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110 Chapter 110


Clang! Clang!

Clang! Clang!

Shin is currently engaging in an intense battle against a humanoid creature that looks very much like him. Eh!? No, this humanoid creature not only have the same figure and appearance as him, it also have all of his skills, including the Skills of the [Yamato] and [Nephilim's Gemini Mask].

And not only that, this creature even managed to mimic Shin's 'Mythical Personal Trait', the 'Ultra Instincts'.

And this troublesome creature is also the seventh monster boss that Shin have to deal on this independent world.

The Sun and Moon Clones are also engaging into a fight with another pair of Clones. Whitie and Blackie on the other hand are already on Shin's pet space, since they almost died in the horde Blood Demons earlier.

Shin gathered a bunch of Mana on his eyes as he check the details of the humanoid creature on his front while also checking out his surroundings.'Extra Skill: True Sight'


Monster Name: Crimson Doppelganger(Mutated Overlord)

Monster Rating: Blood Demon

Level: 100

HP: 2 012 525/ 4 000 000

Attack Power: 5 000 - 6 000

Basic Defense: 10 000

Skill Resistance: 50%


\"Tsk, what a troublesome creature.\" curse Shin while complimenting himself a little. 'So this is how my enemy feels when they are fighting against me.'

Shin swing the [Yamato] powerfully, making the 'Doppelganger' to throw a powerful swing of his own.


Then the two of then were sent flying backwards because of the powerful impact.

Shin didn't immediately attack and just stand there while controlling his Clones to get away from their opponents, and stand beside him.

\"It is too troublesome to battle you while I'm controlling my Clones so let us reduce the numbers a little.\" said Shin while having a different thought. 'Tsk, I want to save this skill for as much as possible because I don't know if I'm going to face another monster after this one. But from the looks of it, I don't have much choice but to go all out.'

After that, the Sun and Moon Clones suddenly merge into one creating another clone. And this one is emitting a purple Mana from its body, while its aura is also much stronger that the previous two.

'Equipment Skill: Spirit Fusion'

But Shin is not done yet, both his and the Eclipse Clone's swords suddenly release a bunch of golden runes that enfold their bodies. Then their Stats suddenly become double while having a burst on their movement speed.

'Weapon Skill: Nephilim's Ascent'

Then Shin and the Eclipse Clone suddenly disappeared from the spot that they were standing and reappeared right in front of the Doppelganger and its Clones.

The Doppelganger tried to mimic the 'Spirit Fusion' Skill, but it is already a step too late when that happens. So the Doppelganger Clones are still in the process of fusing together when Shin and the Eclipse Clone arrived in their front.

And the swords on Shin and the Eclipse Clone's hands are release an opposing glow. The one in the former's hands is releasing a fiery fire aura while the sword in the later's hand have an ice-cold aura.Then they swing their swords successively, sending a fiery crescent sword Qi followed by a crescent chilling one.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'

'Eclipse Clone Skill: Half-Moon Slash'

Naturally, the Doppelganger will not let itself to get hit by those attacks, same goes for its fusing Clones. It created a crimson barrier around it, protecting itself and its Clones.

'Copied Skill: Eclipse Pulse'



The crimson barrier trembled violently when it was hit by the successive sword Qi. And because of the special effect of the opposing elements, the surface of the barrier started to have signs of being frozen.

And that was the time when the Doppelganger's Clones finally finished their fusion. Then the Doppelganger and its New Clone also use the 'Nephilim's Ascent' of their own.

Outside the barrier, the sheath on Shin's left hand suddenly transformed in to a straight sword that have a narrow blade and sharp edges.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Conviction Form'After that, Shin's left arm suddenly turned into a blur as he throw a six consecutive stabs at the barrier with the [Piercing Thorn]. Shin even skillfully control the stabs to let all six of it to land at a single spot.

'Extra Skill: Multiple Stabs'

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The first three strikes create some cracks on the surface of the barrier while the next three stabs shattered it completely.

At the same time, the Eclipse Clone throw a five consecutive slash in the air while focusing them in a single point. Then a powerful vertical sword wave flew forward when Shin destroyed the barrier.

'Eclipse Clone Skill: Modified Crescent Cleave'

Shin immediately turn his body into an illusionary form as he let the powerful vertical sword wave to passed through him and let it flew towards the Doppelganger and its Clone.

'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'


The clone of the Doppelganger immediately cast another 'Eclipse Pulse' to block the incoming sword wave. Unfortunately, it was immediately destroyed by the sword wave without having any kind of resistance.The Doppelganger and its clone immediately activate their 'Moonlight Steps' to escape their current predicament, and dodge to different direction.

'Heh, don't underestimate my familiarity with my own skills.' thought Shin as he and the Eclipse Clone ignored the opposing clone completely and chase after the Doppelganger itself.

Shin retain his illusionary form and charge towards the Doppelganger while thrusting the [Piercing Thorn] forward.

'Combat Technique: Second Drive'

'Extra Skill: Sword Rush'


The Eclipse Clone on the other hand is not in a rush. It calmly put its sword in the sheath before sprinting towards the Doppelganger's location.

Meanwhile, the Doppelganger calmly raise its left arm while holding the sheath of its sword in a reverse-hand grip manner, and putting it in front of the Doppelganger's body.

'Copied Skill: Sheath Wielding: Defend'

Shin suddenly cancel the 'Sword Rush' Skill when he saw the Doppelganger's actions. Then he pulled the [Piercing Thorn] backwards as he use the momentum of the dash to leap forward and spin in the air while planning to throw a powerful kick the Doppelganger's head.

The Doppelganger's body reacted at Shin's movements and move its left arm leftwards together with the sheath of its sword as it plan to block Shin's leg.

But Shin suddenly kick the air behind him, sending himself forward with a great speed. Then he do another kick in the air to descend at the Doppelganger as he swing the [Yamato] at the later's body.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Jump'



'Combat Technique: Second Drive'

'Extra Skill: Falling Lightblade'


-62 681

The Doppelganger failed to react in time because Shin's movements are too sudden and too fast to respond.


The Doppelganger was smashed and bounced on the ground after getting hit by that sword strike.

Shin immediately stood up when he landed on the ground. Then he quickly turn his body around while swinging the [Yamato] at the Doppelganger in a powerful manner.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

-83 814(Stunned)

Then Shin jump backwards to put some distance away from the Doppelganger. And that is because the Eclipse Clone arrived at that time while holding its sheathed sword that is emitting with a bluish-white light.

Then the Eclipse Clone pull its sword out from its sheath before swinging it rightwards, and sending an ice-cold crescent sword Qi.


'Class Fighting Style: Lunar Flash'

The Eclipse Clone's stats are higher than Shin by 50%, and together with the 'Nephilim's Ascent' berserk skill, its current stats is twice as Shin's current enhance stats. So the damage that this skill delt is quite massive.

-1 341 952

Good thing for the Doppelganger that its remaining HP become doubled when it used its version of 'Nephilim's Ascent'.

Shin is about follow with another attack, but the clone of the Doppelganger finally arrived and immediately attack him.

Shin hop backwards before doing a back-flip in the air, dodging the 'Lunar Flash' that came from the clone of the Doppelganger.

The Eclipse Clone ignored the opposing clone and continue its assault at the Doppelganger. It swing its blazing sword leftwards, sending a crescent sword Qi that is made of fire.

'Eclipse Clone Skill: Flame Burst'


-96 883

-1 964(Burning Damage)


-150 000(Opposing Element Explosion)

And the Doppelganger finally regain its movements. And the first it do is not to attack the Eclipse Clone but it call its own clone to come to its side instead. Then the Doppelganger's Clone suddenly turned into a blood mist and fused with the Doppelganger itself.

After that, Shin saw that the HP of the Doppelganger gone back to full while its other Stats increase once again.Shin activate his 'True Sight' skill to double check if what he saw is right and real.


Monster Name: Crimson Doppelganger

Monster Rating: Blood Demon

Level: 100

HP: 16 000 000/16 000 000

Attack Power: 10 000 - 12 000

Basic Defense: 20 000

Skill Resistance: 70%


Then Shin started cursing loudly. \"Are you F*cking kidding me!? Do you have any idea how much time and effort did I spent just to cut down the HP of this annoying creature into half earlier? And now it gone back to full. What's more it even become quadruple of the original HP?\"

\"And I don't remember that the 'Spirit Possession' Skill have this kind of regenerative effect.\"

The Doppelganger look at Shin with a mocking face as if it is provoking him.

The corner of Shin's mouth suddenly twitch when he saw that. He take a quick glance at the Eclipse Clone before looking at its remaining time. \"I can't give up the damage that can cause by the Eclipse Clone yet. And I still have 27 minutes at most to maximize it.\"

\"Alright, let's do this for now.\" muttered Shin as he put the [Yamato] on its sheath. And the Eclipse Clone did the same thing. Then Shin turn his head at the Doppelganger with determined face before sprinting forward.

The Doppelganger throw five consecutive slashes in the air, sending five vertical sword waves and Shin and the Eclipse Clone's direction.

Shin and his clone transformed into a stick of bluish-white light as they charge forward and pass through the vertical sword waves.

'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'

'Eclipse Clone Skill: Moonlight Steps'

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Doppelganger transform into a crimson stick of light as it move backwards, trying to put some distance away from Shin and his clone.

'Copied Skill: Moonlight Steps'

Then Shin and Eclipse Clone in their stick of light from suddenly accelerated forward as they chase after the Doppelganger. And when the catch up with the later, both of them pull their swords out from their sheaths before swinging it at the Doppelganger.

'Combat Technique: Second Drive'

Swoosh! Swoosh!

'Class Fighting Style: Moonlight Splitter'

Shing! Shing!

The Doppelganger use the sheath of its sword to block one of the attack, while it throw a powerful slash with its sword at the other attack.

'Copied Skill: Sheath Wielding: Defend'

'Copied Skill: Destructive Slash'



The Doppelganger have much higher Stats than Shin and his clone's Stats so it didn't lose much even if its skill is much weaker than the later two's skills.

Then they immediately started having a melee exchange. For Shin, throwing a barrage of basic attacks are a lot better than using some skills in this kind of close distance battle. And together with the help of the Eclipse Clone, they are starting to deal some damage.

Even though their damage are quite low at first, the force that Shin and his clone accumulated through the exchange are starting to pile up, making their basic attacks to become more powerful and deal more damage.

'Combat Technique: Yin-Yang Twist'

Clang! Clang!

Clang! Clang!

And through this, Shin finally confirmed something. \"So this Doppelganger can't use any kind of Combat Techniques.\"

The Doppelganger tried to break free from its current predicament when it started to feel the pressure from Shin and his clone's assault.

Unfortunately for it, Shin and the Eclipse Clone are always sticking closely to it no matter how hard it try to escape. And how can Shin let that happen if he finally discovered his opponent's weakness.

And even if the Doppelganger is stronger than Shin and his clone in terms of basic stats, the later two are overcoming the gap by perfectly utilizing all of the Combat Techniques on Shin's arsenal.

Most of the time, Shin is purposely taking the damage from the Doppelganger that should be directed to the Eclipse Clone. It is because he want to save the HP of his clone for as much as possible. And he can also use some HP Potion in the battle after all, so sacrificing some HP is no big deal at all.

And he is also planning to end his battle for as fast as he can, and that is before the duration of the 'Nephilim's Ascent' come to an end.

Twenty minutes later, Shin and his clone managed to reduce the HP of the Doppelganger to 40% of its total. And that is the time, for Shin to enter the next phase

.He purposely let the Doppelganger get away from him and his clone's assault. Then the Eclipse Clone suddenly transformed into a particles of light and entered Shin's body. After that, Shin's stats suddenly become doubled once again, and together with it is another boost on his movement speed.

'Equipment Skill: Spirit Possession'

Shin take a deep breath as he take a quick glance at the remaining duration of the 'Nephilim's Ascent'. Then he look at the Doppelganger with determined face and said. \"Seven minutes, I'm going to beat you into a pulp within seven minutes, and before my double berserk skill buff come to an end.\"