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21 Clairvoyance and A Contest Between A Gifted Adept and A Battle Genius


The beautiful girl take her battle stance to get ready for her upcoming battle. The Mental Energy around her revolves even more violently waiting for it's Master's command.

She form a right hand blade while raising it and positioning it in front of her chest, then she pull it backwards while rotating a portion of her revolving Mental Energy around her right arm, and also twisting her body at the same time. After that she throw a powerful straight thrust sending a drill like Mental Energy force to Shin's direction together with it's extreme speed.

'Formless Lotus Arts: Drilling Lotus'


Even though Shin can't see the Mental Energy, he can still feel the fluctuations in the air though Deep Meditation. So he calmly take a half-step forward while moving both of his arms in a circular motion, one is upwards and downwards on the other.

When his palms are about to touch each other in front of his chest, he pull them backwards before sending them forward meeting the incoming Mental Energy.

'Advance Yin-Yang Arts: Circular Counter'


*Tssst* *Tssst*

The collision of the two forces created a loud explosion in front of Shin, while the rotating gust of wind that accompanied the Mental Energy make the hair on Shin's head flutter, same goes for his clothes.

Shin looks on girl's eyes while waiting for her next move. Of course the girl didn't let Shin down, she control her Mental Energy to push her forwards with a great speed.

After that she cover both of her hands with her Mental Energy, and when she reach the suitable range to attack she throw a swift consecutive palm strikes.

'Formless Lotus Arts: Stormy Floating Petals'

In just blink of an eye Shin's sight are covered with multiple palm strikes.

But naturally Shin is not going to wait for these palm strikes to hit him. The 'Qi' around him swiftly gathered on both of his arms before counter-attacking with a multiple palm strikes of his own.

'Flowing Water Arts: Myriad Transformation Palms'

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

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Shin and the girl's palms collide with each other resulting with multiple loud sounds.

Shin is looking calm and compose, while the girl still have a cold look on her face, well that is what on the surface because deep inside her heart she is quite shock.

"Who the hell is this guy? Why can't I read what's in his mind? It is as if he didn't need to think on what he is doing and it looks like his body is moving on its own." said the girl on herself while exchanging blows with Shin.

She is confuse because her peak class talent is 'Mind Reading'. It is a talent where someone is able to know what is other person's thought without being told, or in simpler terms it is a talent of reading someone else mind.

Unlike 'Foresight' where someone can clearly see the movement on their surroundings and predict the next move of others through it, the 'Mind Reading' only relies on reading someone else mind and predict what will be their next move and counter through it.

That is why 'Mind Reading' is a level below 'Foresight', all you need to do is empty your thoughts and blank your mind so that a 'Mind Reader' can't read what you are thinking.

Just like what Shin is doing, well Shin didn't know about the girl's talent. It just that Deep Meditation is a part of his fighting style, so he unconsciously counters the girl's talent and if you add the 'Immediate Response' talent in the equation then Shin become the natural nemesis of the girl.

But that doesn't mean 'Mind Reading' is a weak talent. In fact it is a most seek talent especially for Mentalist because it compliments their skill. What is more is it can evolve into 'Clairvoyance'.

'Clairvoyance' is an ability to communicate with the 'Spirit of Nature'. 'Spirit of Nature' is a part of the universe where all the powers, forces and energies of this world came from. A 'Clairvoyant'(someone that wields Clairvoyance) can barrow the power of the 'Spirit of Nature' to know what is other people thinking and able to predict what will happen in the future.

And if a 'Clairvoyant' minimize the usage of their 'Clairvoyance', they can constantly see what will happen in the upcoming few seconds and get ready to counter it, they can also summon their respective energies or powers even more faster and stronger.

And with all of that 'Clairvoyance' is a step higher than the 'Pinnacle Omniscient' and 'Ultra Instincts' talents.

The only downside of 'Clairvoyance' is that it consumes a lot of metal power/willpower and put a heavy toll on one's body if it is use frequently or for an extended amount of time.

The Mentalist girl is putting in a lot of pressure because as the time goes by, Shin is becoming stronger and stronger. Even if Shin didn't suppress her on purpose, she still can fell it because as the battle progress Shin is becoming even more calmer.

Well no one can blame the girl because Shin is a Battle Genius in Deep Meditation together with his Immediate Response and the forces that he barrows from the girl's attack through *'Yin-Yang Twist', then it is natural for the girl to be in the losing end.

It doesn't matter what kind of skill she use, Shin always have a way to counter it. And because of it she is becoming more and more frustrated, resulting for her make a slight mistake.

And even though that mistake very minimal, Shin is still manage to see that. He seize that small window and throw palm strike towards the girl's abdomen.

Shin did not really hit the girl, he just use a right amount of force to send a powerful gust of wind to push the girl backwards. He didn't really want to hurt the girl because it is against to his principles, well unless when he really don't have any another choice or if it put him in a situation where he have no choice but to defend himself.

The girl is send sliding backwards, 7 meters away from Shin. Then she jump backwards and flip multiple times in the air to lessen the force the she get from the attack.

Shin release his stance the moment the girl's feet touch the ground. He look at her and said. "We should stop now, it is already late and I really like to take a rest right now because a lot of things have happened on this day, so I will be taking my leave now."

Shin is about to turn his body around when the girl opens her mouth. "Alright, I admit that you are strong and I underestimated you just now. So this time I'm really going to use my full strength so you better brace yourself."

Then the girl close her eyes while taking a deep breath. Shin look at her while knitting his brows, he wants to open his mouth for him to say something but he swallowed back his words when he feel changes in the aura that the girl is giving.

Shin felt that the girl in front of him become completely different to the one that he face before. In fact her presence become faint, if Shin didn't look at her an see her standing in front of him then he might ignore her presence.

Few seconds later, the girl open her eyes again. She is still wearing the cold look on her face but her eyes become more focus and compose.

Shin knitted his brows and said in his heart. "Is that 'Solemn Silence'?"

'Solemn Silence' is a calming skill like Deep Meditation. The difference of the two is that the Deep Meditation focuses on emptying one's mind for it to sense every movement on his surroundings, while 'Solemn Silence' focuses on removing all the negative and useless thoughts on one's mind so that they can concentrate on what they are doing.

"Looks like this girl is so determined to beat me so badly." said Shin to himself before regulating his breathing and entering Deep Meditation once again.

Then the girl make the first move once again, she use the same mave like before sending a drill like Mental Energy at Shin.

'Formless Lotus Arts: Drilling Lotus'

"The same move?" Shin knitted his brows when he saw the girl's opening move, then he use similar response like before.

'Advance Yin-Yang Arts: Circular Counter'


A deafening sound explodes once again in front of Shin. He is about to do a follow up skill when he felt that his entire body is immobilized.

After attacking with the Mental Energy drill, the girl controls the Metal Energy that explodes in front of Shin to locking him down on his place.

'Formless Lotus Arts: Binding Fetters'

Then the girl sprints towards Shin while covering both of her hands with a revolving Mental Energy, after that she send a double palm strike on Shin's chest.

'Formless Lotus Arts: Twin Blossom Attack'

Shin gritted his teeth while forcing to cross his arms in front of his chest.


Even though Shin manage to cross his arms and block the attack, the force from the double palm strikes still send him flying backwards.

Shin do a back-flip in the air to relieve some force from the impact. His feet land on the ground, but before he take a sigh of relief he is greeted by a powerful flying kick.

He immediately raise his right hand and covers it with inner 'Qi' to block the incoming attack.


Shin was sent flying once again, and the moment his feet lands on the ground, another attack chase after him. Of course Shin is prepared for this time around.

He lean his body backwards and do a back-flip while doing a consecutive left and right upward kick in the process.



Shin's kicks collide with the girl's attacks. And when his feet fell back the ground, he bend his legs and jump forwards with a swift motion. At the same time the 'Qi' around his body gather on his right hand which is clench into a fist before throwing a straight rotating punch on the girl.

'Advance Yin-Yang Arts: Explosive Counter Fist'

The girl's pupils contracted a little when she saw Shin's attack because it came a little to fast, but she still managed to reacted on it since she suppressed all her negative emotions through 'Solemn Silence'.

She enfold her hands with Mental Energy before crossing them in front of her chest, then she move them upward deflecting Shin's fist with it.

'Formless Lotus Arts: Floating Butterfly Defense'



The 'Qi' on Shin's attack exploded on top of the girl's head creating a loud and deafening sound before sending a powerful gust of wind in all direction.

The clothes and hairs of Shin and the girl are fluttering while they are looking on each other's eyes.

If you are in the spectator's view, you will think that this scene is a perfect piece for a painting. An extremely handsome man and an absolutely beautiful woman looking at each other eyes, of course it is a beautiful sight, if only they are not fighting each other then this event is going to be even more perfect.

Then after a brief pause, the two of them started to move once again. The girl form a hand blade on each of her hands before slashing them to Shin, sending a gusting Mental Energy at pointblank distance.

'Formless Lotus Arts: Blooming Cross'

Naturally Shin is not going to just stand there either, and letting himself to be hit by that attack. He swing his right hand downwards starting from the air, cutting down the X-shape Mental Energy that girl sent.

'Flowing Water Arts: Whipping Blade'

Then the two of them continue to exchange blows. And even though Shin is being caught off guard from time to time, because of the sudden counterattacks of the girl coming from out of nowhere, he still manage to respond to it in a timely matter through his peak class talent.

Sometimes the girl will counter some of his frequently used skills, causing for him to have no choice but to dodge the attack, and it resulted for him to have a question in his heart. "How did this girl manage to counter most of my skills, even if I do some variation on it, she still manage to opposed it with an effortless manner. It is as if she already saw it a hundred of times for her to counter it easily."

At the same time the girl already confirmed some of her suspicions before. "So this guy really have some kind of talent that giving him an ability to respond on each of my attacks immediately, and to add in the fact that he can grow in battle makes this guy a 'Fearless Chosen One' just like me."


Meanwhile in the shadow underneath of one of the trees in the garden, an Old Man and a Middle-age man are watching Shin and the girl's battle.

The middle-age man has a slightly slim body and a head filled with white hair. He is wearing a black tuxedo together with a black slacks and a pair of black leather shoes. He is the special bodyguard of mysterious girl that engaged in battle with Shin.

While the other guy is a fat old man with a huge belly. The top of his head is already bald while the there are some silvery white hairs around it. He is wearing an oversized Taoist robe while fondling his overgrown mustache with his right hand.

The Bodyguard looks at the Old man while smilingly said. "I don't know that 'Grandmaster Benn' is around this place."

The fat old man called 'Grandmaster Benn' took a glance at the Bodyguard before returning his eyes back on the ongoing battle. "I just happened to be passing by earlier when I heard the commotion, so I just got curious and went here to take a look."

Grandmaster Benn pause for a second before continuing. "But I didn't expect to see that the princess of the Stuart family sparring with an interesting fellow. A contest between a 'Gifted Adept' and a 'Battle Genius', of course I also want see the result."

The Bodyguard have an anxious look on his face as if he is worried about something. When Grandmaster Benn saw that he laughed softly before assuring the Bodyguard. "Ha ha, you don't have to worry. I know that it is crucial for these two to finish this fight, because it can fasten their growth for their next stage. So I have already put an isolation barrier when I got here. It is for them to not catch some unwanted attention."

The Bodyguard took a sigh of relief before saying to the Old man together with a ninety degree bow. "I deeply apologize for the trouble Grandmaster Benn."

Grandmaster Benn wave his left hand indicating that he didn't mind it.


On the other hand a 'Gifted Adept' is a fearless genius just like 'Martial-Art Prodigy' and a 'Battle Genius'.

But unlike the two that have a very high comprehensive ability that can easily learn multiple things and a strong battle senses that can make someone to grow in battle, a 'Gifted Adept' have a discerning eyes that can easily see a flaw on someone else movement.

They can pinpoint the imperfections of the skill even if they only saw it for the first time, and can counter it if they experience it even once.


The battle between the two is in the critical moment and starting to reach it's climax.

But this time around they've change roles, because the one that dictated the flow of the battle is the mysterious girl while Shin is thrown on the passive position.

But contrary on the situation, Shin is still wearing an excited smile on his lips, it is as if he really enjoying this battle.

Why? It is because even if he is put in the disadvantageous position and his skills is being countered from time to time, he still gain a lot from it.

Because every time that the girl counters his skill, he can also see the fatal flaws in his attacks and resulting for him to further understand his skills.


The two of them is separated from each because they are thrown backwards by the force of the collision of their last attacks.

When the two of them manage to relive the forces from their previous attacks, both of them look at each other before preparing for their last and final move.

Since the both of them are fully aware that this one last and final move will be the deciding factor that will determine the winner of this match.