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85 Gains and Improvements


Inside the 'Tiger's Altar' Instance Dungeon, a single swordsman is dealing with three TigerKins. One of those is a 'Shadow Knight TigerKin' while the other two are 'Shadow Berserker TigerKins'.

Shin do a side-flip to his right, dodging a 'Charge' skill used by the the 'Shadow Knight'. And when his feet landed on the ground, Shin immediately do a one hundred and eighty turn, before throwing a swift stab towards his right, greeting the incoming 'Shadow Berserker TigerKin'.


'Extra Skill: Heart Seeker'

-85 652

-24 747(Bonus Effect)(Stunned)

Shin immediately pull the [Yamato] out from the 'Shadow Berserker's' chest, and swing it towards the another 'Shadow Berserker' that attacking him at the other side.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

-102 988(Stunned)

Then he use the momentum of the slash, to spin his body around as he hop upwards, before throwing a roundhouse kick at the incoming 'Shadow Knight'.

'Equipment Skill: Paralysis Bite'


-5 890(Immobilized)

When Shin landed on the ground once again, his body is facing the first 'Shadow Berserker'. He channels the power of Eclipse at both of his swords, before throwing a cross slash in front of him and sending a purple cross sword wave towards the TigerKin.

'Self-Created Skill: Eclipse Cross'

-208 484(Killed)

After killing the first TigerKin, Shin swiftly spin his body in a clockwise direction as he swing the blazing [Yamato] towards the other 'Shadow Berserker' at his back.

'Slayer Skill: Solar Cut'


-80 689

After that is a three consecutive sword slashes with the [Snowstorm Edge] on his left hand, followed by six consecutive stabs using the [Yamato] on his other hand.

'Self-Created Skill: Triple Slash'

-25 672

-38 508

-51 344

'Extra Skill: Multiple Stab'

-15 567

-15 567

-15 567

-15 567

-15 567(Killed)

Then Shin shift his attention at the 'Shadow Knight'. He swing the [Snowstorm Edge] to the right, sending a chilling crescent sword Qi towards the immobilized 'Shadow Knight'.

'Slayer Skill: Half-Moon Slash'

-80 890(Slowed)

His right hand is not idle either, he immediately swing it to the left after throwing the previous slash, and send another crescent shaped sword Qi. But this time, it is a blazing one at that.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'

-79 888

-3 994(Burning Damage)


-106 500(Extra Damage)(Killed)

After killing the last TigerKin, Shin's hands suddenly turn into a blur as he flick his wrist to change his forehand grip on both of his swords into a reversehand grip. Then the [Snowstorm Edge] transformed back to its sheath form, as he swiftly and accurately sheath the [Yamato] back in it, creating a clacking sound in the process.


Shin picked up the items that have been dropped by the TigerKins before he start walking along the natural path in front of him.

He can now simultaneously deal with three Semi-Demon TigerKins without having any problems. As for his clones, they can both fight a Semi-Demon TigerKin in a one-on-one battle on their own. Blackie and Whitie on the other hand can deal with two TigerKins each.

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Shin is farming inside the dungeon for two Natural Days(In Game Time) already. It is not because he can't clear it if he pick up the pace. It's just he wants to stay on this place for as long as he can, so that he can get more benefits for as much as possible.

And good thing that before he left the Town, he told Ribbit to give Shiella the plot of land that she wants the day after he left. Or else he is going to get tortured to death.

And he gain quite a lot already during his time inside this dungeon. The drop rate of the Level-85 Silver Rank Equipment Set that are suitable for warrior related classes are quite high. And he already managed to get a complete set of 20 of these equipment, eight sets for Knight Class and twelve sets for Berserker Class.

Shin didn't get any kind of materials from the Semi-Demon TigerKins. Because every time he killed one, their corpses were turning into a bunch of smokes that are going to dissipated after few seconds.

But Shin didn't get dispirited with that. Because the drop rate of the 'Mana Shards' in this place are quite high.

'Mana Shards' are the smaller version of 'Mana Stones', if someone manage to collect 25 pieces of 'Mana Shards', they can combine them to form a 'Rough Mana Stone'(Smallest) through alchemy synchronization. Fifty pieces for 'Polished Mana Stone', and one hundred pieces for 'Superior Mana Stone', and so on.

Shin already lost count of how many Semi-Demon TigerKins he have killed, but he is aware of how many stacks of 'Mana Shards' are there in his inventory bag, and that stacks are enough for him to create a thousand of 'Superior Mana Stones'.

But that is not the best thing that Shin had get in this dungeon. It is the Battle Experience, and for a 'Battle Genius' like him, this is the most precious thing that he can ask for.

During his time inside this Instance Dungeon, Shin finally know what Arthur mean when he say 'Treat the game as if it is reality'.

This time, he really treat the Mana around him as 'Force of Nature', while the Mana inside his body as 'Internal Qi'. This way, he can minimize his Mana consumption and increase its recovery rate by using his breathing technique in the Real World. And with this, Shin can also execute his skills in a more accurate way and in an even faster speed.

He can control his virtual body without having any problems now, it is as if it had no difference with his real body. He also learn how to completely restrain his strength and hide aura inside this game. If an ordinary player saw him, that guy might mistaken him as an ordinary person.

His Skill Completion Rate is also rising. Even though he haven't reached a 90% Completion Rate yet, he is one step away from it in all of his skills.

He also managed to fully grasp all the Basic Combat Techniques that he learned before. At the same time, he also managed to create two new Combat Technique of his own. And that is a Movement Technique and a Supportive Attacking Technique this time.

As for his level, it didn't change much. In fact, he didn't gain any EXP after he killed all the Semi-Demon TigerKins. Because it is being accumulated until he cleared the entire Dungeon. He can only get all of those once he killed the final Monster Boss.

And base on the mission map in his information window, this Instance Dungeon have five Monster Bosses in Chaos difficulty. And Shin is currently walking towards the third Monster Boss.

The first boss is a bigger and stronger version of the 'Shadow Berserker TigerKin'. The second boss on the other hand, is the same version of the 'Shadow Knight TigerKin'.

Moments later, Shin and his gang finally arrived at the third Altar. And the statue that he saw this time is a 'Shadow Shaman TigerKin'.

The corner of Shin's mouth twitch when he saw that. "Looks like this is going to become a little tricky this time."

When Shin set his feet on the Altar, the Shaman Statue started to show signs of movements. Moments later, it finally turned into a living Monster. Shin immediately use the 'Scouting' skill to see the monster details.


Monster Name: Shadow Elder Shaman 'Tegrin' (King)

Monster Rating: Semi-Demon

Level: 90

HP: 20 000 000

Basic Defense: 10 000

Skill Resistance: 30%

Attack Power (Magic): 20 700 - 21 500


"This monster boss is too thin compared to others, but its Damage is too high. I'm dead for sure if I directly get hit by this guy's attack, especially if it is a skill." muttered Shin as he look at the monster cautiously.

'Tegrin' didn't wait for Shin to make his move. It immediately raise its staff, summoning a bunch 'Ghost Soldiers'.

Shin ignored those ghosts and leave them to his pets. These ghost soldiers are just ordinary monsters despite being in large numbers, so Blackie and Whitie will have no problem dealing with them.

Then Shin and his clones rush towards the 'Shadow Elder Shaman' who is currently chanting out some spell. Naturally, the Elder Shaman will not let them get near him. A group of ghost soldiers move in their front blocking their path.

Shin and the Moon Clone sprinted forward, and before they collide with the other group, both of their bodies suddenly turned illusionary as they transformed into a stick of bluish-white light that pass through the ghost soldiers' blockade.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'

'Moon Clone Skill: Moonlight Steps'

The Sun Clone on the other hand jump upwards, and do a consecutive kicks in the air to he leap over the head of the ghost soldiers.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Jump'

Pa! Pa!

Pa! Pa!

Tegrin didn't expect that the three can easily pass through the blockade of the ghost soldiers just like. It wants to cancel the spell that it is chanting and blink away, unfortunately what happened next came too fast.

Shin and the Moon Clone who are in still in stick of light form suddenly accelerated forward and change towards the Shadow Elder Shaman. This is one of the Techniques that Shin have learned during his time inside this dungeon, executing another skill while still in the process of using his previous skill.

'Basic Combat Technique: Second Drive'

Shing! Shing!

'Class Fighting Style: Moonlight Splitter'

-700 102

'Class Fighting Style: Moonlight Splitter'.

-697 950

At the same time, the Sun Clone pulled out its sword from its sheath and throw a forward slash, sending a crescent sword Qi that is made of fire.


'Class Fighting Style: Solar Flare'

-523 710

-1 237(Burning Damage)

After that, the Sun Clone swing its sword downwards, forcing himself to descend faster while targeting the Shadow Elder Shaman with its falling sword.


'Extra Skill: Falling Lightblade'

-86 652


Naturally, 'Tegrin' will become enrage after receiving that series of massive damages. It smashed the bottom of its staff of the ground, sending a powerful ripple on the earth.

Shin and his Clones have gotten a hard time on balancing themselves because to the intense trembling of the ground. Then a black rain started to descend from the sky.

And this falling black rain give Shin and his gang a massive decrease on their movement speeds.

"Heh, a Domain Skill? You are not the only one that have one." said Shin as he activate the 'Ruler's Authority'

The Shadow Elder Shaman received a decrease on its stats. And even though it is only in 20% decrease instead of 40% decrease, that is more than enough for Shin to make a roll.

And since Shin is the one that managed to dealt the largest damage before, the main aggro of the 'Shadow Elder Shaman' is directed to him. So 'Tegrin' raise its staff once again and a mass of black smoke suddenly condensed above Shin's head.

Naturally, the Sun Clone who is the nearest one at the Elder Shaman wants to interrupt the spell, unfortunately a bunch of ghost soldiers suddenly appeared out of nowhere and pounce at him to prevent him from interfering.

Shin want to get away from his current position too, unfortunately a bunch of black chains suddenly shot up from ground and restrain him. And because of those, all of the skills in Shin's action slot suddenly turned gray, indicating that he can't use them for the time being. Same goes for all of his equipment skills.

At the Moon Clone on the other hand is charging towards the Shadow Elder Shaman to interrupt the spell, but another group of ghost soldiers appear from the ground to hinder him.

"F*ck! Of course, I know that this is going to become a little tricky, but I didn't expect that this is going to be this tough. I've just dealt a little over two million damage in total, yet this guy is already entering its second stage. And isn't the number of the ghost soldiers are a little too much in this stage?" Shin is keep complaining while waiting for something.

And it didn't take long for the mass of black smoke to become ignited and creating a powerful explosion above Shin's head.