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70 System Update. Lend Me Some Money


"Become my Junior Martial Brother." said David with expectant eyes.

'For Real!?' The corner of Shin's mouth twitch when he heard that. "And why would I? And can I be sure that your Master's Technique can really contain the seed in my heart?"

David think for a moment before saying. "Hmm.... Of course, it is because I'm teaching you one of her techniques. So it is natural that you become my Junior Martial Brother. You are going to become her indirect disciple after all."

"As for her technique, you don't have to worry about that. The husband of my master have similar case as yours, and they are the ones that created this technique."

Shin's brows were locked in a frown after hearing that, then he muttered in his heart. 'What the heck? Am I being forced to become a disciple of someone for another time?'

'Tsk, what's with the second thoughts? You can already be considered as my Junior Martial Brother, it is just that you can't remember it yet.' said David as he look Shin who is in deep thought.


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Shin release a helpless sigh before saying. "I can be your Junior Martial Brother, but that should be goes on name only. And I also need to consult my Master regarding this matter."

David nodded his head reluctantly. After seeing that, Shin took out his Advance Watch and dialed Old Plum's number. After few rings Old Plum answered the call.

"Hah! What's wrong brat? Did you bumped on some problems regarding your new calming technique? That is fine, it is quite normal for anyone to failed to master it in a single try." said Old Plum immediately after answering the call.

Shin ignored Old Plum's remark and immediately explain to the old man his current concern.

"Let me see who is the kid." said Old Plum to Shin while knitting his brows.

Shin enlarge the virtual screen before turning his body around so that Old Plum can David. Then Old Plum said to David after. "Kid, you are the famous Wanderer right? Can you tell me who is your Master is?"

David shook his head and said. "I'm sorry Sir, but my Master forbid me from telling anyone who is she."

Old Plum frowned his brows before asking another question. "Then how about your real reason on teaching Shin that technique of yours."

David hesitated for a moment before releasing a helpless sigh and said. "Ahm... Actually, my Master told me that if I encountered someone with 'Seed of Hatred', I can teach them her technique if they are worthy enough."

Old Plum squinted his eyes as he observe David from the virtual screen. David feel a shiver on his spine when he saw Old Plum's gaze. It is as if the old man's gaze can pierce through screen, and uncover all of David's secrets.

After few moments, Old Plum release a sigh before nodding his head. "OK, I give you my permission to teach him that technique. As for this kid's Mentalism Teacher, I'll deal with it myself. But let me warn you first, if you have some hidden agenda or want to harm this kid for some reason, I'm going to hunt you down no matter where you are."

David nodded his head repeatedly while replying to the old man. "Don't worry Sir. I'm also concerned about his well being."

Old Plum nodded his head once again, before saying some instructions at Shin and finally ending the call.

Shin turn his body around to face David, before nodding his head. "Alright, The Old Geezer give us the go signal. So what's next?"

"OK! Then that was set, but I can't teach you the technique yet. You still need to recover yourself back to its peak to prevent some accidents in the process." said David Ina calm manner.

The corner of Shin's mouth twitch after hearing that, especially when he saw David said that in a calm manner. "Are you telling me that I can't practice it now? Then why did you persuaded me earlier if I need to learn it later?"

"Well, There is no difference if I persuaded you now or in the future, you still need to learn my Master's technique when you are at your peak." said David nonchalantly.

Shin release a helpless sigh after hearing that. David on the other hand, ignored Shin's reaction and said in an excited manner. "Alright! Let us forget about that for now. And since I'm your Senior Martial Brother now, then how about you introduce me with some beautiful girls that you know?"

Shin was gotten off guard with that question. Few moments later, Shin formed an evil grin with his lips before saying. "Oh... You want me to introduce you with some girls that I know? Hmm... What are your type? Tell me and maybe I know someone that may pass your standard."

The light on David's eyes turned bright after hearing that. "Really!? Anyone is fine as long as she is good nurtured."

'Heh, You tricked me to become your Junior Marital Brother, Huh? Let us see if you can survive even for a minute, once I introduce you to Big Sis.' thought Shin on his mind before saying to David without removing the grin on his lips. " Is that so? Actually, I know someone that is currently single and can still be considered as 'Good Nurtured'."

"Really? Then when can you introduce me to her?" asked David on the outside but different on the inside. 'Tsk, I hope you will introduce me with your Big Sis.' (This guy is starting to show his true colors.)

Shin smile mysteriously before saying. "When your body is fully on its peak."

David was frozen by that smile for a moment before regaining himself immediately after. Then the two of them chatted for few more minutes, before David finally bid his farewell.

Shin lost his interest on practicing his new calming technique after that, so he decided to check the System Updates of «Destiny's Fate» instead.

He took out his Advance Watch once again and connected it at «Destiny's Fate» official website. Moments later, a series of informations appeared at Shin's virtual screen.



1. Playing Mode:

~Assist Mode will now be removed on the game. Freedom Mode will now be the only mode that are available on all the players.

2. PvE Update:

~All kind of monsters now will have two kinds of defense.

Basic Defense: This will be the monster defense against its opponent's basic attacks. This defense will be in numerical digits.

Basic Total Damage = (Player's Basic Attack)-(Monster's Basic Defense)

Skill Defense: This will be the monster's defense against its opponent's skill set. This defense will be in percentage(%) against opponent's skill damage.

Skill Total Damage = (Players Skill Damages)-(xx% of Players Skill damage base of the monster's skill defense)

3. Materials Gathering:

~Monsters will not drop any kind of materials anymore. Starting now players need to gather all materials from monsters corpses.

Minerals and Herbs on the other hand can still be gathered as it is.

4. PvP Update:

~Players will now also receive a special skill resistance. If player A battled player B with a skill, that skill damage will be reduce according to player B's special skill resistance.


"Whoa! So I did a lot of mess inside the game unintentionally?" muttered Shin to himself before connecting his Advance Watch on «Destiny's Fate» online Forums. And once he do, he become shocked at what he read. It is as if he turned from being a famous celebrity to an infamous criminal.


I lay Eggs: What? Assist Mode are not available anymore? Did the game developers think that all the players are Martial-Art Practioners or Mentalist in real world?

PersonalBodyGuard: At least your Class are physical related Class, then what about me? My main Class is Magician. Do you know how hard it is to cast a spell in Freedom Mode? What's more, Targeting and hitting your enemy with it.

Henry is my Name: Person above↑. I feel you. Even though I'm an Archer an not a Magician, I still experience the hardship of aiming a skill through a Bow.

Zinriyu: Che! If your too weak then don't blame others for your weakness! Quit the game if you can't keep up with others!

BlueDragon: Tsk, D*mn that 'Sickarius' guy! Now I need to gather materials from monsters' corpse, and it will burn some of my farming time! Leveling Up will become even more harder than before.

SeventhDeadly: If I saw that 'Sickarius' in the future, I'll make sure that I will beat him until his level return back to zero!

Ghann: (To the man above↑) Stop making some false claims! Look at your level! You are only in early 20s, yet you want to pick a fight with someone that triggered an Expansion pack. Wake up man!


"Heh, Looks like I really made a huge mess. The are a lot people complaining about the expansion pack, while some are only here to make some fun. Hahaha..... Should I join the fun? I don't have anything good that I can do anyway." muttered Shin to himself before giving up the idea almost immediately.

Shin read for a few more minutes before remembering something. He close the online forum, before picking up some courage to dialed a number. After few rings, the person on the other side finally answered the call.

Immediately after that, a virtual screen appeared in front of Shin, revealing a beautiful woman with blonde hair and is currently in a formal suite. The woman glared at Shin before saying to him. "Huh, you still have the guts to call me despite creating a huge mess?"

Shin smiled bitterly before replying. "Sorry about that Big Sis. It is just..."

But before Shin manage to complete what he wants to say, Shiella interrupted him. "Enough with your excuses. Tell me immediately why did you call me. I'm quite busy now, you know?"

Shin hesitated for a moment before gathering up another bunch of courage to state his purpose. "Ahmm... It is like this Big Sis, I need some money, so.... can you lend me some?"

Shiella's eyes turned sharp and look at Shin coldly before saying. "And where are you going spend the money that you are asking? If it is for something useless, then I'm going fly over there and beat you half-dead for wasting my time!"

'She is serious about it, and she really can do it.' Shin felt a shiver on his spine after hearing that. Unfortunately for Shin, he can't back down anymore. Because if he do, Shiella might really beat him half-dead.

Shin gulp a mouthful of saliva before stating his purpose on this call. "Ahm... The truth is..... I want to buy a 'VR Gaming Pod' of «Destiny's Fate» online."

Shin shut his eyes to brace himself for the incoming wrath, but few minutes already passed but no storm-like scolding arrive. He open his right eye slightly to see what's happening, and what he saw in the virtual screen that Shiella is currently in deep thought.

Shin secretly release a sigh of relief before waiting for Shiella to complete her thoughts. Moments later, Shiella look at Shin before saying to him. "You are playing «Destiny's Fate»? What is your IGN(In Game Name)?"

"Ahm... Can I not say it for now?" said Shin out of instincts, but he immediately take it back when he saw the cold look at Shiella's face. "Sickarius! My IGN is Sickarius!"

Shiella was gotten off guard at first, before smiling mysteriously at Shin and said. "Oh... So you are the one that is currently creating a huge sensation inside the game. OK! I'll lend you money for your 'VR Gaming Pod'. No, I'll buy one instead, and send it to your room at home."

Shiella pause for a moment to think about something, before continuing. "And as for the payment, don't think about it for now. I'll contact you inside the game personally to discuss the details about it. Alright, that is all and bye." Then she immediately ended the call without concerning herself about Shin's feelings.

Shin stared blankly at the blank virtual screen for a moment, before feeling an uncontrollable shiver on his entire body. "I hope that I will not regret this decision in the future."