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83 Entering An Instance Dungeon


"Okay! Now I don't have to worry myself about that so called Intermediate Training Ground. Even though I want to enter it as soon as possible, I can't give the plot of land that fast, or else Big Sis is going to get suspicious of me." muttered Shin while swapping out his equipments.

"Tsk, and this swapping out of equipments is also becoming troublesome. I guess I need to find some special Titles that have a Battle equipment swap skill or something." Shin added while walking out the Inn.

After repairing all of his items and resupplying some HP and MP potions, Shin is finally ready to walked out the Town and find a suitable leveling spot. But before he decide to what place to choose, he suddenly remembered something.

Shin walked through the West Gate and directly walk towards the 'Shadow Forest'. When he arrived at the forest, he immediately jump on a bunch of bushes and activate 'Camouflage' skill of [Nightwalker's Cloak]. Then he jumped from bushes to bushes to shake of the players that are trailing behind him.

When the bushes started to thin down, he swap the 'Camouflage' skill with the 'Undercover' skill. At the same time, he is also erasing the traces that he left of the ground.

It is because he discovered that there are some special skills for specific classes that can read traces on the ground. It is just like some kind of tracking ability of a Military Personnel and Mafia Agents in Real World.

Few moments later, Shin arrived at the hidden cave that he saw before when he is trailing behind the previous Village Chief of Calderock Village.

"From the informations that I got online, a Village at least have one Instance Dungeon. And since my Village is already promoted into a Basic Town, it should have at least three Instance Dungeon. One Solo and two Team Dungeons." muttered Shin to himself as he scan his surroundings if there are other players around.

After making sure that there are no other players in the vicinity, Shin look at the secret cave in front of him while saying. "And if I'm not wrong, then this cave is one of the three Instance Dungeons."

Shin enter the cave and sure enough, he is teleported in an independent space. And together with it is a series of system notifications that sounded at his ears.


System: Congratulations! You have discovered a 5-man Team Dungeon, 'Tiger's Altar'.

System: Since you are the first person that discovered this Dungeon you will receive a pioneering rights. The Dungeon will be close until you successfully cleared it.

System: You will also receive a 'x2 item drop rate' and a 'x2 EXP Boost' inside the Dungeon.


"Sweet~♪, Another pioneering rights! I hope I can reach level 75 with these." muttered Shin as he observe the independent space that he teleported into.

The place is completely different from Shin had expected. He is teleported to a dense forest that have huge trees and a bunch of bushes around.

And the moment Shin took a step forward, another system notification sounded at his ears.


System: Please Select the Dungeon Difficultly.

System: Mater, Nightmare, Hell, Chaos.

"What the!? Is this also a part of pioneering rights? I can't even choose a difficultly that is more suitable for me? These difficulties are equivalent to a Normal, Hard, Master and Nightmare Difficultly of a 10-man Instance Dungeon respectively!" Shin can't help himself but to complain after seeing the choices of difficultly.

Shin take a quick glance at his friend list to see if he can call some reinforcement. Unfortunately, the levels of all of his friends on the list are already above level 75 which exceeds the level entry limit of the dungeon.

Even though Shiella's level is hidden on the list, Shin can already guess it is also quite high, given the the pressure that she is giving the last time he saw her.

"Tsk, let's forget about that then." muttered Shin while taking a deep breath. Then he said to himself while choosing the 'Chaos Difficultly. "It is just a matter of going Big or going Home!"

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The moment Shin choose the difficultly that he want, the terrain started to change. The huge trees that surrounding him earlier started to wither down at incredible rate. At the same time, thick fogs started to form at the surroundings.

The blowing of the chilling wind of the forest are being accompanied by some creepy wailings from time to time. The previously dense forest suddenly become a dead and haunted forest.

Shin observe his surroundings a little more, before summoning his gang.


Whitie and Blackie are excitedly circling around Shin the moment they are summoned. At the same time, Shin summon the Sun and Moon Clones. And after some hesitation, he also summoned Hanzo.

"Hey Young Lad! Don't you ever put me on that dark space anymore! I'm going to die because of boredom in that place!" said Hanzo immediately once he was summoned.

Shin rolled his eyes at Hanzo while saying. "If I don't do that, the King might discovered about your existence. And when that happens, both of us are dead for sure."

"Tsk, you don't have to worry about it anymore. My aura suddenly change when I already accustom myself at the sealed powers of mine." said Hanzo nonchalantly.

He pause for a moment to observe Shin's aura, and added after. "Tsk, you still haven't entered your Second Awakening? You are too slow young Lad."

The corner of Shin's mouth twitch when he heard that remark. "Don't worry about that Old Man. Once I finished my current quest, I'll immediately tackle my 'Second Awakening'."

Shin ignored Hanzo after that. He ordered the two tigers to scout the surroundings and look for some monsters around. And while waiting for the two to come back, Shin walked forward, along the natural path on his front.

After few moments of walking, Whitie reported that he come across some monsters.

Shin hurriedly went to that place to see what kind of monster is it. And when he finally arrived at the spot, he is taken aback at what he saw. "A Humanoid Monster?"


Monster Name: Shadow Berserker TigerKin(Special Elite)

Monster Rating: Semi-Demon

Level: 85

HP: 5, 000, 000

Attack Power: 9, 800

Basic Defense: 10, 500

Skill Resistance: 30%


"The HP and Defense is still manageable. But the problem is the Life Rating and its battle awareness. Humanoid Monsters are harder to deal with than ordinary ones." muttered Shin as he deactivate the 'Scouting' Skill.

"OK, let us experience how fierce is a Humanoid Monster." Then Shin rush towards the Shadow Berserker TigerKin. And when the later notice Shin, it immediately dashes towards him using a 'Berserker Charge' Skill.

Shin tried use the 'Moonlight Splitter' to clash with the TigerKin, unfortunately the later have sharp senses. It cancel the 'Berserker Charge' and jumped to the right, dodging Shin's skill.


Shin raise one of his brows after seeing that the monster successfully dodged his attack. He cancel the skill midway, and do a slight turn to face his body towards the TigerKin.

And what greeted him is a flying greatsword that is coming towards his way.

'Berserker Skill: Death Throw'

Shin immediately swing the blazing [Yamato] at his front, sending fiery fire crescent shape sword Qi.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'


The greatsword was sent flying backwards because of the impact, and it was thrown back at the TigerKin's hands.

Shin on the other hand, transformed into a stick of bluish-white light and appear in front of the TigerKin.

'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'

But before Shin manage to swing his sword at the TigerKin, the later immediately swing its greatsword powerfully while spinning its body like some sort of tornado.

'Berserker Skill: Whirlwind Slash'

Shin use a backward 'Sun-Ray Dash' to dodge that attack. He immediately halt his steps when he reach ten meters away form the TigerKin.

After that, Shin channels the power of eclipse at the [Yamato] before swinging it forward, sending a purple sword wave in a straight line.

'Slayer Skill: Eclipse Cross'



The 'Shadow Berserker TigerKin' was directly hit by that sword wave, but it didn't received any kind of damage which made Shin a little confused.

When the dust settle down, Shin saw the TigerKin holding its greatsword vertically in front of it, while its body is hiding behind that greatsword.

'Monster Skill: Sword Guard'

Shin didn't get frustrated after seeing that the TigerKin is quite hard to deal with, instead he become even more excited and motivated. "Heh, looks like this dungeon is a perfect place to train my skills. What a good timing! I'm currently starving to find a suitable place to adjust myself at this so called Freedom Mode."

Then he form a group two for his pets and clones. Blackie is paired with the Sun Clone while Whitie is with the Moon Clone. After that, he ordered them to go on their own for the time being.

He didn't control his clones for now because he want focus on himself. He want to properly feel the changes of his body, so that he can properly adjust at the game environment.

Then he immediately resume his battle against the 'Shadow Berserker TigerKin'.


At the 'Shadow Forest', there is a party of five players surveying their surroundings as they slowly advance forward. Moments later, a Tier 2 Twilight Dark Elf and a Tier 2 Archer Blood Elf join the group.

"How was it? Did you find any traces?" said by a Human Guardian of the group, and from the looks of it, he is their party leader.

"Sorry Capt'n, that guys is quite fast and slippery. We can't even catch up at him no matter what we do. I also starting to doubt if he is really in Tier 1 Class." said by the Twilight Dark Elf.

"He is also quite cautious too, Captain. He is skilled at erasing his tracks. I guess, he is an experienced soldier or a special agent in Real World." said by the Archer Blood Elf.

"What now Captain? We can't go back to the base with these kind of report, or else we are going get punish severely." said by a Human Dual Blader (Tier 2 Class of Swordsman) of the group.

The Captain thought for a moment before saying to his group. "We are going to stay here for the time being, and continue looking for that guy. As for the report, I'll personally contact the Boss for it."

Then a foreign voice suddenly join the group. "Ohh... So can I join you then? Maybe I can help you with it."

The entire group suddenly felt an intense shiver at their spines after hearing that voice. Then they immediately jumped backwards while being on high alert.

"Who are you?" said by the Human Guardian which is the Captain of the group. He is looking cautiously at the man in the middle of them. The guy is wearing a black sleeveless long coat, while covering his head with its hood.

"Is it still important?" asked by the hooded figure calmly while being in the middle of the group.

"Arrogant!" said by the Twilight Dark Elf as he pounce at the back of the hooded figure.

But before he manage to reach a meter away from his target, the hooded figure suddenly spin his body around while throwing a slash at the throat of the Twilight Dark Elf.

'Extra Skill: Slit Throat'

After that, the hooded figure use the momentum of his spin to position himself at the back of the Twilight Dark Elf, before throwing a powerful slash at the spine of the later.

'Extra Skill: Back Breaker'

Then the hooded figure do another spin to position himself at the right side of the Twilight Dark Elf, while using the dagger on his left hand to stab at the heart of the later.

'Extra Skill: Vital Strike'

After doing all of that, the hooded figure position himself at his original position and stand at it calmly. And that is only the time when the body of the Twilight Dark Elf landed lifelessly on the ground.

That process is quite long to read but it only happen in less than a second. That is also the reason why the comrades of the Dark Elf is currently staring blankly at scene.

All they saw is the sudden pounce of their comrade, targeting the hooded figure. Then he suddenly fall lifelessly on the ground before he manage to get near the later. And that scene is enough to send a chill in their entire body.