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116 Grim Reaper Skills and Battle Physique



System: Congratulations! You have successfully promoted to Tier 2 Class, the Grim Reaper.

System: Your Tier 2 Skills are automatically registered in you Skill Panel.


System: You are now in Tier 2 Class. You can now unlock the improved powers of your Racial Traits by creating your own 'Battle Physique'.


System: Congratulations! You are now officially acknowledge as the Envoy of the Church of the Sun and then Moon.

System: As an Envoy, you have the right to mobilize a Battalion from the Church. (Only for Reasonable Purposes)

Can't be use when you are in Guild War or something similar.

System: As an Envoy of the Church, you have the responsibility to do some important quest for the Church.

Failing to comply on this will reduce your popularity on the Church.


After the blessing of the Church, Archbishop Ronald invited Shin to come up on the stone platform, so that he can introduce their new Envoy to the other Archbishops.

And after some idle chats, Shin whispered to Archbishop Ronald that he need to discuss something with him.

The Archbishop nodded his head immediately bids his farewell to the other Archbishops. Then he invited Shin to come to his office.

And the moment Shin turn his body around, a piercing gaze and a flash of killing intent suddenly swept pass his body.

Shin immediately stop his steps and turn his head to look for the owner of that gaze. Unfortunately, he failed to find the person.

After that, he whispered to Hanzo. \"Hey, Old Man. Did you also feel that?\"Then Hanzo lazily replied at him. \"How can I feel what you feel? We are not the same entity, alright?\"

\"Tsk, useless.\" Cursed Shin after hearing that reply.

But before he gave up on it, Vladimir suddenly said something. \"If you are talking about the sudden bloodlust that was directed to you then I also felt it. I'm someone Amazing after all.\"

Shin ignored the later part of Vladimir's words and ask. \"Then did you managed to discover who is it?\"

\"I only said that felt the bloodlust, but I didn't say that I know whose bloodlust is it. And why would I concern myself on these lowly beings? If they want to come at me, then they should come. I'm not afraid of them.\" Said Vladimir.

\"F*ck! Another useless Spirit!\" Cursed Shin once again before giving up the idea of finding the owner of the killing intent. Then he chase after Archbishop Ronald.


Inside the office of Archbishop Ronald. Shin is currently sitting on a sofa right across the sofa that the Archbishop is sitting.

\"Don't do any kind of courtesy in front of me, Young Envoy. You are officially acknowledge by the Church, so our standing don't have much difference with each other.\" Said the Archbishop when he saw Shin polite manner.

\"That shouldn't be right. You are still my senior so I should at least show you some respect.\" Said Shin still in polite attitude.

Archbishop Ronald sighed helplessly when he saw that he can't change Shin's attitude towards him. And with that, he decided to go to the main topic. \"So why would the Young Envoy wants to talk to me?\"

Shin turn his head left and right, trying to make sure that there are no other person inside the room.

\"You can rest assure, Young Envoy. I already cast an isolation barrier inside this room so no one can eardrop our conversation.\" Said the Archbishop when he saw Shin's actions.

Shin nodded his head and said with a low voice. \"This topic is case sensitive, so it is better if it is only between you and me.\"

Archbishop Ronald nodded his head when he feel the importance of this conversation.

Shin took a deep breath before continuing. \"I discovered something important. The King of the Holy City, King Cassius is doing something in the dark.\"

\"He is creating some corrupted nest in some places around the Holy City's territory.\"

Archbishop Ronald's face suddenly turned serious after hearing that. \"That was a huge and heavy accusation, Young Envoy. Do you have any evidence to support your claims?\"

Shin nodded his head and retrieve some pieces of the Corrupted Royal Chalice from his inventory bag. After that, he tells everything that he discovered in the Corrupted Ruin, except for the current King is a fake one.

He wants to have a high score on this quest too, so he want to secretly find the real King Cassius himself while letting the Church to deal with the Fake King's schemes.

\"It is hard to believe that the King become a traitor of the Humanity.\" Said the Archbishop while falling into a deep thought.

After few moments of thinking, Archbishop Ronald look at Shin and asked. \"Do you have any witness that can testify for us in the Court when the right time comes?\"

\"Of course!\" Shin nodded his head before calling out his Void Reaper. \"Hanzo!\"

Then the blinking purple light that is floating around Shin's body suddenly flew behind him and materialize as a humanlike creature.

\"This is the Elemental Spirit that was imprisoned on that Ruin. He can testify for us right?\" Said Shin.

\"That should be enough I guess, since he will make a Heaven's Oath when he is testifying in the Court. So no one will doubt his claims if he said the truth. Alright, let me and the Church handle the King for now.\" Said the Archbishop before planning to stood up.

But Shin immediately prevent the Archbishop from standing while saying. \"Wait Senior! We can't do any big moves for now. We might alert the King's accomplices if we do that.\"

\"Accomplices? You think that there are more traitors on our ranks?\" Asked the Archbishop while raising one of his brows.

Shin nodded his head said. \"Yes. Because it is impossible for the King to create a lot of Corrupted Nest alone.\"

\"There must be some guys that are helping him in the darker side. So we can't do anything big, until we can identify who are our friends and who are our foes.\"

\"For now, we need to observe the King from a far while hindering some of his operations in the dark. And prevent him from figuring out that he is already exposed to us.\"

\"At the same time, we are going the identify who are his accomplices secretly. And with that we are able to root out the traitors on our ranks in one go. What do you think about this plan, Senior?\"

If it was before, then the Archbishop might ignore Shin's suggestion and directly do his own plan. But since Shin have just became a real Envoy, his voice have some weight on it, so Archbishop Ronald needs to consider it properly.

And after some careful thinking, the Archbishop agreed at Shin's plan. \"Then we are going move according to your plan, Young Envoy.\"

After that, some system notifications sounded on Shin's ears and appeared at his Notification Window.


System: You have skillfully exposed the true colors of the Fake King while hiding from the others that you know that he is an impostor. Because of that the King lowered his guard against you a little, and  making your current progress to shot up 50%.


System: You contributed a lot on the Church by exposing the King's evil doings. And that will reward you 5000 Contribution Points.


System: Your Affinity with Archbishop Ronald have gone up with a large margin. The Archbishop is now treating you as his close friend.


After all of that, Shin do some more idle chats with Archbishop Ronald before bidding his farewell.

And while walking on the corridor, Shin finally have the time to check out his Tier 2 Skills.


Skill Name: Purgatory Slash

Skill Rank: Basic(Tier 2)

Details: Throw five consecutive slash on your enemy, dealing a 100% Physical Damage on the first slash and will increase for 100% damage on each of your successive slash.

Your weapon will accumulate a Life Energy after the fifth slash. And if you swing your weapon after the accumulation, it will release a powerful Crescent Energy Wave that will deal a 500% Magic Damage on all of your enemy on its path in 10-meter range.

Stamina Consumption: 2000

MP Cost: 2000

Cooldown: 15 minutes


Skill Name: Ragna Blade

Skill Rank: Basic(Tier 2)

Details: Swing your weapon powerfully on your front to summon a powerful Energy from the Heaven, threatening to annihilate everything.

Then all of your enemies inside the 10-meter radius on your targeted location will receive a 700% Mixed Damage.

Casting Range: 15 meters

Stamina Consumption: 5000

MP Cost: 5000

Cooldown: 15 minutes


Skill Name: Apocalypse Edge

Skill Rank: Basic(Tier 2)

Details: Every time you killed an enemy, a point of Death Energy will accumulate on your weapon.

And when the Death Energy reaches 100 points, your next basic attacks will receive 200% increase on damage. While your attack speed will increase by 70%, and your movement speed will have a 100% increase.

Duration: 10 seconds.

Note: You can't accumulate any Death Energy during that 10 seconds.


Skill Name: Monochrome Field

Skill Rank: Rare(Tier 2)

Details: Create a Domain that will transform everything inside into black and white world.

All of your enemies inside the Domain will receive a -60% debuff on all of their Stats and -100% on their movement speeds.

On the last minute of the duration of the Domain, all of the enemies inside the Domain will be banned from using any kind of Skills.

Duration: 15 minutes

Range: 50 meter radius

MP Cost: 10 000

Cooldown: 6 Hours


Shin's eyes suddenly turned wide after seeing the details of his new skills. \"WTF!!!! So this are the Tier 2 Skills. Each one of them is as strong as a Tier 1 Epic Skill at the very least!\"

It took some time for Shin to calm himself down. Then he continue walking forward while checking up his Notification Window to see if he missed something up. And sure enough, there is one.

System: You are now in Tier 2 Class. You can now unlock the improved powers of your Racial Traits by creating your own 'Battle Physique'.

This is the notification that he almost missed.

\"Battle Physique? What the hell is it?\" Muttered Shin before look at the forums for some information. And after some time of browsing, Shin managed to find some satisfying answers.

A 'Battle Physique' is quite common for Tier 2 players. It is just improving ones body to get more bonus stats. The stronger their 'Battle Physique' the higher their bonus stats.

At the same time, it is use against a 'Monster Suppression Aura'.

Just like players, Monsters also have a major breakthrough on their stats and power if they reach a certain threshold.

If the player get their improvements once they were Promoted to the next Tier of their Class, Monsters received a major increase on strength when they broke-through beyond the level 100.

Monsters that are in Level 101 and above will have a massive increase on their strength and intelligence. It is similar to the monsters that become Mutated in Level 100 and below.

If a player fight with Monsters with Level-101 and above, they will receive a sudden decrease on their stats because of the 'Monster Suppression Aura'. The stronger the monster, the higher its suppression aura.

An that is when the 'Battle Physique' of a player come in play. The stronger their Battle Physique, the less effective is the 'Monster Suppression Aura' to them.

But not all of the players have a strong 'Battle Physique', so most of the time, some high-level players are forming groups and teams when they are hunting on High-Level Maps. Especially in Neutral Hunting Grounds.

Getting a 'Battle Physique' is not that hard. All a player needs to do is to immediately enter a 'Battle Royale Arena' after being Promoted to Tier 2 Class.

A 'Battle Royale Arena' is a special type of PvP Battle Arena that is exclusive and specialized for players that just promoted to Tier 2 Class.

Whoever the player that managed o become the last man standing will randomly receive a powerful 'Battle Physique' while the players that placed 2nd and 3rd will receive a 'Battle Physique' that is a level lower than the 1st placer. The 4th to 10th placers on the other hand will have a 3rd-class 'Battle Physique'.

And to be fair, a player can enter a 'Battle Royale Arena' for 5 times at most. And the strongest 'Battle Physique' that he/she can get will be the one that he/she will receive in the end.

But if they are already contented at the 'Battle Physique' that they have already got, then they don't have to take all the 5-time entry.

And there are some rumors that a player with a Higher Ranking Race will improve their Racial Trait if they got a 'Battle Physique', and that is even if he/she got the most average 'Battle Physique'.

\"It is already said by the System, so to me it is not a mere rumor anymore.\" Said Shin to himself after organizing the informations that he got from the online forums.

\"Looks like I need to enter a 'Battle Royale Arena' before I get my other Equipment Set.\" Muttered Shin as he walked out the Church.

And when Shin walked passed through the entrance gate of the Church, he suddenly felt a lot of eyes looking at him. Some of the gazes are hostile as if they want to tear him apart. But naturally, these guys are not idi*t enough to make a ruckus in front of a Church where a bunch of High-Level NPC are residing. Meanwhile some of those gazes are just here to observe.

\"Tsk, not again. I have a lot of things to do, so I don't have much time to deal with you.\" Curse Shin as he swept his gaze at his surroundings. After that, he walk towards the Divine Colosseum, and planning to enter a 'Battle Royale Arena'.