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14 Class Fighting Style


Skill Name: Moonlight Steps

Rank: Basic

Details: Dash on any distance in 10 meter radius away from you.

Consume 100 Stamina

Cool Down: 5 sec.


Skill Name: Half-Moon Slash

Rank: Basic

Details: Release a 70° Horizontal cone shape Sword Qi 5 meters in front of you dealing 100% Magical Damage.

Consume 150 MP

Cool Down: 15 sec.


Skill Name: Crescent Cleave

Rank: Rare

Details: Release 5 Vertical Sword Qi's in a cone shape of 90° in front, Extending 7 meters away from you and Dealing 200% more Magical Damage each.

Consume 250 MP

Cool Down: 30 sec.


Skill Name: Solar Cut

Rank: Basic

Details: Enfold your sword with Solar flame and strike it to your opponent dealing 100% more Physical damage and ignoring 30% of their defense.

Consume 100 Stamina

Cool Down: 15 sec.


Skill Name: Hell Execution

Rank: Rare

Details: Hit Your enemy with a powerful Slash Dealing 300% more Physical damage.

Consume 350 Stamina

Cool Down: 25 sec.

Note: Have a certain change to instantly kill an enemy if they have less than/at most 5% of their HP.


"Heh. I have more skills now." said Shin after he saw his Class specific skills.

Then he takes a mental preparation on what kind of Stat Build that's more favorable for his Class.

"My Magical Attack is a little higher than my Physical Attack now, it means my 'Class Multiplayer' leans more favorably on Magic Power. But my Physical attack is not that far behind."

"And since my Stamina is Infinite I don't have to think about being exhaust, but my MP will be easily drain because my magical skills takes a lot of mana, so I think I can continue on my previous plan 2/3 of my 'Undistributed Stats' will be equally divided on my STR and AGI while the remaining 1/3 goes to my INT."

"As for my VIT, I'll try to patch it up with a suitable armors. And speaking of armors that Old Geezer Archbishop said he appraised those two items so I can use them now." said Shin when he recalled about the items that he got in the cave.


Item Name: [ Nephilim's Gemini Mask ]

Item Type: Head Gear

Rank: Special (Race and Class Specific)


+20 to all Stats Major

Details: This item is especially created for Nephilim, if a Nephilim equip this they can completely hide their identity and information to other beings.


Can only wear by a 'Slayer Nephilim'

Additional Ability:

Split Release: You can release 2 copies of yourself where each is wielding the power of the Sun and the Moon and have 100% of your Stats.

Cool Down: 6 hours


Item Name: [ Yamato ]

Item Type: Weapon (One-handed Sword)

Item Rank: Iron (Evolvable)

Growth Type : Current Lvl 15


Physical Attack: 150 - 180

Magical Attack: 180 - 210

+15 STR

+15 AGI

+20 INT

Details: An Ancient Katana that is being pass down from generation to generation. It is the same Katana that have been used by the First Nephilim 'Zheptus'.


Level 15

Can only be wield by an Envoy of The Church of The Sun and The Moon.

Additional Abilities:

[ Locked ]

[ Locked ]

[ Locked ]

[ Locked ]

[ Locked ]

Remark: You are still to weak to wield this weapon.


"I know that I'm weak right now, since I just joined this game yesterday." The corner of Shin's lips twitch when he read the remarks on the Katana's information.

The Katana is a 'Growth Type' means that it can grow along side him, all he need to do is share some of his EXP to level it up, it can also evolve to higher rank as long as he have enough materials for the ceremony to unlock its other abilities.

As for the mask it is an special item which means it is an Auxiliary Item that didn't take an item slot.

Shin put the Mask on his face and equip the Katana, he also put the Boar Skin armor that he got at Beginner's Village then his stats raise once again.

Then Shin go to City square to sell some of his stuffs. When Shin get on the Square he try to find a place for him to set his Stall but after 30 minutes of walking he still can't see a vacant place for him to use.

"Should I go to Auction House instead? But it have 10% processing fee and I can't afford it for now, I want to earn back my 2Million as soon as possible." said Shin while walking in the square.

When Shin is about to give up, a Player suddenly stand up and take away his stall. The moment Shin see that he hurriedly takeover that spot and setup his own stall.

Shin earn 300 Gold Coins after 30 minutes of selling, he didn't take out the Skill Books that he got because he want to find a perfect opportunity to trade them for Suitable Skill Books of equivalent value.

"Three hundred Gold Coins is equivalent to 30, 000 FC(Federal Coins). This game is really is a 'money printing machine', earning 30 000FC by just selling low level items." Shin is smiling ear to ear while putting away his Stall. Then a group of players suddenly show up and stand in front of him.

"Hey Kid! Done using our spot already? Now pay up some tax?" said the LionKin in the group.

Shin frown his brow and use 'Scouting' on the guy and when he see the guy's level is just 30 he said. "Your spot? but the System didn't say so, so I think you can go and scam other Players."

"Kid! You are new here, right? You should know the Rules before putting up a Stall here." reply the LionKin.

"Rules? The System is the one that will decide about the Rules." said Shin while standing up.

"System? Heh, that is only applicable on a Newbie like you. Don't you know who are we?" said the LionKin while stretching his right hand on the Battle Axe at his back.

Shin hold his Katana and said. "How about introduce yourselves to me."

The other Players in the vicinity put away their things and form a large circle around Shin and the group while whispering to each other.


Meanwhile a group of 5 Players are passing by on the City Square. They all have a six-wing emblem on their chest, the other Players are making a way for them every time they walk though.

Then a Twilight Dark Elf of the group notice the crowd. "Hey Look! There is large crowd over there let us see what's that about."

Then a Berserker TigerKin of the group take a look ta the crowd before saying. "'Raven' don't waste our time, those kind of things are meaningless. Maybe those are 'HeadHunter Guild' people bullying a Newbie again."

"Those guys really like to use their Guild's Name, why don't we teach them a little lesson." said by a White Elf Female Archer.

"Ara, we can't afford to start a useless conflict with other Power at time like this, Especially now that we are about to join the Guild War between 'Hydra Guild' and 'Dragon Pavilion'." said the Berserker TigerKin.

"Captain, if we are going to join, whose side are we on?" said by the Twilight named 'Raven'.

"Whose side? Of course we will not take one. Base on Guild Leader's order we are going to become a Fisherman of this War." reply by the Berserker TigerKin.


While they are chatting, the conflict between Shin and People of 'HeadHunter Guild' reach its peak.

"Kid, looks like you don't know your place, let me put you on your place." said the LionKin of the group before using a 'Berserker Charge' at Shin.

'Are these guys not afraid of being apprehend by the City guards. Well since I'm an Envoy of a Church, I'm considered as a Noble of any City.' said Shin while smirking. Then he use his signature opening move.

'Quick Draw'

- 20 424 (Instant Kill!)

The noisy crowd shut their mouths when they see the damage Shin dealt. Even the LionKin's colleagues is frozen on their places. It is as if time stop moving. Then after a few moments the crowd is burst in uproar.

"Woah! what kind of damage was that? I thought that guy is a Newbie?"

"A Newbie? That guy should be a High level Expert or maybe a 'High Ranker'."

"Poor guys, they bump on an Iron Wall this time."

"But those guys are part of 'HeadHunter Guild' so I'm pretty sure that even if that new guy get away from now, he will still be Hunted down later."

The group with six-wing emblem happen to see what have happened. The Captain look at the White Elf named 'Ara' and said. "What do you think?"

The eyes of 'Ara' are shining because of the activation of an 'Observation Skill', then after few seconds she replied. "I don't know, I can't see that guy's information but one thing is for sure he used a High Ranking Skill."

"Even you can't see his information!? Then that guy really is not simple." said a Human Priest on the group.

"High Ranking Skill? Haha... that guy shouldn't be mess with." Said Raven while playing with his dagger.

The Captain is squinting his eyes at Shin before saying to the Twilight. "Raven, I have a work for you. Observe that kid for a while and report your findings to me, and make sure you will not get discovered."


Shin doesn't care about the crowd, because he is staring blankly at the System Notifications that he got after he killed the LionKin.


System: Your Class resonated with your Skill.

System: Due to repeated usage of the Skill you have generated your Class fighting style.

System: Congratulations you have unlocked the full potential of your Self-Created Skill.

System: Congratulations you have created a Class Fighting Style Skill rewarding you 200 Fame points.


Class Fighting Style: Sword Drawing

Details: Slayers are at their strongest when their weapons are sheath because weapons are deadliest when they are about to unsheathed.


Self Created Skill (Personalized)

Skill Name: Quick Draw

Rank: Special (Class Fighting Style)

Details: Draw your sword with a quick motion and dealing (10% P.damage)• AGI.

Consume 50 Stamina

Cool Down: 25 sec

Note: This skill can only be use when the sword is sheath.


"Now I know why that Stup*d Statue is always sheathing his Katana. And this also means that I can recreate those skills that he used against me inside that cave? I should ask Arthur about this 'Class Fighting Style' later." Said Shin to himself while sheathing his Katana.

He look at the crowd and curse in his heart. "D*mn it! I said that I will keep a low profile, but from the looks of it I've put myself in the spot light."

Shin dash to the crowd to get out to the seen. And at this moment the LionKin Colleagues recovered themselves and chase after Shin, but they can't catch up on him because Shin is keep using 'Moonlight Steps' every time it cooled down and eventually they lose sight of him. Even a Twilight like Raven is left in the dust.

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Raven get back at his group and said. "I can't catch up at him in this crowded place. If it is in a battlefield where I can kill whoever blocked my path then it is possible." Then his teammates look at him and burst out laughing.


Shin unequipped his Mask so that no one can recognize him, then he walk along the crowd on the other street as if nothing happened. As for his weapon and armor? Their appearance are similar to the items that commonly use by other low-level Players, so no one will suspect a Level 15 Newbie like him can kill a Level 30 in one-hit.

"*Sigh*, That was close. For now I can't use the Mask inside the City or else they will recognize me. Just wait for me to catch up to the main stream Players and I show you that you shouldn't mess with me." said Shin while walking on the street.

"I should go outside the City and grind some EXP, I can't waste my 'x2 EXP Boost' and if I'm lucky enough to find another Special Dungeon it can become x4 again." decide Shin before walking towards the City Gate.

After an hour of walking Shin manage to find a suitable leveling spot that he wants. He looks around and when he see that there is no one in the vicinity he put his Mask on.

He choose this place because when he is walking previously he read in the forums that this Swap is one of the most hate places of Newbie Players to grind EXP. Why? Because for them it it not worth it.

The monsters here are 'Dark Swamp Snakes'. They varies from Elites and Special Elites monster, even though it give a lot of EXP they are very hard to deal with.

The Physical Defense of Dark Swap Snakes are high because of their passive skill called 'Iron Scales', coupled with their high attack damage with poisons, so any Low-Level melee classes will be eaten alive.

As for Low-Level range and magical classes? Don't even think about it, snakes have fast movement speed, so it is pretty hard for them to kite these snakes, what's more these snakes are always in group because of their fast spawning rate.

During the early stages of the game, this place is a famous place for 'Farming EXP' of casual party team and 'Boosting Spot' for High Level Players to help their friends or Juniors.

But as game progressed, more and more maps are being discovered, then this place popularity begin to fall and became the most hated Leveling Spot for Newbie Players, what's more is that the New Leveling Sites that have been opened are easier to deal with.

"This place is hard for others but not for me since I can slow them down with my 2 AOE(Area of Effect) Skills and I can use 'Charge' and 'Moonlight Steps' to get away from them."

"But I still can't let my guard down, base on what's on what the other Players said on the forum, A Magical Class can actually kite these snakes using their Blink and other similar Skills, it's just that they don't have enough space to use it because there is a lot of snakes in the vicinity."

"Well that not my problem anymore since I have my 'Immediate Response' here, I can sense your attacks more clearly and my body can move more properly and even more faster." said Shin while making some mental preparation.

Shin walk towards the swap and when he see number of snakes, he whistle and said. "Woo~, That is what you call many? Eh, you can already call the *'Wild Disaster Unit' with this number of Snakes?"

"Well the more the better, I can farm more EXP this way. Let's see if I can recreate those 'Sword Drawing' Skills of that D*mn Statue."