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103 Spreading Some Fame Once Again


Shin walked out the huge metal gate with a huge smile on his face. He turn his head to take a one final look at the entrance of the Intermediate Training Ground.

And while it is closing, Shin give it a ninety degree bow while muttering to himself. \"Thanks for your guidance, Senior.\"


Then the metallic door entrance finally close itself.

After that, Shin take another look at the final batch of System Notifications.


System: Congratulations! For clearing the Seventh stage of the Intermediate Training Ground.

System: Calculating your Total and Final score.

System: Congratulations! Your final score reached 'Beyond Perfection' for forcing Sean to use a Fourth type of skill and landing a clean hit at the same time!

System: You are going to receive a +50 to all of your Major Stats and +25 to all of your Minor and Special Stats.

A random Special Skill Book, a Management Rights, and a random weapon specialized for your Class.

Special Reward for scoring Beyond Perfection: A Legacy Book related to the one that you already have



System: Congratulations! Your 'Unique Title: I Know It All' have successfully evolve!

System: Congratulations! You earn the 'Unique Title: All-Rounder'!


Title : All-Rounder (Evolvable)

Rating: Unique

Details: You have trained your body and mind in a Basic Training Ground, and you passed all the challenges in an Intermediate Training Ground, so you are ahead if your peers.


+100 to all Stats

+500 Fame

+1 Equipment Set Slot

Extra Skill:

•Quick Swap: An All-Rounder is always ready to face any kind of situation.

-You can change an equipment set even when you are in battle.


Then another System Notification sounded on his ears a moment later.


System: Congratulations! You received an Invitation for the upcoming 'Shadow Ranking Cup'.

And what follows it is an unexpected system notification that make him curse. \"What the hell?\"


WORLDWIDE SYSTEM ANNOUNCEMENT: Congratulations to Player 'Sickarius' for initiating an expansion pack! He will receive +2 Levels, +500 Fame Points, +10 000 Reputation Points, +15 SP(Skill Points) and +5 LP(Legacy Points) as rewards!

The System will undergo a Maintenance for 24-Hours of Real World's Time at most.

All Players are requested to Logout of the game within ten minutes for the System Upgrade. The System will not be responsible for your lost if you have been forced logout.

To all Players inside any Instance Dungeon, they will receive a Free Dungeon Saving Ticket for their progress on it.


WORLDWIDE SYSTEM ANNOUNCEMENT: Congratulations to Player 'Sickarius' for initiating an expansion pack! He will receive +2 Levels, +500 Fame Points, +10 000 Reputation Points, +15 SP(Skill Points) and +5 LP(Legacy Points) as rewards!...


WORLDWIDE SYSTEM ANNOUNCEMENT: Congratulations to Player 'Sickarius' for initiating an expansion pack! He will recieve....


All the players that are currently online were gotten off guard at the three system notifications that appear front of their eyes.

Some players inside the dungeon failed their dungeon run because of shock. Some players in the field died on monsters that they are fighting.

And when they recovered themselves, they started cursing Shin at the 'World Chat Server'.

\"What the f*ck! You again!? I died on the field because of you!!!\"

\"D*mn! I failed my Quest because of this guy for the second time! Don't let me see you on the field cause I will rip you into pieces!\"

\"@#$%&! We failed our last attempt on the Dungeon because of this f*cking B*st*rd! We are almost clearing it!\"

At the same time some players become at awe because of Shin's consecutive achievements. Especially the players of the 'Saint Heaven Kingdom'.

\"Whoa! Another Expansion Pack? This guy is insane! Initiating two consecutive System Updateds in a row?\"

\"D*mn! This guy is amazing! I wonder if he is an expert.\"

\"Tsk, Isn't that obvious? Creating big changes on the game two times in a row? If he is not an expert then I don't know what he is.\"

\"What the!? This guy is cool. I will be his fan from now on.\"

\"Nah! Maybe he is just good at PvE and not on PvP. I still prefer the 'Nameless Swordsman'.\"

\"Yeah, PvE and PvP are completely different things after all. But we will don't know who is stronger if they didn't fight with each other.\"

Then the Higher-Ups of the Powerful Guilds starting to get restless to about Shin's whereabouts.

\"What the hell did our information network doing? They are already searching for this guy for quite some time already, then why can't they find him yet?\"

\"Godd*mn it! When are you going to find this guy? If you don't hurry, the other Guilds might find him before us.\"

\"What are the searching team are doing? This guy is just in the Holy City so why can't they find him?\"


Meanwhile, the guy that they are looking for is currently being bombered by messages by Lawless.

Lawless: Hey! Brother Sickarius! Initiating two system updates in a row? You are insane!

Lawless: Anyway, did you find anything good? Sell it to me if you did.

Lawless: One more thing! Can you go to Heavenly Resto-Bar when you have time? Same Room, I want to discuss something with you.


Shin take a quick look at Lawless messages before closing his Message Window when he arrived at Shiella's Trading Firm.

Shin directly give the Management Rights to Shiella before turning around to take his leave.

\"Are you that eager to leave?\" said Shiella when she saw Shin turn his body around.

\"Big Sis, I'm still too tired after clearing that stup*d training ground, so please let me have my rest.\" said Shin with an exhaust tone, and without turning around.

Shiella raise one of her brows before saying. \"So what am I going to do to the materials that you've asked me?\"

Shin immediately turn around and look at Shiella with expectant eyes before saying. \"Really? Did you already completed the list?\"

Shiella release a helpless sigh at Shin's sudden change of attitude and said. \"Yeah, if you are going to take it now, then get it from the counter below. They already know what to do.\"

\"But if you are going to use it to upgrade an equipment set, then you can look for my best Blacksmith. He is currently in this Kingdom for some research. But the negotiations is still up to you, that guy is quite picky on taking some jobs.\"

Shin nodded his head and immediately walked out the room. And while he is outside, he is considering what Shiella have said. \"Hmm... So should I give it a try?\"

He take a look at his digital clock before giving up the idea for the time being. \"Nah, Not for now. Maybe I'll talk to him later, after the System become available again tomorrow.\"

Shin walked out from the Firm before looking for a secluded place to logout.


Real World, Soaring Continent, Main RegionCentral District, Capital City, Springfield Household


Shin's 'Gaming Cabin' opened slowly. Then the familiar stinking smell assaulted Shin's nose once again.

\"What the hell? Will this happen every time I logout the game?\" curse Shin as he get out from his Gaming Cabin.

He activate the Cabin's self-cleaning Function before going to the bathroom to take a shower, his body is drenched with sweat after all.

When he walked out the bathroom, the first thing he do is to take a look at the digital clock on the wall and saw that it is only 2:30 in the morning. \"Hmm... It is too early for my morning training, then what should I do for now?\"

After some careful thought, he decided to look on «Destiny's Fate» official website to see what kind of system update did he initiated this time.



1. PvP and PvE Updates:

- Basic Attacks will not be limited to weapon attacks anymore.

-Any part of the body can now use in battle as Basic Attack, but their damage will reduce to base damage of the player.

Note: Players can now move their bodies more closely to Reality.

2. Skill Completion Rates:

- Skill executions will now be increase in difficulty due to the new battle style.

- All of the current Skill Completion Rates of all the players will be reduce significantly when the server is up.

3. Equipment Skills:

- Equipment Active Skills will now be limit to two at most, while the rest will become passive.

Note 1: Weapon Skills And Auxiliary Equipments' Skill (Cloaks, Masks, Veils, Accessories, etc.) are excluded on this.

Note 2: Equipment Set Effect additional skills are also not included.


\"Tsk, I can already see that there are lot of players that are going to hate me once again. The first one is quite a good one, but the later two are not good at all no matter how I look at it.\" muttered Shin as he read the new system updates.

After few more browsing on the game's official website, it is already 4:00 in the morning. Shin close the computer connected to his Gaming Cabin, before putting up his martial-art suit and walking towards the garden to do his morning routine.

After four hours, Shin finished his morning training and went back inside the mansion to take another quick bath, and before having his breakfast.

After that, Shin decided to have some sleep. \"It has been a while since I take a good sleep after all.\"

Shin slept for straight twelve hours before we woke up. \"Wow! Having a good sleep is always been the best! I feel that my body is perfectly energize.\"

Shin looked at the digital clock and saw that it is 9:00 of the evening. He take a quick dinner before going back to his room to practice the 'White Dawn Boundary' while waiting for the game server to become available once again.

After some time, Shin went laying inside Gaming Cabin before logging back in the game. \"Initiate Login!\"


Shin appeared in the last spot where he logout from the game. Then he went back inside the Trading Firm.

In there, Shin look for a blacksmith. Moment later, a staff lead him on a VIP Room. And when he went inside the room, he saw a man in his mid-twenties sitting on the sofa.

Shin knitted brows while walking towards the man before directly sitting across the later.

The man observe Shin a little before saying. \"You must be Young Master Shin. So what Equipment Set do you want to upgrade?\"

'Quite a straight forward person, Huh? But I like that.' Shin look at the guy before saying. \"How about we form a nondisclosure contract before discussing about that?\"

The man look raise one of his brows before sneering at Shin. \"But I haven't agreed to upgrade your equipment yet. And even if you are the Young Miss' younger brother, that doesn't mean that you can order me around. And I don't take some simple jobs.\"

Shin knitted his brows before saying. \"So what you want me to do?\"

The man shrugged his shoulders before saying. \"If the equipment that you want to upgrade is quite interesting, then I might take it for free. But if it is not, then forget about it. I still have some research that I need to do.\"

And when the guy saw the details of the set, he suddenly show some interested expression on his face. \"Hmm.... isn't this the current newest equipment set of the game? But from what I know this is only a 5-piece equipment set, but you have seven?\"

\"Oh~♪ You must be the one that discovered this set first, so you've gotten the pioneering rights of this set and successfully gotten the special equipments set at the end.\"

The man thought for a moment before looking at Shin and said. \"You want to upgrade this equipment set into Platinum Rank, isn't it?\"

Shin nodded his head and wait for the man to continue.The man stay silent for a moment before saying. \"I can upgrade this set into Platinum Rank without problem, but the price for it is quite high since my talent fee is not a joke after all. And that is even if provide the materials.\"

'Of course! You are the best Blacksmith of this Trading Firm after all.' thought Shin on his mind while waiting for the guy to continue.

\"But I can also transform this into a brand new Equipment Set of 'Black Mithril Rank' with free of charge. But you have to sacrifice something in exchange.\"

'Of course! Nothing is absolutely free on this wolrd after all.' Shin thought for a moment before carefully asking asking. \"And what was it?\"