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87 Another Little Brother!?


"Are you out of your mind? Do you know the consequence of what you have done?" asked Carlos.

"Of coarse I know. But the that is only if someone found out about that. But didn't you already fixed everything? And I just did it once. And I have no plan of doing it again, since it might broke the balance of the game." said Troy.

Carlos stared at Troy for few moments before saying. "You better do that what you have said, since I'm not going help you for the second time around."

After that, Carlos left the room and return back to his team's workplace.

When Troy confirmed that Carlos really leave the place, he re-open the virtual screen in front of him, revealing Shin and his gang battling a group of TigerKins that composed of three different class.

Troy clicked his tounge and said. "Tsk, I missed the climax of his battle against the 'Shadow Elder Shaman'! D*mn Carlos! Now, I need to watch a reply because of him."


On the Organization's game monitoring room, Carlos called his personal assistant Marcus.

"You called me, Sir?" asked Marcus in a confused manner.

Carlos take out a file from his desk and said. "Put that guy on the classified must watch list. From now on, we are going to monitor that guy's actions 24/7."

"Eh!? This guy again? But he is not qualified yet to enter the list. Did he made another mess? How troublesome is it this time?" ask Marcus while still having the confused look on his face.

Carlos thought for a moment before saying. "Just put him on the same level as players on the special case. Do your best to put him on the list. It is a major case for us to watch this guy's every move."

Marcus become even more confused at Carlos' instructions. Then he suddenly remembered something and looked at Carlos with a startled look on his face. "Ah! Is he another Miracle Player?"

Carlos thought for a moment before nodding his head. "Hmm... You can also put it that way." Then he went to his office after saying that.

"Oh... Then he should be the thirteenth guy if that was the case. Tsk, another troublesome guy to monitor. *Sigh~*, And another overtime works are coming. Looks like we are going to have another sleepless nights." muttered Marcus to himself as he stared at Carlos' back.


Inside the game.

Saint Heaven Kingdom, Calderock Town.

Shiella appeared at the Teleportation Hall of the Town while her entire body is being covered by a black cloak. She walked out the hall and directly went to the 'Hand of Midas' Trading Firm of the town.

When she arrived at the Guest Waiting Room of the Firm, another player is already waiting for her inside. When Shiella saw the guest, she immediately remove her black cloak, revealing her perfect figure. She smiled at the other player, and sat across the later.

The other player didn't removed her black cloak not because she didn't want to, but it is in her second nature to completely hide her identity. In fact, she is also hiding her aura, other people might neglect her presence even if they are starting at her.

"You are quite early. Since when did you become so punctual?" tease Shiella as she take out a teapot and teacups from her inventory bag, before putting it on the table in between the two of them.

"Still serving tea even inside the game? You really are something, Sister Shiella." said the hooded girl as she take the teapot and putting some on the teacups that Shiella had taken out.

"Don't you know me already? I'm always hosting my guest in a welcoming manner." replied Shiella before taking a sip of tea.

"So that's why you arrived late." said the hooded girl.

The corner of Shiella's mouth twitch a little after hearing that. "I'm not late, you are just too early."

Shiella pause a little to take out a scroll from her inventory bag, before giving it to the girl while saying. "Anyway let's talk about business, here is the deed for your plot of land. Build your organization base as soon as possible so that you can operate more early."

The hooded girl observe the deed for a moment before saying. "You really are fast at dealing with these kinds of things. So what is the payment that you want this time."

"The same as before. Just help me find the Intermediate Training Ground of the Holy City and the Instance Dungeons around this Town." said Shiella without thinking twice.

The hooded girl nodded her head and asked. "Anything else? That was all that you want? It is quite few compared to our previous transactions."

Shiella thought for a moment before adding. "Just don't touch the so-called 'Nameless Swordsman', he is a business partner of mine. Same goes for 'Sickarius' guy, that rascal is my little brother."

The hooded girl stared at Shiella with an astounded gaze while saying. "Another little brother!? From what I can remember, your other little brother is one of gaming freaks from that game. Then this guy should be the stronger one in terms of Martial-Arts in Real World, and now he joined this game too? What a group of Monster Siblings."

Shiella smirk at her said. "What? Scared already? Wait until we are grouped together, and you will know what a terrifying team is."

The hooded girl rolled her eyes at Shiella and said. "You wish! Those two might regroup with each other and form a team, but that exclude you in to it. Those are too scared of being your personal slave after all, so it is impossible for them to form a group with you. Becoming an allies might possible but not forming a team."

"And those two might even do their best just to hide from you. But since you are an overprotective Big Sister, you might still beat up the guys that are going to bully them inside this game."

The corner of Shiella's mouth twitch when she heard her friend's remarks. "Aren't your Intel are too accurate? You even know about that? But, you are wrong about the last part. I'm not going to help them inside this game unless they ask for my assistance, which is I doubt that they will do."

"And I'm confident that the two of them is more than enough to handle themselves once they team up with each other, especially if they formed a team together with some of their friends."

The hooded girl stood up while saying to Shiella. "Confident, Huh? Well I'm out with that after all. And I'm going now, some of my old rivals are quite anxious because I invaded the area where they are conducting their business, so I need to clean up some of their spies inside this Town. You don't mind it, didn't you?"

"Then just go. And I'm not the Town's Mayor, so don't ask for my opinion in that aspect." said Shiella in a nonchalant manner, before sending off the hooded girl.

But before the two of them walk out the room, a system notification suddenly sounded on both of their ears which make them to halt their steps.

The hooded girl look at Shiella with a pair of meaningful eyes while saying. "From what I know, this little brother of yours is always acting in a low profile manner in the Real World. But from the looks of it, he have no plan of doing it in the Virtual World."

"But I should be thanking him since he made my job a little easier."

Shiella was taken aback at the system notification that she received and don't even know how to reply at her friend.


Inside the 'Tiger's Altar' Instance Dungeon.Few moments before Shiella and her friend received the system notifications, Shin is currently engaging an intense battle against the final boss of the dungeon.

The final boss is a TigerKin with a hybrid of four different classes. It is holding a double-edged greatsword on its right hand, and round shield on its left hand that can almost cover half of its body.

It can also summon a bunch of ghost soldiers just like a shaman, and can cast some destructive magic just like a magician.

Its body size is almost similar to a player aside from it being a little bulky than the later. Its movements are also very humanlike, while its AI is quite high since it seems too intelligent that other normal monsters.

Shin treat it as a normal occurrence since it is a final boss of an Instance Dungeon in Chaos Difficultly.

What Shin didn't know is this monster is already reach the Mutated State. No, he know that it is Mutated Monster, but he didn't what it means yet.

A Mutated Monster is a special type of monster that have a very high intelligence and battle awareness. They are almost on par with an NPC in terms of battle prowess.

Shin is battling this monster for almost two hours already. And the most difficult thing that Shin had to deal with in this battle are the ghost soldiers that might become food for the Monster Boss to recover its HP.

Shin gasping too much as he try to calm his breathing. "D*mn it! I'm starting to reach my limit. Looks like I need to go all out this time."

Then he take another look at the monster's details.


Monster Name: Shadow Magic General 'Taiban' (Mutated, Overlord)

Monster Rating: Demonic TigerKin

Level: 95HP: 27,678,787 / 70,000,000 (39.5%)

Basic Defense: 20 000

Skill Resistance: 60%

Attack Power: 12 500 - 13 700



"Alright, this guy's HP is only in 39.5% of the total, I can wipe it out in just few moments if I use the full cycle of my 'Class Fighting Style' Skills together with my Clone and my double-edge skill." muttered Shin to himself as he started forming a battle plan on his head.

Then he activate a berserk skill after that. The [Yamato] on his right hand suddenly glow with an alternating black and white light before enfolding his entire body and making all of his stats to become doubled.

'Weapon Berserk Skill: Nephilim's Ascent'

At the same time, the Sun and Moon Clones suddenly merge with each other and created a new clone that is radiating with a purple colored aura.

'Equipment Skill: Spirit Fusion'

The Eclipse Clone have all of Shin's skills including the equipment ones, aside from the skills from the [Nephilim's Gemini Mask] and [Yamato].

After that, Shin and the Eclipse Clone simultaneously charge forward. Then the two of them suddenly transformed into a stick of lights, one is bluish-white in color while the other is in dark purple.

At the same time, the both of them swung their swords at the 'Shadow Magic General' as they pass through the later's body.

Shing! Shing!

'Class Fighting Style: Moonlight Splitter'

-1 954 953

'Class Fighting Style: Moonlight Splitter'

-1 732 907

After that, Shin and the Eclipse Clone simultaneously change their grip at their swords, before putting it back on its sheath in a swift movements. Their movements are exactly the same similar to the movements of a person and his reflection on the mirror.

Clank! Clack!

The moment the clacking sound sounded, Shin and the Eclipse Clone are already facing the back of 'Taiban'.Then both of them pulled out their swords from their sheaths, before slashing it rightwards, sending a pair of crescent shape sword Qis with different elements.

Shing! Shing!

'Class Fighting Style: Solar Flare'Bang!

-1 466 388

-2 673(Burning Damage)

'Class Fighting Style: Lunar Flash'

-1 567 890(Slowed)


'894 789(Opposing Elements Explosion)


Taiban entered the berserk mode and throw a barrage of slashes around it in a random manner. Unfortunately, both Shin and the Eclipse Clone transform into a pair of stick of lights, and dodging all the slashes without problem.

'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'

'Eclipse Clone Skill: Moonlight Steps'

Clack! Clack!

Both of them sheathed their swords as they put some distance away from the rampaging 'Shadow Magic General', and waiting for it to calm down. Shin is pushing his concentration to the limit, to prevent himself from making some mistakes.

When Taigan stops, all the ghost soldiers in the vicinity started rushing towards the 'Shadow Magic General'.

Naturally, Shin will not let that happen, but from what he have experience so far, it is impossible for him to stop all of these ghost soldiers with his gang alone. If he have some other teammates then maybe, unfortunately he didn't have one.

He only come up with a single solution, and that is to kill the 'Shadow Magic General' before those ghost soldiers merge with 'Taigan'.

"Let's do this!" Shin and the Eclipse Clone rush towards the 'Shadow Magic General' with a bunch of consecutive skill. 'Sun-Ray Dash', 'Sword Rush' and 'Boar's Assault'.

They swiftly sheath their swords when they arrived in front of 'Taiban'. Then they immediately pulled it out once again while slashing it rightwards, sending another pair of sword Qis with different elements.

Shing! Shing!

'Class Fighting Style: Lunar Flash'Bang!

-1 578 890(Slowed)

'Class Fighting Style: Solar Flare'


-1 456 789

-2 678(Burning Damage)

BOOM!!!-897 678(Opposing Element Explosion)

A Part 2 of what happened earlier happened. And 'Taiban' become enrage once again, it swing its double-edge greatsword horizontally, targeting the two.

Unfortunately, 'Moonlight Steps' are already available so Shin and the Eclipse Clone immediately use it and appeared behind 'Taiban'.

After dodging the horizontal swipe, the two of them immediately turn their bodies around while sacrificing 10% of their current HP, before simultaneously throwing a powerful slash at the back of 'Taiban'.

'Equipment Skill: Savage Bite'

-7 000 000

'Equipment Skill: Savage Bite'

-7 000 000


'Taiban' wants to fight back, unfortunately Shin and his clone didn't give it a time for it. Before the former managed to anything, Shin and the Eclipse Clone are already swinging their blazing swords downwards.

'Slayer Skill: Hell Execution'

'Eclipse Clone Skill: Hell Execution'

Shin's 'Hell Execution' failed, but not the one that was thrown by the Eclipse Clone.

Execution Successful!

-3 500 000(Killed)

After that, the long awaited system notification sounded at Shin's ears together with a series of unexpected ones