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94 An Odd Dual-Practioner Part 3 : Spiritual Embryo



Cedrick was sent flying backwards once again. And he already lost count of how many times did he was sent flying since the start of this 'sparring match'.

'What kind of monsters is this guy? He doesn't seem get tired since start of the match. No, it is more like he is getting more and more stronger as the battle progress. And what make it worst; he is just treating me as some kind of training machine.' Cedrick is having these kind of thoughts while looking at Shin with a face that is full of disbelief.

At first, he become enraged because he thought that Shin is just mocking him by using a single technique against him. He pushed himself to the limit just to force Shin to use another Mentalism technique.

And when Shin finally use another one, Cedrick formed a mocking expression on his face because he felt that he had proven to Shin that he can't be defeated by a single skill.

But unfortunately the reality immediately slap him on his face. Because just like before, Shin just use the second skill alone to fight against Cedrick. And when Shin use his third technique, that is the only time did Cedrick realized that he is being use as a moving target to practice Shin's Mentalism technique.

Then the fourth, fifth, six, seventh, ... , came all the way to the last Mentalism Technique that sent Cedrick flying.

Shin retracted his right arm as he remain standing on his location before digesting the things that he just experienced. He supported his right elbow with his left hand before stroking his chin with his right hand thumb and index finger.

After few moments, Shin muttered to himself. "Woah~♪, I didn't expect that I'm going to get this kind of unexpected benefits on this meaningless match. Is this what they call..... Hmm.... What was that saying again?....."

'This guy....' Cedrick become enrage and almost lost his mind when he saw that he is being ignored once again. "You!!!!....."

Shin was interrupted with his thoughts when he heard Cedrick's voice. Then he look at the later before saying in a nonchalant manner. "Eh!? You are still here? I thought that you already run out of gas earlier. Anyway, thanks to you, I am more familiar with my Mentalism Techniques now."

"You F*cking B*st*rd!!!..... Stop underestimating me!!!" Cedrick finally lose his mind.

His veins are starting to bulge out on the surface of his body while his eyes are turning bloodshot. Then he release a more violent Internal Qi with much more deeper shades of black color on its surface than the previous one that he is releasing.

Then the atmosphere around him suddenly transformed for the second time. The aura that he is releasing become pure evil. And he is looking at Shin with eyes that are full of hatred.

"So that was it... But that 'seed' of yours is obviously not included at the three categories, then is it an artificial one. Even though I don't have a proof, my own 'seed' is telling me." said Shin to Cedrick when he finally realize what was the familiar feeling that he felt earlier. He did that through a Mentalism Technique so no one can hear about it aside from them. Well, experts like Nathan are the exception.


Captain Alfredo wants to jump in and interrupt the 'sparring match' since the situation is already getting out of hand. And he need to immediately put an end on this before the 'seed' inside Cedrick's heart completely gone out of control.

And if the World Government discovered what they are doing, they are going to get punish severely. They might even get a 'death sentence' if the Government gotten their hands with enough evidence.

Well too bad for him, he picked the a wrong Military Force to showoff this 'power'. So before Captain Alfredo manage to do anything, Nathan already restrain his movements with his powerful oppressive might.

Captain Alfredo glared at Nathan and said. "What the hell are you doing, Dragon King? Do you what that Mighty Chosen One of yours to die? If we didn't stop this match now, Cedrick might really kill that kid."

Nathan replied at him calmly without removing his sight at Shin and Cedrick. "You don't have to worry about it. I already told you that that kid is not ordinary. And since your Military youngling possess that kind of power, this fight is going to become even more boring than the previous one."


'Hmm... Looks like he really lost his mind.' Thought Shin to himself as he look at the transforming Cedrick.

Then he added inside his head after few moments. 'So..... Should I wait for him to complete his Demonic Possession to see what a real Demon looks like? And I can also try the newly improve battle style of my Mentalism.'

If Nathan hear the thoughts inside Shin's mind, then he might give Shin another smack on his head.

'Nah, that is being too greedy if I did that. I should end this guy now before he really gone berserk. Hmmm... Wait, didn't Uncle Nathan said that the Internal Qi of my Martial-Arts can suppress the Demonic Qi of Demonic Possession?'

After that, Shin gather the Mental Energy surrounding him and retrieve it towards his body. And that sight almost made Captain Alfredo gone crazy. "Is that kid out of his mind?" is what he want to say, but he immediately swallow it back when he saw what happened next.

Shin release a silver colored Internal Qi and enfold it on his body. And when then 'Semi-Demon' Cedrick saw that, the first thing that enter his mind is to run. His instincts are telling him to stay away from Shin as soon as possible.

But unfortunately Shin didn't give him a time for that. "Since you help me improve my Mentalism Techniques, I'm going to reward you by showing what a real Martial-Art looks like."T

hen Shin took a single step forward with his left foot while controlling the Internal Qi surrounding him to gather at his right hand while clenching it into a fist.

After that he pulled his right shoulder and right hand fist backwards, while twisting his his waist in a clockwise direction. And when hen the gathering Internal Qi reached its peak, a sudden flash of a blinding silver light was exploded in all direction.



Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Then a sudden gust of wind suddenly exploded in all direction, making the air around the battle arena to run like a wild. A moment after that, those raging gust of wild suddenly gather at Shin's right hand fist.

An after all of that, Shin took another step forward. But this time it is with his right foot. And while doing that, he suddenly disappeared at his previous location and reappeared in front of the fleeing 'Semi-Demon'.

At the same time, Shin thrust his rotating right hand fist forward, together with the great force of the gusting wind and his shining silver Internal Qi.

'Simplified Ultimate Yin-Yang Arts: Fist of the Furious White Tiger'



The Demonic Qi covering Cedrick's body was purified almost immediately when the silver Internal Qi on Shin's fist landed on the body of the Semi-Demon's body.

And when Cedrick was sent flying towards the wall of the battle arena after being hit, some black colored smoke separated from his body and rush towards Shin.

It happened in a very brief amount of time so no one managed to notice it. What's more; that smoke is a little too fast to be notice by anyone. So even Shin himself didn't notice that something entered his body.

"Alright, that should be enough to end this match. But I didn't kill him, right?" muttered Shin to himself while retrieving his Internal Qi. Then he do some stretching before walking towards Nathan and Captain Alfredo.

Captain Alfredo on the other hand is looking at Shin as if he is some kind of monster. "What kind of monster did your Springfield Family is housing, Dragon King? A Kaleidoscope Mentalist that can practice a High Class Martial-Arts? This kid is an odd Dual-Practioner."

Nathan didn't answer him directly, but say a warning instead. "That shouldn't be a your problem for now. What you should be thinking is how to explain yourself in the Council. Creating an artificial 'Seed of Hatred'? Heh, I can't capture you for now, since I don't have enough evidence. But once I collected enough of it, you better pray that the Old Monsters on your Military Force are enough to stop us."

After that, Nathan retrieve his oppressive might before disappearing beside Captain Alfredo and reappearing beside Shin. "Not bad, Kid. It looks like you gain a lot on this."

Shin nodded his head slightly before wanting to ask about something. "Uncle, what was that...."

But before he manage to complete his sentence, Nathan already beat him into it. "You want to know how can you use the physical techniques of Mentalism?"

Shin nodded his head repeatedly, indicating that he want to know more.

Nathan wait for his lieutenant to arrive at the battle arena and 'assist' Captain Alfredo, before walking towards the exit of the battle arena. Shin followed closely behind Nathan, while waiting for the later to explain the things to him.

When they arrived at the corridor, Nathan finally open his mouth. "Hmm... The right question about it is 'How can you practice Martial-Arts despite being a Kaleidoscope Mentalist'."

Shin is gotten confused at what he have heard and said. "But..... I became a Martial-Artist first, before I become a Mentalist."

Nathan nodded his head and said. "You are right. And that is the answer to the question that I just said."

And that answer made Shin even more confused. Nathan chuckles before explaining it a little more. "Alright, let us start with your question first. You can use both Mental and Physical Techniques of the Mentalism because you are possessing a special type of body."

Shin knitted his brows and ask. "Special Body? What was that?"

Nathan thought for a moment before replying. "Hmm... Special Bodies are bodies that have different kind of special abilities. And a person with a special body was born with it. And If you want the whole list of the special bodies, then just go to the study room on our place. I don't have enough time to discuss it with you after all."

"Oh... That sounds cool. Is it the same with Bloodline Powers?" said Shin out of instincts.

Nathan thought about it for a moment before replying. "You can put it that way. But there are some difference on it. Special Bodies affect ones talent on something, making you to improve on it rapidly. Meanwhile Bloodlines gave you an additional powers that you can use in battle."

Shin nodded his head and asked about the thing that really want to know. "Then what was my special body then? And what ability did it have?"

"Yours? Your special body is called 'Spiritual Embryo'. And it gives you an ability to learn all the Mentalism Techniques that you can learn. It can either be a Mental or a Physical one." said Nathan in a nonchalant manner.

Then he added after some quick thought. "Oh! That is right! your bloodline gives you a monstrous willpower. That means, you are destined to become a Mentalist since you were born."

Shin suddenly remembered something after hearing that. "Uncle, didn't you said that I already awakened my bloodline since I was young? And it is even before I was abducted by the Black Serpent Mafia. So did it have other type of ability other than the monstrous willpower its gives?"

Nathan rolled his eyes at Shin and said. "Why are you asking me that? It is your own Bloodline, so you should be the one that is more familiar with it. If you have the same bloodline as mine, then I might give you some tips regarding that. Unfortunately, you are not."

Shin release a helpless sigh after hearing that. Then he asked another question. "Then how can I become a Kaleidoscope Mentalist, despite being a Martial-Artist?"

Nathan considered it for a moment before considering. "About that? Didn't I already answer that question earlier? Hmm..... OK, Let's put it this way, you become a little lucky since you started learning Martial-Arts before you studied Mentalism. And so, you already nurtured your body with your Internal Qi, before you even use a Mental Energy."

"And since you already possessing the 'Spiritual Embryo' since birth, your body have no trouble on using any kind of Mentalism Technique."

"You can also use a physical technique without problem even if you didn't nurtured your body with Mental Energy, right? Well.... that is one of the abilities of your 'Spiritual Embryo' special body."

Then Shin finally understand it. 'So I'm an Odd Dual-Practioner compared to others. And I'm better than them in terms of talent. And that was cool I guess.'


Then he get another smack on his head from Nathan. "Didn't I told you to stop that wild imagination of yours?"