anything more. He swiftly swing each of his swords at the back of his opponent as he take advantage of the bonus +200% damage of his previous skill.

-93 088

-93 100

-93 067

-93 103




With Shin's attack speed, throwing 8 sword strikes per second is not an issue. So Shin is able to deal a damage that is more than enough to kill the captain guy, and he did that before the duration of the bonus damage ends.

The captain guy just fall lifelessly on the ground and dropped his battle axe. Shin immediately sheath his swords at each side of his waist before bending his knees to pick up the battle axe and put it in his inventory space.

After that, he swept his eyes at his surroundings to look at the other experts hiding in the crowd. And when he confirmed that there are no other group that wants to test his strength, he continue walking towards the Divine Colosseum.

And that is when the ordinary bystanders react at what have happened.

\"Whoa! He is able to beat a group of three Rankers himself? That guy is strong!\"

\"And that guy with the large axe should be a High Ranker at the very least, since I heard that the other guys in his group called him Captain.\"

\"And what kind of Swordsman is the other guy? He seems to be able to use some stealth skills.\"

\"Maybe that was an equipment skill or something. Some of the swordsman equipments have that kind of skills.\"

\"But that is not the most scary on that guy! It is his basic attack damage and his attack speed!\"

\"Yeah! He is able to contend with a Berserker in 'Berserker State'. Eh!? No! He seems to be in higher ground from their exchange.\"

And that is the time when the other experts in the crowd receive a pair of news and order from their Higher-Ups.

\"Alright, That guy's identity has been leaked. He is the 'Sickarius' guy that we are looking for.\"

\"Some of our spies had been reported that that guy is the player that we are looking for. Let's get ready to recruit him.\"

\"Alright! Let's get moving we can't let the other guys recruit him before us.\"

\"So it was him. Quite strong indeed, as expected to someone that managed to cause two consecutive System Updates.\"

\"Hey, tell the others to monitor him more. We might need to recruit this guy later.\"


Meanwhile, Shin don't give a d*mn on how the others think about at him. All he needs to do now is to get on a 'Battle Royale Arena' so that he can get his 'Battle Physique'. And that is when he arrived at the Divine Colosseum.

A Divine Colosseum is a heavenly place for players that wants to improve their skills. It is similar to Battle Arena in the Player Towns and Cities, but a more advanced one at that.

It have different kind of facilities. There are some specialized stage for PvP for the players that really like battle others. There are also some rooms for players that wants to improved their skill completion rates.

There are some stages specially prepared for tournaments. And there are also some stages specialized for special purposes just like the 'Battle Royale Arena'.

But if someone wants to get some benefits from these rooms and stages, they need to pay a corresponding Mana Stone first.

And since Shin wants to enter a 'Battle Royale Arena', he also needs to pay 10 pieces of Superior Mana Stone first. Good thing that he got a lot of Mana Stones for his previous achievements.


System: You are requesting to enter a 'Battle Royale Arena'. Please wait for authentication.

System: Identity confirmed. Newly Promoted Confirmed. You will be registered as player 'Sickarius'.

System: Your level is going to be reduce to Level-75 just like the other players to be fair.

System: You are currently in queue. Waiting for other players.

System: Waiting for the room to become full.


System: Room reached its maximum number of participants.

System: You are being randomly teleported to a specialized stage.


After that long series of System Notifications, Shin was immediately teleported into an independent space that have a lot of destroyed houses and buildings in the vicinity.

And before he managed to observe his surroundings more, another batch of system notification sounded on his ear.


System: You are teleported to the 'Ruined City'.

System: Please check your goals.

•Goal #1: Survive until you are the only player alive.

•Goal #2: Collect for as many Divine Energy as you can.

Note 1: You can get a Divine Energy by killing other players.

Note 2: You can get half of the collected Divine Energy of a player if you are successful at killing him.

Note 3: The Battle Physique that you can get in the end will be based on the amount of the Divine Energy that you have collected.


System: 'Battle Royale' Start! Good luck!

System: Current number of the remaining participants - 3000.


Whistle ~♪

\"That was a lot of notification, Huh? And a lot of participants too.\" muttered Shin as he stretch his waist left and right. \"Anyway, let's do some work.\"

Then Shin suddenly felt that there is someone stealthy moving inside his perception range. His lips suddenly curve upwards and said with a low voice. \"And let's start with you.\"

After that, Shin suddenly disappeared from his current spot, making the player in stealth mode to become confused. \"Huh, where did he go?\"

Then the guy in stealth suddenly heard a voice behind him. \"Assassination Rule #1, don't ever let your target know about your presence. And don't let him/her know that you are targeting him/her.\"

After that, some sword flashes slice through the body of the guy in stealth before he fall lifelessly on the ground. Then a bunch of white smoke was release from the corpse of the guy before entering Shin's body.


System: You have killed a player. You've got 15-charge of Divine Energy.

\"Hmm...\" Then a sudden bold idea enter Shin's mind. He secretly put the [Nephilim's Gemini Mask] on before summoning the Sun and Moon Clones. And it was followed by another system notification.


System: Independent Clones detected!

System: Warning! The Clones that you are summoning are special ones. They can earn some Divine Energies themselves. But if they are killed before you collected the Divine Energies from their bodies, then all of those energies are going to be transfered to their killer.

System: Are you sure that you want to summon them? YES  or  No?

After some slight hesitation, Shin still hit the YES button. They can help him top farm more Divine Energies after all.

But he have no plan on using his 'Slayer Skills' in this battle since he is using his real identity. And since these clones have his other skills aside from his equipments skill, then he shouldn't have any problem on cotrolling them. And with that, he can also prevent others to become suspicion of him.

Then Shin decided to let these two to work together to avoid some accidents. \"Alright, time to do some special work.\"

After that, the three of them suddenly dash at two different directions. And obviously Shin is going to move solo.