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105 Qualitative Upgrage Part 4


Shin woke up from his nap. He immediately take a look at his digital clock, and immediately become disappointed when he saw that only an hour have passed.

And Since he have nothing better to do, he decided to check his rewards from the Intermediate Training Ground.

The first thing is the Purple Colored Skill Book that contains another Special Skill! And it is also a reward from a training ground, so it must be an OP Skill too just like the other.


Skill Name: Conversion (Active)

Skill Rank: Special - II

Details: You are someone that mastered the power of your body and mind.

Effect: Temporarily take all of the points from one of your Major Stats before adding it to your desired Major Stat for ten seconds.

Requirement: Can only be learned by someone that graduated from 'Intermediate Training Ground'.Cooldown: 2 Hours


Shin swallowed a mouthful of saliva before muttering to himself. \"What the!? This skill is too broken. Eh!? Wait! Why is there a Roman numeral 'number 2' after the word 'Special' on Skill Rank? I thought special skills can't be upgraded.\"

Then he immediately open his skill window before comparing the 'Equalizer' Skill with the 'Conversion' Skill.


Skill Name: Equalizer (Passive)

Rank: Special

Details: You are a person that can train both Physically and Magically.

Effect: Half of your Magic Attack will be added to your Physical Attack, and Vice versa.Requirements: Can only be learn by a graduate of 'Basic Training Ground'.


\"Hmm.... They are strong without a doubt, and they have their own respective strengths.\" said Shin to himself. After that, he directly use the skill book and learned the 'Conversion' Skill.

Then he turn his attention to the next reward, the specialized weapon. It is a double-edge longsword that is 2-meter in length and quite thin for having 1-inch in width.

Shin tried to swing the sword and discovered that it quite a flexible one. It is always shaking every time he swing it. He can also form a perfect arch if he hold the tip of the sword and bend it downwards.

After that, he throw some forward stabs in the air, testing the sword's accuracy.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The sword cleanly pierce through the air and without resistance. Shin throw more stabs in the air before giving his remark.

\"This sword rapier is perfect for stabbing. And quite flexible to do some unpredictable attacks. Hmm... Quite good for my taste.\" said Shin while nodding his head.

Then he use his 'Scouting' Skill to see the details of the sword. But before that, an unexpected system notification sounded on his ears.


System: Your 'Scouting' Skill resonated with your Unique Title: All-Rounder!

System: Congratulations! You have gotten a new ocular/observation skill.

System: The Skill 'True Sight' is added on your skill list.


Skill Name: True Sight (Active/Passive)

Rank: Epic

Details: Focus some Mana on your eyes to see some things that other can't see.

Effect 1: You can see others' details when you activated this skill, even if they have some items to hide their identity.

Effect 2: You can see through other's disguise, some other illusion technique.

Effect 3: You can see others even if they are in stealth mode through this skill.

•Current Range = 50 yards

Note: You can also use this skill as an appraisal skill.


\"Woah! Another unexpected reward! I almost forgot that this skill can become affected by my Title. And this skill suddenly become an OP observation skill.\" said Shin when he saw the skill details.

And after recovering himself from the surprise, Shin turn his attention to the details of the sword.


Item Name: Piercing Thorn

Item Type: Weapon (Flexible Sword/Rapier)

Item Rank: Gold RankDurability: 2000/2000

Physical Damage: 3 200 - 3 400

Magic Damage: 1 900 - 2 200


+400 AGI

+150 STR

Additional Skills:

1. Unparallel Sharpness(Passive): Ignore all of your enemy's defense every time you successfully hit them on their vital parts.

2. Sword-Air Penetration(Active): Enfold your sword and your body with a powerful sword Qi, before throwing a stab and dashing and forward. All the enemies that you've passed through will receive 500% of your P.Damage.

3. Piercing Storm(Active): Throw a multiple stab in the air on your front, sending a bunch of giant needle-like spiral sword Qi towards your enemies. Each Sword Qi deals 300% of your P.Damage.


\"The skills are quite strong. But the real deal on this sword is that powerful attack damage and the bonus AGI.\" said Shin as he consider if he is going to use this sword.

\"Hmm... This sword conflicts with my current fighting style so it is not a good idea to keep it. But it is the perfect weapon when I'm using the 'Heart Seeker' and 'Multiple Stabs' skills. But I can't swap weapons on battle.\"

\"The 'Quick Swap' skill of my All-Rounder Title is only applicable to equipment sets. Tsk, what should I do?\" Shin was caught in dilemma, deciding whether he is going to keep the sword or not.

And after some time, he decided to keep the sword for the time being. Then he finally take a look at the best thing that he got from that Intermediate Training Ground, the Red Colored Skill Book containing a Legacy Skill.


Skill Name: Mondi's Movement

Skill Rank: Legacy - I

Historical Note: Mondi is one of the famous top ten swordsmen during the Warring Era. He might not one of the fastest swordsmen during that time, but he is one of the most dangerous because his unique movements.

Skill Details: After activation you will receive a [+5% per 200 AGI] bonus movement speed for 5 minutes.

And every 55 seconds, you can do the 'Illusion Steps'

•Illusion Steps: Gain a sudden burst of speed for 5 seconds, where your can leave a bunch overlapping afterimages behind. Each of the afterimages will only last for 2 seconds at most.

Cooldown: 30 Minutes

Note 1: Upgrade this skill to increase the movement speed to AGI ratio.

•Current Ratio = 5:200


\"Now, now, If all of skills are this strong then I don't mind getting addicted on collecting these kinds of skill books.\" said Shin as he read the details of the skill.

Then he directly use the skill book to learn the skill without having any kind of second thoughts. And why would he hesitate learning a skill that is perfectly suits his battle style.

\"Hmm.... Wait didn't I gotten a lot of LP(Legacy Points) already? Let's see if it is enough to upgrade one of my Legacy Skills.\" muttered Shin as he take a look at his status widow to see how much LP did he have.

\"Eh!? I only got 23 LP in total? A Legacy Skill upgrade already requires 20 points from 'Legacy-I' to 'Legacy-II'. Tsk, that means I can only upgrade a single skill.\" Shin is considering which Skill is the one that he is going to upgrade first.

After some careful consideration, Shin concluded that upgrading the 'Mondi's Style' is the best.

System: Are you sure that you are going to upgrade this skill? YES or NO

After hitting YES, Shin immediately check what is the new form of his skill.


Skill Name: Mondi's Style

Skill Rank: Legacy - II

Requirements: One need to have a Sheath Wielding style to use this skill.

Historical Note: Mondi is a famous swordsman during the time of Warring Era. He become one of the top 10 swordsman of that time because of his specialized style.

Skill Details: Transform the sheath of your sword to different kinds of bladed weapon depending on the form of this skill.

Available Form/s:

•Meteor Form: The sword-sheath will replicate the longsword that you have sacrifice for this form.

•Conviction Form: The sword-sheath will replicate the sword rapier that you have sacrifice for this form.

•Abyssal Form: [Locked]

•Judgment Form: [Locked]

•Ethereal Form: [Locked]

Cooldown for changing forms: 3 Seconds

Note 1: The items will never be recovered once they were sacrificed. The last sacrificed items for each form will be the one that are going to be replicated.

Note 2: Upgrade this skill rank to unlocked more forms.

Hit: Find Mondi's Tomb to inherit all of his skills.


\"Oh~♪ So that was the reason why the [Piercing Thorn] is categorized as a specialized weapon for me.\" muttered Shin as he take out the sword rapier from his inventory space.


\"It is a shame that the weapon's stats will become disabled once it is sacrificed.\" muttered Shin as he close his eyes while sacrificing the [Piercing Thorn].

Moment later, he sword transformed into a bunch of particles of light before being absorb by Shin's left hand.

Shin stay on the room few more minutes waiting for his sword and cloak to be ready. And while he is on his idle time, he open the game's official forums to see what's new, and to watch some PvP battles.

Moments later, the door of the room was suddenly opened by one of the Trading Firm's personnel before walking towards Shin.

\"Young Master Shin, your Cloak and Sword are ready.\" said woman personnel.

\"Oh~♪ I can give the remainder of the payment to you, right?\" asked Shin.

The woman personnel nodded her head as she take out the [Yamato] and [Nightwalker's Cloak] from her inventory bag.

Shin take his items in exchange for the remainder of the payment. Then he stood up from the sofa while saying to the woman personnel. \"I'll come back later to take my equipment set then.\"

After that, he directly put the cloak around his body, hiding his figure. Then he pulled the hood of the cloak over his head to hide his face with its shadow. At the same time, he put the sheathed [Yamato] on the left side of his waist.Then Shin walked out the Room while checking the newly improved stats of his items.


Item Name: [ Yamato ]

Item Type: Weapon (One-handed Sword)

Item Rank: Platinum (Evolvable)

Growth Type : Current Level - 76

Durability: Default

Physical Attack: 3 750 - 3 770

Magical Attack: 3 850 - 3 870


+375 STR

+375 AGI

+380 INT

Details: An inherited Katana that is being pass down from generation to generation. It is the same Katana that have been used by the First Nephilim 'Zheptus'.

Requirements:Can only be wield by an Envoy of The Church of The Sun and The Moon.

Additional Abilities:

1. Nephilim's Blade (Passive): Every time you hit your target with [Yamato], your attack speed increases for 6% and last for 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. At Max stacks you will gain additional 50% movement speed.

2. Nephilim's Ascent (Active): Enter a berserk state, increasing all of your stats by 100% and movement speed by 200%.

Duration: 30 mins.

Cooldown: 5 hours

2. Nephilim's Clarity(Active): When activated, regen your HP and MP by 1000 points per second and last for 180 seconds.

Cooldown: 3 Hours

3. Nephilim's Flame: Enter a Transcendent State where each of your basic attacks will produce a crescent sword Qi that will fly for 15 meters in range and deals 200% Combined Damage (Physical + Magical) each strikes.

Duration: 20 Seconds

Cooldown: 3 Hours

[ Locked ]

This item is bound to player 'Sickarius'.

Remark: You are starting to take shape to become worthy of this sword.


\"Hmm... Nothing much change. It only improved a little in stats, and gotten another additional skill.\" muttered Shin as he look at the details of the [Yamato].

Then he turned his attention at Cloak's informations. And when he saw the details, his eyes immediately turn wide as he can't take them off from the information window.


Item Name: [ Nightwalker's Cloak ]

Item Type: Cape (Silk Mantle)

Rank: Black Mithril

Durability: 1000/1000

Physical Defense: 1000 - 1000

Magic Resist: 1000 - 1000


+50% to All Major

+30% to All Minor Stats

+10% to All Special Stats

+50% Movement Speed

+30% Elemental Resistance

+20% Concealment Enchantment

Additional Skills:

1. Camouflage(Passive): You can become invisible every time you get near a vegetation.

Note: You will release your invisibility state if attack or have been attacked.

Cooldown: None

2. Conceal(Active/Passive): Stay still for a second to turn yourself invisible.

Note: You will release your invisibility state if you moved, attack or have been attacked.

Cooldown: 10 seconds

3. Undercover(Active): Enter stealth mode for 55 seconds.

Note: You will release your invisibility state if you attack or have been attacked.

Cooldown: 1 minute

4. Shadow Cloak(Passive): All of your stealth skills will be improved by 30%.

5. Shadow Travel(Active): Transform yourself into a shadow before teleporting to another shadow that you have targeted inside the 20 meter range away from you.

Cooldown: 5 Minutes


\"The additional skills didn't change at all aside from the new one that was added on the list. But the Bonus Stats! D*mn! I don't know what to say.\"

\"Is this why Black Hammer said that 'Black Mithril' Rank items are different? Tsk, this is beyond by just being different.\" Shin keeps muttering to himself as he walked out the firm

And after recovering himself, he tried to think on what he is going to do next. Then he decided to contact Lawless, and ask him why he is looking for him.

Lawless: Just go to the Heavenly Resto-Bar at the same and we can discuss about it.

Shin release a helpless sigh before walking towards the meeting place.