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11 A Strange Statue


The 'Golden Boar' only drop 2 items. A Yellow colored skill book and a leather armor shirt together with 2 gold coins.

Shin pick the loots up and use 'Scouting' on the leather armor.


[ Boar's Skin ]

Item Type: Upper Armor(Leather)

Rank: Bronze

Durability: 200/200

Details: An armor made from the leather of a 'Golden Boar' it has a very high defense.


Level 15


Physical Defense: 70 - 85

Magic Resist: 30 - 40

+15 VIT

Additional Skill:

Hard Skin(Inferior):

Increases Physical Defense by 10%

and Magic Resist by 5%


"At last I've got my first armor, but I can only use it when I reach Level 15. Hmm... my EXP is almost at 30% of Level 9 now, I guess I should farm more EXP before I submit this Quest." said Shin before taking a look on the Skill Book.


Skill Name: Stamp

Rank: Rare

Details: Stomp one of your foot on the ground to release a shockwave dealing 200% damage in 5 meter radius.

Consume 70 Stamina

Cool Down: 30 sec.

Requirements: 150 STR

Can only learn by Knight and Warrior related Class


"Ah! Strong! if all Rare Skills are this strong then how strong is an Epic Skill and above? Well I also have my Rare rank Skill so Why am I so surprise like this?" said Shin when he saw the Skill details.

Then his eyes lands on the 'Golden Boar's corpse'. Then suddenly an idea enters his head, he gather the Golden Boar's skin and it's tusk.

After that he proceed on finding the cave while humming a song.


Meanwhile in the Cemetery beside the Village, a group of four Players respawn consecutively. They are the same group that tried to assault Shin.

"D*mn it! How the hell that happened? We have been died in less than a minute is that even possible!?" shout Dan the moment he see his comrades.

"Boss that guy is strong I've died without knowing what happened. That weird sword draw is insanely overpowered! It emptied my '2900 HP' in just one hit" said the Human guy while having an extremely terrified face.

"That's right boss, I also don't know how he mange to execute that combo in an extreme speed, what's more killing me in the process". agree by the WolfKin guy.

"What should we do now Boss?" said the last guy that have died.

Dan stand up and look at them "What are we going to do? We are going to have our revenge! Call the other guys and tell them to go at Southern Forest of the Village. I don't believe we can't deal him with numbers, it doesn't matter if he have powerful skills since all skills have cool down."


After an hour of walking Shin finally found the cave. "What the hell, this cave is really hard to find, I should move faster so that I can finish this quest early."

Shin enter the cave and try to look carefully at the walls, every time he come across a strange rock he hurriedly use 'Scouting' at it to see if it is an Iron metal.

The cave is quite long and have a few fork roads in it. Every time Shin come across one he put a mark on the road that he came from, since he don't want to get lost at this kind of place.

After two hours of searching he only manage to find 5 Iron metals. Shin got frustrated and sit on side and lean on a wall. "Sh*t! Why the hell it is so hard to find! I rather fight another 'Golden Boar' than to waste my time in this st*pid Quest!"

Then suddenly his sight land on an hole across him. The hole is not that large and also not that small either, it is just enough to fit a single person.

Shin walk towards the hole, and after some hesitation he crawl down and enter it because he is quite curious on what is inside.

Once he reach the end what he saw is a small room with a wooden door across the hole. There is almost nothing in the room it is just chair and a study table in front of it.

Shin walks towards the table and see a strange symbol engraved on top of it. The symbol looks like a burning sun and inside it is a full moon encircled by a crescent moon.

Shin touch the symbol and rub his right hand index finger in every part of the it, it is as if he is redrawing the entire symbol and when he is almost done with it, the whole symbol suddenly shines in an alternating black and white light.

Shin wants to retract his right hand but he can't. It is as if his right hand is being glued on the table. And then the black and white light suddenly enters his hand, No to be exact it is being absorb at the back of Shin's right hand.

Few moments later the the table explodes sending Shin flying backwards and collides on the wall.

-1 000

He suffered a lot of damage because of the collision. He sit down for a whole minute before finally reacting on what have happened. "What the hell was that?"

He hurriedly look at his right hand and see the symbol is transfered at the back of it. Then he open his Status Window to see some changes but he discovered nothing. There is no system notification either it is as if nothing happens except the symbol being drawn at the back if his right hand. " Was that a 'Bug'? but it is impossible to have a 'Bug' on this game?"

After few moments he give up thinking about it since he can't find anything. Then he stand up and tap his body to removed some dust, after that he walk towards the wooden door.

When he see that it is not locked, he open it to see what's on the other side, but the moment he push the door he is suck by it as if he is being absorb by a vacuum cleaner.

"Not again!" said Shin when he feel what's happening. Then a system notification ring at his ears.


System: You have discovered an One-time Special Instance Dungeon.

System: All the drop rates and EXP gain is going to be doubled Inside this dungeon.


Shin drop on the ground with a loud sound and what is worst face first. "What the Hell!!! Why is this game always like doing things like that!!!!"

After yelling for an entire minute Shin look at Dungeon details.


Special Dungeon(One-time Instance)

Dungeon Name: Miner's Grave

Details: Because of some incident before, a lot of miners are buried in this mining cave.


"A One-time Dungeon? A fortune after misfortune?" said Shin while recalling what's on his so called 'Arthur's Tips'.

"From what Arthur said the max level that a Player can have in Beginner's Village is 15, It's just a lot of players wants transfer at Level 10 so that they can have their 'Class Promotion Quest' early, because it is going to get harder if they take it a little later"

"Well 'Risks always have a corresponding benefits', since I'm already here I better risk it now and try to reach Level 15 here. As for the 'Class Promotion Quest' being harder? I'll think about it later." said Shin before walking forward to start the dungeon.

After few minutes of walking he finally encounter the first monster of this dungeon. Then he use 'Scouting' at it.


Monster Name: Zombie Miner(Undead)

Rating: Elite

Level: 15

HP:15 000

MP: None

Stamina: Default

Physical Defense: 100

Magic Resist: 100

Attack Power: 120 - 150


1. Smash: Attacking an enemy with a powerful strike dealing 150% more damage and stunning them for 3 seconds.

2. Spike: Striking an opponent using a Pickaxe dealing 200% more damage and ignoring all of their defense.


"I guess this guy is easy to deal with, all I have to do is be careful of his attacks since I'll be in trouble if I get hit even once." said Shin before walking towards the 'Zombie Miner'.

When the 'Zombie Miner' notice Shin it charge at him with a great speed while dragging his Pickaxe.

'Fast' Shin is gotten startled when he see the Miner's speed, then he hurriedly use his signature opening move.

'Quick Draw'

- 2270

Then followed by a 'Destructive Slash'

- 240

But the 'Zombie Miner' is not stunned because it is an Undead Monster which is immune to CC skill. It hurriedly turned around and use a 'Spike'.

- 450

A red number pop-up on Shin's head. Even though Shin manage jump backwards, the pick Axe is long enough to scratch him. And what's worse is that he can see the Miner's HP is regenerating at a visible rate.

Shin continue to move backwards as he mock himself. "Easy my *ss, an incredible movement and attack speed, together with a crazy regeneration rate. This is what I get for underestimating my opponent."

When he gain some distance he look at the 'Zombie Miner' and said "OK, let's start round two!"


Meanwhile in one of the places of Atlas World, a person is wearing a Black Full Body Armor with a golden linings on its surface. There is a round shield with the same color hang on his back and a crimson cape underneath it. He is riding a Golden Lizard Dragon flying on the horizon.

He is caressing a black one-handed sword with golden edges when he suddenly he felt something strange. He look at the direction of where if come from and muttered to himself. "Someone touch a taboo once again? I wornder how strong is it."


In one of the forest of Elven Kingdom, a Female Elf is sitting in front of a gigantic tree. The clothes that she are wearing is pure as snow.

Few moments later she stand up and pick up the 2 meter scepter beside her and caress the surface of it, then when her hand touch the tip of it, different kinds of colors encircle her as if they are worshipping her.

Then a ripple disturb the dancing colors around her. She frown and said. "Another one? How many is it already?"


A Human with a tranquil aura is walking on a grass plain. There are a lot of strange monsters walking on his surroundings, but what's even more stranger is those monsters is avoiding him as if they are too afraid to get near him.

He is being covered by a black cloak while there are two silver swords hanging on each side of his waist.

Then suddenly a gust of wind get pass him, he stop his steps and look at the direction of the wind. And when blowing wind stops he continue walking forward.


In an unknown place of the Atlas World a person is taking a stroll on a graveyard. He looks like a human but have a very pale skin. He is holding a strange scepter with a large bone hand on top.

Every time he get pass a tombstone, a black aura rise from it and being attracted at his body. Then a tombstone explode and turn into dust. He look at it while whispering."Someone going to join the ranks. This is going to be very interesting."


In a nameless mountain a Beastman is sitting on a mountain of corpses that varies from different kind of monster.

His upper body is naked showcasing his bulky and powerful muscles, there are also a lot of battle scars on different parts his body. On his head, he is wearing a Lion's skull acting as his helm. Each of his hand is holding a huge and bloody Axes.

Then the hairs on his body become erect, it is as if it sense some danger. He smirks and said "Another prey? I hope he is worthy to be haunted."


Shin sheath his sword after he kill a 'Zombie Miner'. It has been seven hours since he enter this dungeon and he manage to raise his Level to 13.

"Special Dungeon plus 'x4 EXP Boost' sure is amazing. Now I can leave the Village anytime. What's more I have a lot of weapons and armors that I can sell and some skill books that an be traded." said Shin while smiling happily.

He is going to sell the items that he looted because all of it are heavy armors and weapons. He decided that he want to take a Swordsman's path so these items are not suitable for him, if it is a leather or light armor maybe he can consider it.

Then he reach the end of the dungeon cave. The moment he step out it he is greeted by a huge and empty hall. Aside from the Statue standing at center there is nothing.

He walk inside and observe the surroundings. And find nothing remarkable. Then he walk towards the Statue to take a look at it.

The Statue looks weird. It have a body structure of a human and standing at the same height as him. It is wearing a strange mask on it's face. The right half of the mask is smiling while the other is crying.

It's body is wearing a Knight's light armor. It's left hand is looks like a demon's arm while it's right hand is holding a 2 meter long katana. And on it's back is a pair of bat wings with eagle feathers on it.

As Shin is looking at the Statue he try to reach his right hand at it. And when his hand come in contact with it, the Statue eyes turn bright then a shockwave send Shin flying backwards.

But this time Shin come prepared, he do a back-flip while he is in midair then landing gently on the ground.

"This game really like to send their Players flying backwards." said Shin while smirking. Then he look at the glowing Statue.

The Statue move and look at Shin. "It has been a very long time since a Living Being come to this place, especially a weak Human being like you."

Shin's head become dizzy because the voice of the Statue is coming everywhere. When Statue see that, it release a smirking sound before continuing. "Heh. Humans really are feeble, they are always being affected because of some slight disturbance in their surroundings. Young Human if I were you I should use that remaining power hidden on your body or else you will reget saving it because of what is about to happen."

'Is he talking about my Undistributed Stats?' asked Shin in his heart before saying. "How about change your way of speaking first, before we continue our talk?"

The Statue stare at Shin for a whole minute before continuing to talk, but this time it is using Shin's voice. "Young Human, I don't like talking around the bush so let's talk about the main point."

"Since you are the first person that manage to get in here for the past 1000 years, you are given a two different choices. The choices are to pass a test of mine and get the treasure of this place or Fight me and inherit my abilities?"

The corner of Shin's mouth twitch when he hears the Statue use his voice, then he use 'Scouting', but what he get is not optimistic.


Name: [ Strange Statue ]

Rating: ???

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Level: ???

HP: ???

MP: ???

Stamina: ???

Stats: ???

Details: ???


"&%#[email protected], How the hell did I end up here? And is this thing is for real? He want me to fight him with that kind of stats?" curse Shin when he saw the bunch of question marks.

Then the Statue disturb Shin's thought. "Young Human you don't have a lot of time to think. If you don't decide a little faster, then I'm going to kill you to send you out this place so that I can go back to my slumber."