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112 Tier 2 Class Promotion Part 4 : Found You!


Shin stared blankly at the items on the ground while cursing out loud. \"What the F*ck!?\"

\"Are you kidding me? After all of those, you are just going to give these stup*d stones?\" complained Shin as he take a look at the details of the five crimson red stones on the ground.


Item Name: Blood Stone

Item Type: Etc.

Item Rank: ???

Details: A crystalized stone created by the accumulation of pure blood elemental Mana. It can give a person a powerful strength, but it also possess a berserk nature.


\"Hmm... Sounds useful.\" said Shin after calming himself down before crouching down on the ground and taking a single stone . Then he suddenly felt that all of the Mana inside his body are being sucked by that crimson stone after touching it.

Shin knitted his brows before taking into a deep thought. After that, he take all the blood stones on the floor before swiftly putting it inside his inventory bag.

Then Shin take a seat on a boulder before thinking about what he is going to do next. He already killed the seven Overlords of this place together with their underlings. And that also means that he already finished his Class Promotion Quest.

\"What the heck? I already swept clean this place, so where the hell can I find the remaining parts of the set?\" muttered Shin while taking a look at the details of the two equipments that he got from the previous two monster bosses before the Doppelganger.


Item Name: [Brilliant Dawn]

Item Type: Head Gear(Helm)

Item Rank: Platinum

Level: 75~110

Stats: (Adjusted according to level)

Current Level: 75

Physical Defense: 2 500 - 2 600

Magic Resistance: 2 500 - 2 600

+20 000 HP

+300 to All Stats

Additional Skills:

1. The Rising Sun(Passive): Every Dawn, all of your flame related Skills will receive a 200% Bonus Damage.

2. Sunshine Protection(Passive): Receive a blessing from the Sun, giving you 50% Physical Defense and 40% Magic Resistance.

3. Thorn of Brilliance (Active): Cast a powerful barrier around you that will absorb all of the incoming damage. And every time an enemy attack the barrier, he/she will receive 50% of their total Damage.

Duration: 20 Seconds

Cooldown: 1 Hour

4. Dawnbreaker(Active): When activated, All of your Stats will become Doubled while your movement speed will receive an increase of 150%.

Duration: 15 Minutes

Cooldown: 3 Hours

Set Effects: 5/7



Item Name: [Dawn Trousers]

Item Type: Leg Armor (Leather Armor)

Item Rank: Platinum

Durability: 3000/3000

Stats:(Adjusted according to Level)

Current Level: 75

Physical Defense: 2 900 - 3 000

Magic Resistance: 2 900 - 3 000

+25 000 HP

+400 AGI

+350 STR

+300 VIT

Additional Skills:

1. Curtain of Light(Passive): Every time you stay still on a single place for five seconds, the light around you will bend itself and conceal you from other people's sight.

Note: you will release your stealth mode if you attack or have been attacked.

Cooldown: None

2. Radiant Protection(Passive): You will get a +50% bonus Physical Defense and +60% in Magic Resistance.

3. Luminescence(Active): Produce a powerful light that will blind all your enemies inside the 20-meter radius range away from you.

Blind Duration: 5 Seconds

Cooldown: 10 minutes

4. Speed of Light(Active): When activated, you will receive a +400% bonus Movement Speed.Duration: 15 minutes

Cooldown: 3 Hours

Set Effects: 5/7




\"Last two pieces where as you? My time in this world is already running out, so please come to your daddy.\" muttered Shin to himself while sitting on the boulder.

Then he suddenly remembered the system notification that he got when he is fighting against the Doppelganger.


System: Congratulations! You have successfully combined a pair of Combat Techniques. Do you want to proceed to the combination process? YES or NO?

System: Warning! One of your Combat Techniques will be permanently deleted after the combination.


Without much thought in it, Shin hit 'Yes' and choose the 'Parrying Stance' to be deleted.


System: Please Name your new Combat Technique to be registered.

After quick thought, Shin just pick a random name.


System: Combat Technique was successfully registered.System: Congratulations! You have successfully created an 'Epic Combat Technique', the 'Infinity Edge'. You will receive a +1000 Fame points and +10000 Reputation Points as rewards.


Combat Technique

Name: Infinity Edge

Type: Offensive/Defensive

Rank: Epic

Details: Swing your swords to deflect the incoming attacks that are directed at you. You can also change their trajectory to your desired location.

And every time your swords collides with any attacks, you can absorb some force from those attacks to supplement your own attacks.

Note 1: You can't deflect an attack that have a power that exceeds your strength.

Note 2: Combat Techniques are not categorized as skills. They don't consume MP or Stamina nor have a cooldown. But they put a great toll on mind, consuming a lot of concentration.


Whistle ~♪

\"Now this is what you call an unexpected reward. And this new Technique is more powerful than my 'Parrying Stance' without a doubt. And the penalty to receive a double damage if I failed to deflect a more powerful attack was removed.\" muttered Shin as he look at his new Combat Technique.

And while reading that, a sudden flash of red light pass through Shin's line of sight. And that make Shin to knit brows as he think what was that.

At first, he thought that it is just his imagination, but a moment later he see another flash of red light. And that was when Shin felt that there is something amiss. He squinted his eyes as he gathers a bunch of Mana on them.

'Extra Skill: True Sight'

Then Shin saw a lot of crimson red particles of lights floating in the air. And all of those lights are slowly moving on single direction. Sometimes a particle of light will get away from the group of lights and will accelerate towards the direction that they are moving to.

Then Shin suddenly remembered the last words of Lycan, Eh!? No. It is not just words. Anyway, he remembered the things that Lycan have told him before it died.

Shin touch his chin with his right hand before muttering to himself. \"Tsk, how can I forget that there are always a corresponding meaning on every useless thing that an NPC or a dying monster have said?\"

Then he look at the direction of the moving particles of crimson light before deciding to take a look at it. \"Hmm... If I'm not wrong, then these things are going to lead me to the place where the Blood Elemental was sealed.\"

Shin's mouth suddenly curve upwards as a sudden thought enter his mind. \"Heh, then that means I can also have another Repear's Retainer if I got lucky.\"

Shin follow the particles of light for straight two hours before arriving at a ruined church. He don't know if it is really a church, but he just assumed that it is one based on the fallen statues and other ruined things that he can see on a church in this virtual world.

Shin slowly walk towards the church while being on high alert. Because if this place is where the final boss is located, then there should be some underlings in the vicinity, right?

But Shin was proven wrong when he arrived inside the ruined church without being hindered. And when arrived inside, what he saw is a small and simple hall.

And the unusual thing in that hall is the floating black coffin at the center of it. And that coffin is being tied tightly by a bunch of black chains that are connected on the ceiling and wall of the hall.

And even if Shin didn't activate his 'True Sight' skill, he can still see the red particles of light that are coming towards the coffin.

After some time of observing, Shin's attention was suddenly caught by a the stone platform on the opposite side of the hall. And above that stone platform floats a pair of black and white curve swords that are crossing with each other while emitting different kind of lights.

Shin's mouth curve upwards once again as he said to himself. \"I finally found you.\"

Shin slowly move towards the stone platform while planning to take the swords. But before he arrived at that platform, he heard a voice that came from his back.

\"If you are planning to take that swords, then I suggest to not do it so blindly.\"

\"Hick!\" Shin almost jump because of fright when he heard that voice. He immediately turn his body towards his back to see whose voice is it.

And when he turned, he saw a humanlike creature that have purple skin with long white colored hair that is tied into a ponytail while wearing a dark purple ninja-suit. It also have a long mustache and goatie. This humanlike creature is currently laying in the air while putting both of his hands at the back of its head.

\"D*mn! You scared me there, Old Man.\" said Shin when saw who is it.

He is about turn around once again, when he suddenly realized something. He look at the floating creature with astounded gaze and said. \"You! What are you doing here? Aren't you inside my pets/elemental companion space?\"

\"Heh, did you forget that I'm still stronger than you? That small restriction can't prevent me from going outside if I use my real strength.\" said Hanzo nonchalantly.

\"Then how about my restrictions that I can't use your powers until I finished my Second Awakening (Class Promotion)? And how about the rule that your powers can't exceed my powers?\" asked Shin with some confusion.

Hanzo thought for a moment before replying. \"Hmm... Theoretically, you are already done with your Second Awakening so you can summon me in battle anytime you want. And your are right, I can only use a portion of my power that don't much exceeds your strength.\"

\"And that was the rule. But that don't apply on me when I'm in this independent world. Because this place is like my birth place. It have a lot of Space Elemental Mana in it. I'm a Void Spirit remember? So an Independent World like this is like a paradise for me.\"

\"Oh~♪, So that was it. Then why are you here, outside?\" said Shin.

Hanzo give him a sidelong glace before sneering. \"Well I came out on here to prevent you from doing something stup*d.\"

He pause for a moment to point at the pair of swords floating above the stone platform before continuing. \"You want to take those swords right? Unfortunately, if those swords are taken from their current positions, then you are going to awaken the guy sleeping on that coffin. And because of the passage of time, that guy already accumulated enough power break his seal. But if you awaken him accidentally, then he will blindly slaughter everything on his sight. And you are going to get killed in that process.\"

Hanzo pause for a moment before adding. \"And of course! I will not let that happen. Because if you are going to die here, that means you are going to fail this trial. And if you fail this trial, then you are going to fail your Second Awakening. And if you fail your Second Awakening, that means you will not be able summon me freely when we get out of this place.\"

Shin massage his temples and asked. \"Then what you want me to do?\"

Hanzo form a mysterious smile before saying to Shin. \"Well you only have two choices, if you really want to take those swords. The first choice is to take those swords and awaken that sleeping Elemental Spirit while praying that he is still in the right mind.\"

\"And your second choice is to take those swords and run for as fast as you can while waiting for the Gate to open once again, so that you can get away from here.\"

The corner of Shin's mouth suddenly twitch after hearing that. \"Aren't those two are almost the same?\"

Hanzo thought for a moment before saying to Shin. \"Actually, you don't have much choice. But I can help you deal with that guy. But you need to help me with something in return.\"

\"You are my Retainer, right? Can't you just help me for free?\" asked Shin.

\"Well this is a special case, so it is a No. So take it or leave it.\" said Hanzo coldly.

'What the heck? I'm bargaining with my own servant?' thought Shin in his mind before replying. \"Then I'll take the first two choices. Let's just hope that I'm quite lucky.\"

\"What! You are just going to choose to die than to ask for my help?\" said Hanzo with widened eyes.

'Don't play with words against me, Old Man. I'll always dealing with an Old Hag and a young Cunning Fox at home.' thought Shin before walking towards the stone platform. And when he reach the top, he direcly take the swords without further ado.

And before Hanzo manage to say anything, the entire hall is already trembling violently. And a moment after that, the chains around the black coffin started shattering one by one.

Brrr! Brrr!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

\"D*mn Kid! Let's see how I deal with you when we get out of this space.\" said Hanzo while looking at the black coffin.

\"Yeah, Yeah. Whatever. Just remember that you are going to get sealed on that empty space once again if I die, OK?\" said Shin a nonchant manner while playing with his new swords.


Then a powerful explosion of power was exploded from the black coffin, and it was followed by a powerful gust of wind that was sent in all direction.

Hanzo ignore Shin's reply as he look at the black coffin with a great focus. Then he muttered to himself after remembering something. \"Now, let's see how strong is the so-called 'Blood Prince' of the Hidden Continent. I hope you can entertain me a little, because it has been awhile since I fought with someone.\"